SOCIAL COHESION is a its lowest after the ping pong girls won two bronze medals for S'pore.

Instead of uniting all S'poreans for that winning success...We can see that the emotional disgust and sentiments of (our government) not doing more for citizens to achieve true Social cohesion !! THEY ARE PROMOTING MORE AND MORE ON FOREIGNERS !!

We are a nation that are more divided by the social online f
eedback on this issue !! Why is the governments so adamant that we all are happy with the pseudo 'fame and glory' of the two medals..More pressing issues are at hand to tackle....

SOCIAL COHESION is at its lowest at this point ...and it will be realised into VOTES of dissent come next GE !

So that what the government are doing to divide the citizens...propagating and parading the win as though it is S'pores achievement...Many of us know it is not...It is CHINA's success !!!

Is the government so blind to the reality of just two bronze medal success and fail to see the wider picture of their imminent mistakes !!
patrick lee song juan