Monday, January 24, 2011

Life is a Transient passing! (a poem)

Life is a transient passing ...we are all sentient being..

what is hatred?
what is love?
what is greed?
what is lust?

what is satisfaction ?
and what is disgust?
the world is revolving in its entity
but how long will the atrocities
of the world last ?? -leesjuan (copyright)

Happy Lunar New Year to All in Facebook (FB) and may wisdom be always with us in a faceless FB of diverse opinions and a pinch of add the taste !!

patrick lee song juan

Singapore a Nation of Paradoxes ?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 7:58am

With all the high powered talks with the who's who at the forum of the Institute of Policy Studies just ended..will it come to anything concrete?? Academics and experts are only human....If you got a mouth, a proper tongue you can talk right ? Wong Kan Seng is a good elusive talker and he delivered the key-note speech !

Singapore a nation of Paradoxes?..Yes, it is! In relentlessly pursuing S'pore to be first in the Global setting and growing a GDP not for the masses but for the system, S'pore's society has seen better days !! We see progress, we see wealth but where did it all go to ??...Your guess is as good as mine.

The greater influx of foreigners and as Sylvia Lim pointed out..we used to have 86% Singaporeans, now our citizens numbered 63%..So are the real S'poreans being sold out!

The social and demographic upheaval of life to the average S'poreans is far-reaching...Our space are encroached..our wellness of living jeopardised, our transport squeezed like sardine cans, our public housing go beyond the reach of many citizens. And only lately..the government is hearing our desperate cries in the wilderness..but it came too late..even the recent more drastic curb on private property speculation..the sky had already blew open !!

How we as Citizens see ourselves for the next 10, 20 years?...Doubtless our children and our children's children will be fighting hard to survive in a Singapore brought about by the draconic rule and insensitive to our cries of enough, enough, do something, we need help!

PAP having ruled S'pore for 51 years ...with the 'rigid' transformation of the last 8 years the 'failed' or drastic policiies changes the very structured of life even in a poor old folk..Tough years to go with pace of globalisation at all cost!!

Can we see ourselves as citizens of S'pore, our motherland moving away from our very doorsteps with the unrealistic pursuit of a 'Shangri-la' for the super rich, the inner circle of people, the elites and all the President's men. A nation becomes a corporation of money making entity and enrichment of themselves!

So, do the deprived, destitute, poor and senior old folks have a place to call home??

And how strong will our pleads reach the governments ears...the deaf ears of the system failure!!

patrick lee song juan

The Collapse of a Dynasty ! -MM Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)

Today..MM LKY dropped a bombshell in Sunday Times by saying..."I am not interested in building a Dynasty?"

After 51 years of PAP rule and now our wise old man said that? Is it a wake-up call to his party younger colleagues ?

Or is it he has a 'premonition', this 'coming mother of election,' will see a strong contest and beating of the asses of some 'good-for-sitting-only' in parliament of PAP members...notably Charles Chong...who remarked that Singaporeans (S'poreans) are 'lesser mortals.'

As it is, it is always gracious to exit a scene and leave a strong impression. With funfare or not, it does not matter. It matters when people just cannot move on away from the power and limelight they hold dear! Clinging on to a legacy of once great achievements, sadly, for MM LKY, with many gaffes and bloopers.

MP Chiam See Tong's case (CST), it is so heartbreaking to see a once credible MP and supposedly leader of the opposition fell under his own indignity....It would be an ungracious exit in his political career...Sad for a man I did admire even with his earlier years' excusable shortcomings...until now !!

Singapore Peoples Party (SPP) and Desmond Lim has not resolved their differences till this day...It may or may not be a civil case pending?..the ball is kicking in CST's court !!

PAP's hegemony as a one party rule of dominance, drastic, draconic at times and trashing 'down the citizens throats policies' deemed good to them with little regards to the disconsolation of the general public..A case in point and I will always mention it...The Transport Fare restructure across the that not draconic and authoritarian ...what is ?

The suffering old folks have to eat humble pie ? Raymond Lim is next to be booted out !!!

PAP holds dear the dynasty of succession through party lineage and Lee family perpetuation of the famiLEE.

Where else in the world can you find a country run as a Corporation with all the MM's men and daughter-in-law and the many cronies!

Is MM Lee sincere in his saying in today's published Sunday Times..'I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BUILDING A DYNASTY?'

How 'heart-warming' is such words...May I ask..the dynasty of the LEE family or the dynasty of the PAP dominance ???

We will leave it to the awakening of the voters and the citizens of S'pore to debate the repercussion of a statement of such magnitude !!...The world is really transforming and S'pore is changing too , so is PAP !! Have the oppositions changed for the better ??!!

Are the opposition ready to take over....YES, and NO, but only..Slowly yet Surely...though not in another 15 to 20 years time...The challenge is opened for the Oppositions to work their ways in solidarity.....Regards.

patrick lee song juan

The Bra and the Pantie - a Poem

My take on bra and the a cheeky the hole-ly oops! (holy) William...

a bra is admired from the chest
a pantie is wore to cover the nest
between the bra and pantie
the joy of action is all ecstasy...

only if you can go beyond the coverage
and access the curvature of the contour
as looking is just a joy to behold!
rubba, rubba is a sensual joy......

before you realize your phallus's search
down into the pantie 's 'holy land'
and such is the nature of men
forever looking into the hole-ly scent !

the joy at coitus is a moment's lust
temptation is a minute strong
if you can beat the odd to stay clean
your fidelity will make you an evergreen ! - leesjuan (copyright))

patrick lee song Juan

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Citation poem in memory of Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ)

My belated Citation in memory of Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ)
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 8:23am

Your birthday is eternal. You are a legend in your own rights..JBJ.
You fought all your battles against PAP, unrelentingly stubborn.
We admire your never-say-die attitude but Time just took your life
away and your legacy is perpetuated by your son Kenneth (KJ) to
battle the odds of political hegemony of the PAP dominance of 51 years.

My belated citation poem in memory of JBJ...

you fought you last fight..
till death then PAP got some rest
even till today, your indomitable spirit
lives on till eternity.

your son KJ may emulate your legacy
but the opposition road is so treacherous
a mis-step, a wrong word you are totally exposed
with the MSM mouthing rhetorics of PAP tune..

hope your message is simple and clear
or it will take years to overcome the PAP fear
now is the time for the awakening
will all oppositions be in one mind

to put more candidates in parliament
failing which is many a citizens'loss
by the very action of nailing ourselves to the cross
another suffering for the citizens of Singapore!!

(copyright -leesjuan)

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Liberal Democracy and Social ills

What is Liberal democracy?..the word liberal in the context of a political party means favouring progress and reform.

And what is democracy? Simply put, democracy means government by the people or their elected representative or state governed in this way or as I say 'whichever way you as people sees it?' Perplexing right? Domcracy is the rightful owner of the ruling power!!!

What is Social ills?...Aplenty !! In a society of progress...we are never void of social ills...It is the people in that society that perpetuate and give rise to social ills...How ill it can be will depends on how effective the government can handle and contain that 'illness'.

Yes! of late there a number of cases brought about by the stressful living of our society, the struggle to make ends meet. The loneliness of one's life especially the senior 'home alone' old folks! This can be said are also social ills brought about by the progress of the modern world, the modern family nucleus, the modern S'pore! Smaller families has certainly killed off the family cohesiveness of warm in a extended family. I too am a victim of circumstances brought about by the exertion of 'liberal democracy' in our very own society!

The cases of flashy flesh will happen anywhere in a society of stressed human beings. Some according to a noted consultant psychiatrist may just want attention, some may be going 'bonkers' due to the pressure of living overwhelming them. Others like the 19 year old classy girl who checked into Fullerton problems of her parents affecting her. So she needed attention to solve her predicament. And what a way to do it in style!! We may not know even her true motives.

As society progress, we pay a price for the advancement...whether to First World or to 'oblivion'. In this respect the government has a social responsible to see and set right any misgivings of the citizens life. In so far as, not to add to the misery of living specially for the poor and deprived and penniless old folks. PAP government has a social responsibility to set right the widening of the class difference, the wage gap, the rising cost of living, the floodgate of foreign imports...

The rich are getting richer ..The poor are crying out loud but to a deaf ear. The government is not doing enough in this aspect.

A society and for that matter a country having the world's first in many things, if the government cannot even see to the social uplifting of the decent lives of its lower poor citizens, what is the use to have everything under the sun but the rays are shinning at the targeted people who only shape their own interest and the interest of their cronies and leave the rest gasping for a little or no ray of hope...???

We are a First World Singapore brought about by the monopolistic rule of the PAP and as it is, our very lives are hanging in the balance..Surely Singapore has progressed under PAP, only the progress made good on the ruler's agenda...the poor are still struggling.

Do the citizens want to go on like this?

Exercise your very rights legitimately in the VOTE and vote it right?

Talking alone is only wasting our breath. We may not have that much left ??

Do we need to wait for another 20 years for a change?? Many may be dead by then! included.

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patrick lee song juan

Chiam See Tong (CST) has to admit defeat.....

Truth triumps...Chiam See Tong (CST) has to admit defeat....
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 12:44pm

Latest news or is it not news anymore ..Desmond Lim (DL) is confirmed as SDA's secretary-general, endorsed by Singapore Democratic Alliance..So all those allegation against Desmond was unfounded. How can a MP for 26 years lay accusation to his trusted protege and subsequently want to discipline and kicked him out?..So Desmond did not contest as ASG of SPP due to Chiam's personal dislikes but all the other cronies of SPP dared not even go against Chiam's wrongdoing.

What is Sin Kek Tong doing..sitting on the fence?? Co-incidentally there are two Tongs in SPP. So many things go... tong... tong...tong.....

Will Desmond be reinstated to his ASG position in SPP..since his position in SDA is settled.

And SDA's SEC meeting yesterday, Chiam and company put on a no show again..But the resolution was passed by majority vote as to Desmond Lim's SDA SG position. A certainty !!

So, justice triumps! And hopefully this is a lesson that senior Chiam will learn. In life the truth is the utmost truth, nothing can beat the truth...And ultimately all well that ends well...

We must thank Chiam for his 'magnanimity' to see the big picture of opposition congeniality and unity to fight the PAP.

Good luck to Desmond Lim and Chiam See Tong to come to a win-win solution (or has Chiam really come to that position yet??)...

And thanks PKMS and SJP too for doing what is right....Looking into Socialist Front to join into the Alliance....of SDA.

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chiam's saga continues with a Bombshell dropped by Wilfred Leung!

Wilfred Leung, Chiam's trusted aide, on New Years gave Chiam(CST)the best gift he had ever received at the start of new year 2011....The saga is unfolding.....And MSM made it a point to highlight the 'event.' Forever MSM !

Chiam of SPP has outlived his legendary days. It is sad that the debacle and fiasco of SPP is the setting of Chiam himself. He 'single-handedly' raised the party and in the same measure killing the party..LOL!

Unable to let go of his 'absolute power' (no different from PAP), it would be history repeating (but remotely not, for sure) if SPP could come into power...'ban ban tan..tan koo ea hoo' (translation: wait long will get)

As I had written a couple of notes in my profile column, what is the best win-win solution for Chiam but he is adamant to have his way. And a good man in Desmond Lim, Chiam sees as a threat to him (selfish leader will never have good ending).

Now initiating a disciplinary committee to ask Desmond to show cause..WHAT CAUSE?? And Chiam already by his power removed Desmond (DL) as ASG of SPP and surely it seems Chiam (CST) is trying to 'kill' DL off but the kamma fell on himself..Real sad....And Lina Chiam added to CST's disgrace !!I really felt sad when i saw you at the TOC 'Face to Face' forum...How a man of 'immense admiration' from me..become a man he is today..weak..irrational and with the ravage of the two strokes is a weak sick man still hungry for power not his life......The transience of our passing and living....

Dr Wong Wee Nam which I know, wrote a 'sentimental accolade' to CST in onlinecitizen. BUT MANY TRUTH WERE HIDDEN!!...Yes! earlier years CST was seem as a ('good and gentleman') opposition leader before Low Thia Khiang of WP. But as events and events unfolded through the years, SPP was totally stagnant under CST's leadership and when DL try to bring in new blood and was seen by CST that DL wanted to usurp his leadership...How sad!! Selfish leadership thinking!!

IN life and in any setting of power in political parties or organisations, if one does no know how to let go and have a succession plan, the party will stifle and regress. this is happening to SPP. Ever wonder why PAP is so successful in their succession plan and smooth transition of seemingly unselfish leadership ??

And 2011, Wilfred Leung..CST's trusted aide sent Chiam the best present he ever received..Wilfred's resignation from SPP (reason given was work commitment...but there is more to the hidden truth...many are no fool to conjecture...)

There is still hope and face-saving for CST...bury the hatchet and come to a win-win solution with his former protege DL (see the bigger picture of party unity and opposition wellness!! )

In fact PAP is just 'giggling' away without even have to waste any ammunition and some opposition are as good as dead !!

IS THAT WHAT OPPOSITION POLITICS IS ALL ABOUT IN S'PORE...bickering intra and inter-partying like in a 'celebration of 'siokology' to ruin each other. And two days ago a NSP candidate commented about a opposition party member in Wan Bao....Is politics masak-masak for opposition ??

So, in that case let us open a GADO-GADO stall than be in politics ?? Regards.

patrick lee song juan