Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buddhism and the Human Heart.

Buddhism is a practical way of life...It is not a religion. We learn the basic dignity of compassion, love, empathy and altruism as what PM Lee Hsien Loong did say but is not easy even for him to practise.

We human try to be god in many ways but the true god of love and human understanding is in a sincere heart...nothing less.

The world is deluded with disillusion and human sufferings...Buddhism practises the Middle Path and the Eightfold Noble Way towards our understanding of human sufferings..

Human can only be at peace with human if we can be at peace with our own heart.

The insightful and mindful understanding of our role in a complex world cannot be over-exemplified. We need the decency to let other human live too....

We adhere to the 5 Precepts of the basic Buddhist Scriptures....and try to live a wholesome life if ever possible !

patrick lee song juan

The defilement of the human eye....

"The defilement of the human eyes, if only the mind is clear" -leesjuanpat

Seeing not for the want to see,
Seeing for the curiosity of disbelief.
How do we qualify decency?
A wonderful sight of ecstasy !
patrick lee song juan - (copyright)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How I come to terms with my glaucoma .

The bright sky, the distant view is as clear as crystal. We see every object each day and just take things for granted. Nevertheless, one of those days, it dawned on me to have an eye check more thoroughly, because my right eyesight was not very clear then. It was in 2007. After the examination, which was nothing much in a polyclinic, I was referred to be seen by a specialist in SNEC - S'pore National Eye Centre.

My appointment was three months later. It was and still is the norm of SNEC for appointments. My first consultation confirmed I had glaucoma in both eyes with pressure above the normal level..but by then my right eye already was damaged. I was put on eye-drops for both eyes. It was for about 3 months on drops.
The consultant Dr Sharma Pereira than operated on my right eye for glaucoma and cataract. After the operation,  i needed to be on a Research program on the glaucoma eye. It was not that successful...My right operated eye 's pressure dropped to 4. My left eye is on a high of 26. Hence, my left eye was on eye-drop still.

I was  myopic, After the operation, my right eye can see far without glasses. I am no more short-sighted in my right eye. My left eye was still myopic...Hence, I had become 'mono' in vision with one eye short-sighted and the other long-sighted. It took me a while to adjust to such vision.

My left eye was on drops till early 2012, but the pressure hovered at 23, so an operation was deemed necessary. I was operated on in May, 2012 by Dr Desmond Quek (under the tutorial of Dr Jocelyn Chua) and was a success. By then my vision in my left eye was also getting dimmer. It is a permanent feature of glaucoma eyes.

So, after the operation, my vision was checked. My visual acuity on my right was 6/18 and my left 6/12. By then both my eyesight had been permanently damaged by glaucoma though operated on.

During the period of my left eye operation and during recuperation, I fell into depression, unable to accept that my eyesight becomes like that..unable to see clearly even with my corrected glass. My vision is much dimmer now. I was in withdrawal and depression for almost three months..not doing anything..cannot write my articles and a struggle reading the newspaper and books. i was practically rendered useless.... that was my negative thought! In rertospect, it  should not be like that!

I withdrew from my friends and did not want to go out at all. And at times when I think too much, I felt like dying. I lost the will in my meditation. But I tried hard to concentrate on my meditation even for a short stint. And worst, I suffered from insomnia...i was not eating well and lost 5 kg during a span of three months....

In fact, i do not know how I overcome my predicaments, but after 3 months of anguish, I bounced back from my depression, thanks mainly to my will-power to overcome my glaucoma vision. And my night vision too suffered greatly..i am now almost like night-blindness, unable to see vividly in the dark. Only can see the street lamps yet it is not bright too. In the day, if the sun is too bright, I need to wear a dark glass to prevent glare of the sun...

Gradually, I come to terms with my handicap of my eyesight and move on and began writing on my Blog and my Facebook again. This is the reason I am writing now to let glaucoma patients know...suffering from glaucoma is not the end of the world, as long as your vision is saved even by 50%. you are not blind yet. Accept it and live with it...and adjust your lifestyle towards your glaucoma and you still can live a meaningful and normal life.

My vision now is only 40% on my right eye and 70% on my left eye with glasses. Accepting my dimmer vision even in the day and my darkened vision at night. And I do not venture out at night anymore due to my night-blindness. I am accommodating my own lifestyle to my predicament.

How my life is changed due to the glaucoma...I do not enjoy television that much now because of the poor vision, nor do I read for long hours  But thank god, I am able to write without my spectacles. That is why I am writing my encounter and my experience as a glaucoma sufferer. But not too small fonts.

I have  come to term with my condition and glaucoma. I am living a normal albeit a less 'clear' vision life.

In all things that ever befall anyone, if we can conquer our own self-pity and accept the condition as  part and parcel of life's 'destiny' and move on, we can overcome all difficulties...I have overcome mine and live to tell my part of the story of a glaucoma patient and sufferer.

I thank God, I still have the blessed sight of diminishing vision to see but not total blindness..I accept the impermanence of living and look forward to many years of my life blogging, facebook and meditation and doing volunteer charity work. I would have lived a meaningful life of no regrets..I am now 68 years of age. this year 2013 come June my birthday...I am looking forward to celebrating it with my friends.

Life is still great!!

patrick lee song juan

Friday, February 22, 2013

PAP should 'speak only if you can perfect on your Silence?e

Why must we speak only if we can perfect on our silence?....The most disastrous of the govt spoken/written White Paper was such a letdown to the citizens without proper perfecting on their silence...meaning, no brainstorming of issues internally before releasing the Paper..nor any national conversation or  feedback!

In a world of human idiosyncrasies and failures, spoken words or for that matter written text reflect alot on an individual or a party...PAP has turned the barrel on their own brains..And to know that the White Paper was prepared by a 32 year old inexperienced (in a group) so-called Director of Population planning...She can smell my Hong Kong foot!!

Such an important issue of National policies can be ruined in the hands of a few so called scholarly idiots..And who are responsible for such setback and PM LHL, he has to bear the full responsibility!!

The repercussions of emotional dissent and sentiments spread across S'pore and it culminated with a so-called 'protest' at Hong Lim Park organized by an opportunist guy capitalizing on the moment's fame..

'SPEAK ONLY IF YOU CAN PERFECT ON YOUR SILENCE !' a simple sentence but a tough call to follow through..How many PAP ministers have spoken foul of themselves, only to regret and try to reverse the situation by U-turning their dafts and bloppers. And Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) has to admit his lack of 20/20 vision even he had not spoken at all...but by the 42 page White Papers destiny on the whole of S'pore.

Human has a tendency to defend their mistakes by offering 'alternate excuses' or defiantly denied a wrong doing...By the way the debate of the 5 days in parliament, many S'poreans have a taste of the very truth of falsehood of many respectable minsters even ex-Senior minister Goh Chok Tong to defend a lost cause...of the White Paper

It is a sad revelation of the state of politics and policies of the ruling govt....For 5 days to transform S'pore beyond 18 years..We are all short-changed and we are utterly disappointed and disillusioned by our PAP govt of 52 years....the good they done then cannot redeem their selling Spore to the foreigners !!

Citizens will not stay silent but to speak their mind...But the greatest suppressed silence is the silent VOTE of change.  And PAP will be in for a good beating come 2016 to lose more GRCs and also SMCs...

So, can we even trust the govt now to speak if they can perfect on their silence??..For the govt already is so dumb not to feel the ground emotion to utter their rhetorics of  doom...A sign of they not perfecting on their silence!.

The White Paper is their nemesis and Achilles heed to be so outrageously reveal to the whole S'pore!
PAP had killed their golden goose !!

patrick lee song juan

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Road Towards 2016...


 It is just 3 years away. Is the road towards 2016 is going to be an uphill one for opposition building an inroad into the political hegemony of PAP's dominance?

In my assessment of the political scenario within the next three 3 years, it is a an even gradient road to be explored stealthly by the opposition. But the tide of change will make PAP climbing the gradient to hold on precariously to their power!

With the ground favoring the opposition now after the fall of Punggol East to WP and the ill-released of the White Paper, never have S'pore seen the might of the masses to vote out another PAP ward!!

So, the oppositon has to capitalize on the flowing momentum of emotions and work their ground more thoroughly to gain presence and confidence of the voters.

Notwithstanding WP's inroad of 7 MPs and two NCMPs in parliament, SDP is also rebuilding their party into a new force to reckon. SDP's alternative Paper on Immigration and Population is a welcome sign that they are one knot above WP in terms of policy-making abilities. And there is no lack of qualified personnel in SDP now.

Chee Soon Juan's withdrawal of SDP from the fray of 5 corner of Punggol East contest was a welcome brilliant move to add more credibility to their party of cool-thinking as compared to RP and SDA.

Never a time is the appropriate time to consolidate one's party resources and make one's presence felt...Engaging with the citizens of the ward is a must for vote canvassing and the end result of winning.

In this respect, NSP is not doing badly with every Sunday visiting residents of the respective wards to gain rapport and familiarity of the ground.

By far, these are the only three parties worth their salt to be able to counter PAP come 2016...Other opposition parties got to work the grounds harder than hard.

RP after such embarrassing lost in Punggol East and by no other than its secretary-general, will never be able to redeem any glory left by JBJ's legacy. KJ is been fcuked by self-conceitedness and egoistic defiance!

SDA, better pack up and its SG be a good family man than mettle with politics anymore...Has not the message written loud and clear across the horizon for Desmond Lim to retreat graciously.

I will not mention the other opposition parties that has yet to even build up their party membership..Where thou art want to begin?? SPP is facing the baptism of fire by its SG Chiam See Tong and had lost their glory into mediocrity!

Nonetheless, the incumbent PAP will be putting on a tougher show of arrogance and try to re-invent their losing popularity to win back the voters.. Theirs will surely be the uphill task, not the opposition who will be riding on a changing sentiments of the voters..Many would have had enough of PAP's false promises and wild projections made worst by their 'half-boiled' ministers' rhetorics !!

2016 will be an important year in the politics of change for a more healthier participation in parliament by the opposition. At the very least 3 more GRCs will be fallen to oppositions (it could be more)...It is up to them to prove their worth by capturing it! Also, 3 or more SMC will be won by opposition too...It is up to the opposition to capitalize on the moment and establish their standing...

 PAP will be had but will still be the majority govt. We will live to see that day of awakening in opposition political victory ! And it will be another milestone surge of the opposition titans....

patrick lee song juan

Friday, February 15, 2013

Harry and Pinky

Harry and Pinky

S'pore is today is not anybody's guess
LKY has a hand to play
Without the old guards of yore
 S'pore can never reach its goal.

Without LKY, we may be far from here
Five decades of transformation
S'pore arrived at the fore
A First S'pore is its core.

But the rapid influx of foreigners
See our S'pore's life suffered forever more
It is the son that lost the foresight
Yet he still thinks he is right.

Our founding father has nothing to say
Towards the White Paper fiasco
Has LKY still has his ways
Our country may never sway.

Harry had done much to his credit
Pinky with his arrogance is a discredit
Father is old to say anymore
S'pore is gradually been sold.

Vision 2030 is hard to fathom
Why is the White Paper even written
To the consternation of so many
Pinky's regret and have to say sorry !


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Day.

VALENTINE DAY IS TODAY (14th February 2013)

Today is VALENTINE DAY! A western concept of commercial marketing of love! Can love be bought? A stalk of rose to your love one or sweetheart cost $20/- How stupid can stupid be to fall into a world of buying and selling Love.

As an oriental gentleman with western viewpoint of the world...i do not buy Valentine Day because my wife has never celebrated Valentine with me...and my Valentine pursuit one of those years was disastrous...

I ordered a bouquet of rose and had it delivered to her office...And i was given a better choice by wife..."Next time ..just give me the cash..don't waste the money...That was and is my wife! Yet we still 'exist side by side' for 38 years without much ado of extravagance.

What is love...?? I ready do not know the modern world of puppy love...illicit love and one night stand love...All that are not love but sexual love of wanting sex, nothing else!

Love is never a regret or a sorry, Love is communication and the understanding of each others strength and weakness. Love is giving space to breathe. Love is kind words of encouragement. :Love is sincerity of heart and concern. Love is sacrifice .In fact love is everything towards nothing...Love is supreme.

True love is like a half blind couple... always turning the blind eye towards each other. But using the good eye to really see.

  Today's Valentine day, my wish is that a presentable matured lady date me out for a candlelight dinner, expenses on her and I give her a one-night sit to usher in the year of the Snake...hahahaa!... Sounds SNAKY hey!

The world needs love everyday not only on Valentine DAY..

 .Happy Valentine everyone!!

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PAP faulted themselves on the.White Paper.

When a government formulates an important policy like the White Paper, many would believe it had gone through the 'baptism of fire' in their own deliberation before released! Furthermore, LHL's advisers and policy makers are no ordinary people! But when the White Paper was released to the consternation of the public..It caused a calamity. It is such a controversial White Paper which is really fitted for the toilet!

Every aspect of the Paper was on economic growth...on replacing the population,on business greatly affected by the curtailment of workers for SMEs..And MND Khaw got the audacity of saying it would be disastrous if his 200,000 flats cannot be built because of no construction workers...Why must we need to rush ahead with the projection (which the govt changed its tune after the general public and on-line adverse comments on their short foresight and putting the cart before the horse.

Living a life is a cause and effect....if we do not have a huge influx, do we need the infrastructural change and demand to keep up with that sudden transformation? And why is PAP so keen to bring in so many foreigners by their so-called projection of 6.9 million in 2030?..And subsequently swallowed their words and said it might not be 6.9 million..We have 5.31 million people in S'pore now..We have eyes to see the failure of PAP in this present situation. And yet talking about 6.9 m towards 2030???

Have the govt seriously think and reflect on the seriousness of the implication White Paper?? How can PAP with scholars and intellectuals failed to see their impending problem even now ..not 18 years later..In 18 years time..can we really predict anything at this rate of PAP's folly and bloppers??

Another excuse of replacing the old aging population...By then even the young foreigners will grow old..So who is to replace them?..Are we not adding to the demographic problems ?

The birth rate issue is another failing of the govt...unable to give full and unreserved support for young couples in a stressful and expensive country like S'pore with wages stagnated! Million dollar ministers will never understand the ordinary citizens woes and pains...What is $5000 to a minister ??

Foreigners are foreigners. They do not have a national identity even if they were to become citizens..It needs a long process of social integration to call S'pore home..Our forefathers achieved it the hard way. But the new influx of foreigners are bent on one motive of making good money and buying our properties to resell it when the time is right and bundled themselves and money back to their homeland and live happily ever after...Permanent citizens are the suspected lot of new citizens causing the escalation of the the property market..S'poreans are sandwiched to the brim of a sardine can!

The question to ask on the white paper of PAP. Is it not a rush job to satisfy their own agenda of converting foreigners to citizens so as to have a loyal following of new citizens voting for them to perpetuate their declining trust by the true blue S'poreans???

PAP has made a wrong tactical move and checkmate themselves with the moronic White paper. It is a repercussion that will never be forgotten till 2016 and beyond. PAP is tantamount to selling our country to foreigners!! The emotional anger and wrath is registered deep in citizens heart to know that PAP had served their useful rule and it is time for an urgent change of govt of a two party system with PAP as the minority party by then.

In wanting to propagate their hegemony, PAP nailed their own coffin even earlier than we believed!

S'preans need MPs who can empathise and love the people not high and might professional A$$holes who only can examine their own intestines (oophs I mean interests).. :)

The serious implication of the White Paper is their impending decline and fall due to the bulldozing of their implementation without the slightest compassion, empathy, altrusim and love of the true blue S'poreans.

Can we imagine a population of 7 million in a little red dot.....even a pierrot cannot !!

Seeing PAP lost Punggol East is a clear indication of the tide of change.

patrick lee song juan

Monday, February 11, 2013

Inderjit Singh and his Political Dilemma!

INDERJIT SINGH..crushed between the devil and the deep blue sea!!

  A 'hero' in the making is Inderjit Singh..with his fiery passionate speech on the White Paper and also ticked Goh Chok Tong (GCT) on his failed PM-ship to suggest to bring S'pore to the Swiss Standard of living...What has become of S'pore NOW !! It is elitist PAP living!!!

 I was in parliament that day to witness his 'heroic' speech. But then the outcome was such a disappointment. Apart from all that...he also has an axe to grind with the govt to withhold more foreigner workers in our country. It is going to affect his own business (owning maybe a couple of SME business)

 Hence he questioned Gerald Giam (GG) on WP's stand of near zero foreigner workers but to look inwards for S'poreans...failing which to make the shortfall, only foreigners will be admitted..A good proposition by WP's GG.

Inderjit Singh is one of those boss who favour foreign workers to local. It is obvious because they are paid lower wages and need not contribute to CPF...This is a grey area the govt has to address immediately. !!

 Crushed between the devil and the deep blue sea, Inderjit has no choice, after his vociferous speech and not to be seen as an idiot with only a big mouth...he decided to abstain or vamoose himself from the House chambers before voting was conducted electronically.

In so doing, he is saved from his own conscience of dissent of the White Paper, yet need to vote on party line..He had no choice but to 'jump his own gun!

Though, he admitted he was in parliament that day and that also did justice to me when i did say Inderjit was in parliament on Friday. I did not see through the voting and left early!

 Nevertheless, Inderjit showed resources of himself to opt out whatever way from voting. That make many PAP MPs who spoke 'somewhat' against the White Paper looked moronic against their conscience..viz,' two MPs Liliy neo and Denise Phua, which I always have high esteem of them...Other MPs and ministers, I reserved my comment..Not worth my breath....

 With this fiasco of the White Paper and the rules governed PAP MPs or for that matter opposition is a foregone conclusion of the White Paper. And why was it necessary even to debate and vote on it...Is it not an anti-climax of wasting tax-payers money??

 The only reason is to be seen the minsters and MPs are working with such exorbitant paycheck!!

  If the White Paper was released without consultation and feedback of the public..and PAP is adamant to push it through, why need the debate.??

.PAP as the authoritarian and autocratic govt is only putting on a stage show not even near the qualities of a Shakespearean play...Is it not a wayang show!???

Let us call for a National Referundum on this important White Paper affecting all citizens well-being and lives. We citizens must support NSP on calling for the Referundum..

In conclusion, Inderjut Singh is just a digit in the more sinister agenda of PAP wanting a vision of 2030 (now retracted) version of a 'projection' population of 6.9 magical million.

PAP will be had come this GE of 2016....Citizens will never forgive this 'Hong Bao' PAP presented to us S'preans two days before the Lunar New Year..

  The repercussion will be long lasting and whatever LHL said about learning from the fiasco of the White Paper is his mere foolish afterthought...

Indejit Singh, you are still a hero in many's eyes..because you just can't vote vote with a SLAP on LHL face by not voting....or absented? ...or abstained?...You and only you know your mind's searching thoughts!!

 I for one, excuse you, whatever your intention. You do have some guts as a man, whatever!

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunar New Year &The White Paper.

The silent night
The festive hovering out of sight
Tomorrow is another day
Visiting relatives and close friends.

That is our Lunar New Year culture
In time to come is over ridden
By the White paper come 2030
The festive will have no joy.

Citizens entrenched in our own world
Made unacceptable to dwell
Immigrants become the owner of our life
Forever we lose our paradise.

PAP far-fetched vision of six point nine
Come 2030 be worst than high
 S'porean are destined to die
 In our motherland turned foreign nigh.

 Is PAP's policy a fate of  life
 How can we be robbed of liberty
 Living in a country of misery
All because PAP nailed our destiny!!

 copyright...leesjuanpat (patrick lee song juan)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is PAP the Messiah of S'pore and S'poreans ??

Is PAP God to predict the destiny of S'pore and S'poreans??

The big bang ended with a bigger bang for PAP...They may triumph on the endorsement of the White Paper by many invertebrate cronies of PAP ministers and MPs but yes! they won in the House but when the opportune time comes around, they will have to lose in the OPEN. And the will of the citizens will be the deciding factor come GE 2016.

Why is PAP the clairvoyant of S'pore and S'poreans? Let us look at the first grave mistake that PAP's LKY made when the stop at two policy was implemented then. We are faced with the grim prospect of a near zero baby reproduction now...PAP's reason then might be right at the time but if the planners can look forward ahead in 30 years, the stop at two policy will not be too rigidly bulldozed with penalties on families having the third child or more!

 Now we are faced with the prospect of a low chlid-birthrate which cannot replace the aging population. Whose fault now? And without much ado...PAP is now planning ahead to replace our citizens population with the White Paper on population growth TILL 2030. ARE THEY TOO FAR-SIGHTED TO BECOME SHORT-SIGHTED?? Blaming aging population, couples not marrying and hence no babies as the inexcusable excuses !

Is it not the failure of PAP in its last 15 years of government that brought about so much failures and distress to the citizens yet stashing themselves with their so called economic growth..Who benefited more?? Is it not the S'pore Incoporation of PAP!!!

PAP is playing God again...Now, they can look forward 18 years, never fearing they are making a grave mistake of their lives again..This time by influx-ing S'pore with immigrants come 2030 to the tune of 6.9 million..After much hoo-haa and emotional wrath of the masses, PAP softened their stand as a 'projection' and said it may not be 6.9 million They use scare tactics of economic slowdown and SME's closing shop and all their self-perceived rhetorics...They sounded so 'morbid.' Is that really frightening us??

Had not PAP learned their lessons all this while..yet their might and arrogant see them as the 'Master of the Seas!!'...Without doubt, they made the greatest error of their ruling life by bulldozing through a Bill that took only 5 days to debate but 18 years to process in time and time is so unpredictable!!

Is anyone the wiser to see the future of S'pore through PAP's so called projection and their myopic vision?? LHL had admitted their less than 20/20 vision!

 The citizens are left flabbergasted...The only saving grace is the 7 opposition MPs with 3 NCMPs and 3 NMPs who voted against the motion. 13 'no' to 77 'aye'...

So, it looks like S'pore and S'poreans are being placed in PAP's destiny...even in their prediction...which will lead citizens to perdition!!

Let us embrace our national identity and our societal integrity to persevere OUR TRUE S'PORE CORE not the core that PAP is talking about to open more leeway to more immigrants to form a 'rojak' S'pore core..

Is PAP god to predict the destiny of S'pore and S'poreans??

Please deliberate on this issue.....

patrick lee song juan

The Lost of Family Cohesion and Togetherness.

The Lost of Family Cohesion and Togetherness.

Two more hours for the Reunion Lunar New Year dinner. But the sad truth is, nowadays with smaller families of two kids...reunion dinner will never be the same again.

Gone were the days when 3 generations of family sat at a big round table of 10 or more and happily enjoying all the home cook reunion food.

Reunion dinner to me now is only self, wife and son and his girlfriend..My daughter is married, will be having her reunion dinner at her in-law's home with my grand-daughter.

Reminiscing my parents time..we have a big family of nine siblings..Chinese New year was always a big affair. And the reunion dinner was fantastic. Full of family cohesion and harmony..My grand parents would join was a three generation affair.

I lament the passing of times and the policy of the govt..that stop short of 'murdering' the family nucleus.

  Today..with all our brothers and sisters and close relatives..we have a family tree of 60 people but each has their own family to care for and new year is never a reunion dinner time..only in visiting each other.

  When my grand old dame mother died last year at 94 We stopped or never arranged get together. This year we did not plan any congregation at our 8th sisters home...for mom is no more around...Our siblings are dissipated around S'pore. We will be visiting each other in the days of the lunar new year!

Family harmony and cohesion is important. But we now spend less time with our love ones but more time earning a living in view of the high cost of living in a PAP dominated S'pore..Everything is expensive!!

In fact, citizens have forever lost the very essence of societal togetherness as a family...It has become a a common phase...To each his or her own family, all staying apart...We are near yet that far..We have lost the communication touch of endearment.

The govt has caused so much rift among families under the circumstances of living a 'decent' life..We have lost the love of a warm and cohesive family altogether.

 We blame it on the Govt's policy of stopping at two and the stressful living in S'pore as the world's six most expensive country to live in and in Asia, S'pore is second most expensive!!

The families are forever distant even in the closeness of a little red dot!

We regret the passing of times...the societal rift of a family, the heartless pursuit of a decent living, the pressure of peers, the pseudo dignity of staying ahead at a price..

 A family life of unrealism in a S'pore of more immigrants... Come 2030...losing touch of a simple happy harmony family.

 We will be living in the midst of foreign owned S'pore! Where thou art see our very S'pore family ??
Can God give us an answer? No, it cannot but the god is in PAP!!!

patrick lee song juan

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Snake year 2013 is PAP's Nemesis

The Snake is over-taking the Dragon in 2013...The PAP's nemesis

Generally, the snake is viewed as a fearful creature, poisonous. Sometimes we used the are a snake! or do not snake around!...Serpents was a symbol of creation in the garden of Eden..If Adam had not eaten the forbidden apple but ate the snake...The course of humanity will have a different chapter to write...Only if Adam was Chinese. He would have stewed snake soup for Eve.

The Dragon year 2012 was a good year in our political history of the opposition..WP won two by-elections. The omen is written loud and clear, PAP is on the declining gradient of their hegemony. The biggest blow was Punggol East SMC, their tuft, yet taken over by WP! Emotions..sentiments...wrath..anger..hatred of PAP!

Even before the dust had settled, PAP released the White Paper to the discontentment of the citizens...Why did the PAP did that. In a political analyst's view, was the worst timing it put itself into, on the chopping block. Literally PAP knocked their dicks on the own head!!

The motion was passed in a week for a planning to be had for 18 years...The emotional dilemma of the citizens reacted in disbelief and wrath...This will have a bearing come 2016 GE.

Instead of re-inventing and solving the present infrastructure deficiency of a 5.31 million population, PAP's vision was too far-sighted and far-fetched to plan for the future of 6.9 million. More and more foreigners to encroach our motherland! Do we have even a breathing space to call our own??

Many citizens believe it will not work..Giving incentive for the boosting of the TFR, is another area of failure...Can a govt after 30 years of wanting a good birthrate do it now with so much external factors to consider.??..Expensive housing, COL, childcare centres, cost of child upbringing in the long run..Govt needs to do more than the cash incentive..Many couples have resigned to their fate brought about by the PAP govt.

 A policy plan for 18 years and rapidly rushed through parliament to debate and endorsed in five days, is never a good Bill. LHL knew it too well in his final plenty of concession of review and what not. The damage had been inflicted. PAP will never be the same again in those heydays of power and dominance. LHL is a weak PM assisted by even weaker pierrots like Teo Chee Hean and his young team of so-called scholars! Totally devoid of the touch on 'ground zero'.....

The motion was opposed by 13 members in parliament. 7 opposition MPs and and 3 NCMPs with 3 NMPs opposed too. It is another tight slap on LHL cheek to wake him up.
 But then he had never been awaken since they lost Aljunied GRC in GE 2011..A sorry by him is an emotional utterance not a heartfelt sincerity of remorse!

Tomorrow is Lunar Snake New Year...and LHL knows the snake is a slippery and poisonous creature...He needs to be more aware of his direction from now on in dealing with the opposition and the citizens in general...

PAP is on the slippery road down. No matter how snakey PAP and LHL is...they know they can never counter the emotional mights of the citizens' sentiments of dismay and disgust at their bulldozing their policies down the citizens throat..

PAP may win in the House but they will lose in the Open!!

PAP will pay the price in GE 2016...

Let us for one moment forget that PAP has caused the citizens so much hardship and balancing our lives on a tightrope...White paper or toilet paper...??

We citizens look forward for tomorrow to enjoy the advent of the snake new year where the venom from it fangs will be pointing at PAP....And it takes only one bite to be fatal for PAP..It will be the bite of the citizens VOTES...

 Happy Lunar New Year  2013 of the Snake to All...CONG XI FA CAI...

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When PAP sends in the Bulldozers

When PAP sends in the bulldozers !

From the onset, when parliament is opened for debate on the white paper, many have their doubts of a fair debate and true delivery however passionate.

Look at MPs like Dennis Phua, Inderjit Singh and Lily Neo and many others..false charlatans representing their constituents which voted them in but screwed their opportunity to vote with their heart but with their inclination to their master PAP!

  What sham and fiasco??..hearing for 4 days out of 5, (in reflection I did not believe I even attended parliament to hear all the cesspool talk) each PAP MP spoke with their internal spleens but vomited their deceptive saliva of betrayal on the citizens...How can we trust the PAP MPs?....And I just wonder if the party whip is lifted, how many will vote against the motion....

 Nonetheless, S'poreans are lucky we had 7 opposition MPs to voice discontent. And delivering fiery speech from the heart without the least farce as compared to the PAP MPs full of passionate shit but little substance!!

 The false awakening arrived when the House was opened for voting and it was  almost a clean sweep . What if there is no opposition 7 MPs and 3 NCMPs to oppose the motion and 3 NMPs too voted against?.. In all 13 voted against and one abstained.

When parliament passed the motion on the white 'toilet' paper today...I suddenly feel the urgency to use the toilet paper to head to the loo to pass motion....That is how the motion is passed..Full of shit !!

 The Shakespearean show ended with little fanfare....Only in the midst of the act did the fanfare became so dramatic by the PAP MPs...But when the time to vote all suffered withdrawal symptoms and failed in their morality of their heart. In so doing they betrayed the citizens who voted them in as MPs...

Come 2016...a new tsunami will arise with the human tidal wave of emotional dissent and sentimental disconsolation..that will be the time LHL knows it is too late to say sorry and no time for re-invention and trans-reformation !

  Citizens will never forget this day of 8th Feb 2013..two days before Lunar New Year and the devastation of the bulldozed motion...

We are just helpless as though invalids...but we must put aside the disappointment to rejoice in the festive mood of the Lunar New Year...though somewhat dampened !!


patrick lee song juan

The 'Noble' Charlatans

The 'noble' Charlatans....

 In life, some people after a little achievement always have that idea run over their head....but beneath one's noble deed..there is an agenda..We have quite a number hovering around everywhere...

Never think that under the cover of doing a 'noble' deed, people cannot find you out...many already knows what you are up to...Don't push your luck further...

 Being recognized by CNN and a mention on Bloomberg will float you further..Please stay rooted to the ground!!

N.B - He is non other than GILBERT GOH, the guy who runs and on 16.02.13 held a protest at Hong Lim Park with a crowd of about 3000 citizens attending..He is now riding on a high !!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Old Age Dignity -Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

Today (6.2.2013) patriarch LKY went to parliament....His movement is very slow and need to be guided in by a bodyguard. He seems to be slimmer and fragile. Sitting beside Goh Chok Tong and Wong Kan Seng without doing anything but look delirious..

 A once great statesmen, I really feel sad that he just cannot let go and still want to attend parliament. Lately, LKY had not uttered a word even when the Punggol East By-Election was like a battle ground...He looks not well...

With due respect, LKY had done much for S'pore..We definitely want him to retire with dignity, though many of our old senior folks cannot retire with an iota of dignity because of the poverty and destitution of their lives.

 LKY is a 'class' above many elites....Is there a comparison??

But old age dignity is the curse of human reality...In time, we all face the impermanence of life.
The shadow of darkness casts a silhouette of frailness and helplessness in the yonder era of prominence !

We are left with nothingness but the reminiscence of our glorious days......The sad existence of sentient beings....

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Ruthlessness of Political Perpetuation

On the ruthlessness of political perpetuation...

  In the political arena of survival and perpetuation is a ruthless pursuit without any conscience to stay in power...If it were any other person it would be the same...We never know...Look at the world's despotic dictators...Is there a difference???

 Politics of prolongation has no conscience of soft-heart...The 'dared to do' whatever evil is how the political dynasty of one party can perpetuate to this present time..

  Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it will come when fame, fortune, power and might, through the ravage of time, eroded one's robustness to emptiness....And that is the time one has to pay for the KARMA of one's it good or evil...

The legacy of infamy or benevolence will live on till posterity...Nature cannot be the impermanence of life....!!!

Lee Kuan Yew is a legacy and legend in the history of political struggle for supremacy. And PAP triumphed due to his ruthlessness of political hegemony....

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Summary of Parliamentary debate on the White Paper (5.1.2013)

Parliament ended at 7.15 pm today...Interesting debate...I heard Amy Khor, some PAP MPs which I do not want to know their names then Grace Fu, Chen Show Mao, Lily Neo, Inderjit Singh, Gerald Giam and Lina Chiam..Lui Ah Tuck..spoke.

  Each got their say mainly supporting the motion....only Lily Neo and Inderjit Singh 'abstain' their support. if the whip is lifted they would have vote against !!

Lily Neo was passionate on the elderly being left out, on community living and proposed an Elderly Needy and Medical Fund to assist the poor elderly.

 Amy Khor spoke on the S'pore Core...I was wandering is it Hardcore pornography!!

Chen Show Mao spoke on the older workforce and how employers are not willing to employ seniors...Obvious He opposed the motion. He overshot his time allowed.

 Grace Fu talked cock and sing song with graphic of family graphs and how young generation needed to support older senior...She obviously after her long rhetorics support the motion...In fact, I slept intermittently with her boring speech, also in mandarin. She spoke for almost 45 minutes...roughly...

 Gerald Giam delivered a good speech on how to sustain a population for a dynamic S'pore...He pointed out a false dilemma of PAP toilet paper. He was rebutted fiercely by Iswaran and Tan Chuan-jin..

Inderjit Singh screwed up the policy of the govt white paper..pointing out the flaw and took a potshot at GCT which just walked out during his speech..on the oversight of population even during GCT's time..Inderjet did warn about the problem the govt would face..He is less partisan..Kudos!

 Speaker Halimah by then went off and replaced by Deputy Speaker Seah Kian Peng taking the Speaker chair and Lina Chiam (NCMP) still addressed him as Mdm Speaker, but was quick to apologise saying she did not know Mdm Halimah was replaced...Everyone laughed in the house! So Seah Kian Peng for a moment became a she!

 Now the tagline is S'porean Core by Amy Khor and I really do not know what the hell it is???....I really wonder is it a hardcore or what of the White toilet paper...?

 But the best was Sylvia Lim's tagline (during her speech yesterday..Today she did not speak).... of a sustainable Spore for a dynamic population ..not PAP's sustainable population for a dynamic S'pore...

 So, in fact there is nothing to debate on with the minority voices of opposition...In the end...the motion will be passed ..whether S'poreans like it or not!!

That is not a S'prean Core but hardcore PAP!!

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The White Paper Farce !!

Are some of the ministers fcuking themselves up on the White Paper??

Vivian Balalanlan had been quiet for sometime and it is smart of him to do so...else he will fcuk up himself again. Now he is harping his master's tone on the White Paper..

 What planning ahead is he talking about? Look at the 5.3 million people?..Did the govt plan for a better transport, housing, etc?...We saw what happened..daily overcrowding..housing price rocketed sky-high, (suppressing the supply and the price went up!)..The govt's agenda..Full load on buses and MRT means more money for the govt, for Temasek Holdings the major shareholder...

 As environment and resource minister, Vivian is talking about adequate water supply and his reverse osmosis...and water re-cycling...Talk is easy and cheap...All ministers can talk cock...Vivian is no different !! We may have to drink pee water come 2030!

Health minister weighed in about restructuring hospitals to prepare for the aging population! Look here , if we do not have the 7 million, everything will come and go naturally. Human are good at trouble trouble without the broad perspective of a good solution. Always talk first. And as minister, Gan (hope he is not a son of a gun), always wants to talk down on citizens about their far-fetched plans. Let us look at the 5.3 million population now, and addition of two new hospitals, how adequate is the medical service to the public??

And hospitals (even govt supposedly owned) are all commercial entities with their bottom-line of making money out of the public. And poor, destitute old folks are all at the receiving end!!

May I ask, if the vision is there why are we citizens faced with all these setbacks of a 5.3 million population.??..And now a projection of 7m for year 2030..and the $8/- man  (Khaw Boon Wan U-turned and said it is a worst case scenario...trying to calm our nerves somewhat...And all at once said more houses will be build in the near future to contain the surge and more land released...Why only full of flatulence now?

Was it a sinister agenda to suppress the supply and in so doing housing prices keep on escalating!
It is already happening now....and to think of 7m to come...Do you know what you are talking Mr Cow (Khaw)??

 Now what is wrong with these elitist ministers?...One said something, the other contradict its outcome...Get real please!! We definitely do not want a population even reaching 6 million..looking at the present dire situation of 5.3 million !!

 The govt is helpless..even Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) said their oversight of not having a 20/20 vision... yet stopped short of admitting they have made the mistakes...of too fast an influx and the infrastructure cannot keep pace with the increase...

PAP had fucked themselves up to the core!!!.....

patrick lee song juan