Monday, August 30, 2010

Politics of Disengaging Unity.

Now, at this stage only I settled down to read David Torbavsky long 'eye fatigue' but with substance article. A good write nonetheless !

As we move along the haphazardous political arena and each one wanting to prove to the other a sense of belonging and well-being, we need to identify our true purpose of engaging in a 'waterloo' battle with PAP.

PAP to this day has consolidated and strategically positioned themselves in all facets of life and organisations in S'pore. It is like trying to penetrate
the jail in Alcatrax to rescue the inmates. Definitely not to rescue crooks but the deprived, oppressed citizens of Singapore.

The GRC, the succession plan of young though 'mindless' scholars jumping on the bandwagon and forever becomes the lackeys of the system. That is why I show the highest respect to opposition wanabies with the drive and the angst.

If for once the Oppositon are truely unified and have really no self-serving personal agenda...the political landscape of the opposition will be a stronger 'battlefield' to engage the PAP...Alas! it is still not.

Everyone can talk and offer lip service. And for the record PAP ministers and many young untested PAP MPs are the best in lip-synchronization. Yapper, yapper dooo !! That should be the area that opposition members should not emulate but show the true and solid substance without lacking in confidence. We hold our esteem not to self but to the electorates to deliver the truth and nothing but the truth and the truth comes from the HEART not from the mouth ( lip-service).

I rest my case. Regards.

Patrick Lee Song Juan
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Forgiveness is a High Order.

The greatest merit of one's life is to be able to forgive though cannot forget. Time heals wounds, the scar may be visible. But looking at the scar is where the' awakening' lies. It awakes us to the event , to the moment, to the experience, may or may not be pleasant but we had learned much from it.

Harboring animosity through one's life is not hurting others but oneself. Twenty-two years was a long time to harbor any 'hatred' and certainly it does one no good.

The mantra of life pleasantness is to able TO LET GO life's negative occurrences and idiosyncrasies, focusing to enrich our life with positive reminiscences of intimate moments of joy.

If MM Lee can put his energy into the warm of his grandchildren and synergise his wisdom years in helping the poor of society (which he is so rich). The karma of life for him and all around him will be most rewarding.

Let us stay magnanimous in our life span of 'blissful ignorance'. We live to learn the finer points of human co-existence. We do not arouse the dead from the peaceful realms of another dimension. Heaven forbids.

(Commenting on MM Lee's eulogy to Dr. Goh Keng Swee, and his remarks on Dr.Tun Tan Siew Sin, the former Finance Minister of Malaysia even though Dr. Tan had been rest in peace 22 years ago.)

Patrick Lee Song Juan
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Politics of Truth and Substance

Tim, we live by our conviction of truth and nothing but the truth. In truth we build a credible character of self-worth and substance. We are not angered by words of ambiguity nor groundless 'indocrination' of self-defence.

In a world of political dis-enchantment, we are enticed and ensnared into the political conundrum. We are unable to ensconce into our righteous belief of who is true and honest in voicing their political solipsism.

We scan the political horizon and notice the silhouette of doubt hiding in the dim rays of uncertainty....and when twilight breaks into refreshing dawn, nothing can escape the truth of morning sight.

Ultimately, the colours of worth and truth (in regards to political substance) will unveil in full divulgence. It will be the day of political reckoning of the party. Regards.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Intellectual Supporters and the Betrayers

Bryan, at this point I have to refute your hypothesis of what you said about 'the intellectuals and the not so intellectual'. Singapore society is moulded through the years by PAP with (1) the fear factor in place, (2) the psychological indocrination even to the intellectuals that many a intellectual became tools to the PAP system.

Only in later years you find people like top civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow criticising the inaptness of the civil service and other areas of the government. Another notable critic is Tan Kin Lian, when sitting so tight on his CEO seat enjoying the luxury of NTUC life...but finally as I always say...there is no permanent in life...He was sung the Jim Reeves song: 'He'll have to go'. And go Tan Kin Lian did and the rest is history.

And there are others... Chan Heng Chee, Walter Woon, and even to a lesser degree our 'blabber boy' Vivian Balakrishnan was once strong critics of the system of PAP but 'bought over' with the promise of good high life and again the rest is history. The betrayal of one's moral conscience. But for Walter Woon, it is a case a 'ding dong affair' after stepping on some toes maybe and he is back to his NUS professorship post from Attorney General.

So what are we talking about those democratic and freedom ideals. Money and the betrayal of conscience is the only freedom of choice of each individuals. Hence, I show the greatest respect and admiration for people who joined the Opposition with a moralistic intention of true democracy and freedom for S'poreans.

The bunch of new and young invertebrate PAP MPs and ministers, most jumped on the bandwagon and rode the strong wave on a solid surf-board to easy life and big money and do you think they are fit to be of ministers calibre? The primrose path is paved for them.... Raymond Lim, Lim 'Suay Suay', 'MaBok' Tan, Lee Bee Wah(MP), Vivian Balalanlan', Lim Boon Heng, Masagos - the parliamentary secretary and maybe some others. Ministers that stood out are Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan albeit he asked parents to live in Johore Bahru, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Zainal Abidin Rasheed

MP Lily Neo -(Kevin, my dream lady) and a few other good ones are far and few, though MM LKY was once the best, due to his inability 'TO LET GO' to his son PM Lee Hsien Loong, his later year's credibility is in question.

Hence, Bryan I beg to is a game that has only one winner!
The winner has about 50 years of manipulation and psychological political warfare and the sugar-coated bitter pills which many are now 'able to realise' the significance of more opposition voices in parliament. The winner is MM LeeKuanYew!

"To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under the heaven. A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted' -
Ecclesiastes 3:1.2

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Morality is indeed my Homepage.

I have not read CSJ's 'S'pore My Home Too'..but in my later years of repose and reflection, I try my very best to live a more moralistic lifestyle, subjecting myself to strict code of conduct like waking up at 5 or 6 am and doing one hour meditation except on Sundays, I spoilt myself for a sleep till 7am if I have no Sunday engagement.

The true morality of courage is to speak what is right , what is true and what is of substance. In the faceless domain of FB, we have so many trashes who have no qualms to utter iniquities and false remarks, even blatant lies to glorify that they are speaking the truth. Many will have idea who those people are.

The sad truth of such characters is, they can be very convincing that lesser mortals and simpletons will even take their words for truth. Hence we term the phrase: 'birds of a feather flock together' or rather 'the crows can never have white feathers'.

'Morality comes with the sad wisdom of age, when the sense of curiosity has withered.' -Grahame Greene (English novelist).

Morality ascertain a character and a character holds true the substance of person. Men who lose the character also lose their substance to morality.- leesjuan

If Bryan said after reading the book, he becomes amoral, I guess his sense of guilt is so overwhelmed that his inability to have the moral courage to admit his past 'immorality' and his present 'morality' which is in conflicts with his dispositon...

Morality encompasses a wider spectrum of humanity to his own reflection of the very conscience of self. How low can one scoop oneself to such 'debased morality' in a wider sense of the word.

My last word in regard to Kieran James "I teach on "the Ego and the Id" and 'Civilsation and its Discontents". I for one welcome powerful stuff to vet my voracious consumption of thoughts.

I sure know what is 'KNN' - please spare our man from 'Downunder' lah! ' Kan Ni Na'...but please do not follow by the word 'Bo'. It may be too much for James to fathom....hahaaaa!

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Opposition Politics in S'pore is so Farcical

Politics is not only 'funny', is downright 'incredible' with all the happenings surfacing every now and then. Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) for once is right about Chiam See Tong (CST)...the truth is CST never allowed anyone stronger and smarter than him to over-shadow him....

But Lina (CST's wife) is playing a totally different game..because at this stage of political 'sliding' of CST. it is now 'Queen Control mode'. SAD for a man like CST. In my Blog during his 25 anniversary celebration I wrote a tribute to Chiam. Now I wonder my tribute is over-rated on him.

Hence Desmond Lim, the former ASG of S'pore Peoples Party (SPP) for 14 years was never well-known by others..only in PP's town council activities and work which Desmond assisted Chiam alot.

And yes! the funny thing about KJ is, he still want to form an 'Alliance with SDA after what he said. He should have approached WP to form an alliance right?
How come leh ??

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kite-Flying and Politics

'Ace Kay'..An apt analogy of kite-flying and politics. In today's world of kite-flying, you can see the most colourful and huge kites of many patterns of animals and birds, etc. Sometimes, it requires a few people to launch and hold the kites in mid-air. A joy to watch in the sky. Some countries organise kite-flying contest to compete in the design, beauty and mobility of the kites in the air...So much for kite-flying.

As in politics...the higher you soar, the stronger the gush of wind. This is where greater awareness of your politcal direction comes to 'play'. Politics as in a kite in the air, cannot let it to drift aimlessly.

Hence, all those 45 years, PAP has established the right moment, the right place and the right kite to launch into the 'vast blue sky', i.e. Singapore.
We must give credit to the transformation of a 'solid kite' battering the 'strong wind' in open height and space. Is is not easy !!

But as complacency sets in...within these last 5 years..the landscape of politics is like a 'sinking kite' without the true understanding of the citizens of S'poreans needs and sufferings.

Many a wrong decisions followed as the kite is drifting lower and lower to ground level.

At this juncture, the most befitting moments is for the Opposition..with Unity, with greater vision, with substance, with the true cause to change S'pore to an 'affordable' country (not to Mah Bow Tan's meaning of the word) for the average S'poreans, not the Elites and Super-Rich.

Many S'porean want a decent life to live harmoniously and cohesively with our small families in the midst of our friends and contemporaries.

We may not want too many FOREIGNERS in our encroached space.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

When is the ideal retirement age ?

An indepth write on the various stages that one can retire or are forced to retire due to circumstances. Dr Wong Wee Nam brilliantly portrays retirement in its entirety. As Dr Wong said, some people just cannot retire because retirement means either they will not be able to provide themselves with the basic necessities... or they just cannot 'let go'

A clear case is our MM LKY , who thinks he is so indispensible, he will not retire to let his son PM Lee run the government and consequently he fumbles and mumbles his gaffes and bloops.

A sad legacy of a once 'great son' of S'pore our patriarch Lee Kuan Yew.

See More the link on retirement by Dr. Wong Wee Nam

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Filial Son, and a Good Singaporean goes on the tough road to Recognition and Success

Filial Piety has died a long road as our modern society eroded or inadventenely put it behind the back seat of a 'luxious car'.

Small family nucleus is a double-edged sword, greater attention than bigger families, not necessarily. Todays 'dog eat dog' society brought about by the COL and brought about by the Government..left little choice but for both parents to work to maintain a decent living standard with debts housing, in a car, in credit cards. the bane of one's life. Many live to die under their debts!

Children are left to the maids as 'after-care' nannies. If grandparents are around and still looking after the children, it will be God's blessing. But many married adults like to stay on their own and due to the social implication of life in a modern society..old parents are left to fend for themselves....with Khaw Boon Wan suggesting children sent their parents to Johore Bahru to stay..reason being cheaper, how gracious of our Health Minister?...Sad, sad, sad.

Gone were the days of running wild and free with the 'lalangs' and barefooted. Families were bigger with at least five, or six siblings. My family formed a football (soccer) team with my grandparents as Advisers, my Pa and Mom the captain and vice-captain. We grew up poor but happy and with the morality of what Filial Piety was.

We showed greatest respect to our elders, no matter who. We addressed the elders during dinner time, always eating together. Dinner was simple fair but so joyous. The joy of eating together as one big family unit. Gone were the days..Looking into this present context of family life...We dissipated north, south, east or west. the social norm of a modern 'heartless', incohesive society with the diminished value of a large family nucleus.

Chang Ze Xun, the youth in STraits Time's write today
(18.8.10) is extraordinary because of his maturity of thoughts cumulated with his mother's condition of life..'all works well' in such irony setting. But for all the happenings, if a youth is unable to access his inner emotional lock and unlock it and accept that life will always has its vicissitudes, he may not have achieved so much success today. His ability to accept his idiosyncratic life of truth unfolding before him, speaks tons of his detemination in life.

Ze Xun's filiality to his mother Mdm Ong Siew Kee is an act rarely seen in our modern family any more. There are still filial sons and daughters around but...but maybe can be counted in a few...Sigh !

We live to see our lives and others lives unfold into the success story to reach it to the National papers. But behind the facade of realism of life, S'pore as a first World country but with the deprived, the poor, the destitute, the jobless penniless old folks, the many homeless.. are all sidelined into oblivion...

We thank the government for producing a First World S'pore for so many Third world citizens. We are in the midst of 'alien foreigners' take-over. We may become the 'aliens' of the 'foreigner citizens'.. God bless !

The heartbreaking truth of advancement and the modern world of elitism.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

The Ulterior Motive of Reform Party to form an Alliance

Bryan, thanks for tagging me to 'how RP should join the Alliance - like the rest.' You have given us your fair political write point to point of the debased intention of RP. I will be wasting my time repeating the same issue all over.

The only point I want to strongly emphasize is....if Workers Party (WP) who decided to join the S'pore Democratic Alliance (SDA) and LTK brought in his 11 conditions as identical to what RP produced...even thought WP is so well established and can hold their own, doesn't mean SDA will have to agree to WP.

At this junction, we are talking about an Alliance in equal footing, not self-serving agenda to dictate other Alliance parties. And RP not knowing their strength as a political newbie party No words to describe such arrogance!! Where does RP think they are heading to in this instance!

Bringing SPP into total disarray and wanting to change the Alliance prominently displaying the word Reform in the new name of SRDA.... LOL ! HOW NOBLE CAN NOBLE BE ??

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is Vivian Balakrishnan a self-serving Minister?

BLATANT AUDACITY! Yes! why don't he and all the Ministers come up with 20% of their millions salary, paid by taxpayers to fund the YOG and just see the expression on their faces....when from $128 million ballooned to $386 million ~!!

V. Bala is a lost son of S'pore, unable to empathise the life of the poor destitute and deprived S'poreans. Vivian Balakrishnan lives in a world of self-fulfilled falsity of his own lost soul, never mind about being the lost son of S'pore. God bless.

The unfolding of nature will unleash the eventuality of one's life....mighty, powerful, uncaring, incompassionate.... or loving, caring, compassionate and merciful.

We are all Children of the universe..let us see it transformed....

patrick lee song juan
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Reform Party (RP) and its 11 Conditions of Alliance

RP erred miserably specially in Condition No.10 by not naming the new alliance..." REFORM SINGAPORE DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE " (RSDA) rather than Singapore Reform Democratic Alliance.(SRDA)

That is RP wildest ambition to reform SINGAPORE by themselves alone but knowing their limitations as a newbie in the violative political arena, chose SDA to further RP's tactical inclusion. RP put it aptly as an 'Alliance' but under lopsided weightage.

That is a great move by RP and Kenneth Jeyaretnam.... I must say I have the highest 'admiration' of your 'marriage of convenience' but after the 'concupiscence' of co-habitation (sorry for the big word..Bryan must be running for the Dictionary again, haha!) filed for separation and divorce...

Well done RP ! In the first place, Reform Party should have been named Reform Inspiration Party - RIP !!!

patrick lee song juan
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inter and Intra-Party Politics and a Protagonist

Andy...not 'kinky' but you did not read the deeper implication of my write and the fact my first comment was just to sit on the 'the beach and watch the ebbing tide' guess you know what I mean?

As for the 'revealing the cleavage', I always marvel at Bryan's style of writing (else, he will not command a pay for his contribution to FB) and my bestowing him the title of 'political analyst'.

OK, let me explain my abstract connotation "I only love the dancing girls and the two chicks...torn all their attire to reveal the bare truth right"---
'the dancing girls' --refer to the bickering to and fro between parties-(perfect line-formation in seemingly unity but in total disarray) and the inter-party and intra-party disputes...don't they looked like 'dancing in 'ugly rhapsody' like performing 'ugly dance' to the public and for that matter to PAP to see and laugh.

'the two chicks' tearing at each other in Bryan's accompanying photos on his link....ahem!.. there is only one 'chick' not so young entangling a 'mid-weight sumo wrestler'-- unable to reach a common consensus on the inter-party dispute and the 'not so young chick' played into the hand of an outcast...not even a party member...but to my reliable information claimed to be 'the adviser' to CST and 'spokesman' of SPP (what audacity!)...LOL! and two other parties' SG played into his little hands... ......sad..sad..sad....PAP is laughing to the bank again.

I hope that answer your 'kinky' thing...lah!

Patrick Lee Song Juan
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Authoritarianism and Economic Growth

Authoritarian growth is in tune to the economy of the nation. As a nation prospers on economic success, the government and for that matter all government will execise the very power of their rule to transform and impose authoritarianism on the citizens.

In the same measure, S'pore under the power of PAP, at the beginning was a rule for the people. Focusing on nation building for the first 20 years.

As the nation picked up steam and economic growth over-rode the GNP, the ruling elites reaped the harvest of their contribution. Leaving the population gasping for their breath. PAP is no different.

National reserves and SWF build up through the years of investment and our foreign reserves put S'pore as one of a rich first world country. But all these were the citizens hard-earned CPF contributions taken off for investments in huge amount. And when returns are good...interest on CPF savings did not move up in tandem with the economy. And each yaer the minimum sum is increase in the name of helping the citizens to save for old age. Presently, withdrawal of CPF after the minimum sum is only allowed when you reached 62 years (correct me if I am wrong). No more withdrawal at 55 years. The years of hard work, sweat, blood and tears all being forcefully retained in the name of assisting our gracious retirement. The government have become everyone's National Father by default! Many citizens may not have the luxury to live to see their CPF if sickness and diseases struck them !

Adversely, when Temasek Holdings and GIC failed in a number of ventures, the authoritarian government find ways and means to increase and rob the citizens with heavier taxation on transport increase, PUB increase, petrol higher tax and increase, etc. GST will also increase when PAP is returned to power in this coming election; that bring about the absolute growth of PAP authoritarianism and hegemony.

To satisfy their big appetite for their obscene high pay, the authoritarian government will not hesitate to meet their craving by increasing the price of many commodities across the board..resulting in the escalating high cost of living (COL).

The citizens are in for a receiving end.

patrick lee song juan
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Demise of Opposition Unity

Thanks Bryan for tagging me to your write. Yes! 45 years on..with this state of affair of the Opposition, I can only call upon the Almighty above, whoever he is to help them.

I quote one of your paragraphs .."the continued and persistent fragmentation of the opposition due to their different party ideologies and strategies and the inflated egos and self-serving idiosyncrasies of the party leaders." -unquote. Well said and you hit the nail right through!

No two human are alike, nor are political parties. As you say, party ideologies and strategies..all parties have that and strategies too. What many parties are lacking are not so much of their party platform, but the inner composition of self-righteousness and not much room for consultative and participating communication. Each party to each his own...that to use your words 'continued and persistent fragmentation'.

Total lack of cohesiveness is seen when the recent NSP brushed with the law. Did any party came out to support NSP apart from only SDP.
And when SDP held protest and assembly..did any other parties joined force for 'people power?' A big NO! Hence SDP is always seen as the protagonist.

To quote your (stylist and candid paragraph) on the state of current affairs of the opposition...I quote: "So as we celebrate yet another National Day, a survey of the Opposition landscape reveals one fraught with pronounced fissure lines - lines of intra-party infighting and inter-party bickering." - unquote. My feelings is mutual. It boils down to power struggle and control. Nothing beats the 'inflated egos' of politicians who lack awareness and wisdom of what Unity and Cohesion is in such precarious and defeating weak opposition.

It is all self-serving without self-sacrifice but personal agenda only one's conscience will digest albeit with self-deception.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

The Defiant Old Patriarch

Thank you Wilson to notify me on your article Flood. Only able to read just. Rather busy today. I will give my 0.02 cents worth.

LKY in 2006, after the win in the general elections was so cocky that he belittled the opposition not able to come up with 84 candidates to contest in the election.

Let me put it to you with due respect MM LKY, abolish the GRC system and convert each constituency back to single wards and we will shut your mouth for good to see how the opposition can perform. GRC is PAP's only lifeline to hold on to power. We, the citizens and Opposition challenged you to revert to SMC and see who will have the last laugh.

If a government rules for 50 years and unable to deliver progressively, do you still think that you can survive that long ? Any opposition given the time frame of half a century would do as PAP did. There is nothing to crow about. LKY said that PAP makes promises and deliver. Opposition cannot deliver. How can opposition deliver anything when good and upcoming Oppositions are sued for no valid reason but on the basis of political rally and bankrupted or banished into exile. I will not mention the names of the victims. All S'poreans knew and know and will never forget the indignity of suppression with a lobsided judiciary system.

Did not Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong, the only two opposition MPs look after their wards well under the threats of no up-grading and no MRT connection. I salute the residents of these two wards for their moral courage to stand tall in an authoritarian, despotic shameful government to threaten the citizens of S'pore just because they voted for Opposition. Where is the equality and harmony to the citizens that PAP harped to us. There is no more Pledge but only Aspiration.

LKY did say in 2006 in one of his speeches, on FLOODING. He said that PAP candidates linked to ministers and PM will be able to solve any flooding not Opposition stand-alone. He said that is a fact of life!
Now what?? after three FLOODS and so damaging he said that the governments best effort are no match to Mother nature. And when the flood OVER-FLOODED S'pore.. he blames Heaven that unleashed all the fury!! and said it is an act of God !!

They are many gaffes and blunders lately, that I am ashamed to remind S'poreans. With that little integrity left for our old patriarch, we S'poreans are resigned to those years that many made the grave mistake to vote in the PAP again and again...just look at the last five years of transformation of the lives of so many deprived and suppressed S'poreans with such high COL, housing and every facet of increase, increase and increase....and the final straw was the bastardly increased of foreigners into S'pore...upsetting the whole demography of tiny S'pore's liveability and serenity.

Crowded, crowded, crowded...everywhere.

MAJULLAH SINGAPURA for the OPPOSITION to have more voices in parliament and make S'PORE a better MOTHERLAND for ALL CITIZENS.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is Qualification or the Heart the main criteria for a good MP

Qualifications is a due consideration for an opposition but that does not mean it will make a good opposition candidate. The crux of the matter is an opposition who can relate well with the ground, a strong and sound party manifestos..and w...hen voted into parliament can present and forward his party policies for the house to consider and implement.

When an intellectual become an opposition MP or minister , we do not want to see the show repeating in the PAP stage where many ivory tower ministers yapper rhetorics and have no empathy for the poor folks of S'pore.

These days, do the policies of PAP really are for the people? They just bulldozed them through like transport increase, night parking increase, PUB increase,conservancy the government care to find out if all these increases will in many ways curtail the livelihood of the poor...They would not care....for they are the mighty rich....what does the ministers know about poverty of the people.

Hence, we need MPs in the oppositon ward to have a heart for the people, by the people, with the people and fully in touch with the citizens' predicaments not yesmen of the system.

Yes! 'double first, triple last" may mean something in terms of qualification but if a human cannot relate to the hardship and love of another human...the heart to serve and help the majority of poorer citizens and elevate their life to a decent existence. It will be a total waste of a degree against the heart of human endeavour...the true essence of human understanding and assistance in a world of total injustice to mankind... to the marginalised citizens of Singapore.

We have to vote in true human to implement, to carry forward, to achieve..not high and mighty people with scholastic degree but without a real heart for the people. And here I have the honour to name the winners in the PAP hierarchy...Vivian Balakrishnan..Gan Kim Yong.. Lim Swee Say...Raymond Lim ...Mah Bow Tan...Lee Bee Wah etc....and the winner is his famous....'to eat in hawker centre...foodcourt...or restaurant'.. for a mere $20/- increase to the poor on social welfare help.Cheers to Bala for the dubious honour... Mr minister.

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Tide of Political Change in Singapore.

If the mentality of the opposition is such as propounded by your argument... it shows alot of oomphs! is missing in the positivity of the oppositions.... nothing comes on a platter nicely laid...the oppositions have been fighting a losing battle since 50 years ago..WHY ?

First and foremost...FEAR factor of the ruling party...
Second...again FEAR factor of being SUE till your pants drop..
Third....All the "president's men' are roped into PAP to ride the easy bandwagon.
Fourth....In today's society and life in S'pore..if you are holding a steady and safe job..why rock the boat of youself and family in view of the despotic scene of politics in S'pore. It happened to me in 1990, when I was approached by an opposition party into politics..but I graciouslly declined them....I kept the official letter as memento till this day lah! haha.

Last but not the history of world politics, no one party will hold on for life...50 years is tooooo long to die for. A good sign is many younger generation youth with good qualities are joining the oppositions to fight the PAP and in doing so we hope the life of the average S'poreans will be more dignified....the dignity of citizens lost to the draconic control of the PAP regime long time ago....VIVA SINGAPURA ! HAPPY NATIONAL DAY TO ALL.

Nothing is permanent but we live on for the best; for the worst...OPPOSITIONS CAN DO IT BETTER not betterest as what Lim Swee Say used the term - a misnomer.


Friday, August 6, 2010

We should not epitomise Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

LKY will be a legacy of regret because of his less 'awareness'
of not knowing when 'to let go'.. Yes, he was great with the old guards which helped him moulded S'pore it is today. But we must always remember..'one swallow cannot make a summer....' that is exactly what LKY is doing now....old age 'mis-wisdom'...I show respect and admiration to him with limitations.

Great people come and go...we had Napoleon, Hilter, Stalin, Karl Marx....the list goes who is LKY in the hierarchy of the Greats of History. We admire LKY but do not epitomise him as a shinning example. S'pore will produce a better 'LKY' with the pasing of his era...
the evolution of Time and Space.....realisng nothing is permanent as no one is as great as one's dead body...

As a Buddhist saying goes .."Man who do not know how to adjust to circumstances is like a corpse in a coffin." - LKY is a living 'corpse'.

patrick lee Song Juan

The Pillars of Society for Tomorrow

Kenneth Lin is a young 16 year old kid 'from the next block' and with all the other young kids in the video on Facebook, are the next pillars of our FUTURE society.

If the present society cannot nuture their aspiration but give them an illusionary dimension of Singapore in school, what kind of values are the school instilling in our youths of tomorrow.

The current education system of S'pore breed elitism with the segregation of rankings and independent schools. Many of the students are academically intelligent but socially defeating. Many may not be able to think out of the box, due to lack of creativity.

In the outside world of social interaction and integration...the students may find themselves lost in the wilderness. The innate qualities are stifled and will produce a bunch like these present PAP younger generation MPs and Ministers totally indifferent to the feelings of the citizens.



Patrick Lee Song Juan

The Good Old Guards of PAP

When the Old Guard generation disappears"....the new bunch of young second and third generation PAP 'yappering' Ministers and MPs' are the demise of interactive politics with the common citizens of S'pore.

Acting high and mighty, projecting a poor image of themselves and the very party (PAP) built through the hard years by the Old Guards. These cronies only know how enjoy their MP or Ministerial privilege and high salary...totally indifferent and insensitive of Singaporeans feelings....

The most notable gaffe was by Raymond Lim when asked by citizens that they hope no more increase in transport fare in 2008...he just yappered from his 'empty brain' and I quote... "You want it to be free, do you want the GST to go up to 8.5% to run a completely free bus and train system?" OMG..the putrid mouth.

Another infamous gaffe was from Vivian Balakrishnan....just for a mere $20/- increase in social welfare reply to Lily Neo in parliament..."you want to eat in hawker centre, foodcourt or in restaurant?" Big mouth, miniature 'otak'

It truely shows the quality of human interaction and compassion these two nerds posess as high and might 'heartless' ministers.

There are many others too but I cannot help but to highlight this greatest PAP clown of the century... the 'honourable' Lim Swee Say...."cheap, faster and productive"'...'better, betterer and betterest'.....and the remark that 'kills' us all is ...'when I open my CPF statement everytime, I am so happy to see so much money in it.'....he can say that ...with so many S'poreans never able to see their CPF money...many do not even have the basic sum in their account.

Many of us will agree with me when I say..WE SALUTE THE OLD GUARDS...but not the younger generation 'PUNKS' (PAP)

Patrick Lee Song Juan

To Liberate Women of the Muslim World

Right, the author said that ! To the pertinent question of "western wars are meant to 'liberate' Muslim women" the remotest notion of thought. The cultural and traditional differences are too vast to even have a glimpse of change.

Putting western liberated values for their evolved through the times and the modern world of western practice of women equality brought about the so-called liberisation. But what price they paid for the decadence of social norms and family values..the wide spread practice of promiscuous sex, pre-marital sex., illicit sex, resulting in single parent and children without the warm of a two parent-family bond.

You do not need 'western wars' to liberate Muslim women. Government of the Muslim world practises egoistic chavinism and men are always the dominant figure. The mindset of the Islamic world should view
the liberation of their women for equal rights and equal apportunity in a gradual transformation. Only by this move, Muslim society will progress in tandem with the world at large. Tradition and culture are man-made.
Conservatism in a modern world will retard the countries' move forward.

"Men are not creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men" - Benjamin Disraeli..

Circumstances in the form of tradition, cultural practice and a strong resistant to change will stagnatise the world of liberated women......Western wars will not.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Pseudo Liberation of Western Military Might.

Well said Shamin. As long as the world of men are full of ego and
chavinism, I would refute your notion that 'western military intervention'- the most 'liberated' in the world. You should not even put it on even in 'sarcasm', hahaha!

What world after military might? A farcical world of pseudo peace where death is a daily occurrence. The innocents died a violent death of terrorism, suicide bombers. If western so-called liberation can just mind their own business, I believe the world will be a more peaceful habitat.

What has capitalistic idealism bring about?...nothing but devastation of human dignity...I strongly believe that though Sadam Hussein was not a good ruler of Iraq at least he never killed so many people in so short a time and now the world is crying for Iraq and Aghanistan.

The Middle East will be a catalyst for an all out war, if America do not hold their' horses in the stable'. Live and let's live. No human should deprive another the right to exist and CO-EXISTENCE is the right way for all rational homo sapiens of this modern world.

LOVE AND PEACE, not WAR AND PEACE is the vision of a cohesive and tolerant world. Beyond that Men will annihilate the very existence of the man-made world of turbulence...Regards.

Patrick lee Song Juan

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alex ZhixiangTan a political Nobody

Alex Zhixiang Tan@ young man.. I see your rebuttal with 'seow kia' but I think you are the real seow kia are you? ..In fact you are not in the league for me to comment on your status.....Sorry to say so.

A political nobody brought in by Desmond Lim into SPP and Desmond want to groom you up..But your wild ambition got the better of you.. You tell me what have you done at the back of Desmond...and what did you talk to Seelan of SDP...don't forget in life crime doesn't pay well OK...Honesty and character will.

Who are you to see to the success of SPP when you are not even a CADRE MEMBER yet? I am an outsider but was with 'MI5' for 'dinkey' years to know too well on the political development of S'pore.

It is good for a young man to have good and high ambition but you examine yourself ..are you doing right with your conscience and what is you motive to sow discord to a nice man Desmond with Lina (and he brought you into SPP as far as my spy told me) Have a heart young man.... the journey in life is a long road to honesty not frivolity. Regards...

I will not answer your time for you..this is my sincere advice to people like you to do things with a HEART not with a swallow MIND like what some young PAP MPs and Ministers are doing now.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Is this a wise succession plan by Chiam See Tong?

A 'wise' and experienced veteran MP, CST make the greatest blunder of his political 'dawning' career by choosing Lina as successor. Just because she is the wife. We can give any one a chance in life. But by her appearance into Potong Pasir SPP, so many things had happened. Her mouth is never washed since...uttering untruth and discord.

Desmond Lim has been CST's right hand man for 14 years and stayed faithful to assist Chiam on most of his operations. Gone through and participated in two past general elections. What has Lina did then? WHY only now coming out with nonsensical utterance. Personally I feel she brought about the controversy into SPP. Before that SPP was well run and quiet albeit only having 29 members. Kenneth of Reform Party was right to comment on the inability to persuade new members in SPP even with Chiam running the party for 25 years.

The question is a big WHY? Ask Chiam Senior.

My political foresight into this revelation and turn of events in PP, is PAP will stand a better chance to capture Potong Pasir (PP) this coming election than ever before. Seetoh is having a blessing in disguise.

Maybe, I suspect, the only vote for Lina chiam will be, not because of Lina chiam but sympathy votes for non other than Chiam See Tong. Probably, the residents are afraid CST might get a third stroke har! if his wife is NOT chosen. But as I say, the playing field is more open now..Lina is in for a beating....

MAYBE, will be the demise of political 'hegemony' in Potong Pasir by Chiam See Tong. Perhaps, senior Chiam should have taken a leaf from MM LKY...choosing Lee Hsien Loong (he has calibre, though father and son) other than any political minnows his succession process....

Patrick Lee Song Juan

The Politics of Change

Reform Party (RP) has come up with some substance in its election manifesto.This the the first new party to issue such. By the look, many of its policy pledges are for the citizens

The bare facts between issuing a pledge and implementing a pledge are two different things altogether. For a start, RP shows positive seriousness in its stake into the domain of PAP control government.

It will still be an uphill task but as long as RP's focus is in the interest of the ordinary citizens at large, the chances of capturing the hearts of the electorate is tempting. As in anything, a pledge is taken as a promise to be implemented when the time is right. What then is the right time? Simple answer..when RP's candidates are elected into parliament.

As long as PAP still holds a 51% the best scenario for the opposition...the minority voices of oppositions have to work harder to have policies passed in parliament. A cohesive huge voice never imagined before. Alas! it is still a conundrum and reverie.

Workers Party (WP) will be a strong contender, with Low Thia Khiang (LTK) always the mysterious silent "killer"...As I see WP will be the main contributor to the increased voice in parliament. SPP under the Alliance of PKMS and SJP can be a formidable group force...if SPP can put their house in order and last but not least NSP..the breakaway party of the Alliance, has to slouth it out to gain a foothold in the harsh really of S'pore politics with PAP psychologically, holding dear to its dominance.

In the political history of PAP dominance, never have the politics of S'pore rifted into such an open playing field. The law of constancy is taking a back seat for PAP. IF there is such thing as a right time for the politics of S'pore to tilt more into the opposition confines.

At the end of the day, opposition unity, strategies, sound and realistic manifestoes will see the tide of change against the PAP.

Opportunity never strike for 50 years...A time for every reason under the heavens...A time to sow, a time to reap...and THIS IS THE TIME FOR A CHANGE IN THE NAME OF THE CITIZENS' WISHES, ONLY IF WE KNOW HOW TO VOTE THE OPPOSITIONS INTO PARLIAMENT.

WP, SDP, SDA, NSP, RP, S'pore belongs to a new breed of intellectuals not so much with their impressive degrees on paper...but candidates with a heart of gold to emit the right wave-length to elevate the lives of the majority of S'poreans that had never ever felt so good as this coming election.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Sunday, August 1, 2010

How LUCKY can a man be?

Bryan, your answer to Felicia Jieling on LKY being a lucky man and the perspective you give on his tumultous political career and his close shave with all the true dangers of his encounters, brings back the karma of one's life. His past or ...his ancestor must have done a lot of good.

And you forgot to mention he narrated how a Japanese soldier slapped him when walking past the soldier (during the occupation of S'pore), he forgot to bow to the soldier. If he was shot, how would you think S'pore will be today. An interesting hypotheses!

In many ways, S'pore is blessed to have a leader of his calibre (would not know how wide is the diameter of the shotgun barrel..haha).

PAP in those days (not much different in as much as now) under his swift actions, his political opponents were one by one fallen off the byline...and that was how he survived till today..a political genius (if I were to give LKY credit which I think cannot be disputed)
Politics is all about how smart you are to outdo the other...devoid of any morality of sort. It is in how fast you strike, implement and achieved..
regardless of the law of fairplay. Hence most politcians are 'faceless vertebrates".

BUT, I am talking about these 5 years of policy-making and the gaffes and blunders..that cause the average citizens to be so much marginalised that we become THIRD CLASS CITIZENS even a YOUNG PAP of YPAP can write on PAP's facebook so blatantly.

What has become the quality of members of PAP, even some Miinsters are speaking through their mind not their heart.

The surge for first world S'pore has totally breed a generation of PAP
younger Ministers without the very essence of human compassionate. love and care for the sad poor citizens and the many senior old folks.

We have our dignity eroded with the evolution of PAP's new species of high and mighty "intellectual think-tank" ministers of the modern era.

patrick lee song juan