Sunday, October 23, 2011

IR..ERP..DBSS....give S'poreans all the misery.....

IR..ERP..DBSS....give S'poreans all the misery..How can our Ministers be so SILLY !!

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 9:35am

$100 casino levy to discourage gambling

But collection of millions in every month's spree

Ministers high pay to prevent corruption.

But 'legally corrupted' in many aspect of our life.

ERP to smoothen traffic woes...never work

But enriched their coffers laughing to the bank

Motorist robbed of money in every turn

To their whims and fancies of increase.

Govt land for tender to the highest pte developer

To wash their hand of obscene public housing price

Into an uncontrollable public outcry

Only then did Khaw Boon Wan talk about review

Of the DBSS fiasco and frivolity of policy

To the tune of suspending land sales to pte entity

And in the end ..made a mockery of their own ministry

And HDB will be the public's last legacy.

With Khaw Boon Wan (KBW) seeking for everyone's reprieved

Sorry..sorry....I screwed up my own destiny

Only five days in National Development ministry

Where Maboh Tan was a foregone misery.

Under the boots of Hsien Loong Lee


Nonchalantly, I now enjoying concert of Coco Lee

To put behind all the stupidities of the ruling high and mighty

Unable to feel the common ground,

Of all true blue citizens' sincerity.


When will PAP see...when will PAP see...!!!

(wrote in July on Facebook, copied here to my Blog)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gerald Giam and Lawrence Wong in Parliament.

I have never heard of Lawrence Wong but I have met Gerald Giam even before he was in the May 7th GE. We did have a good conversation that lasted about 2 hrs at a Burger king outlet. A positive soft-spoken young man, having that fiery passion to fight for the rights and better livelihood of S'poreans. A true blue morally courageous man.

I did not attend parliament at the public gallery yesterday but based on ST's report on the proceedings, people with EQ or EI (emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence) can form their own judgment between Gerald Giam and Lawrence Wong.

Lawrencee wong hangs on the coat-tailed of PAP and sailed into the junior elite of PAP to become minister-of-state for Defence and Education.. He knows too well, he would be a nobody if he did not move on the 'PAP MRT'.

So, the rebuttal began in parliament with Gerald delivering a superb maiden speech on the last ten years of policy indocrination and bulldozing and how lives for the ordinary folks had suffered.

Yet of all the person who try to impress as a wallaby, this new MP Lawrence Wong, giving a 'thesis' of his rhertorics on government's success to the nation, (at all cost !!.)..He has that decency even to make these kind of maiden speech. (the details all can read in the newspapers or on the net). And behold PAP cronies gave him loud applause short of a standing ovation....LMFAO!

I am too tired as an old (oh la la!) man to go into the details of his "government seized chances for growth' thingie! We S'poreans do want growth and economic stability..and we all know the trade-off. But the trade-off was incredibly beyond all S'poreans comprehension !!

Over-influx, over-crowded, housing over-priced and who are the benefactors...the big boys, the big copporations, with the government the biggest of corporate gain!!

Let me put it to Lawrence wong, we S'poreans are not idiots, numskulls or pierrots and just by the way you try to impress in parliament, it does not mean anything at all..You failed miserably.

I just wonder how PM LHL can appoint him to be minister-of-state. There are so many MPs in PAP's camp to pick and sad to say PM had picked a wrong guy just to suck up to you..,Sorry Lawrence you are really not up to the mark still. Gan Thiam Poh may be a better person in your place.

My parting shot...I am really impressed by Lina Chiam in he maiden speech as NCMP....This is what that comes from the heart...not from a young poppycock impressionist !

"Ageing is a refinement, youth is still a learning lesson" -leesjuanpat.

Do control your adrenaline Lawrence, 'speak only if you can perfect on your silence'. Regards!

patrick lee song juan

Friday, October 14, 2011

Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

Singapore (S'pore) without Lee Kuan Yew (LKY).

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Friday, October 14, 2011 at 3:40pm

Singapore without Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

Singaporeans were brought up with only LKY on our lips..Our parents were so beholden to the system that saw a gradual transformation of a sleepy lacklustre town into the present cosmopolitan city.


We had come a long way..and I was then only a kid in Sec one in 1959. People's Action party (PAP) under LKY and his old guards too came a long way...When PAP first held power in S'pore in 1959, it never occurred in many of our thoughts nor beliefs that PAP will perpetuate to this day after 52 years..

And it did! It must be more than a miracle.


And the platform was set in steel when Barisan Socialis (BS) with 13 MPs walked out of parliament (legislative assembly) in protest of PAP's policies..In certain ways, BS betrayed the trust of those voters who voted them in...and PAP never looked back, capitalising on the monopoly of parliament.


We saw the development, the progress, the better standard of lives for the citizens. There was not much to complain on the government. S'pore Investment Trust (SIT) started to build cheap and truely affordable flats for the people on a small scale and when HDB took over, many S'poreans were housed in new estates..remembering Toa Payoh as the very first few new estates....MY family was the first to move to Toa Payoh.


Life was still good and easy going even though we did not have MRT to speak off. And the living were in tune with the development of the population.


Singapore under PAP and LKY was to transform the demographic changes and many policies where implementation without the least consultation in subsequent years. When it was PAP's policy it is a good policy..We all live with the 'obseisance of duress' yet we cannot utter a sound..Lives move on and many who are unable to cope and follow, fell off the wayside and suffered hardship.


When LKY stepped down to give way to his hegemonic dynasty of empire to son PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL)..We do not expect much of a change...And all was right to the "T". LHL wasted much of his PM life playing second fiddle in the shadow of his patriarch father.


The awakening arrived only after the 7th May General Election (GE). It was only a mini watershed..Though the opposition won only six seats (one GRC and one SMC), the percentage of votes were 60/40..It was a real rude awakening to PAP..If the introduction of GRC was not here to stay since 1984?? (correct me if i am wrong) opposition would have at least 35 MPs in parliament..GRCs is a weightage to PAP as the re-drawing of constituency boundaries..all gerrymandering!


LKY, GCT and three high profile ministars stood down after the watershed of only one GRC lost...Many 'arses' were buttered and lives move on in PAP camp. We will leave the big losers out (saving grace)..since everyone knows who they were!

PM LEE is quick to transform and re-invent...Many a policies softening approach and stance, showed he is rather sincere to move to engaging the citizens woes and feedbacks..But once a while his 'scholastic' 4th generation minsters still uttered rhetorics of self-denial and arrogance....Silence sometimes is the best answer!


But the internet news media is all transparent and many netizens screwed them deep to shut up their 'senseless rhapsody'..Many young ministers and WIW think they are singing in a is alright to be out of tune and a wrong key. In the high office of government and that high dastardly paycheck, there is no room for idiotic errors and utterance..PM Lee is having a hard time to contain these young 'high and mighty invertebrates!.


The recent changes in the CEC of PAP (LKY and GCT stepped down) marked a moving away from the silhouettes of LKY to PM Lee's courageous independent undertaking as a real PM.. we have seen a number of good trnsformation and re-invention...On the education front with Heng Swee the caring of the senior sick and poor citizens..At place is Health Promotion Board's (HPB) active programme on ageing and MOH initiative on partnership with GPs to look after citzens aged 40 and above with good subsidies.


We see a greater change of hearts to understand the 'emotional dilemma' of its citizens and the willingness to move to a neutral ground in PAP's engagement.Understanding of poor citizens lives and senior old folks loneliness in despair with sickness and penniless. Yet the govt is not assisting enough..Let us see the unfolding of compassion.


Singapore is really transforming as of now in the beginning..due to the watershed GE (what an eye-opener for them and for us citizens!). Let us see how far its transformation towards the citzens benefit will stretch within the framework to the next GE in 2016..It is the awakening of a new era of S'pore under PM LHL..and the next chapter is to see PAP doing the balancing act with the overwhelming foreigners in our midst..We welcome them but not to this extent of encroachment of space, transport squeeze, housing price escalation and the 'cultural shock of our very own existence..' The govt erred in this respect without care and inconsequential to our call.


What will S'pore be without LKY??..The answer lies in LHL's mind and how well he can hold fort to move himself forward to the next election with the minimal disturbance of his fate and life from grand old patriarch!?


How able is LHL, we shall see..Will PAP disintegrate when LKY is in heavenly bliss one day??...But, many and me wish him long life...God bless.


We shall leave it to another transformation of the natural force of human endeavour and the exuberance of 'cosmic force!'...Yet we must never forget the impermanence of life and the power of fading political control !

{first written for Facebook. Copy and paste to my blog}..

patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)


Monday, October 10, 2011

Sex and the modern men and women.

Sex and the modern Men and Women.

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 6:11pm

Today's ST reported on ORAL SEX can cause throat cancer...The fact that smoking caused throat cancer is less frightening.

And it are more prone to throat cancer due to oral sex than women who did the 'deep throat' or in this modern context ..'singing karaoke' or 'enjoy a lollipop'....Well, many thinks that oral sex is the safest to prevent unwanted pregnancy... it is not safe anymore !

No wonder S'poreans are not producing enough babies.
There is more to the meet the eye, not only the high cost of living in S'pore!

Sex to many is not to build a is for lust and desire. Illicit sex is rampant in all fabric of society.

Adultery is another form of sexual enjoyment which should not happen but it is ON every minute of the day and night! And to top it all ..a one night stand is the ultimate where either party parted without knowing who really screwed the other during the tryst...but feeling happy with no string attached!

And the world moves on and evolves with SEX everywhere and in a tiny French-Canadian island (Ile aux Coudres) as reported also in ST today,.....Human race is stilling evolving ....''Women were inheriting the tendency and ability to have children younger - with the forces of evolution likely coming from the advantages of having bigger families among the new population." stated by the newspaper!
Hence, the procreation of the human species all depend on us, how we go about in relation to our culture, religion and our moral responsible to perpetuate the human race.

Our failure is more due to circumstances of want or not wanting and a modern world of changing values and other forms of sexual exploitation. It maybe solely for the love of sexual lust and fanciful orgies rather than the responsibility of a cohesive family nucleus and the understanding of the evolution of the human species !!

Human the world over SCREWED-UP their lives one way or another. And that is what we called the evolution of the homo sapiens..We may not be better than the planet of Apes! It will be the degeneration and decadence of the human race!!!


    • Eunita De Beer Very interesting read - you sometimes blow me away!! Thanks Patrick, hope the last paragraph will proof not to be true.

      Wednesday at 6:23pm ·