Monday, November 11, 2013

The tighter the grasp, the deeper the hurt .

The tighter the grasp, the deeper the hurt -The little Red Dot has turned blueblack-

PAP govt is the rule of men not the rule of law. Since they came into power, the consolidation of their force on citizens, handicapped many good opposition party members.

Politics is that ruthless. If not LKY will not have exercised ISA and in one big sweep detained so many political dissidents without trial. And history was created for PAP to stay in power with so many underhand means.

To this new generation of PAP ministers, they yap about inclusive society, family value and n
ational conversation. All these are but their wider agenda to perpetuate their power control, knowing that S'pore citizens will not buy what they said now. PAP had hoodwinked the citizens for far too long.

S'pore is no more a country but a coporation ruled by the LEE family and its cronies.The greatest awakening is when PAP just weighed the dollars and open the floodgate to too many foreigners. Now our tiny little red dot is suffering from cultural shock n As it is not only of space but encroachment of our lives too. Are we not insane to see a 6.9 million population? As it is now many citizens are in suffocation.

.The stress factor has reached a point of no return. And many citizens are silently 'swallowing the dead cat' to wait for the opportune time to root out PAP.....And when will be the best time to test our citizens power than in GE2016.

S'pore must be saved from many such mismanagement of a country. PAP has ruled S'pore too long for their own comfort.Nothing short of the govt's and ministers' sweet talks will bring back the good old days of what PAP was ????

A new coalition party should be in the offing come 2016.

patrick lee song juan


Saturday, November 9, 2013

An unfilial son........

Nothing is more heartbreaking than an unfilial son. Is it the society that put stress  on the inddividual kid or is it the upbringing process.

When the parent has done their duty and brought up the child but for no good reason showed unfiliality towards you. It is a terrible thing.

Many old age parents have to fence for themselves with no financial support from their children.

A S'pore society with the high cost of living created all these years by the very PAP govt that the citizens voted in, it is a woe to see families crying out for help with small family members unable to assist.

Our govt need to stress more on the value of family cohesion and the Confucius teaching of filial piety.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

In reflection of the cause and effect of living

At this threshold of my existence, I am stricken with glaucoma and it really changed my life. The window of my life only emits a little ray of light. My vision is dimmed and blurred though I had undergone operation on my right and left eye.

It is so difficult to come to terms with my predicament of fate as one who likes to write and blog. But life journey is so unpredictable. It is the cause and effect of living and it may be the karma of my life. I have resigned to my fate.

My mental faculty is less agile now and I find myself struggling to write and straining on my both eyes. I just pray to God that I will not go blind.....

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

S'pore ministers do not gain due respect from many citizens.

Singapore ministers do not gain due respect from many citizens !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 8:27am

Respect is not sought but is gained. For the record, we are not talking about those old guard ministers that had etched a mark for S'pore and for themselves .

Present day newbie ministers of PAP are mostly jettisoned to their high post without even an iota of what politics is ALL about. They may be 'expert' in their paper qualification. Based on their scholastic excellence, each stepped into the political arena to exhibit their given power as a minister. What a sweeping way to induct a minister!!

But the reality of human interaction and understanding of human suffering is not what a political minister thinks he can handle in his controlling political way.

Let us take our PM Lee, all know his ability as a student from Cambridge. But then his path to stardom was all laid for him through the political connectivity of our system...Doubtless, it will happen anywhere in the world on political dominance.

He lacks true empathy and compassion for people. But he is good to own up to his wrongs and say 'sorry' but that is it. And everything is back to square one. His relentless pursuit to attain high GDP and strong economic growth, in fact made S'pore at the bottom of the table in terms of growth compared to other Asean countries.

There is no comparison of father LKY and son. But living in the shadow of such a father  who with the old guards transformed S'pore to today. PM LHL is wearing too heavy a hat for comfort.

Many of his policies failed miserably and directly affected citizens lives, more so the poor and struggling.

In political control of a country, it is always easy to run the country your way. Hence, we are seeing the decline of PAP dominance with such arrogance of his young ministers who as ministers think that it is their privilege and prerogative to speak even before perfecting on their silence.

The latest joke is when our gracious minister Grace Fu, with S'pore facing a dengue epidemic and patients are suffering from the disease, she can ask patients to avoid to be bitten by the mozzies. (Or did she really say that?) That is utterly preposterous of a million paid minister who as usual jettisoned to her position more so on her father James Fu who was the Private Secretary of LKY then. So, political connectivity is here to stay!
Is that what we want in our ministers who lack the emotional quotient (EQ)? And many would doubt her IQ too in this instance.

And who would forget what Vivian Balakhrisnan's heartless rendition of his symphony of  "you want to eat in hawker center, foodcourt or restaurant". It needs no elaboration on his lack of compassion to the poor and needy!

Other newbie ministers should take a cue from public sentiments to know their worth and popularity....
We can highlight more atrocious gaffs and bloopers of what our novice young ministers said and done.
But this is not what we want in our ministers. We want true down-to earth and non-pretentious human who can empathise with citizens hardship. We want a share in a inclusive S'pore , not a S'pore only for the PAP and their crony elites!

Acting minister Tan Chuan Jin (TCJ) from the 'army,' is one minister who started on the wrong note of his political infamy when handling the strike of the PRC bus drivers. And on to the regulation of on-line sites and blogs, TCJ had another round of below par performance on CNA live on the on-line regulation issue...But then everyone knows he was made a fall guy in place of Yaacob Ibrahim our senior veteran minister that should be his ministry to handle this issue. Well that is politics too!

One minister that stood out is DPM and Finance minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam....he is a measured man in his speech. I had watched him many times in his parliament speeches (from the public gallery). He has that bit of understanding of the complexities of human.

As we move on into the next GE 2016....PAP will know well that it is only the new citizens (brought in without due consideration of true blue citizens) that would support them....Singaporeans who have that little spleen left, would know well to decide on a new political awakening of at least a two party system of checks and balance...

Singaporeans destiny will be decided by the VOTES to come in GE 2016....

Are we citizens not looking for a more inclusive society and S'pore?

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Divine Sex and Sexual Promiscuity.

Divine Sex and Sexual Promiscuity.

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Sunday, June 16, 2013 at 6:26pm

A one night stand is the best sex without encumbrance...But when emotion sets into sex life and over-indulgence of sexual activities will bring more woe than joy to the perpetrator.

Living is a balance of Yin and is sex. The ideal love partner will be a couple who is fully devoted to the other in love, in sex and in one soul. Promiscuity is the curse of sexual intercourse without a moral understanding of what divine sex is all about..

I have reached a point in my life to stay rational on sex and have devoted more time in meditation than in sex...The awakening of oneself brings about the joy of deep understanding of our existence than the joy and sorrow of sex....At any point in time when the mind overcomes the fetters of sexual lust and temptation, sex is but just a cup of tea!

The greater decadence of the world comes with uninhibited sexual activities...mainly against one's moral of our religion. But who in our lustful and temptation mind would heed all the Holy Books of "Thou shall not commit adultery or take thy neighbour's wife as your own.

Sex orgies are rampant in most high societies, as in Hollywood celebrities.

Human cannot live by the law of the rule of law defines how a society of beings live. If there is no law to protect under-aged girls, many sex-sick men will do the impossible to sex and rape young girls. So the rule of law is to curtail the lustful and sexual desire of many a voyeur.

Divine sex is a one man one woman sexual experience of heavenly union...

patrick lee song juan

Friday, June 14, 2013

What bachelors, divorced men and separated men do in their spare time!

What bachelors, divorced men or separated men do in their spare time?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 11:08am

What bachelors, divorced men or separated men do in their spare time ?

In a society like S'pore, it has its share of bachelors, divorcees (men) and separated men (but never divorced)...Many reasons for such men to stay that way and enjoy the carefree of life.

Bachelors nite is a nite to paint the town red..Bachelors do not care a damn on their lifestyle because they do not answer to anyone except their conscience of action...Life after work is booze for many....pretty women and illicit sex on the loose..I have many bachelor friend to give me their first hand experience of life on the fast lane.

But the sad truth is ..sometimes some bachelors got hooked to a pretty coquettish money-faced 'hooker' (can be from anywhere) and in the end with starry-loved eyes love-that-never-can-be, lost everything to the woman's most potent advance ( her orifice)..Woe to such bachelors!

Divorced men fair a little better because of their experience as a family man before and the maintenance he got to provide this ex-wife and children, cannot be too all out to philander...But solitude is a divorced man's nemesis..hence drinks and women are the best choice to 'sexcite' a void self....Many will pay for sex and screw the hell out of their life...having failed in a married life!

Separate men are in limbo...still legally married but never had the warm of family life anymore ..nor do the wife gives him sex...Many this kind of man will try their best to look for a good sexual tryst to keep up their inflated ego of failure and loneliness of no sex Men just cannot go without sex, nor do women...Sad truth and hard truths! though women may have a better control of their sexual urge.

Love is sex and sex is love...Hollywood stars fcuked till the living daylights and take divorce as drinking a daily cup of fruit juice..

In our conservative Asian culture ...we may stay discreet but underneath the yearning and frustration of a void life of sex...many affairs can commence with joy or with sorrow!

Human entanglement in love and sex is the very mechanism of happiness as well as disaster...We live to love yet many cannot love to live.

As human moves on into the realms of sexual bliss and disappointment...human, be it men or is how we accept our destiny of living that will bring us to a more happy and conducive world and society...

Ninety-nine percent of men (me included) may have illicit sex in their life yet goes to heaven on earth..but the sad goodie one percent will live in hell of a family man and never taste the blossom of 'wild flower'.   Morally right...sexually wrong !!

Sex is an experience of the ultimate orgasmic thrill be it one . two  or multiple  orgasm in a woman..And it is the man who will be the master of it. How a man performs is important, be it oral sex or 69 sex or coitus sex..So man may need more women in his life...And the Woman Charter needs to be abolished!! Men must marry more wife to procreate in our present context of S'pore's baby deficit !

We moderate our life to the principle of our need and once we over-indulged our is not for others to judge but for self to examine the moral aspect of our existence..

Sex is not sin..but we sin in sex...This is a living world of decadence!

patrick lee song juan