Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where are the Oppositions heading from here ?

@DexterLee, ..hahaa! I love Hainanese chicken rice you know...

Good and impartial viewpoint of S'pore's political scenario. How would you rate WP in this context of all the 'hally-bula?' Low TK is pretty quiet for a Secretary General...must be broiling something good for the electorates. Silence at times can be an 'anti-climax'. (like a double orgasm go wrong hahaaa!) WP should be doing well this coming election and I really wish them well.

It is about Time for WP and SDP and for that matter newbie RP to show true substance of deed not just words of 'thin air'. NSP may or may not rise to the occasion. It all depends on Goh Meng Seng. SDA (SPP) is now in the doldrums with the self-serving power control of Chiam's(CST) successor..the 'green' Lina Chiam. CST's greatest political mistake in his declining years. Sad, sad!

Desmond Lim(DL) is hanging on a tight-rope...the noose is around his neck. And DL is good at some form of manipulation (being a two time veteran at the polls). And his prominence lately was thanks to Lina Chiam with her x-factor comment on Desmond in the Straits Times even when he was never mentioned assisting CST at Potong Pasir for 14 years. Imagine for 14 years!! Why the hell did he stay on for CST and now get the shit smacked into his face by no other than CST and wife. OMG !!

For Chiam only want the limelight for himself. And this is also his own nemesis !! We will see what is up on Desmond's sleeves with PKMS, SJP and SF (Socialist Front) the newest kid of the block, to give him certain form of support.

He may become the new SG of an Alliance in the form of PKMS, SJP AND SF provided no one fight for power to become the new SG of the 'shadow'-coming up alliance. I may be wrong you know. Regards.

patrick lee song juan
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is Election Smart !

Has SDP gone soft in their approach to Democracy and Freedom in the face of PAP dominance? No, they have not. they have strategized their stand. I believe this is the right and rational stand SDP should take to engaged PAP for the benefit of Singaporeans. As I had mentioned before, S'poreans will not like people to keep on going to 'Changi palace' (jail) for free meals. S'poreans definitely would like to see SDP to have candidates voted into parliament and spread their wings, soaring with the freedom of representing citizens for the lacking voice in parliament.

SDP has not gone soft but election smart! The currents issues and are those that strike at the heart-string of citizens viz..high cost of living, influx of foreigners, ministers overpay and minimum wage, etc. These are the real 'bread and butte'r urgency of everyone. Citizens will not care what is democracy and freedom of speech when they themselves are speechless to try to make ends meet. And not only SDP did not help to solve their woes, SDP members seem to enjoy going in and out of 'gaol' for no better reason than for their so-called democracy and freedom of speech. May I ask..can Democracy and Freedom even if they do materialize...will that automatically give the citizens all the needs they want and make their ends meet?? Hence citizen lots are pragmatic jailbirds can never help us. Parliamentary birds can. Guess the picture is now void of its silhouette (meaning it is clearer.)

So, confrontational politics and 'civil disobedience' or disturbance is not a brand of politics in S'pore. The consultative approach is the right approach. SDP did a fantastic job at their rally on 25.9.2010 at Speakers corner.

The only eye-sore that is not in congruency to the event is the speech by Vincent Cheng. Yes! all of us do not want ISA. What had happened was years ago. I personally am sympathetic to Vincent's ordeal. And definitely the PAP government had done grave injustice to many political victims of ISA. But can they turn the clock back on their predicaments? Dr.Lim Hock Siew in one of his famous youtube video speech on his detention was so poignant, I really became emotional too when I watched the video speech. It is always easier to have our head over-ran our heart. As long as we can let go the hate and injustice...we will be a happier person, which I noticed the sadness in Dr. Lim countenance.

It is really sad to be unhappy when we know not much can be done yet. Patience may be the art of hope and faith.. will see us through our ordeal. So, I hope Vincent Cheng will try to forget that he only slept 3 hrs when he was arrested 'donkey years ago'. The impending thought is as derogatory as a troubled mind. Fong Swee Suan is one ISA victim now leading a happy life. I know I can never experienced what they had gone through. That I have to salute all political victims of ISA.

SDP will do well following the road to peaceful transition of power. The opportune time will come. It is only the essence of an awakening.

For nothing is indissoluble. We will live to see the change take place and who knows Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) will be the dominant party of the opposition, hand in hand with Workers Party (WP).

PAP will go down in history as the longest surviving party to rule
Singapore for 60 years !! That is 10 more years to go !?

patrick lee song juan

Monday, September 27, 2010

Singapore Democratic Party's (SDP) Rally on 25.9.2010.

I attended the SDP's rally at Hong Lim Park around 5.45 pm. A sea of red 'algae' party members and huge red flags. All of Dr Chee books were on sale to help finance the coming election. As what TR said ..The youth wing spoke first. Yes! Malik spoke a little while and thanking his boss Michael for the understanding. Well, let see how he moves on.

Jarrod spoke too. But I was more interested in the picnic mood and chatting around. Tan Kin Lian, Dr Wong Wee Nam, Vincent Cheng, Alan Shadrake, even Ravi was there, NSP Goh Meng Seng and his gang with Steve Chia there too.

I mingled around and took a snapshot with Soon Juan. I chatted with Kin Lian, Vincent Cheng , Goh Meng Seng, Dr Wong W.Nam. I also chatted with Alan Shadrake regarding his court case this coming 16th Oct. Ravi is defending him.

I did not really listen so intensely into the speech of each individual.. Jarrod Luo the youth leader spoke in Mandarin and was quite impressive...A new chap a botak Vincent Wijeysingha(VW),(with a 'Permanent-head-Damaged'..due to his botak head....I mean a PhD guy) spoke at length and too long for comfort and this is interesting when he said that when he took a taxi to Hong Lim Park in the morning when the Rally only began in the evening and the Taxi friend asked him why he goes to Hong Lim park. VW said about a SDP rally there and the taxi man said nowadays life is hard for many people and things are too expensive. Wow! even taxi man also said must be true! Life is really not so good for many you know??!!

I wonder how this VW chap can help the people who lost their job with 75% of last drawn pay for 6 months another 50% for the next six months and 25% for the final six months and did not elaborate how the money can come about to support his idea of such generosity. New guys always have better bad for a start??

Vincent Cheng spoke as usual of his detention and force submission of guilt and at what time he was taken 5am in the morning and he still remembered he had only 3 hrs sleep before the rude awakening. Really sad for a man who had injustice done to him through the drastic ISA and forever his freedom was curtailed and he lived a bitter life of never forget what had happened to him. Before his speech, I had a brief conversation with him and he agreed with me that many friend too asked him 'to let go' as I did to him 'the animosity of hate' but then he still went up to speak on his past predicaments....well never can let go ..To each his own but I feel sad for him....

Jufri spoke, (his usual versatile self) and as TR also mentioned took potshot at MM as a 'fortune-teller'.With such obscene pay but always predicted the wrong thing. The crowd laughed.

Before Vincent Cheng and Vincent W. spoke, Kin Lian and Anabalam (Chairman) and John Tan (Assist.SG) also spoke. Anabalam just 'flew out of 'Changi palace' according to John Tan. I always wonder why can't they (SDP) fly in the right direction into parliament rather than Changi palace. Maybe Changi palace has free catered food! Parliament should be better..MP allowance about $13, know !!

Later Siok Chin spoke with her commanding voice and I really was mesmerized. I listening intensely. She touched on the COL, the tariff on PUB increased and so forth. Strong woman you know...I like her.

Last but not least, Soon Juan spoke and nothing really new ..the usual fare and how Maboh Tan thinks that 6.5 million people 'cannot sink S'pore. I think this Shorty maboh tan is totally out of touch with the ordinary folks and move around in his chauffeur limousine, he and all the 'ministars' couldn't care less if you are packed like a sardine can....really sad days for citizens..All 'sardine sandwiched' in time to come.

The grand finale was led into singing by our very Tom Jones of S'pore the handsome Dr Chee on "We are the World" and the camaraderie prevailed till about 9pm then the rally ended...Everyone live to fight another day...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

SDP's brand of Politics in the Fold of PAP

I always believe SDP can do much more if CSJ did not start his campaign on a personal vendetta against PAP. Yes! PAP and MSM propagated his misery and cast aspersion to his cause. CSJ aggravated it through thoughlessness of action !!

SDP's form of democracy, at times is view more 'confrontational' and smacks of 'civil disturbance'. I suspect that due to SDP's relentless effort to bring attention to the public in their brand of politics...the government re-invented counter-measures to curb SDP's 'free movements'. And SDP are the most famous 'jail-birds of our century ..going into the Guinness book of records as the most number of members in one party in the world to be in and out of 'Changi palace'.

SDP's ideology may be simple but in the eyes of the government when you are not with us , you are against us. Your democracy may be right for you, embracing 'western norms of 'over-liberty'. But to PAP it is a no-no in the context of our Asian values and culture. Hence in this area CSJ failed quite miserably to try to inject over-strong socialism into a system of monopoly governance by the PAP.

A good bet for SDP will be, go with the flow of the tide and try not to knock an 'egg against a solid rock'. There are many ways to fight absolute and authoritarian rules....going to 'gaol' is definitely not one of them. We live to fight another day.....why be bankrupted by the authority which is playing into their 'domino game'.

Stay smart please !!

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew

Bryan, I am confused, is this piece penned by you or a reproduction of Emeritus Professor Milne or Associate Professor Mauzy. (and the irony is MM in both initials)

A well written piece that covered the style, governance, authority and grasp... of power by the PAP system. The psychological political indoctrination of policies to the masses and the drastic action taken on opposition dissenters, especially the prominent ones. Hence, the legacy of Lee Kuan Yew perpetrated to this day.

The elitiist atmosphere bring forth social snobbish in segregation of schools, as independent. And forever the youth of S'pore's mental attitude go through a 'higher than others' egoistic demeanour.

So, in comes the new generation PAP MPs. High and mighty scholars and way off the ground mark but profess to 'wear double or triple mortal board hats' which can never fit into a round peg.

Gone were the days of the old guards of understanding and more emotional attachment to the ground level of people. A prominent standout is our Late Dr Goh Keng Swee. Some others are worth mentioning too.

With 'our last of the Mohicans' surviving to this day...the LKY legacy will be a worthwhile history book for the students to absorb what it is like in a power of control by one person manipulating and leading his cohort of ministers into this modern era that sees so many 'under-par scholastic ministars' who are never emotionally in touch with the people and were back-door entrees without a vote casted on them !!

A strong cast of invertebrates listed are; Mah Boh Tan: 'affordable', Raymond Lim: 'fair fare-system'; Vivian Bala: 'hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant'. Gan Kim Yong; 'the more the merrier, influx of foreigners', Wong Kan Seng; 'it had happened' (mas selamat's escape); Lim Swee Say; 'better, betterer and betterest, cheaper,faster and lagi cheaper"- the honorable clown of PAP.

That is the Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew into the history book of infamy. But the old patriarch..he is as solid as a rock which many 'eggs were smashed into it'.

Lee Kuan Yew's legacy will live on with a love-hate relationship to many as a man of great vision that had almost, I say almost, transformed Singapore as it is today..into prosperity, into first World S'pore, into everything proud to look at from the outside world but never better in the inside homes of the poor, destitute, citizens (especially the senior old folks) many are surviving with meagre salary, high COL, increase and increase and PAP (PAY and PAY).

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Relevant can a Political Rally Be ?

Soon Juan, it is really a historical SDP rally this coming Saturday. I will be there. Tan Kin Lian with his experience in the insurance industry will be relevant in his delivery of unemployment insurance. And the other topic which is of wide interest of minimum wage to the plebeian will definitely enhance many work-life situations and more citizens will like to come out to work if they find it worth the while having a minimum wage.

Today's S'pore ask me who will want to work for a mere 600 or 800 dollars..which cannot even make ends meet. Only the foreign imports will go for it because the are choosing from the 'devil and the deep blue sea'

It would be great to hear Vincent Cheng's side of the story of his injustice detention...but does it not seem a little 'misplaced speech'
at this SDP rally when the main concern should be channeled more on the "daily bread and butter issues" of the average citizens than the high-handedness of the ISD and Vincent's foregone detention inconclusiveness....

We learn to let go the anger, the hate and surely the injustice done by the PAP government to so many people..time and again. Tan Wah Piah is one man victimized but has become a successful lawyer in his own rights...Old wounds can heal though the scars remained...We humble our misfortunes.

Two months back, I was having lunch at Marine Parade hawker centre and i met a retired lady teacher and our conversation slowly turned to politics and to my surprise and that was the time Vincent Cheng was refused by the library authorities to speak on his predicaments...She said she knew Vincent for a long time and had try to persuade Vincent to let go the animosity of hate...and i was rather surprised when she said "hatred is more self-destructive than the destruction of self by the authorities who jailed him"...I did learn something from what she said.

Our encounter in life and happenings is sometimes a karmic effect of which we have to accept some degree of our failings too...Life will and can move on in a 'world of power over righteousness to self' but we can never beat authoritarian dictators!! We weigh our opinions and re-strategized our priority to fight another day.

The catchword is to stay a free man !!

patrick lee song juan

Monday, September 20, 2010

In Love and Reminscing Our Twilight Years and MM's Legacy

The joy of reminiscing your successful life through your 87 years, is something not many people can look forward to. That was the reason MM wrote two Memoirs and have become a treasure to me in my books collection.

If only MM Lee can 'JUST LET GO' life 'idiosyncrasies' and enjoy his fruitful years with his lovely and cute grandchildren like my mother at 94 years with her lost count of grandchildren and great grandchildren..he will realise what life fulfillment means...not of monetary terms but of the close cohesiveness of the family nucleus which no amount of monetary terms can qualify or quantify. And MM Lee moves on with a heavy heart in love of Mrs Lee. We felt with you... your foregoing.

We live for the peace of our general disposition...Yes! MM's love hate affair with the Singapore that he almost 'single-handedly' built and nurtured to this day...will be his death if anyone ask him 'TO LET GO' to son PM Lee Hsien Loong.

We or rather I sincerely hope MM Lee can live a long life of 'blissful detachment' and can surpass the age that my grand old lovely mother has achieved. And come December will be her Chinese 95 years old birthday!

Everyone in our whole big families down to the great grand children will give our dear old Empress mother the joy of her birthday which she greatly deserved to bring so many of us into this world. And we never forget our dear deceased father too.

Alas! Alas...gone will be the days of big cohesive and warm families of this modern era...brought about by circumstance of not our choice, but the choice of the then PAP government, whose foresight into human procreation forever retarded the law of natural birth and reproduction of many Singapore babies. My now family is a victim of circumstance. We stopped at two, the magical figure then.

As Benjamin Disraeli said and I quote: "Men are not creatures (victims) of circumstance, circumstance is the creatures(victims) of men". I added the word 'victims' in brackets from the original quote.

We live for the love of our impermanent existence...We must do our best for our children and children's children to love S'pore as our own...But is Singapore still our very own now??... (Food for thought)!!

I will end Bryan Ti's 'provocation' of 87 with another good
controversial saying by someone anonymous....

"As seeing ignorance is the curse of God,
Knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to Heaven."...Regards

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, September 19, 2010

KUDOS to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew (MM LKY)

Todays Strait Times (20.9.2010)...' page'... highlighted MM LKY in Russia, flanked by two Russian bank presidents one young and one old. And when asked for advice, a question put to him by a student Sergei Koltovich of a Russian business school: "What would you tell them?" MM LKY said he would give both leaders similar advice: "Get out"..Think about it..and read why MM said that >>Ingenuously candid and straight to the point of simplicity....That is the wisdom of MM LKY that I always hold in awe. That should be the role of MM LKY in the international platform and Singapore will be on the World map of Prominence!!

Locally, alas! I will not say the same of MM. Since he had relinquished his PMship to son PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL). MM should leave the daily running of S'pore to his PM and cabinets with the role of adviser or consultant to S'pore; not in mettling with how old folks got to live or died. How old folks got to work if they can!!

In life many things can be easily said, especially for a man of his status. Who would refute him?? Who are we the old folks to say we want to work for life?? Will the employer accept it? Will jobs be that easily available for older folks when the very simple jobs like cleaners and foodcourt cleaners are all taken over by young and able and 'cheap labour' of foreign imports to stigmatise our citizen workforce but to enchance and increase economy and GDP in the very selfish 'self-fulfillment of so-called 'First World S'pore'.

The irony of life, the sadness of voting in a government for 50 years. And what now?? Are we not awakened to try our very best to reverse the last (8) years of our lives that has seen many citizens living worst that the dogs of many dog owners. I put it at 8 years because the transformation was too overwhelming for comfort and many poor and 'wretched' destitute citizens are living below the poverty line. Mind you...WE ARE FIRST WORLD SINGAPORE !!

Many of our citizens will be for their whole life Pay and Pay.. (in debts of house loan, (the major woe or necessity brought about by the exorbitant high price of HDB so-called public housing now).. till their last day of their breath....Heaven forbids. The fearful COL (climbing up day by day) and the minimal annual increase of salary with no miminum wage structure to go by...BUT the STARS of all these shows are the MINISTARS OF THE PAP and the high echelons of societies-privilege sucked up to the system of the government of the very people we VOTED them in for 50 years...ME too in my early years...not now please!!! Regards.

patrick lee song juan

The Sad State of Affairs with the Oppositions

Fully agreed! If you have followed my write-up comments on will know what I mean. I leave no bones unturned in telling what is right and wrong with the opposition.

I have met with quite a number of SGs in the oppositions and all human on earth are friends, only if you have two heads, four hands and limbs than you are different, understand sweet Julie !! and share knowledge with them but I have declined meeting Kenneth Jeyaretnam(KJ) and the two scholars which KJ requested in his SMS to me.

We agreed to disagreed. PAP is good to many extent but between the devil and 'the deep blue sea', the deep blue sea is fathomless. Think about that !!

I was with the grassroot for many years and I still have good friends in the grassroot and I count MP Chan Soo Sen as a kind friend of mine and advisor to Joo Chiat CC and Siglap South CC which I was in the SCEC. Zainal Abidin Rasheed is another MP and Senior minister of State in Aljunied GRC that I can count as a friend though I never go too near him..mild nature and very friendly disposition.

Live on and watch the unfolding of life in S'pore and its repercussions.
I devoted my time with charity organisation now and I feel the fulfillment of joy to see so many old folks happy with my humour and the little help I can dispense to them.

We live not by self, we live in a vast universe of uncertainties...exacerbated by the atrocities of the human race. There is no difference between a government in power and the perpetuation of their power. All human are the same, all human are different. In it lies the very conscience of our deeds, our actions, our love, our hate of our very humankind. I thank you. Regards.

Sorry, my take will not go further into discussion. Each of us have our opinions . We are here to share knowledge not to overwhelm anyone else...Thank you sweet Julie.

patrick lee song juan
(My comment on Facebook{FB},copied to my Blog).

The Politics of Democratic Uncertainty

The struggle to democratise Singapore can come about only through persistent engaging in the consultative politics of S'pore. Political flexibility is the surest way to a peaceful and cohesive S'pore.

How far the opposition and for that matter SDP can surge forward to claim credence, is left to be seen. Of uttermost importance is not to be view by the masses as the party who is always hitting their head against the 'Changi Wall'. As a chinese saying goes..'if you can back-step and not be in a head-on collision, you live to fight another day'.

To this day, the politics of S'pore is stigmatised by the very fact that not enough opposition candidates will step forward into the opposition arena to carry on the fight for true democracy. With the FEAR factor instilled by PAP and the sueing of opposition till bankruptcy, the stigma is too prevalent to take up the challenge.

And those candidates who joined the opposition are the true blue fighters in their own right which we and myself will salute them. The PAP bandwagon is so easy to jump on and they choose to walk the distance of opposition uncertainty. Kudos to them !!

We live to fight for another day, be it democracy, freedom of speech, political fairplay, even playing field...and no time is better than now which is the right time for the UNITY of opposition to give PAP a run for their money. BUT can the opposition really come up with something on their sleeves ??

Time will tell...The PAP political hegemony is a hard nut to crack even after 50 years !!!

patrick lee song juan

Friday, September 17, 2010

Political Fame, Fortune and Conscience

Dexter...hahhaaa! a good question? At the end of the day what is fame, fortune, wealth when you lose the soul to the devils? I did toy with the ideal..but finding in human..everyone want to hold to power PAP did and all the opposition... SGs and forming new party to be SGs..Is secretary generals so great meh??

I think I will live my life going for travels which I did rather often those years with my family and for retreat meditation and acquire the wisdom of 'letting go' and live a life of honest conscience than a life of disintegrity and every nite...the conscience may be prickling me..'did I do something wrong to people, to my life ,to my family, to my friends??...So how can we die peacefully with only one life but tons of worries!!

LKY is unable to let sad to see a great legacy whiling his greatness away in his twilight years of repose...Walks so slowly now.
With regrets, it is the emotional death of happiness!! I always sympathise with Mrs LKY. The Karmic cycle of existence!!??

We begin to let go and view the clearest vantage point of life in mediocrity and inner transcendentality...God bless and heaven forbids...

To each his own..My mother is coming 94 years this December..I want to emulate my mother's modesty..simple mandarin educated housewife who brought the value and meaning of lives to nine of our siblings with my deceased great father. I will always love and cherish him.

patrick lee song juan
(wrote on FB, copied to my Blog)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Unnatural Act of God -Homosexuality and Lesbianism

Cultural, social norm and to a limited extent of each individual..the social acceptance of a practice that deviate away from the normal man-woman relationship is seen as abhorrent in an Asian conservative society.

The world has evolved to this day. The very moralistic lives of each of us will really depend on our very own interpretation of our values and acts. Each country tolerates differently 'adnormal' sexual practices. Some countries even approved it as normal. Some closed an eye to the love in 'isosceles' tolerance. The world is changing fast and furious! New York approved same sex marriage!

S'pore is an Asian country not as liberal as our western counterparts, hence the law, the people's view of sexual deviance as something not within the normal practice of natural sexual 'coitus'. It may take time to understand the emotional needs of individual living in a body shell not their own and their sexual preferences. Society needs broader understanding and study into such behaviours.

Having said that, if force is used to achieve a sexual desire, be it natural or 'unnatural' is definitely against the framework of the law.

We must differentiate between the circumstances..." As men are not creatures of circumstance, circumstances are the creature of men" -- Benjamin Disraeli...

patrick lee song juan

Friday, September 10, 2010

My 'Amour-Propre' as said by MM Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

My 'Amour-propre" (self-esteem) as uttered by MM LKY on taking a lower job.
-by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 12:59am.

MM LKY spoke about senior citizens able to work as long as they are healthy, able to adapt to changes of a different job and accept job re-training, but maybe he forgot (being old himself) to say that salary will drastically be cut by sometimes 30% to stay on a job.

MM Lee can say anything. I always believe that for a man of his position and 'Head of S'pore Incorporation', who will refute what he says?

And the fact is he can say it at ease and without any reservation! Yes! it is easy for his 'amour propre' to accept a lower ranking job. The fact is how low can his definition of low to be in his own context? Do you think son PM lee Hsien Loong (LHL) will ask his father to just sit tight in his office, knowing that no other title will be appropriate for him than Minister Mentor? MM LKY talking about 'amour propre', can he just be the 'senior administrator' (chief clerk) in PMO office rather than the MM. That will be real 'amour propre' to lower his self-esteem. Talk is cheap. Everyone can talk. And when MM LKY talks, his whole cohort of Ministers, including son LHL, just swallow their saliva and nod the affirmative in the dance of the flamingoes, with their slender long legs and long neck in gracious rhapsody following the lead bird.

To many senior citizens, what is 'amour-propre'? They do not care two hoots. Many do not care for the 'self-esteem' any more. To them 'amour-propre' is to earn money to fill their stomach and be self-reliant. To live a simple dignified life as long as the employer do not 'redundant' them. But the cruel realism of life passed 'the fast lane' is, you are discarded as 'Trashes'. And with so many young and energetic foreigner imports with the floodgate open indiscrimately, senior citizens are in no position to bargain anything nor even in line for job replacement. With one big sweep, many are dumped into the 'trash' bins even with 30 or 40 years of loyalty. My wife is a case in point as a senior officer after 38 years. A true case in the quasi-government department. I can attest to that!

And why must legistration only be approved by parliament in 2012 for compulsory retaining certain percentage of seniors in a company. Whereas when the HDB rules were changed, it took effect instantaneously from MND the next day immediately after PM's speech. S'porean are always at the mercy of draconic changes, many times never favourable. This HDB new rule is just between the devil and the deep blue sea.

So, my 'amour-propre' is nothing but utterance from the man with the golden mouth(MM) and no citizens can match up to that. So 'amour, amour, "senior citizens are all in their sorrow", care less on self-esteem. for self-esteem (amour-propre) are for the rich, famous, ministers and those who have arrived into the world of S'pore Incorporation.

Singapore has the lowest regards as to the 'amour-propre' of our marginalised SENIOR CITIZENS. WE, the old senior citizens are THE REMNANTS of the lost Ark.

PAP Government will never look after our SENIOR CITIZENS. So as MM LKY said, be prepared to work till you drop dead...that is my 'AMOUR-PROPRE'.

patrick lee song juan

Once Upon a Time in Singapore and Opposition Charade

Bryan please spare me. Friday I am always busy in the afternoon. I got to devote 4 hrs to SAGE to save some poor destitute souls into our heavenly Singapore. Thanks for tagging me to your "Abortion is a Media 'Charade' of the opposition.

But before I proceed, I love your poster on Gary Grant and Audrey Hepburn (My Fairlady fame.) I saw the show 'CHARADE'about 45 years ago. Gary Grant was my idol then and classmates nicknamed me young Gary because of my ('killer-schoolgirl') good look lah! Shy to let everyone know now. Old now! only 'lao swees' want me...but I run far far away leh... the social dance, the line dance, alamak! no end. Better go retreat and meditate for peace of well-being ...hehee!

Back to seriousness again. I got only till 2pm to write something. now is 12.40pm. Please leh..spare my old-young heart lah! stop putting pressure on my 'wrong spot' har! Someone got sue in court two days ago hmm ?? Regarding the Section 377A thingie!

In fact, i just brief through your notes Bryan and aiyo! you got anything new or not? Everytime the oppositions, the(Round Table Discussion)RTD, the dis-Unity, the what 'demonstrate' blah blah blah.... At least now the 'CHARADE'. Something new on the oppositions sleeves. I suspect the protagonist is one and only people in the Opposition trying to manipulate the world of 'farce and furious Opposition wayang-wayang'. At the end of the day, it becomes the very death of Opposition credulence. It turns into an opposition convolution.

The setting is right, the moments of truth is here, the many gaffes and blunders of PAP from SM 'Woody', 'Maboh' Tan, Vivivvian B (stammered lah), Raymond Lim. Gan Kim Yong and some more. 'S i a n' lah to key all the names. Never has the playing field so 'even' or level for the oppositions to capitalise on the advantage of the moment. But instead, all the "CHARADE' popping up again.

WP is steadfast, SDP is picking up the lost 'zig-zag' puzzle pieces and for a long time to come, to change the perspective and not so favourable thoughts of the citizens towards them (which no thanks to PAP and MSM), SDP is forever the 'jolly jailbirds'. I did said in one of the other write-up to request them to become parliamentary-birds to fly and soar sky high for the people. SDP has strong ideology and apirations but weak conformist of the very rules
of their own 'failed idiosyncrasies', to progagate their cause within the framework of the law in S'pore. You cannot throw an egg at a solid rock you know. Plain frivolous right?? JBJ did and alas! pride, conviction or sheer hot-headedness is a price to pay. My due respect JBJ!

NSP, now is becoming more rational. Less wrong deliberation on the Facebook. Maybe the aborted Tea-chat, me with Meng Seng he wrote on FB to invite me for tea, works out something for him. We did chat on the phone on Sat. morning. In fact i called him, having had his mobile number through FB chat and I guess he found it enough for my utterly frank assessment of his thoughts, his views, his criticism on issues. Maybe not happy for "an old fool" like me (ahem! that was what someone called me in my 65 years of life for the first time hahaaa!) to talk nonsense to him (GMS). I just said to him on the phone." I said Meng Seng in Life if "one speaks the truth, you don't have to think". So the message was delivered and... with discourtesy he did not meet up with me for the coffee which I DID show up with a politcal friend. My mistake was I did not key his mobile he sent on the chat to me the nite before (friday 3rd morning) at about 3am. But he has mine HP and did not call me . I instead had tea with my' politcal friend' on the meeting date of 4th Saturday, 3 pm at AMK HUB. Thank you GMS.

RP in one sentence. Go for it but with sincerity, with truth, with colours (really vivid ones), and focus on the heart of the matter with the masses,( the simple bread and butter issues that strike a chord in many citziens) not who to be the Boss of opposition dis- UNITY.

SPP, senior Chiam has seen his days. I will always say and please read my Blog on why I said it was a wrong move for Chiam to choose Nepotism (his wife the charming Lina Chiam, but not the mouth har!)to Capability. MM LKY's nepotism is in choosing the right person with substance in PM LHL. This chap (LHL) is an intelligent guy in his own right but sadly curtailed by MM LKY's 'UNABLE TO LET GO' the limelights of Politcal Fame far and even let his PM son really run S'pore. So, again may I state what is Fame? what is Fortune? what is Wealth? All are but transient cycle of human achievements to a certain AIM but it leads to no END. Sad, sad, sad.

PKMS, SJP and (SF) Socialist Front and SDA... PKMS is a veteran party more interested in their asset enchancement than political dominance. They have the PKMS building to live on. SJP is just a shell to swing CEC votes in case SDA need to support Desmond Lim. SF is sitting on the fence and watching the 'stage acting' but may as I said join force with PKMS and SJP. SDA will be redundant due to the deadlock in the Alliance and the RTD abortion puts SDA in limbo without direction yet.

In as much as the political landscape of S'pore is evolving. It has never in half a century so inclined to the Opposition field by natural force and by 'divine human mistakes' in the PAP.

So, Opposition, please, this is the right time to work on it with one and only objective of 'SOLIDARITY in UNITY.' And the STRENGTH of sincere UNITY in the Oppositions will be GIGANTIC, even PAP will have second thoughts. Regards

The photos posted on Facebook:

My four beauties, one from the Las Vegas Revue. You know by the costume lah who the one !

My Thai buddy tycoon, owner of six companies in thailand, US graduate, has 16 adopted children but eligible bachelor..advertising for him man...56 this year

Rohan Kamis (ex-PAP MP and me at his Rohan and Mah Office, we going for lunch. Buddy for many years. Vacation together with our families to London and New York etc, on Self-drive. Both took turns to drive. Real fun and learning

My daughter Endra, son-in-law Simon and grand-daughter Claire Ho..sooo cute! at 8 mths old. Now Claire is one year five mths old already.

Our social group photo having dinner at Raffles City basement eating outlet.

"The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the
miraculous in the common." - Ralph W. Emerson

Best Regards
Patrick lee song juan
Hp: +(65) 8168-8248

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Balance of a Good Government. Oppositions have a long way to go!

Just managed to settle down after my 3-day sojourn at S'pore Polytechnic. Thank you Bryan for the tag. It means I am obliged to write some nonsense to your sensible analysis of Oppositon politics in S'pore.

Your topic: Opposition - 'alternative or checker of government'. I read it with a tinge of sadness but a reflect of a candid scenario of our political landscape. Let me put it to everyone....where in the world of politcal psephology do we see oppositions satisfied with a role of only 'checking on the government' and defeatist attitude of 'we just cannot fight the PAP government'. The plebiscite world of voters invariably have etched on the voters' mind on the one and only PAP party. Opposition is a sad sight of disunity and disgruntlement

WP and NSP are being pragmatic and down to earth. In 10 years, given this term to really nurture an alternative force of government, it may still be a high order. WP goes further into the 20 year time-frame. God only knows what will happen in 20 years time? Bryan, if you are 61 years old now and myself at 65; we may be in the realms of heavenly bliss to see the Opposition form an alternative government. And if that really happens, if like SPP that never believed in succession till the last critical hour, will see a bunch of surviving 70+ cracking their old 'medulla oblongata' to stay relevant to the politics of 2030. Heaven forbids. In order of least able to survive the stress of 'politcial demise' and old age in a 20 year later scenario...CST at 96(76+20), LKY at 106(86+20), dead or alive? LTK aged roughly 75, may still be around to fulfill his dream of an 'alternative government', Sylvia Lim maybe 72, and then others like NSP's GMS, SDP's CSJ, RP's KJ, Socialist Front's Chia Ti Lik (Ng Teck Siong may be unable to fulfill his dream even after 20 years at 87 years..reminiscing his political fatuity to be such a loyal man to JBJ).

Desmond Lim will be one of the youngest veteran politician at 63 in 20 years time. And the fact that he is now in limbo..though offically still SG of SDA, is left to be seen. Till now, the 'round table talk' has folded again into a 'square peg'. Will there be a new Alliance of opposition parties or SDA will still be within the umbrella of SPP,PKMS and SJP, we are left guessing. The new kid on the block, Socialist Front may join force with SJP and PKMS with RP trying hard to unite SPP (Lina Chiam cannot see eye-to-eye with Desmond) and NSP in its coalition. SDP and WP will be able to stand alone.

So, in the final analysis of a political dynasty after 20 years of political DIS-UNITY....(still bickering for nothingness!), PAP government will survive the odds of ("no government in the history of political dominance") can continue to survive over 50 years !! But incredibly PAP did and after 70 years in 2030..the dynasty of the Lee family's solipsism of PAP government will perpetuate with a new PM in the son of Lee Hsien Loong, that is Li Hongli taking over the helm, with nepotic succession lasting 3 generations of hegemony and still going strong...Aiyo! 'chia luck' lah...'long chong kai kee lang' - (meaning: all from the same family)

The 'Balance of a Good Government' is only a dream NOT come true come. And those who are still around will have to settle for being 'true blue' third class citizens with the majority of 'black and yellow' citizens of immigrant S'poreans. Sad, but life goes on...

If I am still around (will be 85), I will resign to the fate of destiny. I will not know what Bryan will be thinking then? He may be deep in dementia to soliloquize to the tune of PAP, PAP, PAP how I love thee !! I will shed my tears to a once' great political analyst' - Mr Bryan Ti.

Last but not least: "For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope; for a living dog is better than a dead lion."- (Ecclesiastes 9:4)

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bernard Chan, 'Cry for me Argentina!'..oophs Singapore

‎@Bryan, After really read the text of your write-up with this Bernard Chan and his, I am perplexed as when he had migrated already 19 years to he really concerned about the live and death of Singaporeans. I really do not comprehend. And crying in the toilet can be bad for his health, taking into consideration all the foul smell and 'toxic' air in the toilet. LOL!

Now I am crying for him because when you become a 'quitter' as Goh Chok Tong must have a means to migrate and surely you do not really have a sense of belonging to your native Singapore. So, please do not shed crocodile tears.

In 1992, when I stayed in Mississuaga, Toronto at my friends home, he just migrated in 1990. I like the vacation mood, not the living in Toronto.
The winters are extremely cold at -14 degrees celsius. A country of 'ang mohs' will always treat we Chinese as 'yellow skin' and second class citizen. That was the reason I did not uproot and my children was still young and I did not want to give up my career and jeopardised my whole life to start again a new life. Maybe I was a failure in that sense and I always belief though S'pore is small, it did have a good government then in PAP. But after 50 years of rule, PAP are showing signs of authoritarian, despotic and over-powerful to contain.

Why should I be a second class citizen in a land of western cultural diversity and over-liberty and different moral mores.

And to this day, i have never regretted i did not migrate. I would have migrated to Australia or New Zealand then, having have a close affinity especially with Australia. Really love the country's vastness and Perth though a little layback. i have good friends in Perth and Sydney who kept on encouraging me to migrate, but with real honesty I just never have a good feeling of 'ang mohs', maybe because of their' lording' of Asia during the British colonisation days.

And to this day, when you travel by SIA, the flight attendants will call them Sir, not us chinese and locals. Is it that the 'ang mohs' got something big that Singaporeans do not have??!!

patrick lee song juan
(written first on FB)

Singapore may be a Land for Foreigners

Aiya! Bryan, why you like that, so blunt to critcise people. Pity Bernard Chan leh! Be like me lah how I praise Jasfri Basron for "being our guardian in Facebook". Want free lesson not? no charge lah, just one cup of Milo kosong,my favorite... drink since 6 year old.

True to what you write about our system of letting in the enormous horde of foreigners. Definitely, there are always the pros and cons of a policy, but failing in the 'longhaul' of transforming citizens lives into inconvenience and not planning the logistics of such a huge increase in numbers surely is most upsetting for the very living in a small tiny state S'pore. And definitely, S'pore can never be compared with Canada, vast land and beautiful natural scenes. The area around the five great lakes is testimony to it. i was in Toronto, Missisuaga staying with my friend for a couple of weeks many years ago...and the winter snow in Niagiara-by-the-Lake was like a place in Shangri-la (Utopia)

S'pore cannot and must not accomodate too many foreigners, be it for economic or GDP reasons. With todays two IRs operating at full force, the gaming taxes collected monthly at 42.25% is enough to cover a lot of nitty-gritty of S'pore. It is just that our ministers are paid too high, hence they need the influx as part of the source of income. The other sources come from ERP,GST,CPF(cannot withdraw miminum sum, taxes here and there, increases here and meet their voracious salary appetite.

Can't imagine, according to the Straits Times a while ago, EACH DAY the two IRs collected about 10 million dollars in gaming money. Easy tax money to the government based on the gaming tax of 42.25% tax. Jackpot room all around S'pore's Clubs have to pay that tax of 42.25% too.

It is unfair to compare life on the fast lane and the dirt-mud. We live by our decency of doing what we can and doing it with the best of our intentions...beyond that each and every ministers..from MM LKY, PM LHL, all have to exmine their conscience. Are they doing the right thing for the betterment of lives to the average S'porean? We are not talking about the high and mighty, the 'I-have-reached-the top' and many top cronies in civil services and CEO of government-linked corporation. We are talking about the average Singaporeans. Overwhelming Foreigners added to the misery.

You tell me, S'pore is just turning round and round in these top echelon
circles of the who's who.....the real who's who are the struggling and destitute old folks, the marginalised, the social outcast not due to their
wishes but the system that brought about the death of human dignity in a comparative world of the Powerful and the powerless. Regards.

patrick lee song juan
(first written in FB)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Marginalised Singapore Citizens

@Wilson, well documented. Your perspective is 'far-reaching'. Yes! many S'poreans..the rich ones are living in their comfort zone.. I am 'the voice for the poor' dared not say 'champion', no way.

I am talking about the poor, the destitute, ...the very low income citizens, living hand to mouth..and if disaster struck them faced-blank....their simple and hard-living world will collapse on them like a 'bolt of lightening'.

We live to see the equality of wealth distribution, (not giving to the poor as beggars) but doing more to alleviate their 'wretched' living. Many cases are hidden behind the veils of everyday life. When channel (8) showcasted the programme which ended early this year (forgot the title)on the neglected and discarded poor marginalised families, sometimes I dropped a tear or two, seeing the emotional heartbreaking truth of human's 'highest' and 'lowest' of existence.

We do need oppositions. Yes! many in the PAP, third generation of MPs, mostly 'back-door entry' (not pun on that) due to the GRC system and walkovers, some are good but seeing as many are to the president's yesmen. I always want to puke. So what , if they are scholars, academically achievers but no-achievers of the 'delicate living of human understanding and compassion. LiLy Neo stood out from the other sore thumbs, that is the reason i want to present her with Kevin Teo's 'purple rose', a special breed of a rich Indonesian background but a heart of Gold for the poor (human) citizens !!

The greatest mistake in the history of PAP 'hegemony' till now, is 'forever' changing the demographic of social, family and serene lives of so many ordinary S'poreans with the heartless 'too open-door-policy of foreign influx...The governments' ministers and cronies will never never be in touch on the ground everyday with these ordinary foreign workers. So, do they really care a damn !!!. Yes! economic reasons, GDP percentage...LOL! and still coming in to reach 6.5 million people in tiny S'pore!!!!

"Moderation in life is always a principle, over-indulgence is a VICE" - leesjuan-pat

The VICE of too many foreign imports. The death of S'poreans relegated to third class citizen even JACK LIN (a kid still smelling of his mother's breast milk), one youth PAP can blatantly called the citizens THIRD CLASS CITIZENS, (or is it second class, I promoted JL's status to third) I wonder what will he aristocrat in future!!! Regards.

patrick lee song juan
(first written on Facebook)

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dis-Unity of Opposition Politics

Personally, I have met Soon Juan and Siok Chin many times. The real reason is I always feel than the Chee siblings are really fighting a cause for S'poreans, but due to minor setbacks in Soon Juan's political career and sure, after he was removed from NUS for a mere discrepancy involving a little thesis money and taxi fare claim. And at that time SJ's supervisor was none other than PAP's yesman S. Vasoo.

The rest was history with MSM propagandised and blew up the issue. And CSJ went to 'battle' mode with the various brushes with the law. Not that he was wrong. But the law was too authoritarian to fault justice... Hence CSJ and CSC, in the conservative Asian or rather S'poreans eyes are 'trouble-makers', but many did not ponder why they did that and for whom ??

Yes! majority of politicians hide an agenda. First to be voted in, next to do something for the people. That doing something is the hour and day of reckoning. You are scrutinised the day you are'marked' in privileged class. So don't play Phua Chu Kang said in his comedy.

As a Wu Jian Dao said, just for self, for the good MP allowance.
And even before they are voted in parliament, the laughing stock for PAP is, these so-called SGs of each party are shooting 'toy guns' at each other and hoping to come out 'unscrathed', but pride and ego bruised.

In this respect, Workers Party stands out solid, with character and silence is golden...and not far behind is S'pore Democratic Party...though disadvantaged by CSJ and CSC being bankrupted (are barred from this election). How the second man my Johnny Tan and Ghani can do a little wonder to SDP within the framework of the law not outside please.. SDP cannot afford to have to many experienced jail-birds...We all want MP-birds who can fly and soar high in the political sky !

The hour of truth is today. The meeting of UNITY is on at a Hotel near Outram. Hope nothing changes to Time and Venue. Hopefully, not a meeting of DIS-UNITY. Please put on your SGs' thinking caps to cover the delicate skull, less the sun's ultra-violet rays is so 'devastating' to the unity of understanding eyes. 'Cataract' will blind or impaired the vision but the 'unchartered Minds' will kill the decision of UNITY.

Welcome to the political arena of Opposition Dis-unity, Socialist Front -a new party...alamak another one !! Hello Ti Lik and
Teck Siong how are you?...patrick lee wishing both well...since the last coffee session at Speaker's Corner after Teck Siong's press release on RP's merrily took-over from Teck Siong..and left an old veteran in almost wilderness until Ti Lik comes along.

JBJ will be secretly wishing you well Teck Siong..always the right hand man of JBJ...Man of substance lost in the 'Politics of Manipulation'. My best wishes for a new journey of political 'uncertainty' in the sweetest description of opposition politics, in the purview of PAP..the master of 50 years !! Regard to all Opposition unity !!

" Good day is everyday whether you want to make it work for you is your own take". -leesjuan

Sex and the Modern Men and Women

The Western norm of living emphasizes SEX as the predominant factor for a successfful marriage. Hollywood is where sex belongs. High society sex, sex orgies, sex-drug parties, you name it. Promiscuity is a way of life.

In Asian society, sex a secondary concomitant of living, more so in the early ages of social subservience. Women showed obeisance to the Master of the house. Not any more in modern society of divergent lost values.

Many modern women would love to be seen (especially the corporate ladies) in places of happenings. and many a times end up.."your place or mine", with no-strings- attached-one-nite-stand. Another reason for such social norm can be due to the high pressure and stress in the corporate world of condescension and concupiscence.

Men will always be the macho guy and accept unconditional service
and ecstasy of willing free sex. Monica Lewensky knew how to 'suck' it up to Bill Clinton....and Hilliary 'enjoyed' the infamous indignity as a magnanimous and forgiving wife and woman. How great she was with a 'fury' heart, no one knows till this day ??

patrick lee song juan
(first written on FB)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Civil Disobedience and A Scapegoat

Civil Disobedience is a genuine protest when all else failed. Civil disobedience is not a revolt to overthrow the government. It is a dissent of the government's totalitarian policy. And someone has to come out to defend the rights of the people. So, SDP becomes the scapegoat !?

Personally, I believe we should not sanction SDP just because they hold the principles of human rights being overstepped, hence they did what they did. Can any other party do it...even with a moral or physical courage? I see no other party willing to step out! Hence in the eyes of our Asian society, the stigma of going to jail is a no-no, even you are deemed to do the right noble thing.

Western norm and political practice has not reached a level that the masses will associate Civil Disobedience as a true cause of democracy of a country. And gaoling opposition members is seen as law-breaking. But in a society of many 'nonchalant species', people will be indifferent. We should not be judgemental in a political dominant system like S'pore where sweeping policy, unjust implementation are bulldozed down your throat and you stayed mouth wide open to be stuffed with all the rancid food. How about that ??

What do you think Bryan? To each his own. We fight for the rights of justice. We fight for the conscience of truth, we do not pretend to be the messiah to save the universe, the world, but if for 50 years S'pore is still crying its heart out for deliverance...has Providence turned a blind eye to the suffering of the deprived and oppressed citizens who forever must be beholden to the authoritarian systems of PAP government??

I do not defend anyone. I speak from my own conviction of justice...Regards.

My parting shot : "We judge our progress by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers, our willingness to embrace what is true rather than what feels good" - (Carl Sagan, astronomer and scientist)....

But do the citizens really feel good with the drastic measures of the PAP government?? All of us are forced to feel good.

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

PAP and the Politics of Manipulation

Politics is about helping the people, about coming into power and running a government as clean and honest as possible. Politics to many in fact is about fame, fortune, recognition and 'high-flying'.

In the history of political hegemony, many atrocious and inhuman occurrences had befallen innocent humankind just because of personal agenda of power, of control, of corruption, of dishonesty, of nepotism and even criminal mass-murder of opponents with the recent Philipines incident as the 'disconsolation ' of human ruthlessness.

Singapore has always been at crossroads to a world of happenings. PAP has ruled S'pore for about 50 years. The years teaches much which the days never known. Many good has come out of the PAP government. The most notable was the struggle Singapore faced for the first 20 years of nation building. We salute and give kudos to the old guards of PAP for their relentless spirit and wisdom of foresight to bring S'pore to 'First World' today. The team led by then PM Lee Kuan Yew was 'for the people', 'with the people' and 'by the people'. Lee Kuan Yew was a born leader in his own rights.

With life impermanence, one after another old guards passed off in memory and eternity embraced them. S'pore progress with the vision of PAP, wise and noble, almost no corruption. And life was LG, I mean 'Life is Good or rather was good, not anymore in this present context of Singapore-( not advertising for LG products lah!) Succession was in place.

The non-compassionate approaches on many issues left a lasting mark of social upheaval in the lives of countless citizens. Public housing is one such 'affordable' dwellings for the poor with noble intention, has degenerated into a billion dollar money making business for the HDB, for the government and Mah Bow Tan in fact single-handedly revolutionised the 'AFFORDABILITY' of HDB with unprecedented mercilessness. The sad Poors are greatly marginalised and forever the citizens of S'pore become beholden to the government in the form of maybe 70% of the population become debtors to the HDB, to the government. Only, a mere 10% may have paid in full. The lucky lot.

How can a nation of debtors look towards a cohesive social upbringing of new families. Many young couples are couping with the stress working their minds out to service their houses (HDBs or private) mortgage, car, credit cards, lifestyles,( lifestyle, being a misnomer), many have no lifestyle left trying hard to make all ends meet. So, the population fails to produce the cute, cuddy and sweet little darlings that the government wants and ironically the couples cannot want and many do not want for obvious reasons. A sad truth of a 'First World' Singapore.

Hence, in come the foreigners, in whatever the fashion the government wants it. And forever the demographic , social pattern of lives of every ordinary S'poreans are curtailed and affected. Quality of lives compromised and social norm and social graciousness goes to the 'cats and dogs'. SBS, MRT, Shopping Malls, etc all fighting for space to move, which is not bad for the government and government-linked businesses - all of them laughing to the bank.

The ordinary citizens suffered much and more. Do the government care? For the needle is not poked into their flesh because most of the Ministers flesh are of thick hides. It needs the spurs to do it as MM Lee said but it should be done to his ministers not the citizens.

The National Day rally is always touching, to the extent that many shed tears not of joy, but tears of disappointment and disorientation. We cry for S'pore...Always the good projections, the achievements, the glory of YOG and the little success story of some individuals. and the last straw was highlighting the success of the foreigners. Not that we are envious, but it surely stuck out like a sore thumb !! Nothing on the social fallouts, the deprived, the marginalised and of uttermost important the ageing population of senior old folks.

The death knell to many of these old folks is not so much as robbing them of their pride, the dignity but implementing drastic policies that slowly but surely will be the killing arrows that strike the little few years of wretched lives left in them in 'First World' S'pore. The final bombshell was dropped when distance travel was imposed on the broad spectrum of the population all dependent on public transport. And the 'death sentence' to the Senior citizens was the cancellation of concession travels.

Are we all not human with a benevolent and compassionate heart? We live to cry out what is a 'cheating heart' to the very discarded pillars of their colourful, albeit simple contribution to the success of S'pore. Many sobbed silently with a shattered heart !

The Politics of Manipulation. A Big sigh! on the political scene of Opposition politics in S'pore. Little unity, self-serving and over-manoeuvring each other. This coming multi-party talks that will take place in a couple of day's time, inviting PKMS, NSP, SPP, KJ, SDP and WP (but WP may not want to participate). Notably SDA is left out in cold Siberia. Is that the way to form a United front to counter PAP's dominance?? Four important people are invited to be moderators, one a lawyer and ex-NMP; another a champion in his own rights and past CEO of a government-linked co-operative; a doctor and politician and a fourth is a financial consultant and writer.

The politics of doom may be surfacing and I sincerely hope not. But to forge a strong cohesive and co-operative unity to agree to disagree with PAP on drastic policies and be other voices in parliament will be greatly appreciated and it comes at the right time , the right place and the cycle of change (50 years is too long for comfort). So, please work out a broad base understanding and common platform with each party's manifestos to engage fairly and magnanimously against PAP. Many reckon an URGENT move to bring in more credible Opposition voices in, not as (Bryan Ti) said on one of this write-up, "just slip in the lumps"
We do not want lumps, we want solid characters of honesty, of dedication to the citizens, of caring for the people, not self-serving.

On a personal front, I am a simple man, no doubt sometimes a 'weebit' outspoken but many times humorous. Laughter is the best medicine. Three months gone by and I was working as a Lone Ranger without even Tonto and my horse Silver (died many years ago haha!) meeting a few SGs of opposition parties and got invited to their functions and interaction of thoughts. I have learned much and plenty from those encounters.

The only reason I associated with Desmond Lim was I find he has a strong vision for the betterment of lives of the citizens. (Not that other SGs do not.) So, I helped him as a friend and I categorically am not a Member to any opposition party. I do not need to be. I agreed to go for the first outreach of Desmond's Sinpo mascot during National day at Sengkang and City Hall and the rest seems history is in the making. Sorry no, not yet. I was requested to write the launching of the Sinpo mascot and outreach in SDA Supporter web-site in Facebook. I did it conscientiously and Desmond insisted I used the title "Chief of Mass Communication'. I relented. But in life what is a title? what is fame? what is fortune? It is but a delusion of life, of our pride to be , of our ego (unable to let go)....

I am only helping and I am not interested in 'Politics of Manipulation.' I just want to live a simple happy life with my sweet, cute, innocent grand-daughter of one year 5 months old, (interpersed with my volunteer work and para-counselling for the poor, the deprived senior citizens and the unfortunate souls). Claire now calls me 'Kong Kong' not King Kong please, hahaaa! and always kisses me when she is home with my daughter and son-in-law in the weekends. That is the happiness in life and that is all I need to look forward to. The rest is just secondary and of no relevance.

I love the nature of the cosmic exuberance and everyday is a learning.

"The mind's perspective is the awareness of self in harmony with the elements of occurrences."
And we live to learn much from each occurrence.

A successful life is to pursue one's own path, not to follow the dreams of others.

patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)