Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A life of false pretense, a living of unreality.....

This morning I woke up a little earlier at 4am..Usually, I wake up at 5 am to have my routine meditation of one hour. I been doing it for a year over. Strict daily discipline!

But I have been meditating for many years as far back as when I was seconded to Jakarta for my work with a British Ink manufacturing company called Coates Brothers Pte Ltd....I was the technical man who looked after the operation of the factory in Cileduk , Kebayoran Lama in 1973 . I was only 28 years old...But due to work pressure and the mentality and work attitude of the locals, i began to understand that in life, it is not who you are, it is how you associate and treat human as human then you are a man of the man..

I learned as I managed the factory under my general Manager who was British. It was a good experience of early life in a totally different setting and culture...We have to lower our expectation to understanding the mindset of the  workers in Indonesia compared to workers in S'pore. And that was 1973. I thank my Managing Director who gave me that opportunity to prove my worth..He is Peter Coates, the nephew of John Coates, the big boss of Coates (England) Ltd.

My career path moved on when I finished my stint in Jakarta and I joined Inter-chem Toyo (SEA) 1979, And subsequently was in charge of export Marketing to the region of South East Asia..dealing also in printing inks (as was in Coates) and heavy printing machinery.. My job gave me the opportunity to meet different background of people travelling out-station...I learned and picked up life that was and is not a false pretense and I always believe one should not live in a world of self-fulfillment and surrealism.

My recent foray into politics and became a candidate for Pasir Ris Punggol GRC is really accidental...MY reluctance because politics is dirt..You have to be, as i learned sometimes like LKY..ruthless to hold on to the power he built up. But the reality of happening and impermanence of everything, goes beyond PAP's belief that they could lose one GRC, Their brainchild of gerrymandering the political boundary of every GE..And they lost big and seriously hurting...George Yeo..on one the better 3rd generation MPs who was Foreign Minister was booted out.

And PAP and people just could not let the dust settle...Over-accentuating the indispensability of George what a waste to lose GY..And again Vivian Bala has his said too. Zainal Abidin Rasheed also was axed with two crying big baby girl, one woman Minister in PMO's office Lim hwee Hwa and Cynthia phua an MP. It is like the world collapsed on PAP...But I must give accolades to PM LHL who was quick to transform the impasse and awkwardness of seemingly disgrace of PAP. (Honestly, I do not see it a big deal losing one GRC).

They felt it because all those years of hegemony and authoritarian and absolute rule made it unbelievable to PAP to even lost a reinforced fortress in GRC and of all GRC..with 'people-worshi'p GY as almost an unacceptable losing concern..That is life of unrealism and many a false pretense of individual importance! All propagated by the very people in our own very kind...Yes! GY is capable...But is S'pore that bad that we cannot find another replacement..Let us do not have that 'cult' mentality of false pretense. No one is truly greater than himself.

That bring me to the fracas and idiotic crosss-word with my protege - an intelligent arsehole Wilson ho, who though intelligent and in the words of one FB comment writer got no brain. FB personnel had banned or deleted him.I still saw a ray of hope in him until his false pretense and unreserved rattling of his stupidity on FB and professed that he is never wrong. Many times he attacked people and opposition party..Many tolerated him...But the last straw broke the camel's back...I had to do justice to divulge his intention and high and mighty attacked on others..the full detail on my comment in the other note . And Roger, a once buddy of him too was sanctioned and attacked by him.

He totally opened his belly to reveal all the shit in him and I felt sad that I was even his mentor and he sucked up to me then...I wish him well in his future endeavour in life and quickly find a job (been jobless for sometime)...and stay humble. He has learned his own lesson in Facebook...But I will definitely not unbanned him the third time..I had given him the 2nd chance and now he got to show to himself his worth of his character...

A mindset change is all he needed to be congenial with people without attacking his opinion on other, without any reservation.

And on that note...the 2nd chance thing reminded me of Yong Vui Kong on death row...And I sincerely hope our PM can do something with the cabinet to advise the President to commute his death to life sentence..A life is sacred..Never terminate a life and a young life in YVK....A compassionate action brings good kamma. You will be remembered for the deed you do!

Faith is hope, prayer is power...but false pretense and a living in unreality is the saddest of humankind's existence...because one is living in a cyberworld (as in wilson ho) of one's own idiosyncrasies of that sick pretense and disillusion, trying to follow the shadow of PAP...

May the true and clear light be with him....Take good care !!!!

patrick lee song juan.... (first written for Facebook)

Friday, May 27, 2011

the difference between Sex and Golf.

Weekend is a time to relax and release...whatever way you like. And with the population not replacing well and government trying all ways and means to entice producing more babies, men should stop playing too much golf but have sex in the comfort of one's home!

With that in mind, my weekend inspiration focus directly between Sex and Golf as a comparison...In a light-hearted prose written with a a wee-bit cheekiness !

Only for the 'clean' mind and strong heart....

Here it goes :

Sex is an act, golf is a game.
Sex is enjoy with one hole but at times,
Unnatural sex is enjoyed with another hole..a no-no !
Golf ends with nine, eighteen or even thirty-six holes.

Sex culminates with only one,
Pinpoint entry and final orgasm!
Sex has a hole in one every time..It is a direct entry..
A hole in one in golf is as remote as the green over the other side.

Men who play golf too often are suspected to be below 'par' when come to sex
But not Tiger Wood for sure, he went beyond the eighteen hole of variety!
Men who indulge in clean faithful sex is par excellence.
It is this simple reason why I never played so much golf..

The reason for sex is crystal clear,
So, let us stay on the safe side of morality and enjoy the best sex of our life
With no other bimbo but your wife...
Tiger Wood is a bad example of the difference between sex and golf.

Copyright - patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Death of a famous beauty Song Ji-sun (Korean News Anchorwoman)

To me all humankind are born equal...the difference lies in a society of segregation, class elevation and elite who? by our very self...then again, it is a vast universe we are living in with extreme diversity of thought, action, way of life, social status, individual self-importance, named it..!!

A world can be peaceful and contented only if we rid ourselves of that egoistic importance of...I am..I will be..or I must be...

For when one achieved greatness and fame, without the balance of emotional adequacy, facing with 'emotional dilemma' of one's standing and importance..the inner void of such great people usually cry loud for attention yet encapsulated in a solitary confinement of sad abandonment...A danger sign ..yet never want to divulge...emotionally to ignite and explode into self-destruction....

And that is Song Ji-sun's predicament of self-confession of love goes awry and inward struggle with her love that was never requited...!!

How sad can sadness be in the final moment of solitary anguish and death to end it all by the very self who brought her the fame of her life?...There is so much to live for....

The mind is all that matters in the final analysis of human stability of though, action and deed....only if Song Ji-sun has a meditative mind she could be myself in retrospect of my years of meditation and retreat...on the Four Noble Truth and Eightfold Noble Way....God bless Song Ji-sun and may she RIP.

patrick lee song juan

Monday, May 23, 2011

The "Prodigal son' and the transformation of PAP or be transformed!

A coming home of a 'prodigal son' and PAP to transform or be transformed !!??
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 5:30pm

It is a good feeling coming home like a 'prodigal son' today from Barcelona!.....Nothing beats our motherland......DDP is so kind to pick me at the airport...He gave me a surprise.just like now..everyday a new surprise by PAP ...after MM and SM stepped his final step down...PM Lee is less stressed to implement his new sound transformation policies! Mostly on 'Damage Control Management mode!

Reading the news in ST before touch down...PAP is transforming and with no condescension, to the point of even reviewing the ministerial salary, when all the while turning a deaf ear to the people's dissent with absurd arrogance!....

What a transformation now...One episode after another....The lowest point in PAP's humility...

Such 'drastic measure' never happened and be heard off and transformed due to PAP's belief that only they are the supreme being to our 'lesser mortal' citizens (Charles Chong's derogatory remark on S'poreans!)...

Such a reaction betrays so much of the power of human who have lost touch with the common citizens. Now is the painstaking time for 'damage control management!' Where were the expert think-tanks of PAP??.. Sleeping on their own laurels with complacency all those while or nonchalantly disregard the citizens' plead !

But PM Lee made a great mistake by having Gerard Ee to head the committee on ministerial salary review....Gerard pales in comparison to his father Ee Peng Liang...Gerard Ee is a 'wayang' man to the system..Remember how PTC did to the transport fare under his recommendation...which caused Raymond Lim his ministerial post..LOL!..

Let PAP can wayang ...wayang.. wayang... with their trade-off and Lim Sia Suay(LSS)..selling his ' rojak..rojak..rojak'....Luckily LSS survived his rojak business till now...

Do not play play with PAP please...Phua Chu Kang would know better..!

The awakening of a 'proud peacock' to become a coo-ing dove!

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aljunied GRC -Why Voters should vote for Workers Party (WP).

A new awakening, a coming of age, a regret of neglect, an impermanent of hold...that is PAP on the threshold !! This GE sees the surge of political awareness and the determination to root PAP of 51 years of political hegemony and absolute rule...Mostly 'authoritarian' and complete arrogance! Without the true heart and feeling of its citizens...It is all PAP first..S'porean just follow..." We PAP are doing the right thing!".....Are they? Are they??
Burniing issues of COL, Income Gap, Job Security, HDB prices, Medical Expenses and An Ageing Population..all core issues that strikes the heart-string of all ordinary true blue S'poreans..But do PAP really care??.. especially this last 6 years of social and demographic transformation of every citizen's life...BUT not the high and mighty PAP ministers and the high echelon of who's who!!
This is the moment...this is the time ..this is the decision..this is the final chapter to create history !! But MM LKY warned again...If Aljunied GRC is lost..."you all will regret and repent for 5 years"..."loosing Aljunied GRC is not the end of the world!" Sad..sad and totally incoherent and contradicting his 'absolute authority' , empowering his iconic figure!! With due respect, is PAP's strength only depended on the old patriarch?? It will be real sad and using his word 'repent' for PAP to perpetuate their dominance in the hand of one man only....And what happens if MM LKY is not around anymore??
Where does PM Lee stand? and for that matter all PAP ministers stand, under his upron-string ??
The inroad into PAP's dominance and GRC and boundary gerrymandering, strategised their advantage over the Opposition. But this election is totally different....It has come at a time of "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"..THE EMOTIONAL suffering, suppression and oppression cannot be hidden anymore....This GE is about PEOPLE'S POWER' from the Heart !! that is why you see all 87 seats contested (only at the 'upteem second' , Tanjong Pagar was disqualifed on technicality). An uncanny co-incidence, and that ward have to be MM LKY's...
The upsurge of human emotion opens the inroad to a 'fiery' start against PAP and awaken them up, ill-prepared for the 'political renaissance' ...
PAP camp knows too well what they had done and not done for the citizens, how they bulldozed many policies down the citizens throat. Made poor and foolish judgment call..Most notably the hosting of the YOG and the fiasco that follow with food poisoning and Vivian Bala's blatant arrogance of " If I know the bid would be three times in the first place, I would still bid for it...What kind of attitude is that in a minister?? it not a lacking of upbringing or is it his high and mighty position gave him the right to utter his rhetorics !! And all ministers were hand-picked not toothpick!
And now..during GE time, without fail,...the pseudo 'humility of PM Lee wanting to be your SERVANT and the citizens his MASTER..And the word HUMILITY is the most frequently used word in S'pore's history now? PAP's decorum and demeanour is so compromising now! Teo Ser Luck used 'HUMILITY' in his rally speech too. BUT will the citizens buy all that at GE time only!! Yet the new batch of coattail hang-ons, jumping on the bandwagon, are so arrogant in their election speeches...forgetting their are just the fold of PAP the veteran, yet shouting out belligerently their unpolished might...Can we all swallow their idiosyncratic absurdities !!
Even the older PAP ministers...notably Raymond Lim's analogy of slapping the driver and caused all to be killed in an accident, is really a so basic foolish 'joke' that bewildered everyone...With Lim Swee Say's ..OMG!!..ROJAK..ROJAK ..ROJAK ! Phua Chu Kang's image is already bad enough with that big mole on his face and curly hair but because it is only a show...Imagine a 'monister' can enact it in real life....When I heard that in the Rally and again and again on FM 93.8..I really think this Zorro has become a Rojak seller.....How ridiculous can ridiculous be!! A minister please!
ALJUNIED GRC is the moment of truth....the 'sacrificial lamb of noble birth' waiting to be slaughtered...not so because George Yeo's team is no good...they are just fine. But a time has come for every reason under the heaven for a CHANGE.... A CHANGE that must come from the courageous heart of true blue Singaporeans...A TIME OF OUR LIFE for 51 years ....Awakening the impermanence of human imperfection too....the impermanence of PAP....The mistakes on that affected all citizens..
The MOTHER OF ALL GE's....THE CAPTURING OF ONE OR TWO GRCs...AND a few SMC....will transform the history of PAP's political hegemony to a lesser degree and slowly and surely into a non-entity.
WORKERS PARTY(WP) has the ability and track record to take on ALJUNIED GRC !! The dominoes falling one by one in the midst. A reality can be achieved...Singaporeans will have an alternative...So please citizens, VOTE freely, not for PAP.....It is YOUR choice to create HISTORY!!
patrick lee song juan