Friday, April 9, 2010

Social cohesion and harmony in a turbulent world.

Society interwines with complexities of every living human. The modern day being is a faceless creature, with many of us selfish, self-conceited and regardless of doing harm to our species. The Middle East war, the riot in Tibet, the Myanmar oppression, exposed the weak and delicate nature of mankind unable to co-exist among each other.

Social cohesion among races with different religious denomination has failed miserably in many countries. The protracted conflict of the Israelis and the Palestines is a case in point. With consequence of widespread sufferings and death to the innocents.

Human pride is the evil shadow of kindness. Power to assert and dominate a weaker force take precedence to peaceful co-existence, social cohesion and harmony.

An eye for an eye, escalated most conflicts with some countries and its people putting on a belligerent and hostile front for vengence and retaliation.

The world will never be a peaceful place to inhabit with each country stockpiling on sophisticated arms and arsenals in th name of defence. North Korea and Iran are in the league as emerging nuclear nations. A greater repercussion to peace. This shows the insecurity and lack of trust with nations' policy makers.

Then again, the norm and keyword is to safeguard each sovereignty. But the truth is, the human mind has lost its wisdom of trust among people to people and nation to nation.

The modern world is heading into perdition and annihilation.

Human susceptibility to violence and harmony is all a mind's game.
The root cause of disharmony, anti-social cohesion, war and terror, is the lack of mindful awareness and compassionate wisdom to co-existence.

Singapore has come a long way with its multi-racial and ethnic diversity of religions to co-exist harmoniously and peacefully with great understanding until a smart aleck called Rony Tan trying to play God with his shallow rhetorics of upping his beliefs by disparaging others. He lost his very substance as a leader.

Live and let others live.

Singapore lost its social cohesiveness when the PAP government shows no compassion to the destitute poor senior citizens. Subsidy is just a by-word when the charges in healthcare for the poor jobless old folks are still beyond their means.
Has the PAP government a heart to put Singaporeans above foreigners and
let senior citizens live with dignity of liberating our medisave for more use in paying for outpatient specialist treatment and medicine.

Social cohesion begins at home in Singapore and our all powerful monopolistic government knowing the poor sick citizens needs, but not helping, just helping themselves to their exorbitant salaries and nesting in their luxurious ivory towers.

patrick lee s juan
(Voice for the poor)