Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goh Meng Seng and his politics of uncertainty.

Goh Meng Seng (GMS) and his politics of uncertainty...

As a friend my Hainanese 'sukee' Meng Seng is an easy going man, very accommodating to others. No airs, was a secretary general (SG) of National Solidarity Party (NSP). A political veteran.

I first heard of him was in 2006, when he was in the team anchored by Sylvia Lim to contest the Aljunied GRC GE. Then I did not know him yet.
WP (with GMS and James Gomez) lost the GE 2006. Both then left WP.

Then we heard he had joined NSP as a member. He was not the SG yet. So 'internal strife' began and he took the position of SG of NSP.

  I am not wrong if I say all politicians want power of control. But Meng Seng is a little different. As SG of NSP, he is open to suggestions and willing to listen. My close encounter with him and his personality was before GE 2011. When our then SDA needed people to make up the GRC of Pasir-Ris Punngol, and when I contacted him, he was most willing to loan us a member. I will not mention who he was.

In fact, I personally returned to SDA for the shortfall of candidates. I was already a member of NSP then, I switched camp for the bigger picture of not wanting PAP to walk over in Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC. It was not easy for SDA a small party to induct people. I fought not to win and we know we will not win yet, but for the belief of true democracy.

  Where in the world do we see so many walkover and PAP sailed in and coat-tail hanging PAP members not voted in and become ministers then? But GE2011 was all different..only Tanjong Pagar GRG on a technicality was a walkover.

 Meng Seng as a SG is unasuming and caring, he willingly let me go even though I just joined NSP as member and gave me his blessing..Another nice guy in NSP was Steve Chia, the former NCMP. Not that the others are not nice though.

  Before and after GE 2011, even with the mass exodus from Retarded Party (RP), (oophs Reform Party), NSP's results were not to expectation. Though the percentage of voters voted for NSP was high especially in Marine Parade GRC. no member was voted into parliament, nor as NCMP. So Meng Seng knew he has to prepare his exit route from NSP. And he left in good faith after the CEC meeting.

 Now as Goh Meng Seng Freedom, he is so free to write on Facebook. And lately he was writing more on WP. If I were GMS, I will remain a little silent to perfect my mind. He even become so ridiculous to say that this Punggol East BE, WP should give way to SDP. Does he really have the astute political dimensional understanding of the picture that WP cannot and will not give way?

  SDP, is just getting their house in order after Chee Soon Juan was discharged from bankruptcy. But the stigma of past bad encounter with PAP is still etched in many people's mind..SDP cannot rush to redeem their lost legacy of past years. (Or was there a legacy for SDP to be proud of under Chiam See Tong then?) And we know how Chiam fell out of grace for his political wrong move and his nepotic succession, which consequently saw his party S'pore Peoples Party (SPP) totally wiped out. Chiam is still nursing his wounds of regret!! He should retire graciously in view of his fragile condition
due to two strokes. Clinging is a suffering, let go if he can.

 GMS should really remain silent but give more constructive political contribution at this time of PAP's low rating, not to have any axe to grind with WP. "Speak only if you can perfect on your silence"-( my often use quote). Because GMS was from WP, the more he should stay discerning,

 It was destined that way, if GMS did not switch party to be SG of NSP but remained in WP in 2011, after the GE (he was a member in the team that fought Aljunied GRC under WP banner in 2006), GMS would have been an MP earning his worth. And we would be able to see how he engages PAP in parliament.

Criticism can be sincere without the hatred of one's disposition.
As ignorance is the curse of god, knowledge and truth is where we fly to heaven. We should stay within the parameter of our worthy self.

 Silence may be golden at this juncture of political dis-array of PAP and the impending Ponggul East by-election.

  If PAP is trounced, Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) will lose more credibility as a 'SORRY' PM. And this time round no one will buy his sweet nothing rhetorics.

Heaven awakes the sleeping fool where the intelligent is caught napping !!

 My (sukee) GMS please do not be caught napping lah!

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let us not be paranoid with the word 'FUCK'

Let me qualify and quantify the word 'FUCK'...When use in the right context it is a strong word meaning to reprimand or to scold .

 It is not really like I want to screw a person (having sex)...ask him to bend down and shaft it in !!

  Please have the right mindset when reading a strong statement especially with a strong emotional sentiments against the government's wrong doing....No word is more appropriate than to FUCK the system of PAP..(Peoples Action Party)

  So friends..have a right mindset and be mindful of the word, never think of the 'macabre.'  It simply means 'I REPRIMAND YOU' but the greater emphasis is 'I FUCK YOU.' And that does not mean a person is not culture enough !

 Mindfulness is the right awareness to express your dissent with the 'appropriate' of words..rather than a 'misnomer.'.

 FUCK the draconic and authoritarian system of PAP will prove the strongest point in this context !!!

patrick lee song juan

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Mother of all By-Election -Punggol East (PE)

  At this juncture of political awakening of the opposition, it is a good gesture that S'pore Democratic Party (SDP) is coming forward to prove their worth to S'poreans. They need that more than the other parties, if one knows the history of persecution by PAP and the mindless protest by Chee Soon Juan (CSJ), which propagated by PAP and MSM; put SDP in such a bad light.

SDP will be a force to watch in this by election (BE). They would have prepared themselves well and with a number of able people..notably Vincent W., It will be a party to watch though SDP will not win the contest but will not lose their deposit.

 S'pore Democration Alliance (SDA), the first to announce their participation - is too emotionally charged to salvage the lost pride of last GE when DL (Desmond Lim) was trounced mercilessly.
SDA will be lucky to garner 5% vote and gone will be the deposit..Not facing reality of political nuance.

  Reform Party (RP), since after the GE 2011...had sunk into the doldrums. Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ's) ego, many of us have known too well, will take a shot to doom. He may be able to obtain about 8%. vote on the dim legacy of joshua B. Jeyaretnam (JBJ), his famous late father.

An independent, Benjamin Pwee, will not make any headway too. But after the last noise from him, there is no indication he is still targeting the PE BE..He may be just making some fracas only!

 Workers Party (WP), I do not see Low Thia Khiang not fielding Lee Lilian...It will depend on her convincing power of political rallying to win more votes, as WP is the brand now in S'pore opposition politics.

 PAP is hanging on a tight rope, knowing too well the ground sentiments are not to their favour. Who they field will decide on the tough outcome too...but definitely not Desmond Choo.

 SDP's CSJ is sensible to contact other opposition to sit down and map out a strategy...If the opposition can make any inroad to the bigger picture of GE 2016, this PE by-election will be it.

My take is for WP winning on a tight margin with SDP score at 25% of vote.
So, 5+8+25 = 38% taken in total by SDA, RP and SDP respectively.

The 62% will be fought between WP and PAP....and I believe WP may come out the victor at 32% of votes. The rest 30% goes to PAP.

 If SDA and RP can lower their ego and withdraw from the contest (knowing too well their attempt will be futile)...It would be exciting and interesting to see a three corner fight of SDP, WP and PAP. The outcome may be in this manner...26% SDP, 40% WP and 34% PAP !

Though SDP may lose this PE participating in it..This partake will be a benchmark to much acceptance the citizens see in SDP (when those years was branded a 'mad party' under CSJ - uttered from the ground and coffee-shops)

 Let see how close I will be with my prediction !

patrick lee song juan

  • Tuesday, December 25, 2012

    The difference between Joshua B.Jeyaretnam and Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

    The difference between Johsua Benjamin  jeyaretnam (JBJ) and kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) - is world's apart! A true story all would have known.

    I have always respected JBJ for his true grit to fight for the right cause for S'poreans against PAP...Though he may be too hotheaded to go head-on. But he never betrayed any opposition parties or slighted them.

     When the son KJ came back from UK and was inducted to Reform Party (RP) by my friend Ng Teck Siong (NTS) then RP's Chairman, KJ did what he should not do, KJ literally kicked Teck Siong out.

    Teck Siong was JBJ right hand loyal man even when JBJ was SG of WP...(Low Thia Khiang was still unknown.)

    When JBJ handed WP to Low, Teck Siong followed JBJ and they formed Reform Party...

    Out of nowhere KJ came back from UK and wrestled and gain control of RP and the rest was history..

    Now all knows what kind of personality KJ is compared to his father which many respected....

    Before the GE 2011, KJ wanted to join force with SDA (S'pore Democratic Alliance), comprising of S'pore Peoples Party (SPP), S'pore Justice Party (SJP) and PKMS. His proposal was so absurd,  it was shot down by Desmond Lim, the SG of SDA. And that began all the bickering of the opposition.Chiam and Desmond were at loggerheads due to disagreement on the proposal of KJ's points of joining SDA .

    KJ was a true cesspool stirrer to dis-unite the opposition. In so doing, SPP's Chiam See Tong had tiffs with Desmond Lim, cumulated till SPP withdrawing from the Alliance after much squabbling. It was a disgrace to the opposition. PAP was having the last laugh!

    Due to  KJ unreasonable leadership, a mass resignation began when about 10 RP members resigned enbloc when the GE 2011 was drawing near. Two scholars in Hazel Poa and husband Tony Tan were in the mass exodus. So, RP was crippled for good... KJ got to swallow his own medicine as the most incompetent Secretary-general to be so disgraced by nobody but himself! With that, National solidarity Party (NSP) gained by the exodus when many ex-RP members including Nicole Seah joined NSP. Suddenly NSP was a 'force' to reckon and RP sank deep into the abyss. To this day RP is so mediocre and devastated. The party is almost a shell only !

    It is a legacy lost and I just feel sad for JBJ, a one time great opposition leader of S' have a "double first but triple last" son !!!

    LKY had sleepless nights because of JBJ and all the dirty politics of LKY came in to nail a good man !!

    JBJ died embracing the true spirit of fighting for the cause of S'poreans!!
    And he was not a power hungry leader not like many present day political leaders !!

    patrick lee song juan

    Thursday, December 20, 2012

    Is there a lesson to be learned for the Opposition Parties??

    REFRESHING OUR MIND AGAIN in a nutshell...Is there a lesson to be learned for the Oppositions to surge for an inroad into the LEE dynasty and PAP monopoly ??

    Looking back into the 52 years of PAP hegemony and how PAP used underhand methods to stay in power by silencing many good opposition candidates....

    Opposition was doomed from the start when MPs of Barisan Socialis (BS) walked out of parliament years back! The monopoly of PAP rule was a given gift by BS and it perpetuated till today!!!

    To these day, opposition parties are still searching for an inroad into parliament.

    WP created history to make the first breakthrough.. Beyond that, opposition unity is so questionable!! WP seemingly stood so independent of themselves!

     Opposition unity was and still is none...bickering was plentiful, especially when GE drew in GE 2011...

      RP and SPP's engagement of married then was like a fat lady lying on top of a skinny man...with no orgasm but brute force from RP's thrush .....and the rest was sad history....

     RP nailed its own coffin by its egoistic SG and a mass exodus took place...and that was also sad story to be recorded in opposition history....It will be tough for RP to recall the legacy of JBJ...It is  incredibly sad, shattered in the hands of KJ....

     NSP reaped the harvest by that exodus...but did not stand up strong in GE 2011..No representation in parliament. It catalyzed the departure of NSP SG Goh Meng Seng.

     SDP was also mediocre with the results of GE 2011and SPP was doomed from the start with Chiam's wrong tactical move that sank like Titanic. SDA failed too with Desmond Lim's KO in complete disbelief.

     Can the tides turn against PAP come 2016 will all depend on how well the Opposition can comprehend their own strength and weakness to challenge the dictatorial rules of PAP.

     WP in the coming by-election of Punggol East will secure it (if called by the weak kiasu and kiasee Pinky)...shattering the PAP's hope to retain their turf. Another awakening for PAP to wonder why

    they are losing ground!! Citizens many have realised a change must be in the offing, to rid PAP of their arrogance of doing what they like with their absolute power...As the victor is king always !!!

     The power is fading, the demise and decline is imminent for PAP, it only needs the Oppositions to stay focus on genuine issues not farcical frivolities !!

    patrick lee song juan

    NSP -  National Solidarity Party
    GE -   General Election
    SG -    Secreatary General
    SDP - S'pore Democratic Party
    SPP -  S'pore Peoples Party
    WP -  Workers Party
    SDA - S'pore  Democratic Alliance
    RP -   Reform Party
    JBJ -   Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam
    KJ  -   Kenneth Jeyaretnam

    Monday, December 17, 2012

    Moral Hazard, Socialing Losses and Privatising Gain - The mistakes of Transport minister Lui Tuck Yew

    The last thing our government should not do is to rob the citizens to fund the running of a private concern - profit-making and part-shared by Temasek Holdings!...The SMRT !!!

     Is there any morality in the way Lui tuck Yew jumped into an easy conclusion to have commuters shared the cost, by raising the bus dr
    ivers wage. But U-turn due to mass-outcry and sweetly cajoled us that the increase of fare will give a smoother ride to the commuters..."Is he trying to give a lollipop to a small kid!"

    A hand-picked minister, not voted in by the people under the GRC system, he lost his credibility using his shallow mindset to arouse the citizens wrath and emotional well-being with his "moral hazard" of action..

    Is he fit to be the minister of transport??...but then I did gave him accolade when he started well during the MRT fiasco of mas-breakdown last year. I withdraw that! That debacle saw Saw Phiak Hwa sacked!!

    As citizens must have realised that after the 'storm', the govt will not send relief assistance to its own citizens but further flame the disaster!

    S'poreans are always at the receiving end! How and when can we stop all this??

    Is he not causing the moral hazard by socialising losses and privatising gain under the circumstances. Yet deluding himself on the true issue !!

    No one will be bothered if he acts stupid but then he is abusing that privilege !!

    Many will agree with me, how can we let sub-quality ministers to be earning million of dollars of tax-payers money !!

    Has PAP lost their foresight to pick such ministers like him, as well as Lim Sia Suay and Tan Chuan Jin...

    S'porean are watching each and every performance of the younger cohort of ministers. So please show your worth to be earning what you are earning!!

    S'poreans has been taken for bumpy rides for far too long now!

    Is there another awakening to come when the indecisive weak PM LHL calls for a by-election of Punngol East !!

    patrick lee song juan

    Saturday, December 15, 2012

    Why the By-election of Punngol East will be another setback for PAP?

    The karma of life and one's doing cannot be taken lightly....With all these years of PAP rule, life has become more unbearable for the average citizens.
    Making ends meet, loan repayment of HDB, wages not increased in tandem with the cost of living..etc...

    Hence, Heaven has a way of punishing evil-doers who care more of themselves, enriching the taxpayers money than seriously helping the citizens to live by. Many lamented, life under PAP is stressful now, not like 30 years ago when life also under PAP was more 'peaceful and happy. Why??

     Events that occurred, like the SMRT drivers episode, everything is thrown back to the citizens by Lui Tuck Yew, instead of solving the root of the problem, he is defiant to increase transport fare next year. Why must the commuters suffer when it was not the citizens fault. SMRT is a profit making vehicle for Temasek Holdings, linked to PAP !!

    We citizens were at our wits end and then a bolt of lightning struck! The cosmic stars assisted in human failures and misdeeds.

      Michael Palmer has to tell the whole world and (S'pore) that he has an illicit love affair with Laura Ong..."Tell Laura I love her"...The truth is PAP statement released at press conference on Michael tryst painted him courageously admitted his wrong-doing...But all knew it was a whistle-blower that cornered him to do so. So even in defending Palmer, PAP has lost their moral dignity to defend Palmer's courage, har!. Which man would admit a tryst, I won't...Would you Big Nose or Pinky or any man??

    So, it paves the way for PM LHL to decide to call a by-election...With opposition parties and netizens weighing in that LHL has little choice, must hold the by-election. Michael Palmer resigned as MP and Speaker of parliament.

    LHL is in sixes and sevens, knowing that PAP's popularity after so many bloppers and gaffs from his ministers, it is suicidal to hold that By-election. But then LHL cannot not call for it..The world and S'poreans are watching his weakness as a PM..Life under LHL's leadership has not become better!! All know too well why.....The nation prospers, yet the average citizens suffers !!

    A weak PM is one who cannot let go to see the bigger picture of political participation. To veteran politicians of S'pore and the world, it is not a big deal to lose one little seat in view of the majority of his people in parliament. Why jerk your knee and be seen trembling??

    As I always say, politics is not about control but to understand and let go at the appropriate time for healthy representation in parliament. PAP has been too comfortable with such majority that they just believe they are the only party that can rule S'pore...What a selfish thinking ?? Are they par excellence!??

     Once again Punggol East will be a close contest...but with the emotional sentiments and wrath of citizens, always short-changed by the PAP govt, citizens have been awaken to venture and try a new opposition MP into parliament!

    Big Nose Teo Chee Hean may go hand-on to the Punngol East residents but does he know he blew the Hougang by-election by talking too much craps, it will do more harm than good to PAP....He spat too much nonsense from his Big nose. "Buddha said "Speak only if you can perfect on your silence" - Think about it TCH !

    With PAP's popularity at all time low, and the way, Tan Chuan Jin and Lui Tuck Yew handled their respective piece on foreigner drivers and transport fiasco, it will further dent the chance of PAP retaining Punggol East.

    The writing is on the wall, chances are good for Workers Party if no other party is to contest, based on the GE 2011 result of 41% to WP. The 20% of fence-sitters will swing some votes in WP's favour.

    PM LHL has little choice but to call the by-election. Failing which, the world and citizens will view his indecision  as being a weak and 'kiasu' PM unable to face reality of political change and transition...And it is just one seat at stake and he must 'CONSIDER CAREFULLY !" call the by-election in his own words..

    IS THAT THE QUALITY OF A PM OF S'PORE???....which many knew it is the nepotic transition of the Lee dynasty that put him now on the hot seat after Goh CT warmed it for him.

    So, all knew without LKY, there will be no LHL!

      The way for a good government is as you say and I quote your words..."empathy, altruism, compassion and love!" but do you really mean what you said and the deep implication and meaning of the words or just a mouth-piece sweet talk to hood-wink the citizens...???

    I feel sorry for you...and you did said a big SORRY the last GE....What happen to your sorry to the citizens...Everything bounced back to the govt's oppression and high-handled-ness again.


    PAP, LHL and TCH will be dealt a big blow the second time after Hougang.
    The indication is loud and clear for the slow demise of PAP hegemony...By 2021 parliament may or will have a two-party representation. It will depend on how the opposition can regroup themselves and consolidate with quality candidates..not slip-slops. And we do not need scholars too !! What have the scholars of PAP done to S'pore??

    SDP may be the second party on the inroad to have a GRC in parliament if they stay with prudence, come GE 2016 !

    Latest Edit (22/1/13): Now Punggol east is a 4 corner fight. But WP will still be the victor with RP and SDA losing their deposits..WP to win by 52% votes...

    patrick lee song juan

    LEGEND: LHL - PM Lee Hsien Loong
                     TCH - DPM Teo Chee Hean
                     LKY - Lee Kuan Yew

                     GCT - Goh Chok Tong
                     SDP - S'pore Democratic Party
                     HDB - Housing and Development Board
                     PAP - Peoples Action Party
                     SMRT - Spore Mass Rapid Transport.
                     WP   - Workers Party

    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    Tell Laura I love her! - Michael Palmer & Laura Ong

    "Tell Laura I love her!"

    Laura and Michael were lovers
    They met at a start-car race
    Michael forgot his standing as MP
    His standing were underneath !

    Was forced to ask for reprieve
    There goes his half a million fee
    Now all S'poreans are singing with glee
    It open the chance for a By-election spree.

    But LHL is morally weak to proceed
    Knowing too well the resultant fact
    PAP will be thrash in defeat
    Another seat lost is such a shame.

    For PAP cannot take the pain
    To face the reality of opposition gain
    The time has come for PAP's slow decline
    In the hand's of that pinky guy.

    Rejoice! citizens in one heart and mind
    In time to come, all our woes will be left behind.

    patrick lee song juan

    PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) is in a dilemma !

    The time has never been so precisely co-incidental to give PAP a great headache and pinky PM LHL his sleepless nights.

    PAP is at an all time low with the emotional sentiments and wrath of the citizens unable to redress the stress and hardship under PAP. In many ways Michael Palmer (PAP MP and Speaker of Parliament) did the citizens a good favour by his marital affair and that really screw up PAP in a quandary.

    We see even heaven is assisting the citizens, when the PAP, never listens but just do what they like in terms of their absolute power over the citizens and the way MOM handled the PRC drivers protest when Tan Chuan Jin said is 'illegal strike' How fair and unjustified power controls !!

    The present young cohort of PAP scholar ministers have high IQ but lacked EQ...completely lost touch with the common folks and ground! Most of them harp the master's melody without the empathy for human emotion!
    MP Gan Thiam Poh can say S'pore have 3.5 million people (true blue S'poreans, not including the 2 million foreigners!), hence PM LHL should have a salary of $3.5 million dollars. How idiotic is this kind of thinking!!

    Now...we do not know whether to love or hate Michael Pa;mer, and according to LHL is a good Speaker in parliament. Who cannot be a 'good' Speaker if you are having a $500,000 paycheck every year excluding six to twelve months bonus !

    The best of times, the worst of times is now for the people of S'pore to kick the arse of PAP and this can be done with the impending By-election for Punggol East SMC.

    The citizens of S'pore are watching you, PM LHL to act with impartiality and expedite to call for a By-election. No excuses please!

    Politics is not about full control, it is about how and when to let go. This will gain greater respect by the citizens of S'pore.

    We adhor the authoritarian, draconic,despotic and autocratic govt ! The greed and selfishness in a govt, with no compassion for the people of S'pore, only sweet talks and unpopular policies!!

    The imminent decline of PAP will be like the powerful Roman the march of time..and time is the demise of all beings...of PAP!

    Punggol East SMC will go into opposition hand..with WP as the main contender if a By-election is called for.

    LHL has little choice but to call for the By-election.

    What will the citizens' emotions be, if  LHL decided not to hold the By-elections! He will do more damage to  PAP when he arouses the emotional health of sentient human beings...We just want you to know!

    Head you lose now, tail you will lose too....Be  a decisive and caring leader. You did not demonstrate that you possess these qualities!.

    I sympathise with you PM with "empathy, altruism, compassion and love" -using (LHL) your words in your sweet speech to the citizens. We the citizens won't buy that any more.

    patrick lee song juan

    Monday, December 10, 2012

    Dr Chee Soon Juan, his strength and weakness in the politics of Singapore.

    Many of us are happy that Dr Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) is being discharged as a bankrupt. World media reported that too !!

    Personally, I have met him many times. Let us remember the tumultous years of political finger-pointing and fabrication that put Soon Juan in a bad light. Right and wrong is just a thin line apart.
    Let us bear in mind that politics is always that UNSCRUPULOUS !! A Chinese saying:"The victor is king."

    Yes! the years of (mindless) courageous confrontation head-on with PAP was a real setback for Soon Juan. And with the media over-emphasized on issues and incident affecting CSJ, he was given a very unfair treatment! He believed in that lone crusade with no other opposition party playing any part of support.
    His courageous endeavour was futile against an autocratic goverment of pAP !

    And his jail terms for opposing the authoritarian and draconic policies were all his belief for a better S'pore. But he forgot that power controls and dictates. So CSJ was like an egg knocking on a rock.....incident after incident

    In one of my articles, I sounded to CSJ why be a jailbird rather than parliamentary bird where he can really spread his wings for the people.
    I also conversed with him in his office before the 2011 GE. But then his wings were clipped because of the bankruptcy on him.

    A new awakening of political will and determination has seen a change in CSJ's confrontational politics to a more participating one...It is a good sign for the S'pore Democratic Party (SDP)  and maybe for the people of S'pore!!

    We know many S'poreans still brand CSJ as stupid and mindless with the past various episodes that he encountered with the PAP...And many have discounted his worth and personality.

    Let us see the greater picture of CSJ entering 'rational' politics come 2016 and give him a chance to serve us as our vocal alternative voice in parliament when voted in....

    We do need courageous people and people with the angst to be fearless with PAP but with a sense of flexibility to debate issue... not head-on belligerence with the PAP..

    Only with able and daring people in parliament will the citizens of S'pore not suffer the indignity of the PAP's whim and fancy of their atrocious policies forced down all citizens gullet!!

    How long can citizens take it with duress and great stress than to do the right thing and vote for greater parliament representation of alternatives voices!!??

    All know too well, the cronies and scholar ministers are but the systems digits,
    harping the master's their exorbitant paycheck!!!

    How long do citizens want to be so suppressed under an oppressive govt.of PAP??

    The ONUS is on all of us CITIZENS to cast the right vote for a change for a better S'pore !!

    patrick lee song juan

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012

    The imbalance of justice in First World Singapore !!


    The rule of law is the ruler's law and others are given no ground to address their grievances. Men make law and the very men abused the law they created !

    The recent China bus drivers strike open up the heaven for many to see how a problem not properly resolved can escalate to cause greater repercussions not only to the company but to the government itself and affecting the general public.

    The lopsidedness of the issue surfaced like a sore thumb when Ministry of Manpower (MOM) stepped in to stamp off it as 'illegal strike.' The truth of the matter was a long drawn dis-satisfaction of the drivers' working and living condition and pay structure.

    Yet the law of the government came hard on them and one was jailed for 6 weeks. And to add insult to injury,  the very day SMRT said it will not increase the PRC drivers salary after the court;s sentence !!

    Twenty-nine drivers were immediately deported home with no grounds for appeal.
    Four is waiting their fate. Power dictates, just or unjust!!

    How imbalance can the law be when dealing with ordinary people..The full weight of the law crushed them into nothingness.....!!!

    We must look at the strike issue rationally. Yes! we do not cordon "strikes," What is legal and what is illegal strick in this context of one-sidededness..But when grouses fell on death ears of the management for a long time without proper action, what would we do if we are in their position....???

    Singapore government failed miserably in this aspect using their draconic laws to silent dissent (like those years of political storm - to silence the opposition). And the so-called 'illegal strike' was just a peaceful protest and walkout from work !!!

    How would the world of human view this episode unfolding in First World S'pore under the monopoly rule of PAP for 52 years ?? Whatever they say and do must be right, who can say otherwise when they are not enough alternative voices in parliament !

    The compassion of a being is not through the might of control and command. It is through the understanding of the emotional needs and upheaval of peoples' troubles to amiably assist in solving the impasse without using the might of power on 'lesser mortals.' Is there a compassionate law in the eyes of PAP???

    Our government has become more dictator-like with their authoritarian rule.  S'poreans obey under great duress but cannot do anything...except exercise the VOTE wisely !!!

    This strike episode is an eye-opener for all S'poreans...and the world to see the imbalance of justice in a First World S'pore...

    Our government is walking on a tight rope day by day...if not they would not have taken pains to have national conversation for  feedback..PAP's popularity is at all time low if a Gallup poll will to be conducted !!


    NB...SMRT'S DESMOND KUEK SHOULD BE SACKED FOR BEING BELOW PAR AS CEO enjoying his vacation overseas when the strike blew out of proportion disrupting the public...

    patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)