Saturday, July 31, 2010

We need an urgent change.

@Michael, well said and you have a compasionate heart. Our society only goes for the worthless (rather thousands of dollar spent by parents on the children) paper chase to bring out the quality of character you see in the present bunch of some misfits PAP Ministers and MPs, though we cannot make a sweeping statement on that! We have eyes to see..outcomes.

I am a Voice for the poor, a voice in the wilderness. Do the government listen to individual voices?? I advocate justice and care for the poor and deprived of society due not to their doing but the system they lived in. Many are marginalised. I do volunteer work for the senior citizens and some form of counselling. I am at SAGE.

We cannot change the world but in some small ways with concerted effort in unity we can change the life of others to the better. I believe the government can do much more rather than just LIP SERVICES.

If after 50 years, our citizen thinks the PAP are still that good and blinded by the yes! past achievements of the 'good old guard team', the citizens must open their eyes to the last 5 years of PAP sweeping policies thrushed down everyone's throat. "our throats are really sored man".

We need an urgent change for the better of SINGAPORE. We cannot sit on the fence and like Bryan said swing around (without our brief, or rather Bryan's not wearing it...(joking lah!) and enjoy self-gratification of the ding-dong with the populace suffering to make ends meet....HDB affordable..Foreigners the more the better, work CHEAP, better and betterest..Transport penalising many due to distance based travel..Senior citizens bear the brunch with their concession withdrawed. In fact now I pay more for my travel since July 3rd transport fare change.

"We live for the better of our lives..we do not live for the worst of our

The government is exacerbating our existence.

patrick lee song juan

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Emphasis on Competence in Politics

Competence in politics. Competence in politics is something that is nurtured with the passion to show how constructive and compassionate a politician can be...taking into understanding the phrase....never trust a politician.

The end result is where a politician is judged in terms of his competent PERSONALITY.

The hallmark of a political headroad is what value of credibility, honesty and consultative one can show.
It characterises the COMPETENT, CONSTRUCTIVE and COMPASSIONATE nature of a true politician.

YOU CANNOT AIM FOR LESS.....Collective competence brings out the best in the governing of the welfare of a country.

That is my take in competence in politics

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The politics of Oppositions

In certain aspects of your view I concur, but the term 'heinous ideas" of CSJ may be a liitle harsh Bryan. As I said, each politician has his/her own conviction as to which direction he/she is pursuing the dream of political supremacy of self or of the party.

Certainly, selfishness on part will be the stumbing block. The weightage of true politics must be 'not what I think is right for my party but 'what is right and beneficial for the right cause of the citizens at large'. In this respect, CSJ may have fared rather poorly. the sentiments of the electorate must be taken into consideration....

S'pore being domicillary, do not want any upheaval of events hence the general population has never approved of SDP's style of politics. When I met up with CSJ in quite a few occasions, I had an 'in-dept' discussion with him as to the direction SDP should go in view of the changing political climate many of us are facing these last few years of PAP's gaffes and blunders. SDP should not be seen as overly too confrontational and 'vociferous' in their approach against PAP because most S'poreans will not buy that.

You are right to say that other oppositions are shying away from SDP.
To each its own. In so far as opposition political unity is in the doldrums, S'pore will be a far distance compared to the opposition politics of MALAYSIA.

patrick lee song juan
(my comment on Facebook pasted to my Blog)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I give credit to Kojakbt of Facebook for opening up a can of worms on Jack Lin Xinli, a Joo Chiat CC YPAP leader.

Kojakbt: Salute you to divulge all the who's who email on FB. I am still in contact with Soo Sen when I was in the SCEC in Joo Chiat (SSCC). He is the only MP I can say holds some substance. That was the reason I helped in the grassroot in JOO Chiat and Siglap South CC (which was both under his advisership) When Soo Sen was dropped as Minister of State and Li Shiyan came in as Second Adviser to Joo Chiat CC, I emailed Soo Sen, I will not attend further meetings until PA struck me off. I left the grassroot unceremoniously.

Those years, there were quite a few high and mighty sycopants around. In fact, in any setup or organisation, there will be 'some-pain-in-the-arse-people. Never new, the younger educated YPAP jack lin thinks he is ministerial quality to utter insensitive nonsense to people. Does he think he can hide behind his butt?

Chan Soo Sen would be wrong to apologise on his behalf. Ask jack lin to issue a public statement and publish in the press for his youthful foolhardy words and apologise with the courage of a man. Show your MORAL COURAGE to do so.

patrick lee song juan

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(Comment on Facebook on Jack Lin's folly
copy to my Blog.)

Jack Lin's insincere apology - please read. Copy and paste from Facebook

My comment: Jack Lin is a young invertebrate (about 22 year old) grassroot supposedly leader of Joo Chiat CC YEC under MP Chan Soo Sen. Below is his insincere-reply apology posted on Facebook. I copy and paste on my Blog --patrick lee song below please...


from Jack Lin

date Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 9:19 PM
subject Subject: Re: Is this the way your YPAP behaves?

hide details 9:19 PM (22 minutes ago)

28th July 2010

Dear all,

I come here to apologize for several comments I made online. I am referring particularly to a statement that I have made on a website of Singaporeans as being 3rd class citizens. This was not accurate, I am a Singaporean, so are my friends and family, and my intended meaning have been clarified to the press but I am not here to argue about this. I am here to apologize.

Even if there was any misinterpretation, it is solely my blame for not making it clear. I would like to take the chance to apologize to those who are offended and I will be more careful with my choice of words.

It was not my intention to make these statements as a Joo Chiat grassroots leader and youth activist. I regretted the use of the PAP Facebook page to make the statement, as this made it difficult for others to dissociate me from my affiliations as a grassroots leader and party member.

Though I do not expect everyone to interpret this statement in the positive way as it is intended, I will still thank everyone for this learning experience. Once again, I apologize for the distress caused to everyone. Please accept my humblest apologies.

As I take time to draft a statement, I apologize for the time delayed and thank everyone for their patience.

Jack Lin

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

S'pore's 'First World Exellence' pays a price for high suicide

Suicide is the final resort of total despair. When help comes too late or some do not know where to seek assistance and counselling.

Many factors contributed to suicide. Hopelessness, loss of self-esteem, work, study stress, living and environmental stress. The totally uncontrolled influx of
Foreigners encroaching into tiny S'pore and the many job lost to foreigners is another trigger factor to suicide tendency.Poverty and how to make ends meet. The high cost of living in a 'first world country' like S'pore with many citizens living a third world existence. The mounting debts to pay...alas!

The false facade of every citizen is owner of public housing. All the PAP's credit? But to WHAT price one got to pay to own a HDB flat nowadays. 'AFFORDABLE' says Mah Boh Tan. Majority living under the perennial debts of serving the 30-year loan. If the sole breadwinner suddenly find himself out of job and with a few mouths to feed..a housing loan to service and other daily necessities to look after, this very STRESS factor will be a strong contributing factor for suicide tendency. It will trigger the the suicide explosion. Jobs will be hard to come by when you lose it and are in the age range of 45 years and above..The social and employers' stigma that when you are old you are useless, slow and a liablity to the system. PAP government knows better what I am saying....

Gilbert Goh my friend, was one such person who was out of job for a while and he encountered so many rejections in his search for a job...but by sheer will-power and determination he overcame the odds and started a "" to help unemployed or people who lose their job.

Behind the success of many men , there are women, Gilbert's wife is a pillar of encouragement, but not everybody is as lucky as Gilbert my friend, to find emotional solace in partnership in times of "when the world is crumbling down on you." Gilbert now resides in Sydney due to his wife professional work commitment.

Gilbert, hope you do not mind my impromptu introduction of your selfless profile. You brought up the 'very death of life' that many
S'poreans are fighting to live a decent life under the emotionally void world of the PAP government. All PAP ministers are dirt rich with their 'exorbitant obscene' high pay, they are totally out of touch of the common folks.

LIP SERVICE IS THE ONLY GOOD many PAP Ministers can yapper and yapper...Cheaper, faster and 'betterer'... to force the deprived citizens quicker, faster and 'betterer' to their grave. SIGH !

patrick lee song juan

Political Martyrdom

In taking a stance for political sacrifice, any political party that is seen as deviated from the normal norm of consultative politics, will always be branded. SDP, has never recovered since the day of reckoning when CSJ took over SDP under the wrong footing. As I mentioned earlier, the truth of the matter, many a times can be distorted and propagated by MSM and PAP, hence to this day CSJ has never able to redeem himself.

SPP was formed by CST and emerged a 'hero' in the eyes of the public. Till today SPP is synonymous only with Chiam, and people like Desmond Lim had done alot all these years as ASG but was never news-worthy. Any party worth its salt should have a succession of power not a succession of nepotism, putting PAP in perspective !!

SDP's politics in S'pore's docile climate, may be seen as confrontational.
But to each his own. The decadence of PAP's sweeping policies of 'limited democracy' freedom of freedom of peaceful protest, creating an atmosphere of fear among the citizens... Is this not a curtailment of citizens' rights and freedom ?

SDP stood out in this instance of political sacrifice to peaceful demonstration, to fight for freedom, for justice but can never beat the despotic system. Hence many of SDP's members and CSJ were jailed for their true cause for the conviction of justice for the people.... but many of us see it differently and the angle of view becomes 'acute' and SDP had never recovered from politcal self-sacrifice for the true cause of the rights of S'poreans.

BUT do we really care? Because many of us are not in politics, we will never understand the real sacrifice of a true politician. But than again, if you are a PAP politician, the ride is easier with a 'high tech bandwagon'. Hence many cronies associate themselves with PAP for a well-laid-out path to fame and fortune. Hence the present bunch of punk YPAP sprouting nonsense on the net.

When we are not in the picture, as outsiders we always smoke cigars !
But to SDP, they are smoking bitter cigars force on them by the system of authoritarism. So when the cigar is fragant and sweet we will never experience the bitterness of that spike cigar.

JBJ is one person that commanded my respect... he knew the bitterness but smoked the cigar till his last breath.....SDP's sacrifice is no less in terms, compared to JBJ.

Let us view the angle of politics obtusely not acutely. Regards

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life is just a stage show - Lee Hsien Loong crying in front of Dr Goh Keng Swee's coffin.

Life is full of 'wayang', death becomes a Shakespearean play of elaborated details that come to nought, for the dead cannot see the aplomb of men's fallacy of pretence.

"If you have a friend worth loving, love him. Yes and let him know you that you love him, ere life's evening shadows tinge his brow with sunset glow, why should good words never said of a friend until he is dead?" - Daniel W Hoyt.

Not for him the dead but for the people around to appreciate how many pails of crocodile tears are shed. A display of emotional emptiness !! That is human living in a delusive world !.... Yes! "only in death do we speak well of people; why not in life?" For death is the end all ......dead men tell no lie, the living lie through their teeth.

And our ex-president Wee Kim Wee in his book "Glimpses and Reflection" said
and I quote : "Death is the leveller of all things." -unquote. Everyone will be the same in death...what fame? what fortune? what power? what wealth?...It is but a legacy of a person's life. Time will dim many a memory. Only History can reminisce.

The impermanence of life with Time at a constant.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Indiscrimate Influx of Foreigners

Why did Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) gone back in his goverment words not to bring in more foreigners? Is it true that locals really cannot or do not want to accept the job given. 100,000 more foreigners to come !!

The bare truth is that wages have deceased all these years due to the paying of low wages to foreigners. How can citizens survive in our present S'pore with such high cost of living? HDB flats are ridiculously high by any standard and MBT still says it is affordable. What craps is he talking just because he is a minister without brains!!

Many citizens want to work but due to the council for Third Age pseudo policies of training and retraining, how many people are gainfully employed? Everytime someone got a job after his/her training ST will highlight with great aplomb. Disgusting! and behind the scene many senior workers are being redundant for young foreigners in the service and retail industries.

Even my wife with a statutory board was bought out with soft coaxing
when she still got two years to work. She held a senior position in the company. Many old friends too are prompted to retire with soft grace approach. Did the ST highlight all that? So, on one hand give lip service and lots of propaganda, the other hand asked you to leave and employ younger cheaper foreign worker. What have Lim Boon Heng got to say about this? My wife worked for the stat. board for 35 years and now what happened? Even with two years left, they paid her off to get younger foreign staff. I just have to bring this out to everyone's attention of what our PAP government is doing which they and the ministars will say 'CANNOT HELP IT'. A PACK OF PAP wolves in sheep clothings.!!!

So that is the reason why LHL want to bring in more foreigners for cheaper labour and wage and they can work longer hours and the employers need not contribute to CPF.

Please we as citizens are not as stupid as you think Lee Hsien Loong and Lim Boon Heng ???!!! and all the other bootlickers and crony ministers of PAP?

We (my family) are lucky due to the years of planning. Our children were graduated many years ago. But many S'poreans are left without a job in old age and penniless, which many older S'poreans are facing and with a house loan to service and other cost to take care of... what do you think is the quality of life for the average S'poreans?? Do the ivory tower ministers really care for the welfare of the citizens.

LHL please answer this question for the citizens?? Is the government giving a fair deal to the loyal citizens of S'pore?? WHY? WHY? so many FOREIGNERS. We can accept a reasonable number but not 1.36 million and increasing still...God help Singapore not PAP.

patrick lee song juan
(copy from my own comment on Facebook)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Asean-The toothless Tiger

Asean, from a few countries has grown into a 10-country complex organisation. Kavi C. Ann's perspective of Asean and its emerging power in SEA and Indonesia's prominence shows nothing but the innate POWER of individual entity of nations. Everyone want to be the leader.

Asean can never be homogenous. Conflicting ideas and proposal abound. Human rights infringement, curtailment of freedom of speech, social suppression. Can any Asean nation claim they are angel government.?
Myanmar sticks out like a sore thumb with its worst human right suppression of its citizens and the unjust detention of Aung San Suu Kyi. A dictatorship nation. Singapore, an authoritarian enclave under the despotic LKY, with self-enriching creed as of the "marriage" creed. Many citizens live life on the edge. The poor are marginalised. But S'pore is a first world nation.

No nation in this world can claim credulence to be a nation for the people by the people and with the people. Even the US, a liberal democratic nation, harbours so many hidden agendas in its foreign policies to bring the world into catastrophic topsy-turvy.

The invasion of Iraq is a case in point. To this day the countless innocent death and murders of innocent. Young troops sent to their death. So, is America the moral leader of the free world??

Asean will never be extraordinary in shaping the politics of SEA. China as the emerging economic power will replace US in our region. Japan will forever hang in the balance.

Middle East's conflict will cease only if US stop its one-sided policy on Israel. Palestines (Hamas) must understand that no one has the right not to let others exist. Peaceful co-existence is the only answer to middle-east's turbulent conflict.

Kavi C. Ann's wide view is her pespective of thoughts. A good article. But at the end of the day how Asean will emerge in the eyes of the World Arena, is left to the participating countries to show a clean record of governance and fair treatment of their citizens. Beyond that everything is a farce.

Asean may just be a toothless tiger, ferociously intimidating its very people but not doing more to the world at large. All the various Summits and Meetings can be just talk only. We shall see the progress in time...we are not Nostradamus. Let us not be N A T O. (No Action Talk Only).

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Of Bringing up a Child-The greatest parental Love

The modern faceless society breeds many emotionless stone-faced children. After all the years of nuture and care and education, the value of love is thinner than cellophane. A parental investment without any returns and many a times, heartache
the way children will treat the aged old parents in their twilight years.

Childbirth is the ultimate ecstasy of creation. A new innocent life is brought into the merciless world. The joy of parenthood to many cannot be expressed in words. A mother's joy, a father's delight.

The formatives years, the first sign of recognition of the mother, the first uttering of mama and papa, the first small unsteady step of babykind against the bold evil 'steps' of mankind.

Seeing the progressive development of baby's growth is the happiness joy... moment to moment.

Happiness lasts only in nostalgia when society and environmental influence is strong in molding the then baby into an adult. Many modern parents lose the grip on the basic upbringing of the children due to circumstances not to their desire but for the sake of a more comfortable living. Both parents usually hold a job each as compared to our parents generation where our mothers were usually the homemaker full time.

Modern children lose a lot of emotional bonding and tender care. The maid becomes their nanny and it makes a world of a difference to the warm and cohesion of the family.

Many parents try their best to balance work and family and some succeed, while others failed...Hence Jennifer Senior can say that .."I love my children, but I hate my life.."

Living and bringing up a child is a choice between two opinions...for we can never have the best of both worlds... can never be possible. We cannot compromise our priorities.

Please view my article in my Blog- on my grand daughter's first birthday....
It will bring you into a world of a new born.....the slow but steady progressive stages of her life till her first year birthday under the watchful and happy eyes of a grandfather.

I love Claire, my cute sweetie pie, now at one year and three months old.

patrick lee song juan

Filial Piety - Love and Respect your Parents

Never be unfilial to your parents. The day will come when the void becomes a chasm. Hug your parents. Utter kind words to soothe their heavy ears. Love them with all your heart. My father left us many yers ago. I guess I did not love him as much. I have my surviving mother at 94 years. We, all nine siblings, love her dearly.
Mother is a grand old dame... a great grandmother with grand children and great grand children.

The modern world of small families eroded the cohesiveness and warm of a large family of our parents time. Today's parents are both working. The value of respect and love are not well-imparted to the children. Less time is spent on their formative years. Sad. The education system failed miserably on the elite segregation of the top school, creating a crutch mentality of snobs and uncaring attitude to our fellow beings.

Children are also left to the maids and nothing is hands-down to them.
Maids are ordered around by these young children and their attitude will reflect on them in later years. They do not know what is respect to elders and parents.

The modern world degenerates into a society of faceless uncaring people....with no filial piety for their aged-old parents. And Khaw Boon Wan is setting a 'good' example to ask us to send our parents to Johore Bahru's old folks' home to stay. Thank you Mr Health minister!!

Alas! the cyclic effects of procreation and family values will reflect on them. An eye for an eye. By the same measure one day their children may also not treat them good as they have treated their parents. So treasure your parents, your loved ones
and life will be good and meaningful.

patrick lee song juan

Friday, July 2, 2010

Of Living, Love and Filial Piety.

The evolution of mankind, the modern world of living, the society of stress, of small families, eroded the very essence of family cohesion, warm, communication. With all that, a total fallout of parental and siblings understanding; giving rise to family alienation and lost of filial piety.

In olden days of yonder folklore, with cohesive large families staying together under one roof and sometimes three generations of family members co-existing in harmony. The patriarch of the household was well respected and all children, from parents to young siblings showed great filial piety to the grand old parents. And family value was passed down in practical lesson of example everyday. The elders were held in great esteem and parents, grandparents or even great grandparents were respected and filial piety was the order of the times.

Today's society is a sad cry of the past. Families are disspated. Both parents are working their wits out to maintain a status quo for the well-being of their one or two kids and along the way lose the very essence of emotional wants rather than materialistic wants. The children are brought up with maids and show little respect to the maid who looked after them. Where can they learned the finer points of respect and filial piety. The decadent of family unity, togetherness and warm.
No time to impart strong values to the children resulting in many unable to even behave in public not to say at home.

The education system of S'pore is a total failure on social etiquette. Many school kids are left on their own as lackies and roamed the Malls with alot of pocket money to spend. Sad, to look at their manners in public. Yes! there are good kids too but far and few.

Filial piety is not just a 3 minutes watch on a video produced by MCYS. It is a process of instilling a kid from young the importance of elder respect , of love , of care , of compassion and empathy for the very folks of yours and on a wider scale of society's under-privileged.

During Mother's Day on 9th of June 2010, I held a talk on Filial Piety at YWCA under the auspices of ARA (Active Retirees Association) and was well received with a packed room.

Love makes the world go round, understanding brings togetherness, sympathy brings care but filial piety brings about the cycle of human greatness unsurpassed in the perpetuation of emotion and spiritual well-being of one human to another, of child parental relationship in eternity.

Is there an eternity in our present faceless society of senseless pursuit of material wealth, casting aside the very wealth of human emotion and understanding and the bondage of a happy cohesive family?

We are lost in the vast universe of modernisation, unrealism, and we do not have a 'life' to live.....Is not living a life better off than we are not living ?

A simple good life is a happy good living.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Political victimisation of the Oppositions

Guess many do not see eye to eye with SDP's martyr style politics. But as you can see through the years SDP has gained regional and world recognition for its courage to stand up to the despotic regime of PAP, even with court case after court case and jailed and bankrupted.
Tonight, SDP's CSJ and Siok Chin were invited to attend an Independent Day function by the US Ambassador at Ritz Carlton. I wonder any other opposition
members were invited. No doubt, PAP will be represented.

I believe in the cause of justice against injustice. And in this setting, the deprived will always be the victim even if they are doing something rational but the draconic laws of PAP thinks otherwise.

Everyone has the right to believe the conviction of righteousness. CSJ is one man against the aircraft carrier 'USS Enterprise'. Lack of resources and fire-power. But defiant and courageous to the end for the betterment of life for Singaporeans. But many do not see it, is because MSM propagandised with collaboration of PAP to discredit SDP's CSJ and for that matter the social stigma is branded on his forehead.

As the young are more literate and internet savvy, nothing can escape and be distorted again. No more one-sided report. The internet age is the eye to the world of authentic news.

We shall see the future of S'pore unfolding not so by PAP's dominance but by able and youthful politicians arising for the transitional change of S'pore politics rather than political hegemony of a one party system of PAP. A two-party or multi-party system will be viable.

Look at Mandala, and Bishop Tutu. Through their struggle, ultimately they saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

S'pore's PAP will not rule forever. No party can rule forever. Nothing is permanent in life. The day will come that all the sacrifice will be worth the salt and SDP may have the last laugh.

We shall see the demise of the PAP slowly but surely.

Patrick Lee Song Juan
(First written on Facebook,
copied to my Blog)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Politicians and Dictators

The law of nature...

All human are prone to make mistakes. No one is perfect. Individualism abounds. When your rationality over-rules your mindset, many of us will do stupid things. No different with LKY in his octogenaric years. The trouble with LKY is... he does not know when to let go and transfer power to LHL. Sad... Now, the whole world knows PM LHL is but a digit in LKY's power domain. LHL by virtue is an intelligent guy.

Politicians are 'steadfast' only in the moment to achieving what they want. Beyond that, it can be a question mark, that is what I meant.

Despotic dictators and rulers of their sovereign countries were and are
mainly egoistic, full of pride, become irrational to reasons and command absolute power to control at all cause. Hence the downfall of many dictators. Never a smooth transition. The innate selfishness of every human being. Always remember the impermanence of everything on earth... than we will be saved.

Myself am never a perfectionist to anything. In fact after my recent 2 weeks retreat meditation in a Penang Meditation Centre , I find myself even more lacking in my betterment to be a 'saintly' person. I am working hard to try to reach 0.1 percent of mindful awareness of life.

Yes! S'pore's opposition parties need to grow amicably and with unity to oust the PAP along the way. But never forget, in the same measure, PAP are also growing with better advantage and surely alot of 'underhand' tactics to dominate the escalation of their political dominance.
I do not subscribe to any opposition party's perfection. Each has its strong and weak points. Everyday is an unfolding of events.

Lastly, I would like to recommend two books by Elhart Tolle for a good read: 'The New Earth' and 'The Power of Now'. After reading, one can balance one's life with the vast cosmic exuberance of the universe's complexities relating to the Ego, Pride and Failing of the human race.
The mantra in life is the abitity TO LET GO.... living will always be a gem !!

All famous and great leaders of history failed miserably due to their inability "TO LET GO"...... regards

patrick lee song juan
(first written on Facebook,
copy to my Blog)

Why Hazel Poa and Hubby should not join Reform Party

The main politics one must be steadfast and...
be able to hold your own in terms of delivery of words and actions. In this respect, Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) is totally lacking in substance. Alot of insinuation. Secondly, as a new kid on the block, a lot of humility will serves him well. He is over ostentatious.

Hazel Poa and hubby have their own free will to join any party. The fact that they chose RP, may be due to the strong 'double first' that KJ holds in his credentials. Don't forget Hazel and hubby were scholars with colourful credentials too.

In human encounter and interaction, if one possesses the angst in human understanding and sincerity in character, it doesn't matter if you are a taxi driver because your personality shines. Again this is lacking in KJ. Though I have not met KJ, but the various press conference and release of his, he is deemed a solipsist. I would like to meet him to learn from him.

S"pore Democratic Party (SDP) though under tremendous persecution by the PAP, the party and members hold unity; even was jailed for many times fighting for the right of S'poreans and along the way the compliant Court bankkrupted Dr. Chee and his sister Siok Chin to deter them from any chance of candidacy in the coming elections. Is not this party(SDP)the moral courage to fight on with all odds aganist them and never falter? In the eyes of the simple-minded citizens, they will brand SDP but gradually the light is showing at the end of the tunnel.

Worker's Party (WP), helm by LTK is established and decent in its approach to the policies of PAP. Only when Sylvia Lim was inducted into WP and fought at 2006 election in Aljunied GRC and emerged with 44% opposition support that jolted PAP into greater 'graciousness' to accept that not all minds are alike and will buy PAP's rhetorics. Sylvia Lim has the moral courage and discretion to be a great politician by her participation in questioning the PAP's policies in parliament. But the sweet voice was always drowned by 82 powerful sycophants of PAP.

I wrote a post-morten email to George Yeo on the reason why Aljunied GRC showed such results ((after the 2006 failure to PAP not gaining more support from the voters. PAP and the big 'Guns' were blinded by attacking mercilessly on James Gomez that backfired. LKY called names and no one dared to sue LKY. No used to do it. Vice versa, if the oppositions did that they will be dead duck!)) George Yeo acknowledged my email for the thoughful insight given. I still have it in my folder till today.

No party will last forever as is life's impermanence. PAP should be gracious in defeat any ttime now and not as LKY said about bring in the army. S'pore is not Burma under miltary rule and autocratic.

So, Hazal Poa and hubby due to youthful inexperience may have joined the wrong party. But to each his/her own. I wish them the best. But again when KJ said in the interview with CNA tha Hazel Poa can be the next friend Bryan Ti (was struck awed) and dropped his denture on the floor and luckily it was intact less KJ is liable for 'circumstantial' damage. Bryan Ti will not sue you because he is not LKY or LHL and his ministers.(always happy sueing!)

patrick lee song juan
(First written on Facebook,
copied to my Blog)