Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Thank you Victoria..with your part 2 in Love by Li Bai (the Tang Dynasty poet, correct me if I am wrong)....There is no ending to a world of Love...If it does end, the world would be in greater turmoil and catastrophe of unhumankind.....

You give me the inspiration to pen my simple post it on my FB Notes.......

Love is always a many splendour thing,
Love brings more meaning into the world.
Love when devoid, cast a life of emptiness,
Love when fulfilled is an emotional joy.

Beyond the chasm of humanity,
Love must never be perished.
A friend's love, a mother's love, a couple's love,
Bear a common identity of noble LOVE.

Love surmounts all race and religion,
But the saddest Love of all
Is Love unrequited...
That is the power of 'Love'.

The emotional entanglement
shattered the heart...
And the delusion is never felt,
Until reality awakens a reverie,
Forever 'Love' falls into misery.

Love without repayment
Is the greatest Love of all.
No one can ever deny
Mother Teresa's universal Love
Of the poor Deprived ! ------ (leesjuan)

Not Li Bai...but (lee song juan, patrick)..hahaa!... Regards.

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