Monday, May 31, 2010

The morality of mankind

The morality of mankind. The 'evil' wrong-used of money is the greatest setback to the dignity of an otherwise innocent man. No one will know, until one transgresses himself to the evil of temptation and dine with the devils.

"For every life and every act
Consequence of good and evil can be shown
And as in time results of many deeds are blended...
So good and evil in the end become confounded".--Thomas Stearns Eliot, an America poet.

Another day another happening, another hour another sinning. The hall of infamy is presided by T T Durai, Ming Yi... and the list is uncovering .......God is great .....evil and dishonesty do not pay.
So far the penalty was always just the tip of the iceberg in the two past cases. The painful hidden truth will never be revealed.

The guilty hummed a melody of relief being charged on a light 'rhapsody'.

patrick lee song juan

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Of Israel and Palestine

The protracted conflict of Israel and Palestine, a war that sees no winners only many innocent death. Why is it that human of the 'same flesh and blood' are unable to co-exist with one another? Is religious denomination that obnoxious that the survival of one must see the demise of the other ?

Many human fight for the rights to live, others fight so that another human be eradicated from the face of earth ?

Do we have the right to decide the fate of another human race ?...

Harmony, co-existence and peace for the greater world are the long term solution of the Middle East conflict.

No one race dictates the destiny of another. We exterminate our very own due to strong ego, pride, hatred, revenge and an eye for an eye.

"Thou shall not kill, revenge is mine to take". Have not all religions preach peaceful co-existence and greater tolerance of thy neighbours.

We live to live, we do not live to kill.

patrick lee song juan

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Happiness and a measure of Darkness

Happiness and sadness (a measure of darkness) go hand in hand in our journey in life. In seeking happiness, the reality is not to go beyond one's expectation of something impossible. Happiness brings contentment and contentment is happiness.

A measure of darkness only befalls one who over-qualifies one's desire of want and unrealistic pursue of materialism.
Living beyond one's means is a sure measure of darkness.
The 5 C's in one's life may look good and dignified. But if one is living in debts and a life time of instalments, where is happiness but 'a measure of darkness'.

Patience and equanimity are the hallmark of a trained mind.
The full awareness of life destiny is the balance of love to hate, compassion to heartlessness, empathy to void of feelings.

The mantra to a happy life is never carry a weight of unrealism then the measure of darkness will dissipate in the far horizon.

patrick lee song juan

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The political dynasty of the famiLEE

Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) is his father's son. The world knows who is Lee Kuan Yew. A 'demi-god'. Without LKY, there may be no LHL. The political hierarchy of the Lee family will perpetuate if it is not curtailed in time. LHL's son is in US under the taxpayer's scholarship, to be a would be successor. The political hegemony is the basis of continuation of PAP and his clowns....
Nothing is permanent in life and when LKY meets his Heavenly or Hell 'Father', the Lee dynasty will meet its gradual decline like all powerful empire of history.

As citizens, we have come to terms with living under the pappies for 50 years. Having no good oppositions coming forward to serve, and due to the 'fear factor' of political culture and 'assassination' we are in, many of us understand the impasse.

At present it is a heart-warming gesture that a few creditable opposition youths are openly challenging the system. My total respect to them.

As ground sentiments are more favorable now, PAP is worried what will happen nexr, come election time. Hence, the increase in NMP and NCMP to appease voters to still vote for Pappy, because we are putting more voices in parliament.

LHL is a daddy's boy and he thinks all citizens are daddy boys, too naive.
We want MPs of opposition to be voted in to have legitimate
voices not a wayang party show in parliament to say - 'aye, aye sir'.

We exercise our rights to vote and we make sure that there will be no re-inventing of the heir to the LEE dynasty.

We hope to see the last of PAP and famiLee hegemony slowly but surely. We will cast our right votes !!

Patrick Lee S Juan
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Money tempts the devils in S'pore politics

Money tempts the devils, if not why so many young graduates enrol into the PAP hierachy and as MPs or become Ministers, enjoy the finanicial comfort and the power of being in the PAP world.

Financial security is necessary for the daily needs of survival, beyond that if the greed for money outweighed your true dedication to a cause or a job, you are no better than a rat.

That is what happens to our government of money-faced ministers. The Holy Order of 'to serve' the nation is self-serving. and many MPs and ministers serve us by being absent and sleeping in parliament sessions. That is easy money and plenty of it.

True blue youth looks beyond the money factor into the human factor of engaging each other with the common goal of uplifting human life, assisting the poor and destitute; the emotional bonding of human affection which is all lacking in our government. Notably MCYS Vivian 'Balalanlan'. Driving the poor penniless to road's end when even pitching a tent in the park is outlawed. Without money, certainly is killing many people in S'pore, exacerbated by the government's incompassion and inflexible law against the very poor.

To the PAP and LKY, money is the motivator of human behaviour for PAP ministers to become untouchables and high-handed, showing no mercy to the suffering poor and penniless.

To a true human with compassion and benevolence, money will never motivate the evil aspect of human behaviour.

So we all see the difference. And money blinds the sighted who do not want to see, though they have eyes. NKF debacle, Ren Ci fiasco. the self-serving money big rats of charity. And a society of money chasing PAP corporations of Temasek and GIC through the blood and sweat money of the ordinary citizens.

So isn't MONEY the motivator of 'human behaviour' when falls in the wrong hands. The stained hands of PAP perpetrators !!

Patrick Lee Song Juan

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Tribute to Dr Goh Keng Swee (poem)

A man of great vision
With a heart of compassion.
A man that is selfless,
Dedicating his whole life to serve,
Not for monetary gain nor self-fame.

With steadfastness he brought
S’pore forward against all odds.
A man of character, loyal and honest,
A legion of his time to live forever.
We lamented his passing as a loss,
Remembering the impermanence of life unfold.

Rest in Peace.

Patrick Lee Song Juan (leesjuanpat)

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My grand daughter Claire Ho Jie En

The passage of time can bring joy as well as sadness. To me, since the day my grand daughter was born, happiness is my daily concomitant of life. Recalling the first day of her birth, as a grandfather I was maybe, even more excited than my son-in-law. I rushed to Mt. Alvernia Hospital and looking at a tiny wrapped-up joy with her pinky closed-eye face, so delicate and defenceless, I reminisced how my daughter was exactly the same as my grand daughter now.

From day one, it was easy to notice the progress of Claire Ho Jie En (my grand daughter's given name). A bundle of joy for my daughter as a first time mother. Now the reality dawned on her, what it is like to be a mother with the amount of sacrifice and sleep-deprivation she had to forego to care and love her child and my lovely cutie Claire.

Days passed and it became months. Every step of change is a joy to behold. From lifting her head with a firm neck to crawling on all fours, then lifting herself up with her tiny delicate hands supported by a chair or stool, it is a marvel how the evolution of the human species adapted to the passage of time.

At six months, her intelligent showed with gesture of hand and answered to her name when called by turning her head towards me the grandpa. How I love and adore Claire. I love my daughter Endra too, but it is a totally different love now as when she was a baby.

Claire is the jewel in my eye. I like so much to carry and hug her tight. But her restlessness got the better of me and she will wriggle to be let down on the floor so she can crawl around. Such an active little cutie pie.

It is like six winks of the eyes and she is one year old. Everyone celebrates her first birthday, showering Claire with hugs and kisses till she revolted with her tiny defiant shout. But no one willing to let Claire down. My wife and me acting like our second childhood to attract Claire's attention. Both 'fighting' for Claire. That was the best joy and treasure of life my daughter ever gave to us in our silver years of retirement.

With the demographic change of the family nucleus into a small family of maybe just four, two parents and two kids, the strong cohesiveness of family bonding has really lost its essence of 'crowded' joy and warmness,

Claire's great grandmother, that is my mother at 94 years, is swarmed by a battalion of sons, daughters, grand daughters & sons, great grand daughters & sons. We experienced the joy of bondage and togetherness during my mother's recent birthday last December which I wrote a tribute to her. Our grand old Dame at 94 years old. We all love our grand old mother. She is blessed with so many grand children and great grand children. We are a cohesive family of eleven members inclusive of my father amd mother. But father has left us many many years ago. We miss and love him.

My huge extended family nucleus can be viewed in facebook which I posted my grand old mother's birthday group photo and my cute lovely Claire's progressive growing up snapshots.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So I let the photos tell the story. Please access my facebook (but you have to be a friend first) to see and feel the joy of my life watching my Claire growing up daily to her first birthday and now she has taken the first little step of humankind and walking with the sweet innocence of a one year old, bouncing here and there with unsteady tiny steps of courage. Claire is slowly and surely trodding into her second birthday in April 2011.

The passage of time brings happiness and joy. The passage of time is a never-ending
cycle of human procreation and 'reincarnation'. The wonder of nature at its best with the evolution of time. And time is everyday's life and death. We live to see a lifetime of eternal bliss.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reclaiming political space by the true blue youth of Singapore

Gilbert Goh is considered my friend. We met a couple of times when he was in S’pore. Good for you to step forward. S’poreans need people like you !! Fight for the poor. You were hesitant the last time I mentioned it in an email to you. We welcome you to kick some PAP dogs back into their kennels from their ivory towers !

Yes! the youth of today will be our leaders tomorrow. These youths need to reclaim the political space which is rightfully theirs.

The opposition youths possess great courage and expose themselves to the ‘fear tactics’ of PAP. Sueing the opposition and foreign press is PAP's cup of tea.

S’pore politic is heading to the graveyards if our true blue youth do not come out to claim what is righfully theirs. How can they just leave it to the PAP and the running dogs to decide the destiny of the citizens. Is 50 years of hegemony not enough for everyone to see the arrogance, the atrocities of policies befitting only the bastardy rich, the higher echelons of society and the government ministers. A social divide of unfair proportions !!

The majority of S’porean are irking out a living from hand to mouth. The senior old poor folks are the neglected generations of past pillars discarded like trashes and many have to work till their last breath. Imagine a frail figure, bent and under-nourished sweeping the ground or clearing the foodcourt tables. Then again, their very livelihoods are overtaken by foreign workers who come cheap, good and faster, with the famous phrase of the century by NTUC crony and minister in PMO's office Lim Swee Say.

We are really putting our hopes on the youth to reclaim more political space and freedom in replacement of the despotic one voice of LKY and his puppets. He was once a more rational leader in his early PAP years. Too authoritarian now. The dynastic chain of nepotism and favoritism must be curtailed.

Young Alex Tan is a name worth mentioning when he engaged the PAP(young dogs)Youth Wing, in a courageous debate some time ago and was barred by the young pappies in the Youth PAP forum.

I salute all these Youth (graduates or non-graduates), with a true heart for true opposition voices in parliament with strong, honest characters to serve the electorates.


(Written as comment for theonlinecitizen)

Patrick Lee S J.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Everyday is an Inspiration

Life meaning is enormous. The honest approach and right direction is where true life begins. Each and everyone of us will approach life differently. As long as we are true to ourselves and our friends, the journey will be happy and fulfilling.

Every day is an inspiration. Begin the day with a positive disposition. Looking in the mirror the first thing in the morning and smile, give yourself a positive confidence to look towards the day.

Helping the under-privileged and poor is another inspiration to the society at large.
Self-realization of our limitations is a step to greater awareness of our ability. Great people with a heart, dedicate their whole life to a cause of saving the poor of the world without any motives of self-gain and hold high their dignity in life. The return is satisfaction and peaceful well-being to the inner self. The true honesty of doing a great job without any hidden agenda.

No better person I have in mind then the late Mother Teresa. The Mother of Hope and Life for the miserable poor and deprived of India.

As we inspire the quality of life to others, we are making the world a better place to live in.

Let this inspiration be a daily practice for the harmony of love and peace to our fellow humankind.