Monday, April 29, 2013

Is PAP gerrymandering in GE 2016 again?

Is PAP gerrymandering again in GE 2016?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 7:46am

Punggol East  became PAP's Achilles heel...though Potong Pasir was wrestled back, but only with a slim votes of 100 over for PAP. Joo Chiat who fielded a 'had been' in Charles Chong saw a close fight with WP.

So, this three SMC will be a tight-rope to walk for PAP come GE 2016.

With the general emotional sentiments riding high against PAP's policies and by far the worst is the PWP (Population White Paper), citizens will never forget the indignity that many got to face having have PAP in power for 52 years. Though to be fair, those early 20 years was the best of PAP building the nation by the old Guards!

Why has a govt under PAP gone from better to worst in the last 10 to 15 years of policy tweeting and manipulation?

The overview and oversight of PAP's policies will be their imminent downfall in the near future. And it may be predictable.

So, how can PAP maintain the dominance it had held for so many years? Their think-tanks will be working hard. But then, even an ordinary citizen will know what is up PAP's sleeves.

Come GE2016, maybe the greatest gerrymandering of PAP fight for survival and political perpetuation...

My analysis and what a friend thought concurred. PAP may do away with Potong Pasir and induct it into the GRC of Bishan-Toa Payoh, a bigger GRC and then may split it into two  3-member GRC of Bishan GRC and Toa Payoh GRC. Likewise Punggol East will merge with Punggol-Pasir Ris GRC and also be split into two 3-member GRCs of Punggol GRC and Pasir Ris GRC.

Joo Chiat will be a hot seat. And WP will wrestle the ward easily from PAP..WP did very well to score about 49% votes in Joo Chiat SMC.

Marine Parade GRC without Senior Goh at the helm is precarious. And Tan Chuan Jin started on a wrong footing with the citizens of S'pore for his mis-handling of the so-called bus drivers strike and his open policy of bringing in more foreigners..Though at his moment..a curb is on. But too late for reprieve.

PAP is at a crossroad of political soul-searching and many sacred cows will be slaughtered. In the history of political dominance, no party of the world can rule perpetually. It has come at a time of citizens disgust and the govt's adamant push for great economic numbers, oblivious of what a true INCLUSIVE Singapore  is ! And PAP keep on saying about inclusive S'pore and S'poreans...Is it a joke?

It is the time of our lives, of the citizens suffering on over-crowding.... on housing's "affordable" price, on the lost of jobs to foreigners...leaving many of our PMETs  going for 'wild goose chase' for jobs..

It is rather absurd and incredible that the govt did not see these all coming but blindly pushing for GDP and over-rated economy. And the citizens bear the blunt of the situation.

And with health cost escalating day by day and Health minister Gan Kim Yong wasting so much time in National conversation but not much action for health cost to come down for the average poor citizens and poor senior old folks, are all at the receiving end..And public hospitals are becoming commercially run entity to make more money than to look at the citizens health welfare.

The time is near for for a certain shock to PAP's elitist and comfy well-paid living...

Should PAP not rethink many of its policies to be in tune and tandem to the citizens rather than to themselves only?... Please put on your thinking cap PAP....citizens are tired of Pay And Pay....and many increases..amd the high inflation!

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Political inroad by opposition parties of Singapore..

Political inroad by opposition parties of Singapore.

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Friday, April 26, 2013 at 8:35am

Opposition parties of S'pore have come a long way from persecution and political suppression by the draconian law and rule of the present govt....

The awakening arrived painfully but swiftly during GE 2011. PAP lost one strong GRC in Aljunied..And that is history. Many suppressed citizens rejoiced with jubilation. PAP was fcuked hard and deep! Georgie Yeo supposedly an indispensable Foreign minister was knocked out cold.

Workers Party (WP) made history as the first opposition political party to trounce PAP big time. It is  the beginning of political inroad by opposition parties, by WP.

And WP moved to win the by-election of Punggol East (PE BE), caught PAP pants down. All knew it coming except PAP..they are living in their own world of reverie to even have a feel of the citizens emotional dissent !!

But unfortunately, Low Thia Khiang dropped a bombshell during one rally for PE BE. He did not believe in opposition unity nor opposition consolidation..Well. success might have gone into the SG's head.

Sad for opposition inroad to oust PAP....

But in the meantime, each opposition party is building up their membership of better party members in preparation for the GE of 2016.

S'pore's opposition parties are really a pathetic sight! Small, not well organised..Having SGs (secretary-generals) that have one common trait..BIG EGOs..

Look at Kenneth Jeyaretnam and Desmond Lim of RP and SDA...both too egoistic to even understand the ground of political resonance, hence they lost in PE BE so pathetically. Both also lost their deposits... Desmond Lim the second time.

So, can these kind of SGs lead a parties?..or even dream of leading S'pore. My advice is ..please retire from politics and look into your own strong area of expertise !

We also have SF and DPP . Do citizens even know these two parties exist at all..For the record SF is Socialist Front, helmed by lawyer Chia Tik Lik and DPP, (Democratic Peoples Party) changing SG to Benjamin Pwee lately from Seow Kee Leng...DPP is also an old party but dormant since many moons.

And now I come to SPP (S'pore Peoples Party) with senior Chiam See Tong. SPp was once a leading party with Chiam as MP of parliament for many years..But due to lack of foresight and political selfishness, his succession plan was never his priority. so Lina Chiam lost the Potong Pasir seat to PAP Seetoh and Chiam was knocked out from Bishan Toa Payoh GRC...The worst political move by Chiam, sent him and his party into oblivion.

SDP and NSP are doing fine with new bloods and eager to excel in political stardom...

Political inroad for opposition parties in S'pore is still a long way to form an alternative govt due to no political understanding and unity. Look at Malaysian opposition political parties unity, it put S'pore opposition to shame!

Opposition inroad in S'pore is a long way to Tipperrary. PAP govt is never threatened but little shaken. In so far as the oppositions cannot have more candidates into parliament...PAP will be singing themselves to the bank and fcuking up  every citizens' lives with their push to 6.9 in 2030..We are doomed to be sardines in a can!!

So, where do we go from here?....When is the opposition able to even form a two party system or coalition with PAP in parliament??  Citizens want our lives back from the overcrowding and do not want to be  foreigners in our own motherland.

We cry for our Singapore !!

NB: The word FUCK is an expression of a strong connotation of disgust...nothing else...If everyone is easily fucked then S'pore will be having plentiful of illegitimate babies...!!...HAHAHAA !!

patrick lee song juan

Sacrificing the Sacred cow - PAP and Lee Bee Wah

Sacrificing the Sacred cow - PAP and Er Dr Lee Bee Wah

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:15pm

Lee Bee Wah (LBW) suddenly shot into notice (not prominence) lately when she started posting all her activities on Facebook (FB)....Why is it so? But before I go further with LBW, let me just introduce her for those who never even knew of her existence.... Is that a joke?

LBW was born in Johor on 6 of October 1960..a Buddhist and married with 2 children..That is all I know about her..A search on Wikipedia got no write-out on her. She runs her own LBW Engineering Consultancy firm with her husband.

Now, to answer my own question why LBW is so active lately to engage residents of Nee Soon and doing everything on FB for all to know and of all person tagged every move to me...Luckily, when she visited the loo...she did not inform me or putting on a new Max Factor makeup...Cold sweat lah!

Remember LBW's belief that only imported ping pong girls can bring S'pore medals...So. she went on a crusade of recruiting and converting many PRC ping pong girls to become citizens...Yes. they brought pseudo fame to S'pore by winning silver and bronze in the Olympics..But is that a big deal when no true blue citizens were bestowed that honour ?

Then LBW had differences with the national coach and that happened to be a PRC coach too. It was  so degrading of her , just immediately after the silver medal win...The fracas with the coach..Many S'poreans never felt proud for that moment of 'glory'.

LBW is president of S'pore Table Tennis Association (STTA), did she really bring honour to S'pore ?? But reality is more incredible than fiction...After that, one ping pong girl (mind you a citizen already!) got her 1.27 million (maybe more) prize money and left the team  to go back to China to live happily ever after..

So are we feeling proud of the program of grooming champions out of imports?...We are all disgusted by it!!

And now at this moment of her uncertainty..LBW is working hard to please PM LHL, which she had never done before.."walking the dog"and walking her talk. And  she takes everything in her pace to even pick litters for the estate, as though there are no Town Council cleaners to keep the estate of Nee Soon clean..!!

Lee Bee Wah is going through a baptism of fire....and the proverbial sacrificing of the sacred cow..She may see her last as MP for Nee Soon GRC...

PM Lee is adamant to have his succession plans of new candidates for PAP, hence LBW , most likely will be superannuated. The likes of Lim Sia Suay, Lim Hng Khiang and even Yacoob Ibrahim, etc, to give way for new younger blood. And hopefully LHL knows how to pick or choose the right PAP cadres..not good for nothing generals to be in the elitist system to draw exorbitant paychecks..

And do you all remember the 'asshole' surgeon Koh Poh Koon...he lost to a Ah Lian of  WP....Is not LHL bewildered and flabbergasted by that lost?? LHL need to soul search why that got to happen!!

PAP is re-inventing themselves and try ever so hard to soothe the sentiments of the people after the PWP..on 6.9 population in 2030. (Is 6.9 not a French kiss of sexual libido but without bearing children...and we thought the govt wants citizens to have more babies?? !)

It is rather sad, the more PAP did , the more mistake they made...And to think that even a cartoonist Leslie Chew was arrested under the Sedition Act, is really absurd...A cartoonist is to humour people...Has the govt gone paranoia on their own account ?...So, whatever LBW did for PAP will come to no avail in view of this unfortunate incident..

Is not the protest at Hong Lim Park a greater event than a drawing of cartoons??

We believe in a democratic country...such episode would not happen...but why is it happening in S'pore??

PAP will be had in year 2016 come the next  general election...It will be the awakening of the populace to see to the gradual demise of PAP government....

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Permanent Residents' (PRs) agenda in buying a resale Flat.

The PRs' agenda buying HDB resale flats..

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 at 3:50pm

HDB resale flats has never been so expensive on the market even 8 years ago..Today, if you want to buy a 3-rm resale flat it would cost you $400,000 up from $170,000 only a few years ago...

Why is this happening to our resale flat price escalation?...This has to do with the PR foreigners which the govt indiscriminately gave them PR status..With that PR status...these foreigners can buy resale flats on the market. When the demand is high and supply low...the market price surged up and up. It is a normal phenomena..

But why has it got to do with the govt...?? It is a grey area to open the resale market to PRs to buy, hence the problem arises to uncontrollable proportion.

Many PRs after getting that status and surprisingly many are cash rich too, will go hunting for resale flats...And many would buy it with solid cash. Hence even the Cash over valuation (COV at one time surged to $50,000 and above with some even paying $100,000 COV for a 5 rm flat.

After buying  the resale flat, many do not stay in but rented it out to other parties and collect rent to service the monthly mortgage loan if they did not pay full cash  for the flat but took a loan...

Resale flats only can be sold off after 5 years...So, in the meantime this PRs worked in S'pore with monthly salary and rental to collect from their flats rented out...

The time comes for them to pack all and return to their own country after the mandatory 5 years ownership of resale flats..Many would sell them, took all their money and their savings from their work in S' the tune of more than 500,000 and others PRs may even amass $1,000,000 and bring it home to their country and start a rich ever after life..Singapore may even be a stepping stone to them for citizenship in the West...

In this case the suffering people are the citizens, due to their policy of PRs able to own resale flats, are screwed by this state of affairs...Statistics will show how many PRs have sold their resale flats after 5 years and returned home...Will the HDB furnish such statistics to the general public to see??

The suffering people are the citizens of S'pore.with resale flats going up the sky, have to wait for new flats..But many are not eligible anymore due to two times owning a new flat from HDB...And this time the citizens are being fucked not only by the govt but by the PRs also..

So, do PRs S'pore really boost up the economy of S'pore..Yes they do with the buying and selling..but the amount of money taken out of S'pore when they decided to give S'pore as just a stepping stone to better lives somewhere...our govt is really FUCKED by the many foreigners turned PRs then turned quitters after making good money in S'pore merely for 5, 10 years residence??

Does the PAP govt open their eyes and ears to hear the tales of successful rich PRs leaving S'pore as millionaires ??

Is it not time for the govt to change its policy on PRs buying resale flats?  Buying it but not allowed to rent  out for at least 5 years from the onset of ownership..

Either way...the govt has fcuked up themselves and citizens of S'pore are at the receiving end of HDB price escalation year after year...

Is there an end to the 'AFFORDABLE' public HDB price?...even the new flats built by HDB are not cheap anymore...

I bought my new 5rm flat near Bedok Reservoir area for S$170,000 in 1994 (lift to every floor and an area of 128 sq metres-1377sq ft)....Now everyone can only dream of that price in their reverie !

patrick lee song juan

My grand daughter Claire and me...Will she able to own a HDB flat in time to come.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Is God truly god or a vehicle of man?

Is God truly god or a Vehicle of man?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 9:42pm

God is helpless to deal with human.....The basis of societal harmony is how well one reacts with another in situations and circumstances..

The moral courage to own up to one's mistake and do not shift blame that others are envious of your success...

If one is truthful and honest in life, the force of nature in so called god (in man) will assist you to greater heights..

One cannot betray one's decency of one's conscience....!!

Kong  Hee is facing the baptism of fire....the final judgement is not by god but the justice of the law.

God  is just a spiritual consolation  for people to fall back because of emotional insecurity..In such becomes so vulnerable to any influence and indocrination for a fear of god....And the controlling of one's mind begins in the name of god..

So ..if there is a god, how does life fit in in cheats and charlatans in the name of god and live one's god-given life under pretext of salvation....???

patrick lee song juan

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tharman Shanmugaratnam-shan shan (Hokkien means dar-ing.)

Tharman shan-shan...(in Hokkien means very dar-ing)

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Friday, April 19, 2013 at 4:29pm

Tharman Shanmugaratnam was born in1957...A rather smart kid..Life is good to him in a system of PAP's "meritocracy."

Was Economic Director of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in 1993..But was charged under the official Secret Act (OSA) involving the release of S'pore 1992 clasified document..Was acquitted but charged with a lesser negligence and fined $1,500....Not enough for him to be barred from contesting as a PAP candidate..If you are fined $2000 and above you cannot hold public office...Hence JBJ had to give up his seat as MP in Anson then being fined $2000 ..What irony and a certain agenda !!

Today Tharman 'Shanshan' is riding on a high and is  hoarding the limelight of PAP's echelon of elites.. He held  af ew other portfolios before and now is the Finance minister..The recent Budget 2013 released by him was a turning point of his charge in the Finance ministry....though rather mediocre, Budget 2013 was quite balanced....Although no actual cash was given to the citizens...all in the form of rebates and transferring money from here to there...

He did well to have a program on him :Ask DPM Tharman Special (not Ass Tharman special..that would be against Section 377A!)....hahaaa!

Tharman talks about meritocracy is  a vision of S'pore as society of equals...How equal may I ask?...Talk is equal..what else is really equal? He answers questions on the economy, politics and social media in a nearly tow hour long interview with ST Deputy Editor Zuraidah Ibrahim and journalist Robin Chan and Aaron Low..Excepts can be read in detail in ST of 19.4.13,...Home page B5..

Tharman said that PAP to remain dominant but without being dominating...Are you kidding my dear Tharman (I may address you my junior if you are not a minister in the elitist I 'ate more salt in life' than you (you were born in 1957 I was born in 1945...har! har!). But that is not the point...

The point is , yes in another decade PAP will be the dominant party in charge but the ground is shifting and the opposition inroad is building up..More credible and  in-touch-of-the-ground opposition will emerge.

WP will be a party to watch having already seven MPs in parliament...SDP is re-inventing themselves and with care and substance can be a party to be reckoned.  NSP is trailing a little behind, in that they are considered a relatively young party after the old timers gave way to the young Turks to hold fort in Hazel Poa Poon Poon (sounds like a pom pom girl).. The other splinter small opposition parties need to truly re-invent themselves to be even heard off.

DPM Tharman has the quality of a PM compared to Teo Chee Hean whose popularity index dipped so low now that his big nose (his nickname) is gasping for air to breathe..

As the politics of S'pore move along in a scenario of overcrowding everywhere in S' prices (though govt tried cooling measures) is not seeing any reprieved..In this respect...the govt and MND is to be blamed for a free market fall.... The high COL...the salary stagnation of employees. Nothing  is working in good tandem this 10 years of PAP extreme policy shift and implementation...The citizens all suffered ...

A word to Tharman, the wakening of living wellness is not your call of meritocracy , it is the basic call of the population across all spectrum...It is the emotional call for change and how long can the citizens suppress such sentiments of emotion than by the arrival GE 2016....the results will be the deciding factor !!

Tharman 'shanshan', PAP will need greater re-invention before and after GE 2016 provided there is no drastic gerrymandering of boundaries to the benefit of the ruling party...It is the only best thing PAP knows how to do to retain their dominance..

Good Luck Mr Tharman, not 'Tammat' (Malay means The end)

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cry for me Pulau Ubin, not Argentina!

We CRY for Pulau Ubin.....

The rustic beauty of nature's enclave, Pulau Ubin has a bombshell dropped just a few days ago by the very govt who just want nothing but more money..

Pulau Ubin is our  last unspoilt haven of S'pore's for S'poreans to de-stress, with the main island so over-crowded and crying for space.

The govt already has a blue print to develop Ubin for their own ulterior motives..It will no be surprising if another Casino is to be built building a third IR is already in the govt's offings..

After the initial cheaper rent...and 5 years down the road, the residents got to pay market price...It is tantamount to force-evict those poor residents who all these years are living a simple poor but happy life on the island...

Citizens are powerless to even plead for residents...We can only plead for ourselves at the polls in GE save the last bastion of natures' joy where weekends S'poreans can escape to the serenity of  more space and cleaner fresh air..

S'porean will always be short-changed by the authoritarian, despotic govt of PAP...

We cry for Pulau Ubin, not Argentina!

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A satirical sexy poem for PAP

A satirical sexy poem for PAP

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 10:00am

This poem I wrote in year 2011 and reproduce for your humour and clear mind.....

Tiger, tiger burning bright
in the bedroom of the night,
what immortal phallus you have got,
to screw the living daylights
out of all the PAPpies might.

alas! the opposition cannot stand firm
shooting each other with water paint
in comes Shanmugam's 'ebony'
that will forever seal death-row
Yong Vee Kong's destiny.

ministers' entry by the back-door,
magnanimous to open the front
for increased NMPs and NCMPs to screw
a parliament that is all solid white.

until the whip is lifted for a vote
every sitting is without consummation.
leaving parliament with great frustration
forever without a double orgasm............

leesjuanpat (copyright)
patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A poem dedicated to Kong (Con) Hee

A poem dedicated to Kong (Con) Hee

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 11:49pm

A young man of humble beginnings
With wife Ho Yeow Sun
Living in a five room HDB flat
Life was simple and honest.

Never believe a man can change
Adopting a name of Kong Hee
Forming City Harvest Church in god's name
And CHC grew by leaps and bounds

Before long he is worshipped as the living god
His congregation grew to 20,000 strong
Along the way, the church fund too
Giro deduction is the order of practice

In no time they acquired Suntec City
For  a princely sum of $300 million
It is incredible for a church to be that rich
And the shady dealings is slowly unfold

In steps CAD to investigate
And it took three solid years
To piece all the evidence
To formerly charge the leaders in court

And Kong Hee becomes Con Hee
Ho Sun dancing to the tune of 'China wine'
Living it up as a celebrity in US
Yet never made it to the top

Living it up in Sentosa Cove
In a property worth 20 million
Con Hee still maintain his 'integrity'
To the last of his dignity

Justice will prevail in the trial
A 'living god' greater than god
God is crying in heaven
For such a man in his cosy haven.

leesjuanpat (copyright)
patrick lee song juan

Monday, April 15, 2013

To save or to perish - Lui Tuck Yew

To save or to perish.....

Lui Tuck Yew is at his wits end after taking over the Transport ministry from that 'disgraced' sacked Raymond Lim..who did nothing but sat on his big fat pay. The frequent breakdown is the greatest sore point..And Saw Phiak Hwa is enjoying her life playing golf with Ho Ching now, passing all the shit of SMRT to Desmond Kwek

We must give minister Lui a chance to prove his worth in this trial of free ride in the morning till 7.45 am come June 24....But is it not the govt are knocking their heads with their own pricks!...If in the first place if the floodgate was not opened so indiscriminately, our local population will not stress on the MRT system.

It is a trade-off the govt has to bear the responsible and bring solution to solve it..

When one over-does pays the price. (the cause and effect). So, never discount the 'karma' of doings. Is it a lack of foresight or the greed for the bottomline of the GDP...blown out of proportion??

We are seeing the cracks in the housing too...The wide disconsolation of living and the emotional anger of the true blue Singaporeans.

PAP is too long as a govt for the comfort of the citizens but themselves only...

Exercise your votes wisely come GE 2016

patrick lee song juan

Is Old Age a Gem or a Sadness?

OLD AGE is a golden gem if well planned...A drudgery, a sadness of existence wasted if unable to compromise the joy of ageing gracefully.

The sad truth is, S'pore is purportedly to be a first world country, but the senior old folks, many live a wretched lonely life. There is no directional compass nor focus..Being a volunteer for old folks..I understand their plight.

Has society failed them or they failed society?..Old age dignity has eroded with the passing of their youth glory. The destiny of old age has a bearing to the system of our government...

Is there a glory in ageing in S'pore?...The societal fabric is disintegrated by the very harsh policies of the govt. Many old folks will live to reflect and regret....The old age rich will rejoice as money is God!

patrick lee song juan

A Thought...

Good morning Singaporeans, today is Monday 15.4.13. A new week brings with strong anticipation of the mind's awareness and may all of us have good thoughts....

My thought of the day:...The very fact that humanity lingers on in the evils of mankind's atrocities and sinister intention, the world will need many insightful mind of strong meditators to balance the equilibrium of mankind's existence.

We are the very mortals that exist alongside the evils of the world of creed, desire and craving.

The emptiness of serenity entrails and encapsulates our mental faculty into a semi-conscious state of Jhana where the wisdom of meditation would have reached another level of the realms --

Read my Blog for a varied of thoughts and diverse views of life, sexy poems and political manipulation in our S'pore brand of politics. Regards...

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, April 13, 2013

On Death

Today Sumiko Tan (14.4.13), the editor of  Sunday the Sunday life page wrote  about death and a little of the afterlife after attending a colleague wake...Her colleague died at 50...a relatively young age...

If I am not wrong..she is reaching 50, (I am following occasionally her writings) and god! is she afraid? Oh! everyone of us is afraid of death, not only her only..No one has experienced what death is...And death can never be experienced..Is there a near death experience ?

Is death that fearful?...Yes my friends, death is fearful and hard to accept, if one is never prepared. But who would prepare and think of dying when alive?..Not many..

At this juncture of her existence Miss Sumiko is thinking of what death is, And why not fix the age of death to everyone at 75..

Sumiko Tan's article search the mind's of people and at the same time pricks the conscience of truth..

It is not in dying that we is how we live...In our old age if we live a long life of refinement, it would be a blessing..Aging is a perennial process of re-creation of life.

We live to die peacefully...But the journey in life are full of dangers of how death can come about...sudden death in the form of sickness, all are premature death.

Death is a taboo subject to discuss. But death is inevitable in the journey to life..

A good death is all many would wish for...And that really depends on each individual....Death is that fearful and the one wish many would wish not to come truth.

Another human fear of unknown is eternity. It is as 'fearful' as death or is it a Shangri-la ?

patrick lee song juan
Regards / Metta-(loving kindness)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kong (Con) Hee and many of his blind followers.

I am not against religion nor do I against Christianity...The basis of religion is to teach wholesome living in harmony to the greater God which maintains the balance of the universe with  humankind...


I have always advocate my Voice for the poor and deprived...the senior poor folks and the destitute...Yet in our society of meritocracy as expounded by the govt, the rich is living up to it on the contribution of the poor too.

But the greatest cardinal sin is those who in the name of god, hoodwinked many poor folks to believe god will bless them many folds if they contribute generously to the church of god...but it is to the coffer of the man who appropriately called himself Kong Hee (Fai Cai). He is reverted as the 'living god' by his followers..

And to top it all, City Harvest Church (CHC), through the years have 'preached' or coerced the congregation to donate to Kong Hee and his leading cronies' high lifestyle in the name of his money-god.

Many used GIRO for a 10% deduction to the CHC fund willingly (yet not giving to their old aged parents)..Is this what the pastor of CHC been preaching for more donation so that Kong Hee can live in a $20 million Sentosa Cove upgraded from a 5-rm flat?...See how great is god to Kong Hee with the help of so many stupid blinded followers..among them many professionals.

Justice must be carried out on 15th of May..CHC's first case in court, God is great but the court of law by the very human is greater....Man vs god, god vs man and man vs man in the justice of man !!

Charlatans must be nailed and nailed good, beyond the holy cross...

Ignorance is the curse of god...Jesus Christ is weeping in heaven !!

What has become of God in the eyes of cheats and bluffs??  Reduced to nothingness...

It is in the eyes of those who cannot see and ears who cannot hear....the death of human awareness and judgement of truth !!

KONG HEE.... FAI CAI !!..(the prosperous Kong Hee) !!

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Can Teo Ho Pin come out clean on AIM?

Every time when parliament sits, I am always sitting on top at the public gallery overlooking Teo Ho Pin. His lone figure hardly uttering any word and questions. Watching his pre-occupation of mind, one just wonder after AIM, is that seat going to be taken over by another opposition MP?

S'poreans are eagerly looking forward for the impartial review of AIM. Everyone knows how AIM begun, many will have an inkling how it will end. It needs no elaboration.

We believe PM knows what he is doing. It is another baptism of fire. Handling the AIM fiasco well will appease the electorate and citizens on a greater accountability of the govt. As it is, the govt's credibility index has faltered below the danger mark..Any more move by the PM that is contrary to the truth, will bear repercussive results. PAP will not want to be at this kind of low point again.

Whatever the outcome, Teo Ho Pin got to step down. Only then, S'preans will be able to compromise his arrogance of words and his lacking of moral courage to right a wrong...putting WP's Aljunied Hougang Town Council in jeopardy for a moment.

S'preans know our PM Lee is trying his best to project a better image of PAP after Aljunied GRC and Punngol East were lost. We believe PM Lee will know what to do with AIM and aim in the right direction.

Teo Ho Pin is precariously  balancing himself on a tight-rope with no safety net.

The whole of S'pore wants accountability and transparency. The ball is in LHL's court.

Shall S'poreans bide bye bye to Co-ordinating Chairman of 14 Town Councils Teo Ho Pin?

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Is there a S'pore identity and core value in PAP's rule?

Live and let live in a world at the touch of a button...Our S'pore identity is eroded with the system's insistence of strong dependency on foreigners to the tune of almost 50% 'aliens' in time to come..

What does that mean to our S'pore identity and core values which through all the years...painfully nurtured?...Has the govt turned senile after 52 years of rule ??

The culture shock and habits brought in by foreigners are not in sync with our local ethos and way of life..?

Our little red dot is gasping for space to breathe. We definitely do not accept a mountain of foreigners but we do accept professionals who can contribute to the economy of S'pore..

Are we a nation of Toms, Dicks and Harrys?....Where do we S'poreans stand in a sea of foreign half-bakes, encroaching into our precious little spacious space left? In the process, directly cause the problem of housing escalation and the over-crowding in our transport system. But  our govt has done their homework with precise agenda to make money out of the numbers of foreigners !!

We S'poreans do not blame the foreigners, we blame the dastard policies of the govt..who is oblivious of the citizens' woes and sufferings...

Who are the elites that are living in their ivory towers to understand the plight of the ordinary citizens??

It is the PAP ministers and their cronies!

We will stand united to foster a true blue S'porean identity and a S'pore core value....

patrick lee song juan

Has God sinned in City Harvest Church (CHC) or is it the sin of man?

Why is CHC under investigation, has God sinned??

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 11:05pm

The protracted process of investigation by CAD, CPIB on City Harvest Church (CHC)

Christians must bear this in mind that when the Commissioner of Charities (COC) sanctions the leaders of CHC, it has nothing to do with 'persecuting' the religion or God..It is the dishonesty of human that brought about the present predicament of the leaders and not the Church of god or City Harvest Church (CHC).

All Christians want to be good Christians but many in their vulnerable emotional state are so susceptible to adverse influence by dishonest will be the time of revelation of righteousness over charlatan practices..

Safeguarding the Church fund is of paramount importance..Already 50 million has been misappropriated during the investigation of 2 over years...

It is a tedious long process of of God against the true justice of man who wanted to be god...Justice must prevail ...not God! God is one perfect supreme being that cannot sin. Only human sinned. 

If there is no justice of true accountability, there is no true god...It is a charlatan's world in the name of his so called god! And  who is the 'he' who so blasphemously transgressed god's law.

patrick lee song juan

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Secret of a Happy Old Age.

Happiness is a state of mind, be it young or old. As we aged and experienced the toll of life, we become more aware of our limitations as a human being.

The mental faculty will deteriorate but the experience is enriched. Health will be the main concern of old age. Eating the right food and adequate exercise will enhance our general disposition.

When  you are rich, old age is a blessing. it is the poor old destitute folks that have to struggle for daily survival that ache my heart.

The government is late in looking into this area of ageing and alot of hooha is in the news to elevate the life of the aged.

Family harmony and bonding is an area in old age happiness. Gone were the days when the nucleus of the family-tie is strong and we have three or four generations living together. With this modern society of matrialism and unrealistic pursuit of the impossible dream, the very essence of family life is in titter-tatters. Filial piety is as foreign as Timbuctoo in Africa. The old-aged parents are left to fend for themselves.

Old folks are left alone to live the lonely dreams of sad reminiscences. Many will die lonely and destitute. We live to die an easy death but how many of us can achieve this simple formula.

PM Lee said it with ease because he has never tasted what is poverty! Just look around and you can see the bent old men and women collecting rubbish to feed themselves for the day. Old age dignity has eroded the times of our life. We are being discarded as short thrift.

And with the retirement age at 67 and the draw down age of CPF minimum sum at the same, the govt is sending a message to say that, OK! you old folks better look after your own needs. Some of us may even die without to dream of our CPF money.

The irony and reality of life. Even rich Singapore will turn away its veteran  citizens. Not many can live to 70 years if not in good health. We cannot implement legistration to cover only one aspect of the law. The govt need to be flexible in this old age reform of CPF to the senior citizens, especially the Medisave usage.

As we move on in life we begin to understand that the journey through life is an act in itself and when the final curtain draws, the fame, the fortune is but a  memory and it all come to nought!

We all wish to live a sweet memory of our life not after death. As for heaven it is far away. Death is the leveller of all things rich or poor. We all want to be "Hoe See" (good death).

So, is there a secret to a happy old age in Singapore with such govt policies, leaving old age to defend itself??

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Who is God, what is God?

Who is God, What is God...?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 8:24am

Who is god, what is god?...if we read it backwards it is just a (faithful) dog!

The reality of life is, God is in the hands of the very human that manipulated the true spiritual God and rendered it helpless (and how can the Almighty be helpless)??...because it is just a perceived 'Spirit' to be manipulated by the very human of the universe)......Many may make used of God to amass wealth but not serenity of one's well-being..

We live within the conscience of our true self, beyond that the judgement is in our own consciousness and conscience...

God in his wildest dreams has no redemption for the people, it is the people that must redeem themselves.
The spiritual understandings and undertakings of a spiritual God is in our very sincere and honest pure heart, beyond that most human (including (Kong Hee) abuses God's name to his charlatan lifestyle, in the pretext of delivering salvation to the people...

What kind of teaching is this..."The more you donate, the greater you will be blessed"... So, in Kong Hee's so called sermon at City Harvest Church (CHC)...the poor destitute soul who cannot contribute a dime will not be blessed or even cast into oblivion...?? I personally attended a number of his sermon to have a first hand experience of this person called the living god...And I encountered him and conversed with him during my CC days when his followers went to Joo Chiat CC to donate blood. That was in 2005.

The reality of life is, we judge our own conscience (which I always propagate)..beyond that the spiritual consolation and consciousness of any God is nothing but - do good be good - and never call on God in your moments of despair and anguish..but in your moments of happiness and wholesomeness..Then you will not be so vulnerable to coercive influence.

But again many of us in our happiest moment in life, we just forget about our very 'Spiritual God' or any God we believe....

So, who is God...what is God ?

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Saga of Action Information Management (AIM).

The Saga of AIM

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 11:59am

PAP lost big time during the Punggol East by-election is also due to the saga and fiasco of Action Information Management (AIM)...How can a PAP-backed company bought for $2/- having 3 past PAP MPs as Directors??...It is the purest form of legal corrupt' in the history of PAP rule...Is this only the tip of the iceberg? What about other areas of PAP-linked companies and management??

PM Lee had asked Ministry of National Development (MND) to review the procedures of the AIM case.  Citizens are waiting impatiently to hear the truth and nothing but the truth. Because of AIM's high-handledness, Aljunied Hougang Town council run by WP almost suffered a  mild 'heart attack.'

PAP must understand their precarious position in so many setbacks...The Palmergate, the White Paper, the Housing issue, the Transport issue, the Population issue and the most pressing one is the Cost of Living (COL) issue, where it affects the very lives of the average citizens, and many destitute poor.

How Long can the govt cover up on the AIM issue? The saying goes in a Cantonese proverb..".ugly daughter-in-law still needs to meet the parent-in-laws"...Why is there still total silence on the review? This will reflect on the creditability of our PM seen to be partial, unjust. He must clean his house in order, failing which it will not go well in the minds and emotions of the citizens to want an accountability.

Teo Ho Pin needs to pluck up his dwindling courage to own up to any wrong doing on the AIM saga. Teo, is the man responsible for all the issues arising...He just cannot sit comfortably and think of covering his own ass. Is the PM assisting him with the buttering?

As it is, AIM had decided not to bid for the new tender and it has been awarded to NEC for $17.6 million which included an option that would be triggered if there were an electoral boundary change...What is the meaning of this???

"The changeover comes as the Ministry of National Development reviews the PAP town councils sale of theirs to AIM in 2010, a move criticized for being against the public interest."

The public just wanted the truth with accountability and transparency...Please do not take the PUBLIC  for a ride...The emotional hurt will be greater and will reflect in GE 2016....

patrick lee song juan