Monday, December 26, 2011

The gaffe of MP Seng Han Thong

MP Seng Han Thong composed a sad tune, now facing the symphony of his rhapsody !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Saturday, December 24, 2011 at 10:06pm

I supposed the saga of Seng Han Thong should have been concluded. But FM 93.8 Live now and again repeating Ah Seng's apologies and trying to explain more "complexities'

I believe as an MP and politician, it is idiotic if he really brings racial issue to the already great disappointment of the SMRT breakdown, where peoples' adrenaline are towards boiling point.

Ah Seng's off-the -cuff delivery of words may have been an honest mistake but when race issue is brought to the fore and under such tense moment of anger and disconsolation of the SMRT system collapse, many of us would have been quick to 'gun' Ah Seng down....Initially, I was greatly displeased too !! How can a veteran MP speaks like that, without thinking !

So the moral of a politician's story is...Speak less if you can, silence may be the best answer at times...In Chinese saying ..we always say "Think thrice before you speak".

And it seems more new young PAP politicians, MPs, even minister of states and acting minister thinks they have the lawful right or aloofness to say what they wish..They forgot the "emotional charge" they are unnecessary transmitting to the general public..Please be discerning !!

Personally , I think since Ah Seng sincerely apologised not only once but twice and even Shanmugam spoke up for him (which is not necessary, why should he be kaypoh and seemingly defending Ah Seng ?)...Ah Seng must be a man to face the music he composed!

More words spoken , more complication. Simple plain explanation of why it was spoken and sincere, wholehearted apology may touch many but not all.

Never forget, we are dealing with human beings of diverse mindset, each forming their own ideas of a situation or happening and many a times from a Richter scale of 3, it shot to 8, and a political explosion may be on the agenda.

The Fall of Mankind and Libya !

The fall of Mankind and Libya !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 12:34pm

The world is a stage for manipulation...People would never forget Iraq... Under Saddam Hussein when the Western world accused him of his sins, but the country was moving on..What happened after the fall of Iraq....Daily innocent death and lives for the people were never the same anymore...

The pullout of US troops and others is a sad testimony of a world who just cannot let others live their own lives and embrace their own destiny...How would one quantify the amount of evil and good before and after Iraq's fall?...We need to form our own mind's perspective !! the outside world and with western media propaganda painted it as a dreadful country of suppression ...but a leader like Col. Gaddafi...if he can rule Libya for 42 years....can't the world see the country's development and progress for their very citizens???

The human mind is the most sinister weapon to create dissent and disconsolation to gigantic scale....The agenda of world power, the dissatisfaction of humankind, the envy of some, the poverty of many are all catalyst for cause of uprising with quantum force of deadly consequences.

Human bestow upon human the sin and terror of the world..There will never be an ending as long as humankind delude themselves with power, corruption, fame, fortune and political hegemony...

Let the world reflect on their own mindset and what had NATO done to humankind...Is there a greater death to humankind than just a mere takeover of Libya and the many lives lost??....Many questions would never be answered.

On our local front, S'pore is in transition after 52 years and PAP is under the baptism of fire....Let it not spread into a conflagration please!!

The true power of a person is one who knows when and how to LET GO....For no power will perpetuate till eternity..Is fame, fortune and power that important when there is no life to live for it???

Col.Gaddafi is now dead !! Libya has to 're-invent' itself again.....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

IR..ERP..DBSS....give S'poreans all the misery.....

IR..ERP..DBSS....give S'poreans all the misery..How can our Ministers be so SILLY !!

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 9:35am

$100 casino levy to discourage gambling

But collection of millions in every month's spree

Ministers high pay to prevent corruption.

But 'legally corrupted' in many aspect of our life.

ERP to smoothen traffic woes...never work

But enriched their coffers laughing to the bank

Motorist robbed of money in every turn

To their whims and fancies of increase.

Govt land for tender to the highest pte developer

To wash their hand of obscene public housing price

Into an uncontrollable public outcry

Only then did Khaw Boon Wan talk about review

Of the DBSS fiasco and frivolity of policy

To the tune of suspending land sales to pte entity

And in the end ..made a mockery of their own ministry

And HDB will be the public's last legacy.

With Khaw Boon Wan (KBW) seeking for everyone's reprieved

Sorry..sorry....I screwed up my own destiny

Only five days in National Development ministry

Where Maboh Tan was a foregone misery.

Under the boots of Hsien Loong Lee


Nonchalantly, I now enjoying concert of Coco Lee

To put behind all the stupidities of the ruling high and mighty

Unable to feel the common ground,

Of all true blue citizens' sincerity.


When will PAP see...when will PAP see...!!!

(wrote in July on Facebook, copied here to my Blog)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gerald Giam and Lawrence Wong in Parliament.

I have never heard of Lawrence Wong but I have met Gerald Giam even before he was in the May 7th GE. We did have a good conversation that lasted about 2 hrs at a Burger king outlet. A positive soft-spoken young man, having that fiery passion to fight for the rights and better livelihood of S'poreans. A true blue morally courageous man.

I did not attend parliament at the public gallery yesterday but based on ST's report on the proceedings, people with EQ or EI (emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence) can form their own judgment between Gerald Giam and Lawrence Wong.

Lawrencee wong hangs on the coat-tailed of PAP and sailed into the junior elite of PAP to become minister-of-state for Defence and Education.. He knows too well, he would be a nobody if he did not move on the 'PAP MRT'.

So, the rebuttal began in parliament with Gerald delivering a superb maiden speech on the last ten years of policy indocrination and bulldozing and how lives for the ordinary folks had suffered.

Yet of all the person who try to impress as a wallaby, this new MP Lawrence Wong, giving a 'thesis' of his rhertorics on government's success to the nation, (at all cost !!.)..He has that decency even to make these kind of maiden speech. (the details all can read in the newspapers or on the net). And behold PAP cronies gave him loud applause short of a standing ovation....LMFAO!

I am too tired as an old (oh la la!) man to go into the details of his "government seized chances for growth' thingie! We S'poreans do want growth and economic stability..and we all know the trade-off. But the trade-off was incredibly beyond all S'poreans comprehension !!

Over-influx, over-crowded, housing over-priced and who are the benefactors...the big boys, the big copporations, with the government the biggest of corporate gain!!

Let me put it to Lawrence wong, we S'poreans are not idiots, numskulls or pierrots and just by the way you try to impress in parliament, it does not mean anything at all..You failed miserably.

I just wonder how PM LHL can appoint him to be minister-of-state. There are so many MPs in PAP's camp to pick and sad to say PM had picked a wrong guy just to suck up to you..,Sorry Lawrence you are really not up to the mark still. Gan Thiam Poh may be a better person in your place.

My parting shot...I am really impressed by Lina Chiam in he maiden speech as NCMP....This is what that comes from the heart...not from a young poppycock impressionist !

"Ageing is a refinement, youth is still a learning lesson" -leesjuanpat.

Do control your adrenaline Lawrence, 'speak only if you can perfect on your silence'. Regards!

patrick lee song juan

Friday, October 14, 2011

Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

Singapore (S'pore) without Lee Kuan Yew (LKY).

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Friday, October 14, 2011 at 3:40pm

Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

Singaporeans were brought up with only LKY on our lips..Our parents were so beholden to the system that saw a gradual transformation of a sleepy lacklustre town into the present cosmopolitan city.


We had come a long way..and I was then only a kid in Sec one in 1959. People's Action party (PAP) under LKY and his old guards too came a long way...When PAP first held power in S'pore in 1959, it never occurred in many of our thoughts nor beliefs that PAP will perpetuate to this day after 52 years..

And it did! It must be more than a miracle.


And the platform was set in steel when Barisan Socialis (BS) with 13 MPs walked out of parliament (legislative assembly) in protest of PAP's policies..In certain ways, BS betrayed the trust of those voters who voted them in...and PAP never looked back, capitalising on the monopoly of parliament.


We saw the development, the progress, the better standard of lives for the citizens. There was not much to complain on the government. S'pore Investment Trust (SIT) started to build cheap and truely affordable flats for the people on a small scale and when HDB took over, many S'poreans were housed in new estates..remembering Toa Payoh as the very first few new estates....MY family was the first to move to Toa Payoh.


Life was still good and easy going even though we did not have MRT to speak off. And the living were in tune with the development of the population.


Singapore under PAP and LKY was to transform the demographic changes and many policies where implementation without the least consultation in subsequent years. When it was PAP's policy it is a good policy..We all live with the 'obseisance of duress' yet we cannot utter a sound..Lives move on and many who are unable to cope and follow, fell off the wayside and suffered hardship.


When LKY stepped down to give way to his hegemonic dynasty of empire to son PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL)..We do not expect much of a change...And all was right to the "T". LHL wasted much of his PM life playing second fiddle in the shadow of his patriarch father.


The awakening arrived only after the 7th May General Election (GE). It was only a mini watershed..Though the opposition won only six seats (one GRC and one SMC), the percentage of votes were 60/40..It was a real rude awakening to PAP..If the introduction of GRC was not here to stay since 1984?? (correct me if i am wrong) opposition would have at least 35 MPs in parliament..GRCs is a weightage to PAP as the re-drawing of constituency boundaries..all gerrymandering!


LKY, GCT and three high profile ministars stood down after the watershed of only one GRC lost...Many 'arses' were buttered and lives move on in PAP camp. We will leave the big losers out (saving grace)..since everyone knows who they were!

PM LEE is quick to transform and re-invent...Many a policies softening approach and stance, showed he is rather sincere to move to engaging the citizens woes and feedbacks..But once a while his 'scholastic' 4th generation minsters still uttered rhetorics of self-denial and arrogance....Silence sometimes is the best answer!


But the internet news media is all transparent and many netizens screwed them deep to shut up their 'senseless rhapsody'..Many young ministers and WIW think they are singing in a is alright to be out of tune and a wrong key. In the high office of government and that high dastardly paycheck, there is no room for idiotic errors and utterance..PM Lee is having a hard time to contain these young 'high and mighty invertebrates!.


The recent changes in the CEC of PAP (LKY and GCT stepped down) marked a moving away from the silhouettes of LKY to PM Lee's courageous independent undertaking as a real PM.. we have seen a number of good trnsformation and re-invention...On the education front with Heng Swee the caring of the senior sick and poor citizens..At place is Health Promotion Board's (HPB) active programme on ageing and MOH initiative on partnership with GPs to look after citzens aged 40 and above with good subsidies.


We see a greater change of hearts to understand the 'emotional dilemma' of its citizens and the willingness to move to a neutral ground in PAP's engagement.Understanding of poor citizens lives and senior old folks loneliness in despair with sickness and penniless. Yet the govt is not assisting enough..Let us see the unfolding of compassion.


Singapore is really transforming as of now in the beginning..due to the watershed GE (what an eye-opener for them and for us citizens!). Let us see how far its transformation towards the citzens benefit will stretch within the framework to the next GE in 2016..It is the awakening of a new era of S'pore under PM LHL..and the next chapter is to see PAP doing the balancing act with the overwhelming foreigners in our midst..We welcome them but not to this extent of encroachment of space, transport squeeze, housing price escalation and the 'cultural shock of our very own existence..' The govt erred in this respect without care and inconsequential to our call.


What will S'pore be without LKY??..The answer lies in LHL's mind and how well he can hold fort to move himself forward to the next election with the minimal disturbance of his fate and life from grand old patriarch!?


How able is LHL, we shall see..Will PAP disintegrate when LKY is in heavenly bliss one day??...But, many and me wish him long life...God bless.


We shall leave it to another transformation of the natural force of human endeavour and the exuberance of 'cosmic force!'...Yet we must never forget the impermanence of life and the power of fading political control !

{first written for Facebook. Copy and paste to my blog}..

patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)


Monday, October 10, 2011

Sex and the modern men and women.

Sex and the modern Men and Women.

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 6:11pm

Today's ST reported on ORAL SEX can cause throat cancer...The fact that smoking caused throat cancer is less frightening.

And it are more prone to throat cancer due to oral sex than women who did the 'deep throat' or in this modern context ..'singing karaoke' or 'enjoy a lollipop'....Well, many thinks that oral sex is the safest to prevent unwanted pregnancy... it is not safe anymore !

No wonder S'poreans are not producing enough babies.
There is more to the meet the eye, not only the high cost of living in S'pore!

Sex to many is not to build a is for lust and desire. Illicit sex is rampant in all fabric of society.

Adultery is another form of sexual enjoyment which should not happen but it is ON every minute of the day and night! And to top it all ..a one night stand is the ultimate where either party parted without knowing who really screwed the other during the tryst...but feeling happy with no string attached!

And the world moves on and evolves with SEX everywhere and in a tiny French-Canadian island (Ile aux Coudres) as reported also in ST today,.....Human race is stilling evolving ....''Women were inheriting the tendency and ability to have children younger - with the forces of evolution likely coming from the advantages of having bigger families among the new population." stated by the newspaper!
Hence, the procreation of the human species all depend on us, how we go about in relation to our culture, religion and our moral responsible to perpetuate the human race.

Our failure is more due to circumstances of want or not wanting and a modern world of changing values and other forms of sexual exploitation. It maybe solely for the love of sexual lust and fanciful orgies rather than the responsibility of a cohesive family nucleus and the understanding of the evolution of the human species !!

Human the world over SCREWED-UP their lives one way or another. And that is what we called the evolution of the homo sapiens..We may not be better than the planet of Apes! It will be the degeneration and decadence of the human race!!!


    • Eunita De Beer Very interesting read - you sometimes blow me away!! Thanks Patrick, hope the last paragraph will proof not to be true.

      Wednesday at 6:23pm ·

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A good reflecton of what Politics is all about in Singapore!

A good reflection of what politics is all about in S'pore? It is the positive results!!.by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 11:46am.
I give Bong Kin Chen credit on his well written note..I am posting his first paragraph for all FB netizens' perusal...

{{{ At least risk everything to try with some political credibility that connects with the electorate. There is a vast difference and political significance between political bravery and political bravado. The former is precisely directed at the hearts and minds of the Citizenry with well reasoned logic which lingers on with permanency whilst the latter is blatant political melodramatic disturbance with the moronic intent of creating maximum economic chaos detrimental to one and all... Such wanton political action debases the alternatives' political agenda to no good in securing affirmative alignment. Everybody abhor violence but all will give good listening ears to logical reasons and well balance arguments for the truths }}}.

Below is my take on Bong's superb understanding of the political awakening in S'pore:--------

S'pore has its own unique political suffrage. We need a strong dichotomy of alternative views and strong presence in parliament to bring it to First World parliamenty as propounded by Workers' Party...As it is now for 52 years..many of us grew up with PAP...How much has we citizens gain and how much did we lose in the processs of nation building...We live through the times of slums and how its transformation brought along jobs and quality of living for all..Those were the happy reminiscent days of PAP's track record! No government should be allowed to hold power for more than 3 terms..PAP is in it like' till eternity', until the watershed GE which is not enough to ruffle even PAP tail feather, but many 'balls' dropped in the process!!..And we can see the cracks and drips here and there.

We need to wise up to decide which opposition is the real representative alternative voice to alter the course towards a more humane S'pore not for exorbitant salaried asses who never really 'walk the talk scholar ministers'....Gone were the LKY era of dedication for the call of duty and service to the nation...Now, it is you pay me first...and I enjoy my assets enchancement and 'F' care how the citizens suffered. OMG! Yes! not that the govervnment is not doing...they try hard but not hard enough..It is a case of give here and take more there. What is the difference...Great difference, citizens keep on Pay and Pay!

We definitely need a two-party or even a coalition party parliament like what Thai PM Yingluck (smart lady hor) and other countries are doing.S'poreans need to have faith in credible oppositions to give them a try not a tryst..It will work with checks and balances.Nothing confrontational...S'pore is not like America..S'pore is S'pore..can we afford to have civil unrest, public disturbance and all the unlawful assemblies to bring a cause to no avail ?? There are other more subtle ways of handling 'intelligent politics' and its angst.
Pride, ego and might is more a failure of one's weakness than anything else!

After the GE and the post mortem , we all know which parties are moving on and which are moving out..We citizens are no fools..especially the new world of new media and so many intelligent youth with better EQ far better than the high IQ pierrot younger ministers of PAP
and MPs..Just look at Tin Pei Lin, is she an MP calibre!!?? It is the 'open-corrupt' system's connections and all !!

Let us S'poreans put on our thinking cap and stay discerning, participating forward to a new political awakening and awareness that PAP cannot solely control the government forever..
Is there an 'archilles heed' (of PAP) for opposition to capitalise to better heights!??


Monday, September 19, 2011

A New arising Sangha -Guojun.

When a child is born...all innocent, his destiny lies ahead in uncertain terms, in association, upbringing, environment, etc..

When a calling is there on personal choice or on personal agenda, it all started decently..And as human, the lurch of greed, lust ,craving, dishonesty and what-nots can alter one's course, supposedly with a noble beginning of thoughts...

Time will tell. Take the first 'so-noble' Ming Yi..and how he fell from the grace of tarnishing the Buddhist fraternity along the way..And has he repented ?? No he has not?? Let the force of nature be the judge!

Now we have this Guojun...In fact without Piya your mentioning I do not really know who the hell he is. Now I know! With so many title bestowed to him, he is surely on 'cloud nine'..and does he remain humble as our great Buddha??. By the way with your input of writing, guess this so called Ven. Guo Jun is leading himself and other Buddhist lay people into perdition or is it into nibbana?? He may be too power and aloof to remember where he came from!!??

Power corrupts..High sounding title blinds one's sense of own-realism and failed miserable if one's mind is not
trained to understand what are the core simple teachings and values of Buddhism....Many want a show of ostentation and recognition and might!

As a monk, the sin is Eight-fold (not the Eightfold Noble Path)..worst he is a member of the Sangha, propagating in the name of Buddhism and a religious leader in that calling to teach and practise the wrong values (if he really does that!??)...Gou Jun may be pseudo-great with all his titles. Many simpletons will hold him in awe and admiration of his title..We let our Dharma world judge him for his self-worth..Regards

We will have many Mingyi's to come , not only Guo Jun. Because the world is inhibited by human and the human mind...which is so unfathomable and unpredictble..The world's unfolding and sadness is all linked to the human world of the HUMAN MIND!...The animal world fares so much better! And beast are supposed to be wild and ferocious..But humankind surpassed that with 'flying colours.'..Human mind is the Devil's Advocate!

Upekkha and Karuna

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, September 17, 2011

LKY, the two-child policy and the ageing population.

Lee Kuan Yew(LKY), the two child policy and the ageing population!
.by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 12:11am.

"The policy to encourage families to stop at two children in the late 60s "had nothing" to do with Singapore's current ageing population and low fertility rate, said former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew on Wednesday.

Now LKY is at it again to justify his failed policy of stopping at two. In 2003, when I was with Joo Chiat CC and during one of a dialogue session with grassroots with then minister-of-state Chan Soo Sen for Education, I asked whether the two child policy would one day caused a' population deficit' affecting S'pore's demographic !?

A tell-tail sign was emerging and foreigners were streaming in at a steady pace but not that tragic till this present moment of foreigner-infested S'pore. Chan tried to explain that those years due to the economic and S'pore's position and was still a young nation, a population explosion would cripple S'pore's many resources and infrastructure and if the economy then could not substain a great population increased, S'pore will suffer in many aspect . Fair answer! A short term solution to a long term disaster.

Forty-five years down the road, with the government's too far-sightedness, now citizens are suffering the indignity of a land we do not really call our own and we do not have more family members to share the responsibilities of caring for our aged parents.And behold! medical expenses had hit the roof...the popular jargon among poor citizens is " better die than fall sick and hospitalised." S'pore have progressed to First World country..but many of our poor and destitute are surviving on third world crumbs. Only the government and its ministers are first world Swiss standard high and mighty people living on the taxes of its citizens.

And in come the younger scholars of PAP, who rode the high wave into PAP stardom and ministership!..Singapore has changed to be so cold-blooded in many areas, though there are still the compassion showed by many well-wishers and charities for the poor and deprived. The government is not doing enough and all they want is the satisfy their high salary. The old age citizens are suffering for better care..The small family of one/two siblings are stretched to the limit of its tensile strength. IMH (Institute of Mental Health) is a welcome home for many stressed and depressed citizens..OMG!

Please give your take. I for one think the stop at two policy with the obstacles curtailing people with penalties if they have more children was a real bad policy, tantamount to threats on couples who want more children. Ageing population is a natural process of human life cycle. But if we did not stop at two and government did not impose such stringent penalties...Many of us would like to have at least 3 or 4 children...and from the 60s to now, we would have more or less a balance demographics of young and old age.

Please sir, do not stir up a controversial policy again.

patrick lee song juan

Friday, September 9, 2011

Abolish GRCs and no more high deposit for GE candidacy.

Abolish GRCs and fix a deposit of $3000/- for each candidate permanently for the GE, nothing more !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 4:55pm
Your changes have been saved.

Group Representation Constituency (GRC) is a political tool for the benefit of the ruling PAP and the unreasonable high deposit for a candidate to partake in a General Election (GE) is another deterrent !

Posted by Patrick Lee Song Juan on September 5

Since the day PAP introduced the GRC giving the excuse of minority representation, the political landscape and dominance became a deadset political tool to the ruling party...And because of GRC, opposition parties were and are still disadvantage by their unconstitutional boundary changes to benefit their partisan voters for a sure win.

But the general election on May 7th, 2011 saw the one great defeat of PAP, losing Aljunied GRC with big gun George Yeo demolished with his team (including an inert woman minister).. It was a shock awakening for PAP..Never in their 52 years of rule and their introduction of GRC did they ever think that their fortress will be cannon -balled with a big hole..

So, we must all rally and put a stop to their gerrymandering of political boundaries to win votes..and we must make as much noise as possible to pressure PAP to revert back to a single member ward for all constituency.

Though the opposition won one GRC in Workers Party...We must push on to totally abolish GRC and have a fair and even fight in all electoral single member ward without
any boundary changes whatsoever..

Can PAP stand up on that challenge not only from the opposition but all the voices of Singaporeans...PAP are not dense not to know the "emotional dilemma"... (I always like to quote George Yeo's famous phrase, because it reminded all S'poreans how high and mighty people would be shot down with just one good aim..hohohoo!)... of the citizens wish to engage in fair elections! Please have the moral guts to do it PM Lee!!

And please do away with such high deposit to qualify as a candidate (fixed it at $3000/-, last GE when up to $16,000/- real tough for many candidates to plead for public donation..and sure the public all chipped in to help, having having had enough of PAP's arrogant, willing donated to a noble cause !!)..knowing that many opposition candidates are 'poor church mouse'..That is another dirty tactic to deter opposition candidates to participate in the election...PAP just want to walk over in as many constituency as possible, hence put up all unjustified hindrances to the opposition parties...Uniquely PAP..and politics is always as dirty as a choked sewage pipe ! But PAP beat everyone in this aspect..LOL!

FOOTNOTE: If PAP is that kiasu..kiasee and kia-liao - they may compromise to reduce the GRC to 2 or maximum 3 member in each GRC. So PAP cannot give the excuse of no minority representation..A WIN-WIN situation for all. It may be a blessing in disguise for the ruling PAP..people may change their thoughts on PAP that they have become more socially accommodating to citizens' feedback and ideas and that will do PAP tons of good in the years to come and may still be the major political party around!
And in all honesty, PAP did do many good for the people of Singapore.What PAP should reflect will be in which area they had done to cause that much of discord and unhappiness among the peace loving citizens..And All of us are just asking PAP for a fair deal !! For me personally..I could not care less who governs S'pore...It is the track record...
I am only an accidental politician, I love my simple poor life and living happy!

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Singapore cannot have a one-party system anymore!

Singapore cannot have a one-party system anymore !
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 10:18am

We look at the world's despotic and authoritarian absolute rule...Iraq is already gone. Gaddafi's Libya is tumbling down soon and Syria is following with internal strife and death everyday. All rule by absolute power of a one-party government !!??
The future norm of our political scene will be a coalition of a two or three parties..This will be good for S'pore..with the necessary checks and balances.
Looking at all the countries that is under despotic and authoritarian control...Syria, Libya, Iraq, Nth Korea, Myanmar: it is the establishment of their own 'stash wealth' and their cronies...Reflecting on Philippine's Marcos and to a lesser extent Indonesia under Suharto, is there any difference of core power control of a country??...All the wealth goes to those top elitists and the poor ordinary citizens suffered the indignity of poverty and hardship ?? That is the reason of the civil disturbance and revolt and death of innocent people.
When poverty and hunger shadowed your wretched life..what do you think one would do?..Go against the system of the mighty arrogant lords !! Luckily S'poreans are 'quai quai' people and kiasee also..The fear and political indoctrination of the ruling party has its psychological effect on the majority of the population..Many are comfortable and nonchalant to change...The just over Presidential Election (PE) is one good example of how the ruling party has a stranglehold on its own 'S'pore Incorporation' of people, Unions and government-link organization !!..
So, today Libya is collapsing under civil war...Syria is trying to squash internal civil revolt.. Is there any difference if any party holds absolute power ???
On a hypothetical analysis, if one day Worker
Workers' Party (WP) was to be the sole power winning 87 seats in parliament or for that matter S'pore Democratic Party (SDP) or National Solidarity Party (NSP)....History will surely repeat itself with the absolute power control and as years go may be no difference as PAP ruling S'pore...never can tell about human greed , sole power and craving ???
.. reasoning of a two party or three party coalition will work with great checks and balances of each other, is the ideal political solution in the long run...Countries like England , France, Australia..etc, etc have a two or multi-party system ..and no one is the wiser to enrich their own coffer with tax-payers money. And for sure ministers, MPs and president's cannot draw such obscene salaries !!!
With that experience of PAP hegemony for 52 years...S'pore cannot fall into its own trap to have a one-party system even if one day PAP is reduced to oblivion..We never will know..other opposition party's sole control may be even worst than PAP...S'poreans certainly do not want that to happen!!??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The four presidential hopeful Tans fighting for the last 'High Breath'

Never in the history of Singapore or the world we have such uncanny coincidence of four TANs vying for the highest office in S'pore! Many will suspect, is it the pay and the easy job that they are going into it or is it the true calling for the heart and care for S'poreans?

We commence with Dr Tony Tan, the veteran PAP MP and all the portfolio of titles he held before and even into the last minute of wanting to be president. But, the rules (and that is man made) stipulated he got to resign from his last grand office of SPH as chairman to stand for the elected president. Was also Deputy Chairman of Government Investment Corporation (GIC)

All that followed in his speech, in his walkabout and till his final rally speech at Boat Quay today...I can only derive that..the mould of PAP existed in his system and his blood type when flow will not be O or A or AB but 'PAP'...And with his age and his wealth, is there anything in life that he had not achieved and conquered?...He still wants to be president of S'pore...i feel sad that a once great man of PAP and a very loyal man has to be subjected to the cries of boos of the people's 'emotional dilemma'(using George Yeo's words).

Has PAP really lose their 'directional compass' that it must be a PAP crony and no one else ?? Please deliberate.. TT looked tired, somewhat fragile and slow in reflective movements..Is life not more important than be the president of S'pore...What had he not achieved in life that other's can never even smell ??

Dr Tan Cheng Bock...successful doctor in his own rights, showed compassion of heart as a doctor and have the moral dignity and courage even as a PAP MP to go against policies affecting citizens. His courage to be himself those years distinguished him as an independent thinking man..and I particularly like his view on the NMP issue which I personally think is a facade of PAP's gimmick to full control of parliament ( bringing in people that was not elected by citizens)..And it when further to NCMP!! The loser got a chance to warm the comfy luxurious leather seat in prliament..It became a double-edged sword for PAP..and we saw Sylvia Lim shined like a 'virgin rose' in her delivery and rebuttal to those million paid scholastic nerds of the 3rd and 4th Gen X of ministers!

TCB walkabout , and forum talks and charisma with people is a natural..Many respect him as a person, though with PAP for more than 25 over years....He shows fairly strong 'moral compass, ' but the stigma of the ruling system's man still holds..He is old but look more sturdy than TT...though on close-up shot, his countenance hid fatigue sign..Take good care Dr TCB.

Mr Tan Kin Lian...his name is synonymous as the NTUC Income man who brought NTUC insurance to great heights...We all thought he would have fought for a seat under SDP during the GE. Know him and met him a couple of times at Chee Soon Juan private gatherings...But he harboured greater amibition to be the president of S'pore...Easier job and better pay, or is it ?

His last few day's of walkabout and forum discussion and his familiar name strike a chord with many...I kind of particularly like his symbol of 'high-five' (close and intimate with the common people, but may be a little childish!..

TKL may be an oppurtunist but a good opportunist and hopefully, his foray into this PE, will bear fruit for him...Nothing is certain in life...only death !!...Good luck Kin Lian!

My sukee Hainanese Mr Tan Jee Say (TJS)...met his twice at Leong Sze Hian's Forum, before he harboured the remotest idea to be the president of S'pore! and aspire to want to go into Istana...A small size short man about the height of Mabok Tan (the ex-MND nesting in his comfy 'dollar-note' stuffed-custom-made sofa, somewhere at home or his summer villa is good man!).

TJS, when I met him again at the Hainanese sukee coffee chat at Purvis Street on 13th of Aug after he declared to be a presidential candidate...His status shot higher than his 5ft 4ins height ! Though he did not change much in behaviour....He is trying hard to act that he is still the same TJS...We Hainanese are very affable and congenial to each of our kind (not that we are not friendly to others!)

TJS taking of only $500,000 per year as salary if voted in as president and the rest donate to the charity of his wish..goes well in many poor S'poreans (and believe me many S'porean are really poor in my volunteer for the poor, I attest to it !!)..But the fact that he is sincere and have a moral courage and 'moral right compass', put him way ahead of the pack...Whether TJS wil be voted in as president or not, is the people's choice..And last nite I attended his rally, thought I did not listen through his speech.

I left early due to having attended two seminars in the day at HPB..I need a good homeward bound bath and good rest..As tomorrow is another day with the presidential campaign reaching its peak till Friday's cooling day. Rapping up at 8 pm for a presidential broadcast on CNA's this Friday 26th for the four TANs and one TAN will go into Istana as the real president TAN chosen by the people. The other three just got to 'tan, ban ban tan!!'...tan kuu kuu!! {translation from Hokkien: 'wait..slowly wait..wait long long!}

Can that TAN break the 'scent of PAP-stained presidency', to be a true blue independent un-stained president in his own rights????

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The presidential choice this Aug 27th and my sentiments!

@Kelvin..i admire your matured mindset...if you have followed my comments , you will feel my underlying messages in many of my notes and my Blog.

As a person, Tony Tan ( TT) is great in his portfolio, has benefitted by the system and his uncle Tan Chin Tuan of OCBC...But a mindset of a person after years of PAP indocrination and subservient to the master..even I will not betray my master...!!

S'pore definitely need a change..not because PAP is not good all those years..They are one of the best in the world as a government...But as the modern era of change overtakes the compassion of human love of his citizens...the new breed of ministers are way too arrogant and just blast their mind off 'themselves' and others. And have you ever seen any policies these last 5 years being reversed for the citizens benefit..all for the party system!!

As a government maintains its status quo and dominance without a strong say from opposition...S'pore will one day fall into an authoritarian state...And for sure I do not want any opposition that is wishy washy and in the end complicates matters that dissolve S'pore's peaceful lives of its citizens..We saw all the civil disturbance overseas...We do not want all that happening in S'pore..On that note the ruling party has done well.

I always believe democracy is when you are in power , the democracy is your benchmark to let loose or tighten..too loose..may be mayhem..too tight,dissent of citizens...Can any government do better..All people in power are as a powerful as they have to be..No different from any opposition party when in power...So this is politics.

Why I step into the arena when I was a backseat observer and commentator writer...I do not want PAP to think that they are the supreme power above almighty..So in life..there must be checks and balances...I do not need fame or fortune at this stage of life...I had travelled more than half the world,mainly with my family and in the course of work and why should I be locked dead in politics at my age..If i think politics is my cup of tea, I would have entered it long ago! BUT when money is the main 'lugworm' in politics, and the obscene huge ministers and president's paycheck at the expense of citizen taxpayers, it is the death of serving one's nation and its people !!

As a voice of the poor and doing volunteer para-counselling, my heart aches when rich S'pore is not doing more for the real poor in the streets..Seeing many selling tissues and collecting cardboard, is this a Swiss standard of S'pore??..These people should be rounded up by MCYS and put in a home for destitute..S'pore has too much red tape ..for poor and aged people to live a dignified life. The lower 20% overall poor are downtrodden into misery !!

And my few years in two... third world countries made me appreciate our own motherland more..But the government must show greater compassion in the area of poor and medical care..which in his speech PM LHL is trying to do ...Talk is easy..reaching out is the right direction !! I am always emotional to the cause of the poor when all the ministers are living in their ivory towers...not because I envy their riches...But please have a stronger heart for the people (especially for the poor and senior old folks).

Do they really know how to empathize with the poor??...Why at times I hold no punch even to criticize the ministers' indifference..because I have been with the Grassroots for six years to know all the idiosyncrasies of human behavior!! Human generally become snobs and act out-of touch (many ministers are like that when they reach their pinnacles..though there are exceptions)...Too rare..too rare everywhere in the world! I stand corrected. Regards.

So ..we need a true independent president ..not a clout..TT is not a bad person ..He is too good to be true..Thank you!

patrick lee song juan
(copied and pasted from my note in FB)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can acquiring status change a person behaviour & character in view of the presidential election??

David...not so easy primrose path to Istana lah..with the golden PAP Tony Tan (TT) on the 'killer' list...and do not bet on that limousine waiting for us to see Jee Say in Istana..

In my course of handling and grooming people...Human change like a chameleon....before having a status and after in the high echelons of society...

Look at the 3rd and 4th generations of some dud PAP ministers and and many MPs (ex- George Yeo and now DPM Teo Chee Hean -always act high and mighty to the ordinary people)...Do they all really empathise and mix with the people??.

Only do so in front of the camera and during propaganda PAP functions...Recently, TT..picking up a fallen boy with wife at a playground in full view of the camera rolling...I wonder is it a stage show?? And Straits Times gave full coverage and photo of him picking the boy up..whahahaha!

I have shook a few MPs and ministers' hands to tell you (Only Teo Ser Luck has a very warm handshake!!)...many never gave you a firm handsake ..just like soft cotton !!??...How can a person radiates warm when the basic courtesy of the first contact with the hand failed !!??

Do the ministers and MPs go for Image Consultancy training...I thought Ser Luck's sister Ser Lee (ex-Miss S'pore) with her IC agency should have groomed up the public image of the MPs and ministers...I only go for ordinary people to uplift their life...not ivory tower big shots...i am always a voice for the poor.....and happy helping the deprived and poor !! "Rubbing shoulders can cause abrasion"...but the world are full of shoulder-rubbers !!

So much of human failure in this world and many successes are fully staged... like a Shakespeakean play.

patrick lee song juan

Monday, August 15, 2011

Self-searching for the truth..,Not all truth were from written books!

FC...Discernment and analytical awareness of self is important..All olden books were human written...And men have a mind to do what they like without your approval(what was written was only one's instill into other's believe ...

So if one blindly follows any book and still live in the world of conformist without analysing the truth to the will be a world of too many sheep under the will of the 'shepherd' (it can be a face-off).
I can understand your sentiments...many would share the same..

The distortion of the human will and mind into the depth of an 'unfathomable void' (a never answered mystery -you just believe and everything will be safe)..

It needs one with a trained mind's awareness and the mindfulness of another to question any absolute doubt , the authenticity of religious input....Failing which the so-called 'god-fearing ' will succumb to the mercy of charlatan perpetrators in the name of religion. Regards.

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Political and Life connection

Political and Life connection is all you need to perpetuate your dream come true..!!
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 12:11pm

Political and Life connection comes in every forms--it is a universal norm with a simple English word of 'nepotism' and 'favoritism' of its own kind...

If not, S'pore Peoples Party's Chiam See Tong (SPP's CST) would be wiser to choose a better candidate in Benjamin Pwee for single seat Potong Pasir after Desmond Lim was kicked out by CST...And SPP has lost big time !!??

The S'pore Connection has come to a head in the book on "Who's Who" of S'pores' elite, ministers, the top echelons and top civil servants of S'pore..all intertwined and interlinked.....Blood will always be thicker than water.....whosoever is in power....There never will be a difference in succession and nepotism !!...U look at North Korea...Libya...Syria..and many more countries.....and our S'PORE !!

We just got to live with it and use our power of VOTES wisely....but the cycle will repeat it will always be....

POWER TALKS AND CONTROLS ALL......and ABSOLUTE POWER NOT ONLY CORRUPTS...if not checked, will perpetuate on and PAP for 52 years...LOL !

Now we have a little inroad in Workers' Party (WP)..making a little headway forward with the capturing of Aljunied GRC...We shall see how they perform in the next five years and whether they will set a benchmark of new awakening !??

Many believed George Yeo (GY) will not lose but my prediction in one of my earlier notes came true. WP knocked them off until the living daylights (seeing stars even in the day)...The only nice guy in GY's team is Zainal Abidin Rasheed which is a humble friend of mine..He is really the 'ground's man' for the team..definitely not GY. PAP never in an iota... that that day will occur..and the party scrambled for fresh oxygen to breath..Too complacent ...too long...too arrogant to deaf ears....sad..sad..real sad !

In the long run it is the citizens that will be suffering and the 'Almighty" keep on laughing to the bank...I never forget what Lim Swee Say (LSS) said when he told everyone in one of his NTUC functions..."when I received my CPF statement..with so much money, i am so happy...'

LSS can say that over and over again and all the ministers...but the poor citizens are dying to see their little CPF money..which will never see the light of day...Many may just die never smell their own CPF ordinary, medisave , retirement account....Many live to die a pauper. Heaven forbids !!

CPF LIFE ANNUITY is only as good as if you have a comfortable ordinary account (OA) activate your CPF LIFE....Many do not even have $20,000 in their what LIFE is the government talking about for the deprived poor people of S'pore??..And now after the GE....the real 'transformation' after saying SORRY! {Is it a joke?} Another impending increase in the public transport fare..

And Ah Tuck (Lui Tuck Yew) who just took over the Transport ministry (Raymond Lim was booted out after the GE), believes the government, SMRT and SBS Transit {with a aftertax profit of roughly..$200 million} adamant to go ahead with the increase...And PTC under Gerard Ee is harping the same tune.

We are all looking forward to 2016.....Why are the 60% VOTERS so daft..!!!???

patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The mighty waterfall

The serenity of perpetual flow
is nature's wonder from high to low..
the wearing of it source with the water's might.
As human evolves in millions of years,
Is there a true source of human understanding?

Even we propound the various dogma of every religion,
The shallowness of humankind makes the difference.
As I had seen the vast torrent of the Niagara Fall,
to these day the soil that the water destroyed...

Is nothing when human annihilated its own kind,
Towards a world of spiritual might...
Where religion dissipated from each other,
To claim their own God of delight !

patrick lee song juan.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The mind is your window of awareness.

Lian mei...and that is me and my mind!...Nothing in this world can unsettle me ..which you and Curry knows enough of me to understand why the mind is the window to your happiness or stress or struggle in life....

When you can let go of everything ...the void is infinite. So is there a void to worry if you have reached the perimeter of that void???

For as the mind gained the highest perspective focus of there anything that can influence its awareness..???

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexual union may not be Love !

Oh! sad you type in my sexy name wrongly...hahaa!

But I still love your painting...and your brilliance!

We embrace our existence on earth with the understanding that we are only a minuscule digit in the vast universe...
We live in harmony with our emotional disposition of loving ourselves if we think we qualify to love others....

Human relationship strongly accentuated on sexual desire is only a physical lust which is not wholesome love of the very soul ...In today's modern world of chasing a 'void in nothing' but pursuing a dream of unreality, leave many chasing their own imagination of illusion.

If Love is the greatest joy of humankind, sexual union is the ultimate in loving fantasy...But the world is ever so cruel...we can have eternal love? Is there a term eternal sexual gratification..??

We live to understand the balance of Love, Sex and Life...and where do we find that balance in human idiosyncrasy...??

patrick lee song juan
(my comment on Victoria Ling's
painting of sexual love-making on FB)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kee Chiu is part of the problem not solution -Silence, many a times can solve real problems!

Choosing to be part of the solution - pg.A28 on Kee Chiu---???
.by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Friday, July 8, 2011 at 9:40am.
A political agenda is in the air to promote kee chiu -aka Chan Chun Sing (CCS) to the forefront..Todays Straits Times (ST) featured him om page A

When a newbie keeps doing his rhetorics of TCSS...All the insinuation of news media that he is related to PM Lee was never substantiated...only he himself denied in the press....What is the bigger picture for his political journey ..??

A major general at 42 from the army..(a scholar)...a smart aleck so to say.....PAP did a very wrong dis-service to him by catapulting him to prominence, hanging him on the coat-tailed of MM LKY's Tanjong Pagar GRC..(And when TP GRC was walkover through some technicality....CCS just walk in like a grand lord...CCS should have been in a SMC to be voted in to give him some form of 'pseudo' fighting alone without godfather(PAP) shouldering behind.

Young at 42, full of drive and a leader in his own rights as MG in army...Many like him...many may not....No one human has identical opinion of another....And I quote what CCS said in ST today..."The larger issue is sense of ownership. People don't belong to their country because the country gives them things. They belong to the country also because they do things for the country." -unquote -..Lo and behold!!!...

Does he know what he is talking about?...Citizens sense of identity and belonging to a country??... with heavy influx of foreigners taking on every facit of the citizens lives and jobs and well-being.???..CCS is talking COCK again! Are we citizens not doing anything for our beloved motherland Singapore.....What has the governmet really gave us...but high cost of living, high price HDB..idiotic DBSS fiasco...cock and bull excuse .and retraction of mistakes but never really say sorry!...Yep!.forgot PM LHL did say sory during his rally GE speech..hahahaa!

That is all the generosity of the government!!....So now we the citizens are repaying this GOOD government to vote in more opposition into parliament to help enlighten their 'flood in 50 years'...!!

Ministers can go bonkers!!...'high pay pressure' work what!...You guys think so easy go be ministers lah!!....In fact it is a blessing in disguise for WKS, Maboh Tan and Raymond Lim to be booted out..Now dirt rich and still can sit on Directorship of "father' owned company as directors and given a high post as long as you still 'kuai kuai'..lick the system's juicy bum...Alamak..die laughing again....wrong spelling lah...juicy 'bun'.not juicy ' bum'...??

At the end of the day and in our twilight years and days..what did the government really do to help the poor old folks of 'neglect' which in many ways had contributed to S'pore's glory???..(yes! under became world 'numero uno')...but a country without loyal citizens, may I ask can a country become today with only LKY and his team of older (better, more humane old guards)....???

As it is now...the evolution of time and modern scholastic exellence of new intakes of 3rd to 4th generation PAP novices and newbies..(holding 'awe-struck' high post in govenment-link companies, army, etc, co-opted into PAP party to ride the high waves of comfort...So. kee chiu (CCS) is one hell of a 'Ah Beng" in his countenance to be on the circuit to go around in 'Lamborghini'..(figuratively speaking), yakkaty yak his inexperience political pieces.

I never forget his utterance when during his political rally..harping LKY's tune of real Ah Beng Hokkien...."Chenho kong boey hor poh hiam..boey chenho poh hiam..poh hiam ..poh hiam !!" ...>...((translation: the government said must buy a safe insurance in the PAP government))... {{he was trying to tell the crowd not to believe in what opposition said about a safe insurance is to vote for opposition.}}..I just giggle at his Ah Beng expression and laughed non-stop..!!

The question WE beg to ask is...why is PAP government so eager to push him forward to the forefront with unprecedented press when Tony Tan (TT) announced his presidency...CCS was the first to open his big mouth to endorse TT..Who does he think he is in the hierarchy of PAP ministership??...only acting in MCYS and believe me ...he is real ACTING..lah!

In dealing with public, especially when you are coming on by not your own merits but by riding on the band-wagon of should be more discerning and stay humble because the world does not belong to people who never make a name by himself but by the 'meritocracy' of the the selected some..LOL!

But ..then if you had decided with greater courage ..(living example: Chen Show Mao) and made it good on an opposition ticket.....You can TCSS for all you want...then even so..if you did that...remember what you can do and be, only.. only TIME will tell whether you have the essense and cut...So maybe you can take a leaf or two from opposition MP Chen Show Mao....Regards...He is such a lovely smiling quiet man leh....You see.....!!

Need I say more??.....old man me, tired you know...writing but without any cause..just a true opinion of my heart...

patrick lee song juan

(copy and paste from my Facebook Notes...)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Live a life of no regrets....!

Yes! Ling..each and everyone of us has a story to tell...but my conviction in life will surpass those years..and i thank god for the wisdom i acquired through my years of meditation...and these 5 years went on retreats to deepen my sense of awareness and mindful aceptance of life's idiosyncrasies and unlucky happenings...I retired 5 years do the best I can do for the socially deprived and destitute only a poor man can understand another..(not the ivory tower ministers) !!!

But when we come to terms with our own being and the uncovering of the society around us...we feel our unfortunate encounter is minuscule..We thank God for the blessing..(I pay homage to the Buddha for his compassion to the world of misdeeds and sufferings..)

I have lived a full two graduate children (one daughter, one son)..hold their own in independence.My elder daughter is married well and I got a grand-daughter sweet and smart..she always melt my heart when she embrace and hug me.(the Kong kong..not King Kong har..hahaa!)..

They have seen the world with us from as young as 4 years onwards and we are 'travel-maniacs' even drove from London to Edinburgh..with my family friends...And we are so crazy about Downunder...our family had visited it to the tune of 18 times (madness..but true.., many times we self-drove-it was so easy lah!which I returned for my second honeymoon with my wife to Sydney again in 2003..we married and had our honeymoon in Sydney in 1975)

So living a life is not how much you live but how well we live in tune with the cosmic exuberance of the universe in congruent with your spiritual awakening... Of "letting go" the fetters of our own obstruction of..craving ..lust.. greed..etc...

We would have lived a meaningful, fulfilled life...In retrospect, I never regret my journey of life to this day...

Can I do better??...yes! I or we can ..if there is a reincarnation of our soul?? (for we had already had our last life's experience!) Or is there ???

When we have let go..there is no self, no ego, all is void...From dust we come ...unto dust we go.....

Beyond that, the elements of joy lies in the very portal of our own veins...We just let the adrenaline flowed in harmony with nature..we would have lived a life of no regrets...!!

As Christians would say .."Blessed be the good souls on earth...the kingdom of Heaven is open to you..."

As for me...I am walking my middle path into the realms and wisdom of in-depth meditation and i know i have LET GO myself long time ago....

Living is a balance of YIN and YANG of nature in its most glorifying existence..!! We should never live our life with regrets!! Regards...

parick lee song juan
(copy and paste from my Facebook write-up)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Divine grace and immoral sexual sin.

Mediocre me does not concur with Deepak Chopra of "divine grace"...Human will fail in a million years because we cannot grasp hold of our own realism...that is why brilliant brains concocted the divine ( like Chopra).....

what chopra said about old the very basis of human mindset of thoughts..without which...the lost herd will always be under the control of the so called Divine and follow..knowing or unkowning the blind faith of that discourse..with the intellect to question for a truthful answer...You tell me who created 'Divine Grace'...answer by you is God..right!?

As being God is Omnipotent and Omnipresent..,if that is so...humankind will be ever God-fearing and spiritually enlightened by god's ever readiness.

but when men lost the manhood of invented the viagra, etc to immortalise SEX as nothing short of living 'wellness'..and a craving of lust...

In my personal view God is 'impotent and and 'never present' human thought...only when human failed themselves miserably that the cry of despair resonated into the fold of God's grace for deliverance...Humankind are that ungrateful and sinisterto fallback into the spiritual fold of God and that were the testimony of thousands I heard at business spiritual lunch of my christian pastor friends.

SEXUAL IMMORALITY will pervade the world to the decadence of humankind and God regretted that he ever created woman by the rib of Adam..and that is according to the Bible which was written by men ...and men would never be a perfect being...So God has been living in total remorse of men's follies... In other words .....

God is short-changed by a billion bucks like how our SWF(sovereign wealth fund)..lost so much money in foreign investment..So is PAP..God??..And we citizens cannot even look into the divine grace of God PAP?? So who can we trust ??
We cannot even trust our sexual immorality towards sin....Joe Prince's intention is good but he can talk till the moos cowing home..human will never changed without a strong conviction of a God-in-self....Regards...

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the Aftermath of the General Election of 7th May 2011

A true character can weather the ravage of time...In five years time WP will be a party to reckon...

NSP..needs many old birds sitting and warming the CEC succession plan, GMS should do something about it!!..What SPP failed miserably...hope with Benjamin Pwee..on the rein now..(provided CST can give up his egoistic control of a one man one party failure..that also caused his wife lost on a narrow = margin..Sad..sad..sad..!!!

RP is a shadow of his father who founded it..This GE..showed the strength and weakness of each individual SGs of their relating party...

SF..come and go in oblivion.....SDA..when CST..dropped the final bombshell and pulled out of become a had been - another empty shell...

My involvement in SDA..has no particular reason but of not wanting Teo Chee Hean and his cronies to walkover...As a true blue citizen...and many citizens had not voted I came and out I will go with dignity of doing what my 'hard truth' told me..Thank god we did not lose our deposit !
SDA are the replacement killers of sort and the weakestlink when SPP screwed Desmond Lim off......six of us as novice did well to garnered 35.2 percent votes...

Hahahaaha!..Teo Chee Hean of PAP got his feel about my 'handshake of warm' which he felt annoyed...

SDP field a couple of good candidates but the culture of dominance of PAP is quite deep-rooted..that SDP cannot uproot the GRC of holland -Bukit timah GRC..who comprised many rich elites of the system..more comfortable with the ruling Party..
a blank but quite good inroad showing...

as the political awakening of the electorates and citizens gained credulence..and more good candidates are unfolded and fielded in the next GE..three corner fights will be inevitable..Why cry father ..cry mother about it....and lose your emotional dignity...

the biggest loser in this just concluded GE..without my saying..everyone knows....Let us try and try our best to understand him as George yeo told us to understand Jack Neo...and Georgie Yeo wants to be President of S'pore to understand more of Jack Neo kind. So can we still understand George Yeo as our President candidate??...LMFAO..!

george yeo for president..!!!????..with many understanding years to come...!!! Can we try to understand the ramifications of a 'set system'of PAP hegemony ?

I will go for tony tan ..tan chin bock and tan kin lian to fight it out...Good luck Singapore .....about $5 million salary as president you know..which most of us cannot even smell the scent in 3 generations !!

patrick lee song juan


WP.......Workers Party
NSP......National Solidarity Party
RP.......Reform Party
SDP......Singapore Democratic Party
SL.......Socialist Front
SDA......Singapore Democratic Alliance
SPP......Singapore Peoples' Party
SJP......Singapore Justice Party

GMS......Goh Meng Seng
CST......Chiam See Tong
CSJ......Chee Soon Juan

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do PAP 3rd and 4th generation MPs and Ministers have that Grey Matter -the Cerebrum and Cerebellum (C&C)..?

The mind (brain) is a mass of grey matter. It consists of the cerebrum {C} and the cerebellum {C}..The worlds' events are shaped as well as ruined by it, in its entirety.....for better or for worst....

Singaporeans suffered the hardship of our lives with 3rd generation Ministers that lacked their cerebrum in ratio to their cerebellum...It is total out of balance The 'emotional renaissance and dilemma' faced by Singaporeans the last 5 to 6 years .

Now we are seeing even 4th generation MPs on board. I wonder how much 'C & C' our young Ting Pei Ling has to see her through her first term ??? And for that matter other 4th generation high and mighty ministers and MPs..And one just walk in through the back door to be Acting Minister for MCYS.....

Ministers that were the 'emotional dilemma' (george yeo's famous headliner) of citizens pain and suffering without transparency were booted out for good.

Prominently, the three stooges..of 'toilet escapage' ((Steve McQueen paled in comparison of the Great Escape))...HDB affordable, affordable and die die affordable (citizens many cannot breathe)...Transport disaster of the weak-limb, no empathy to the weak old senior citizens (old folks crippled also must change transport).... All three lacked both C & C lah!...Alas! many citizens are happy for the transformation of PM Lee...too long.. too late to come to the awakening of the grey matter (C & C)...

No long lasting iron bowl for long secured million dollar salary ministers as far as this awakening of events with this revolutionary Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) transformation. It really shook and awakened the arrogance of the fool-proof system of overtly high IQ 'goondus' who does not possess the very EQ at all.

Bright minds control and rule the world of conformists...Only when the arrogant mind lost its vision of perception to understand the emotional fear and anger of the non-conformists, would be the day of awakening to "thy kingdom cometh." Come it may and with no permanence of foregoing.....resulting in the lost of a GRC...Doomsday it seems to PAP !!

It is the weakening of the cerebrum and cerebellum by the forces of emotional power of change..And alas! PAP did not see it coming till the upteem moment's of mental 'drowsiness.' The transformation of PM LHL...Can citizens see better days with the balance and mindfulness of the rational awakening of the cerebrum and cerebellum.....?

"Majullah yang hidup semua!" Let us all live graciously! (correct me if I am wrong. My bahasa is 'tolok'(bad) lah!).... Regards.

patrick lee song juan

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My eulogy poem to Robert Quek Soo Kee,(age 67) who died of a brain haemorrhage..
Founder of "Rich for the Awakening Group" (A non-religious group of mindful people to see the awakening in our life..
May he rest in peace (RIP)

Heaven awaits a kind-hearted man
Devoted to his wife all his life
Is there such a thing as everlasting love
In Robert we see a man of men.

Forever caring and sincere
No setback is an obstacle to him
But the final hurdle of life is so defeating
Yet he still excels into Heaven!

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A life of false pretense, a living of unreality.....

This morning I woke up a little earlier at 4am..Usually, I wake up at 5 am to have my routine meditation of one hour. I been doing it for a year over. Strict daily discipline!

But I have been meditating for many years as far back as when I was seconded to Jakarta for my work with a British Ink manufacturing company called Coates Brothers Pte Ltd....I was the technical man who looked after the operation of the factory in Cileduk , Kebayoran Lama in 1973 . I was only 28 years old...But due to work pressure and the mentality and work attitude of the locals, i began to understand that in life, it is not who you are, it is how you associate and treat human as human then you are a man of the man..

I learned as I managed the factory under my general Manager who was British. It was a good experience of early life in a totally different setting and culture...We have to lower our expectation to understanding the mindset of the  workers in Indonesia compared to workers in S'pore. And that was 1973. I thank my Managing Director who gave me that opportunity to prove my worth..He is Peter Coates, the nephew of John Coates, the big boss of Coates (England) Ltd.

My career path moved on when I finished my stint in Jakarta and I joined Inter-chem Toyo (SEA) 1979, And subsequently was in charge of export Marketing to the region of South East Asia..dealing also in printing inks (as was in Coates) and heavy printing machinery.. My job gave me the opportunity to meet different background of people travelling out-station...I learned and picked up life that was and is not a false pretense and I always believe one should not live in a world of self-fulfillment and surrealism.

My recent foray into politics and became a candidate for Pasir Ris Punggol GRC is really accidental...MY reluctance because politics is dirt..You have to be, as i learned sometimes like LKY..ruthless to hold on to the power he built up. But the reality of happening and impermanence of everything, goes beyond PAP's belief that they could lose one GRC, Their brainchild of gerrymandering the political boundary of every GE..And they lost big and seriously hurting...George Yeo..on one the better 3rd generation MPs who was Foreign Minister was booted out.

And PAP and people just could not let the dust settle...Over-accentuating the indispensability of George what a waste to lose GY..And again Vivian Bala has his said too. Zainal Abidin Rasheed also was axed with two crying big baby girl, one woman Minister in PMO's office Lim hwee Hwa and Cynthia phua an MP. It is like the world collapsed on PAP...But I must give accolades to PM LHL who was quick to transform the impasse and awkwardness of seemingly disgrace of PAP. (Honestly, I do not see it a big deal losing one GRC).

They felt it because all those years of hegemony and authoritarian and absolute rule made it unbelievable to PAP to even lost a reinforced fortress in GRC and of all GRC..with 'people-worshi'p GY as almost an unacceptable losing concern..That is life of unrealism and many a false pretense of individual importance! All propagated by the very people in our own very kind...Yes! GY is capable...But is S'pore that bad that we cannot find another replacement..Let us do not have that 'cult' mentality of false pretense. No one is truly greater than himself.

That bring me to the fracas and idiotic crosss-word with my protege - an intelligent arsehole Wilson ho, who though intelligent and in the words of one FB comment writer got no brain. FB personnel had banned or deleted him.I still saw a ray of hope in him until his false pretense and unreserved rattling of his stupidity on FB and professed that he is never wrong. Many times he attacked people and opposition party..Many tolerated him...But the last straw broke the camel's back...I had to do justice to divulge his intention and high and mighty attacked on others..the full detail on my comment in the other note . And Roger, a once buddy of him too was sanctioned and attacked by him.

He totally opened his belly to reveal all the shit in him and I felt sad that I was even his mentor and he sucked up to me then...I wish him well in his future endeavour in life and quickly find a job (been jobless for sometime)...and stay humble. He has learned his own lesson in Facebook...But I will definitely not unbanned him the third time..I had given him the 2nd chance and now he got to show to himself his worth of his character...

A mindset change is all he needed to be congenial with people without attacking his opinion on other, without any reservation.

And on that note...the 2nd chance thing reminded me of Yong Vui Kong on death row...And I sincerely hope our PM can do something with the cabinet to advise the President to commute his death to life sentence..A life is sacred..Never terminate a life and a young life in YVK....A compassionate action brings good kamma. You will be remembered for the deed you do!

Faith is hope, prayer is power...but false pretense and a living in unreality is the saddest of humankind's existence...because one is living in a cyberworld (as in wilson ho) of one's own idiosyncrasies of that sick pretense and disillusion, trying to follow the shadow of PAP...

May the true and clear light be with him....Take good care !!!!

patrick lee song juan.... (first written for Facebook)

Friday, May 27, 2011

the difference between Sex and Golf.

Weekend is a time to relax and release...whatever way you like. And with the population not replacing well and government trying all ways and means to entice producing more babies, men should stop playing too much golf but have sex in the comfort of one's home!

With that in mind, my weekend inspiration focus directly between Sex and Golf as a comparison...In a light-hearted prose written with a a wee-bit cheekiness !

Only for the 'clean' mind and strong heart....

Here it goes :

Sex is an act, golf is a game.
Sex is enjoy with one hole but at times,
Unnatural sex is enjoyed with another hole..a no-no !
Golf ends with nine, eighteen or even thirty-six holes.

Sex culminates with only one,
Pinpoint entry and final orgasm!
Sex has a hole in one every time..It is a direct entry..
A hole in one in golf is as remote as the green over the other side.

Men who play golf too often are suspected to be below 'par' when come to sex
But not Tiger Wood for sure, he went beyond the eighteen hole of variety!
Men who indulge in clean faithful sex is par excellence.
It is this simple reason why I never played so much golf..

The reason for sex is crystal clear,
So, let us stay on the safe side of morality and enjoy the best sex of our life
With no other bimbo but your wife...
Tiger Wood is a bad example of the difference between sex and golf.

Copyright - patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Death of a famous beauty Song Ji-sun (Korean News Anchorwoman)

To me all humankind are born equal...the difference lies in a society of segregation, class elevation and elite who? by our very self...then again, it is a vast universe we are living in with extreme diversity of thought, action, way of life, social status, individual self-importance, named it..!!

A world can be peaceful and contented only if we rid ourselves of that egoistic importance of...I am..I will be..or I must be...

For when one achieved greatness and fame, without the balance of emotional adequacy, facing with 'emotional dilemma' of one's standing and importance..the inner void of such great people usually cry loud for attention yet encapsulated in a solitary confinement of sad abandonment...A danger sign ..yet never want to divulge...emotionally to ignite and explode into self-destruction....

And that is Song Ji-sun's predicament of self-confession of love goes awry and inward struggle with her love that was never requited...!!

How sad can sadness be in the final moment of solitary anguish and death to end it all by the very self who brought her the fame of her life?...There is so much to live for....

The mind is all that matters in the final analysis of human stability of though, action and deed....only if Song Ji-sun has a meditative mind she could be myself in retrospect of my years of meditation and retreat...on the Four Noble Truth and Eightfold Noble Way....God bless Song Ji-sun and may she RIP.

patrick lee song juan

Monday, May 23, 2011

The "Prodigal son' and the transformation of PAP or be transformed!

A coming home of a 'prodigal son' and PAP to transform or be transformed !!??
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 5:30pm

It is a good feeling coming home like a 'prodigal son' today from Barcelona!.....Nothing beats our motherland......DDP is so kind to pick me at the airport...He gave me a surprise.just like now..everyday a new surprise by PAP ...after MM and SM stepped his final step down...PM Lee is less stressed to implement his new sound transformation policies! Mostly on 'Damage Control Management mode!

Reading the news in ST before touch down...PAP is transforming and with no condescension, to the point of even reviewing the ministerial salary, when all the while turning a deaf ear to the people's dissent with absurd arrogance!....

What a transformation now...One episode after another....The lowest point in PAP's humility...

Such 'drastic measure' never happened and be heard off and transformed due to PAP's belief that only they are the supreme being to our 'lesser mortal' citizens (Charles Chong's derogatory remark on S'poreans!)...

Such a reaction betrays so much of the power of human who have lost touch with the common citizens. Now is the painstaking time for 'damage control management!' Where were the expert think-tanks of PAP??.. Sleeping on their own laurels with complacency all those while or nonchalantly disregard the citizens' plead !

But PM Lee made a great mistake by having Gerard Ee to head the committee on ministerial salary review....Gerard pales in comparison to his father Ee Peng Liang...Gerard Ee is a 'wayang' man to the system..Remember how PTC did to the transport fare under his recommendation...which caused Raymond Lim his ministerial post..LOL!..

Let PAP can wayang ...wayang.. wayang... with their trade-off and Lim Sia Suay(LSS)..selling his ' rojak..rojak..rojak'....Luckily LSS survived his rojak business till now...

Do not play play with PAP please...Phua Chu Kang would know better..!

The awakening of a 'proud peacock' to become a coo-ing dove!

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aljunied GRC -Why Voters should vote for Workers Party (WP).

A new awakening, a coming of age, a regret of neglect, an impermanent of hold...that is PAP on the threshold !! This GE sees the surge of political awareness and the determination to root PAP of 51 years of political hegemony and absolute rule...Mostly 'authoritarian' and complete arrogance! Without the true heart and feeling of its citizens...It is all PAP first..S'porean just follow..." We PAP are doing the right thing!".....Are they? Are they??
Burniing issues of COL, Income Gap, Job Security, HDB prices, Medical Expenses and An Ageing Population..all core issues that strikes the heart-string of all ordinary true blue S'poreans..But do PAP really care??.. especially this last 6 years of social and demographic transformation of every citizen's life...BUT not the high and mighty PAP ministers and the high echelon of who's who!!
This is the moment...this is the time ..this is the decision..this is the final chapter to create history !! But MM LKY warned again...If Aljunied GRC is lost..."you all will regret and repent for 5 years"..."loosing Aljunied GRC is not the end of the world!" Sad..sad and totally incoherent and contradicting his 'absolute authority' , empowering his iconic figure!! With due respect, is PAP's strength only depended on the old patriarch?? It will be real sad and using his word 'repent' for PAP to perpetuate their dominance in the hand of one man only....And what happens if MM LKY is not around anymore??
Where does PM Lee stand? and for that matter all PAP ministers stand, under his upron-string ??
The inroad into PAP's dominance and GRC and boundary gerrymandering, strategised their advantage over the Opposition. But this election is totally different....It has come at a time of "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"..THE EMOTIONAL suffering, suppression and oppression cannot be hidden anymore....This GE is about PEOPLE'S POWER' from the Heart !! that is why you see all 87 seats contested (only at the 'upteem second' , Tanjong Pagar was disqualifed on technicality). An uncanny co-incidence, and that ward have to be MM LKY's...
The upsurge of human emotion opens the inroad to a 'fiery' start against PAP and awaken them up, ill-prepared for the 'political renaissance' ...
PAP camp knows too well what they had done and not done for the citizens, how they bulldozed many policies down the citizens throat. Made poor and foolish judgment call..Most notably the hosting of the YOG and the fiasco that follow with food poisoning and Vivian Bala's blatant arrogance of " If I know the bid would be three times in the first place, I would still bid for it...What kind of attitude is that in a minister?? it not a lacking of upbringing or is it his high and mighty position gave him the right to utter his rhetorics !! And all ministers were hand-picked not toothpick!
And now..during GE time, without fail,...the pseudo 'humility of PM Lee wanting to be your SERVANT and the citizens his MASTER..And the word HUMILITY is the most frequently used word in S'pore's history now? PAP's decorum and demeanour is so compromising now! Teo Ser Luck used 'HUMILITY' in his rally speech too. BUT will the citizens buy all that at GE time only!! Yet the new batch of coattail hang-ons, jumping on the bandwagon, are so arrogant in their election speeches...forgetting their are just the fold of PAP the veteran, yet shouting out belligerently their unpolished might...Can we all swallow their idiosyncratic absurdities !!
Even the older PAP ministers...notably Raymond Lim's analogy of slapping the driver and caused all to be killed in an accident, is really a so basic foolish 'joke' that bewildered everyone...With Lim Swee Say's ..OMG!!..ROJAK..ROJAK ..ROJAK ! Phua Chu Kang's image is already bad enough with that big mole on his face and curly hair but because it is only a show...Imagine a 'monister' can enact it in real life....When I heard that in the Rally and again and again on FM 93.8..I really think this Zorro has become a Rojak seller.....How ridiculous can ridiculous be!! A minister please!
ALJUNIED GRC is the moment of truth....the 'sacrificial lamb of noble birth' waiting to be slaughtered...not so because George Yeo's team is no good...they are just fine. But a time has come for every reason under the heaven for a CHANGE.... A CHANGE that must come from the courageous heart of true blue Singaporeans...A TIME OF OUR LIFE for 51 years ....Awakening the impermanence of human imperfection too....the impermanence of PAP....The mistakes on that affected all citizens..
The MOTHER OF ALL GE's....THE CAPTURING OF ONE OR TWO GRCs...AND a few SMC....will transform the history of PAP's political hegemony to a lesser degree and slowly and surely into a non-entity.
WORKERS PARTY(WP) has the ability and track record to take on ALJUNIED GRC !! The dominoes falling one by one in the midst. A reality can be achieved...Singaporeans will have an alternative...So please citizens, VOTE freely, not for PAP.....It is YOUR choice to create HISTORY!!
patrick lee song juan

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lim Boon Heng (LBH) cried unashamedly !

The Chairman and Minister without Portfolio of
PAP Lim Boon Heng (LBH) crying unashamedly, What a sad sight !!
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 11:13pm

Nothing is permanent in life. Why should one cried on national TV after enjoying 25 years of fame , fortune and power? And the person who shed mama's tears was no other than Minister without Portfolio Lim Boon Heng...Even before his tears were dried, he said that he would not want to be President of S'pore!! Why be a puppet?

Money is never enough...heartbreaking to all the poor and destitute of S'pore, to the world's poor people. Ironically, LBH cried now regretfully because of his 'moral courage' to defy and to block the casino from taking root in S'pore. By his own words, to create jobs for S'poreans and with great irony 70% or more landed in foreigner hands..We S'poreans were short-changed ! And worst social fallout...many S'poreans have become compulsive gamblers due to the casinos !

LBH mentioned about 'group-thinking' or no group-thinking in cabinet circles??..... So there were differing views too.......How the hell policies ever be blocked but always passed through ?? That is the majority voice ! And yet PM LHL said...they never over-ruled LBH ??

A Chairman from PAP's CEC retiring under emotional display !! Something amiss? LBH, should write a memoir and bare all to tell the truth and nothing but the true the circumstances you are being superannuated !! You were Woody Goh's blue -eyed boy when he became PM. You rose with your former boss GCT from NOL.. When GCT was PM , your path was really paved with prime-rose all the way!

Take heart LBH, retirement for you mean better things to come....Less responsibility but still earning big bucks and pension fund for life...Since most of your life you are doing the best for the old folks and also Chairman of the 3rd Age, why don't you set up your own personal organisation, to seriously involve in the welfare of the old poor folks. If you do that, I will be the first one to volunteer free to organise wellness events for the old folks for your organisation to interact and live meaningful life. I have volunteer for S'pore Action Group for the Elders (SAGE) for years..I am a voice and volunteer for the poor and old folks. I give wellness talks organised by ARA (Active Retirees Association and blog too.

Years ago when I was having lunch with Rohan Kamis (ex-PAP MP) at Esplanade in a Japanese restaurant , you walked by (with two bodyguards) to chat with Rohan and I had a few words with you too..You will never remember I guess !!.And when you led a delegation of Union members to Shanghai...Co-incidentally I met you at a restaurant and we exchanged a few greetings. I was on vacation then.. And you never would have remembered a schoolmate in me from Montfort Secondary. Our social gap was and is too wide for you to notice me....To this day Rohan Kamis and me are still having monthly lunch. Have not seen Chan Soo Sen for a long while after I left Joo Chiat CC, though I still email him off and on.

Please do something really meaningful now for the S'pore poor since 'you are going out of the grasp of PAP'. You have no restriction to do what you like and that is true happiness that no amount of money can buy !!Life is free, I can understand your gratitude to PAP that have given you a wonderful life though with many constraints and restraints........

In our journey through life we should answer to our moral obligation when we really have the freedom and capability to give others' the happiness that many poor, deprived, destitute citizens and old folks can never ever smell what it is like ?

In uplifting others life, we uplift our sense of well-being and self-worth too....Money can never buy self-worth nor real happiness!! In helping others we bring smile not only to them but to ourselves too.

Let us do it right for our fellow humankind....LBH you are the chosen one to begin with !! I am not joking...Show your worth when you now have the free hand to do it !! Leave behind a legacy as the Chairman for "The 3rd Age" of refinement!

Copied and pasted from my note on Facebook.
patrick lee song juan

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Lim ZiRui Sir, heard you going to run for grc on your wall, can you make it real? Need to represent the people you are volunteering your time with, in time to come, things may get worse for our elderly.
April 12 at 11:39pm · LikeUnlike
Patrick Lee Song Juan
ZiRui..please do not call me sir...Wellness of life and helping others can be done in many ways as long as we do not harbour a personal agenda of selfishness.

Politics bring about the light and dark side of human manipulation. Many enter for... the fame, fortune and power. The real ones enter for a better tomorrow. But when power over-rides, many a human can become devils.

Till nomination day, we will never know who is in and who is not! I have too many constraints to begin with...See More
April 12 at 11:59pm · LikeUnlike
David Torbavsky UNcle Pat,

Well the way I see it in the very least Lim has the manners to address you appropriately. :)
Wednesday at 12:05am · LikeUnlike
Patrick Lee Song Juan Yes nature LBH is a soft-spoken rather refined man ! But he served the wrong master. I believe if he was the PM..S'pore would have no casinos..

It is time of his life to write a memoir of life with PAP. He has all the time and money to do it....
Wednesday at 12:13am · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading...
Lim ZiRui and use his money to help poorer folks
Wednesday at 12:16am · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading...
David Torbavsky This I agree, his sadness deff' had a deeper storyline to it. LOL
Wednesday at 12:18am · LikeUnlike
Patrick Lee Song Juan Yes! that would show the magnanimity and empathy of a person to elevate the poor folks life.....
Wednesday at 12:19am · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading...
David Torbavsky UNcle Pat,

Many in the white's camp have their hearts in the right place, but they serve the prince and as such are made eunuchs, by way of opinions and politcal mindset. Sad really. :(
Wednesday at 12:21am · LikeUnlike
Lim ZiRui David, I am not suaning them, but you said eunchs, so they are without ball.
Wednesday at 12:22am · UnlikeLike · 3 peopleLoading...
David Torbavsky LMAO ! Certainly, however, the eunuchs were master manipulators in the Qing period, here however we simply have the subsevient kind and yes that description of yours fits them perfectly !!
Wednesday at 12:25am · UnlikeLike · 2 peopleLoading...
David Torbavsky Even a cleaner in a company resigns when she finds the company not to her liking, so whilst their heart may have been in the right place, they did not take the right stand, for their own rights and the rights of the people. It is a travesty !
Wednesday at 12:27am · LikeUnlike
Lim ZiRui see, even if we do not agree politically, there will be some middle ground. lolz.
Wednesday at 12:27am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
David Torbavsky In any case, interestingly enough, PM tonight has placed to rest the speculations that have been rife over the years of a near split within the ranks fo the PAP, it reall did happen. PAP has it's own problems, they are not heavenly bodies apparently.
Wednesday at 12:32am · LikeUnlike
David Torbavsky of the PAP. LOL
Wednesday at 12:32am · LikeUnlike
Patrick Lee Song Juan Why they still serve the system is because they cannot let go the comfort of diplomatic recognition, fame...They lack the moral courage to be decisive. Why should I leave my glamorous life with PAP....

Would be worse than eunchs , overtly EDF...It has become a robotic parliament !!
Wednesday at 12:50am · LikeUnlike
David Caleb Patrick , Lets say the PAP today offers you 100,000 with a catch and say you know Patrick you had enough till today, on top of that your retirement is coming ,would you take this money and stay out of Politics ? Well you can even run a welfare home for the old folks with the money since this is your main pirority.What would be your respond to this .
Wednesday at 1:08am · LikeUnlike
Patrick Lee Song Juan DavidC, We follow where our heart is. Yes! money is a necessity for our daily needs. I am a simple poor man. Do not spend unnecessarily per day !!

Politics for me is out of the question, and it will be good money ($100,000..though peanuts to the ministers' pay) for helping the poor old folks. But 100,000 may not run a Welfare home for long....
Wednesday at 9:15am · LikeUnlike
Junjie Huang I thought you are running for Marine Parade GRC with Wilson and David? :D
Wednesday at 9:26am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
David Torbavsky Junjie,

Nothing is confirmed until the nomination day. ROTFL !
Wednesday at 10:02am · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading...
Patrick Lee Song Juan Our minority representation the honorary David Torbavsky is not so keen yet and afraid he would be targeted after election like JBJ, Tan Liang Hong and Francis Seow...But we are trying to persuade him to chop some 'Wood' of the blockhead in marine parade....

In solidarity we stand united.....see us at nomination day !! Nothing is certain yet, still deliberating !!
Wednesday at 10:09am · LikeUnlike · 4 peopleLoading...
Russell Teo LBH cried cos he knows PAP is dead
Wednesday at 10:30am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
David Torbavsky We will of course replace the party whip, with the party handcuffs and party mouth gag to comply with international standards since we decided to field Wilson. LOL
Wednesday at 10:30am · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading...
Russell Teo Our A-Team (Patrick, Wilson, David, me) gonna do Tg Pagar
Wednesday at 10:41am · LikeUnlike
Patrick Lee Song Juan
Right DavidT...otherwise we surely be in trouble after election..S'pore government is world renown to sue opposition till their pants drop..

And imagine ddp Wilson the sumo dropping his pants showing his big fat bum. David, your task is to the mouth gag. We cannot embarrass the electorates !! And we four do not want to be bankrupts after contesting this GE !!

Russel and Team members, we need further discussion in Marine Parade or Tanjong Pagar ! Let us be humane and let our MM LKY have another easy walkover lah....We might lost our 13,500 deposit each. Easier Marine Parade lah....LKY is an icon like the Merlion already!!See More
Wednesday at 11:13am · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading...
David Caleb Patrick ,all you got to do to convince David is to talk to him with a Jar of beer and peanuts maybe bring him for some sight seeing at Orchard Towers,than he will change his mind over-night lah.Actually if you think that we will be targeted after the elections it will happen because what the mind thinketh so it shall be.We need to look at it from a different perspective.
Wednesday at 11:46am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Patrick Lee Song Juan Yeap DavidC...We need to be relevant in our speech during rally...but somehow in the spur of the moment, when you get charged up will be nailed....PAP is just looking for this to discredit the opposition !!
Wednesday at 12:01pm · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
David Caleb
Well Patrick ,you are right but a candidate needs to have that balance and it doesnt mean that when someone gets charged up the changes of winning is higher,the answer is No ,s'poreans dont look at this kind of characteristic ,you can see t...oday that SDP has lost all this while because thy are politically charged up,they dont know the stragedies how to win the elections.And we see PAP winning all the while with 20% walkabouts ,interaction with the public or you can say even none,most residents have not even seen them for years but they still win.So to win the elections is a numbers game,sadly none of the opposition parties knows how to win the elections.See More
Wednesday at 12:07pm · UnlikeLike · 2 peopleLoading...
Candid Discussion
‎@Patrick, is it unfair to "label" a party that will "nailed" or that is "looking for something to discredit" another party. Voting is secret, and the very essence of its secrecy is enough for us to be able to make a value judgement and sur...ely will not approve such ungentleman-like behaviour or worst, they wiill lose support. Therefore, no party competing in an election will succumb to such tactics, as it will only belittle own credibility, Hence, as I said, it is unfair to mention those words.See More
Wednesday at 12:15pm · UnlikeLike · 2 peopleLoading...
Russell Teo ‎Patrick Lee Song Juan, we go Sembawang....confirm will not lose deposit
Wednesday at 12:47pm · LikeUnlike
Patrick Lee Song Juan Russ...let our Team discuss further rather than ding dong here and there. Please do not stress Khaw Boon Wan for another heart bypass....this time his hospital bill will be $8 x 2 = $16 only...hahaaha!
Wednesday at 10:26pm · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Russell Teo ‎@Pat, it will be less for KBW as cslt fees is 50% less if last visit is less than 6mths, LOL
Wednesday at 10:54pm · LikeUnlike
Kev Teo It is part of wayang to get sympathy ... blah blah ... and to soften the image of PAP before election. I called that crocodile tears ! PAP is the real big croc !
Thursday at 12:46am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
David Caleb Patrick ,are you considering gettting Alec the ex reform party candidate in your group .I think he has a gd synergy and RP as lost a potential candidate just by amending its CEC policies.
Thursday at 12:57am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Kev Teo RP's big loss is NSP's big gain.
Thursday at 1:00am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Andy Singaporean His fake crying is noticable. MM Lee Kuan Yew emotion looks more real.
Thursday at 1:12am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Patrick Lee Song Juan
DavidC...Alec Tok will be contesting in a SMC against KJ !!

GE is the time for plenty of 'wayang'...Even PM LHL said that when he reiterate that the cabinets discussion on issues cannot be too transparent !!

Let me dedicate this verse to Elvis Presley with a twist.

We saw Boon Heng crying in the PAP,
The tears of joy or sorrow!!"
He had came that far to conquer
But PM over-ruled him forever." ---

Sung to the tune of 'Crying in the Chapel."See More
Thursday at 4:23am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Patrick Lee Song Juan correction...'he reiterated' ...and 'He had come'...grammar error !
Thursday at 4:27am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Patrick Lee Song Juan ‎@Russ..KBW likes to TCSS, first class A1 ward (a room to his own)...In fact everything is tax-payers money !!
Thursday at 4:30am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading...
Patrick Lee Song Juan ‎@Kev...GMS's image definitely went up by leaps and bounce with the inclusion of two scholars and a lawyer. Hope he can capitalise on it and do not see another UFO !! In Hokkien this sukee of mine..may be 'boh see mee chen a lang'....ho! ho! ho!
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Bong Kin Chen I will wail louder for mother and father. You know what I am losing? However, are these buayu tears, if I am on to something very much, much bigger? Do you think I will get the apex????? Do you? Do you??
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David Caleb When PAP Lim Boon Heng cried it showed the Political unrest within the PAP even the PM did not comment about it hence,could this be just a beginning for Dooms day in singapore;not earthquake but a Political quake within the system itself one that could be worse than diasters.
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Bong Kin Chen What a frakking wayang??? There is not even an iota of political grit whatsoever. This is usually associated with mollycoodled well to do nerds not street smart kids. You can expect more to come. You must have political brawn like the original men in white.
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