Thursday, December 24, 2009

Higher HDB prices "good" for Average Singaporeans.

Higher HDB prices good for Singaporeans. Every citizen can afford to buy HDB. No one will be left out. We will give subsidies to purchase HDB. Good economy, higher HDB prices. BTO HDB flats for class living but come with a price. All PAP’s slogans!!

Easy talk and say by PAP ministers, LKY etc, etc. Yes! all the millionaire ministers and cronies can purchase many units of HDB without a blink of an eyelid.

We are talking about the poor folks of S’pore. the young couples, all with little or no CPF to assist them to make the first purchase. And many who had purchased, find it difficult to service the
mortgage and even to pay the conservancy charges.

Why don’t the HDB publish a comprehensive lists of people who are in arrears and those whose HDB flats are being re-possessed by the Banks.

PAP to these days, is always painting a rosy picture of life in S’pore. Many of us are no fools to buy what you say now. Lay your cards on the table and be transparent about all the profits that HDB has been making all these years and why are HDB flats supposed to be for the poor and average working class escalated to such high price.

Stop all the BULLSHITS about market force. PAP and HDB can regulate the 80 percent public housing movement but they choose not to and let it be a free fall and ultimately HDB reaped great profit from it. Why build BTO at such high price and build it at all? Why HDB don’t build more 3 and 4 rm flats and smaller flats for the poorer citizens? Salary for the ordinary citizens all this years has not increased in tandem to the COL, etc. And Lim Swee Say is asking Singaporeans to work 'faster, cheaper and better' whereas the ministers of PAP are self-paid salary masters! They are never perturbed by any increases of prices. They are the super rich.

The average salary of S’poreans is nothing to crow about whereas the ministers and civil servants in high position are being paid like ‘hell notes’ to the millions.

Where do we citizens draw a line to say enough is enough with this despotic rule of PAP where every facet of our lives is being curtailed and we are totally stigmatised and confined to a life of PAY AND PAY under the PAP.

In general, every citizens, apart from PAP’s cronies, running dogs and bootlickers, are being squeezed to our last drop of blood. Do we want Vampires in our midst?

WE HAVE TO DECIDE BY THE NEXT BALLOT to rid the solipsism of the PAP.

patrick lee s juan
( written as a comment for )

Loving a Schizophrenic

leesjuanpat on December 25th, 2009 6.32 am

Kudos to you Raymond A. F. for your untiring effort to higlight the difficulties faced by patients and caregivers. And i must really take off my hat to you for the dedication, care and love bestowed on your wife, Doris.

The cold-faced society of ours has much to do with the octracism. The social stigma as you said, attached to it, is another heart-shattering reality.

A country like Singapore, with a high cost of living, can be even more stressful, to the sufferers and the care-givers given that minimum support is available. Our government may not be doing much in this area to alleviate their lives.

Public awareness of mental illness and schizophrenia is least understood. And superstition also plays a part in the illiterates, to view this illness as a possession by some sort of evil.
Greater empathy and compassion must be shown and social acceptance is the first step to integrate these sufferers back into society. It has to begin with employers lifting the barrier, to accept employment for them.

In the early years of my childhood, we were brought up by grandmother’s tales of not going near a ‘mad’ person because they are dangerous. Those were the days of absolute ignorance. In today’s world with medical science and cure, sufferers can lead a normal life with the right medicines. Society should change the mindset on these people.

The cosmic vastness of creation brings forth lives into this world where many treasure it as a gift of God.

We are living in an era of the extremes in this modern world. Many a life seems worthless, with daily death and terrorists suicide attacks. Many innocent lives perished.
And many who want to live a decent life are not given a fair chance. Sufferers of mental illness are not criminals and for all fairness, they are as human as we are, they have a right to be among us.

Raymond, loving a schizophrenic is not a crime and for that matter your wife of 35 years from day one and before. I salute your greatness of mind and spirit. Love her through eternity.

“We love the human race, it is the human that betrays many a human”. ---leesjuan

patrick lee s juan
(first written as a comment on

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Spirit of Christmas

"Christmas waves a magic wand over the world and behold everything is softer and more beautiful." - by Norman Vincent Peale.

Yes! the Spirit of Christmas is of joy and beauty. But in our present world, nothing is really softer or beautiful anymore. The world is heading into catastrophe of natural disasters and men-made atrocities with global warming threatening the very survival of the human race. The melting of the artic and antarctic icebergs upsetting the ecology of many species. Nothing is constant. We live in an impermanent world.

Year 2009 is ending and is seen as a difficult year for many. Due to the mismanagement of the American economy, the repercussions are felt worldwide. On the local scene many of us lost money on the minibonds and Lehman Bros debacle, etc. We move on and learn that life is never a primrose path to eternal sunshine.

We compromise our own shortcomings and examine our weakness and failings in relation to the society at large. We weigh our misgivings and reconcile our life with greater optimism and accept that every dissent and criticism will stir us to improve ourselves to become a better person. We are at peace with our elements.

The positive joy and happiness reflected on many, show how contagious the spirit of christmas will bring. Many will be spending like there is no tomorrow and let tomorrow fret over its own needs. Prudence is most wanting in this aspect. We balance our needs and try to give a thought to the many poor and destitutes of society, who will never see the light of day, every day, much less the Yuletide season. To these people everyday is no different. The only difference that will uplift their lives will be one or two meals a day. Many dared not even think of the luxury of three meals. Charity and love will begin at home and spread far and wide to the very heart of the poor in society , in the world. Love can conquer the evil of 'midnight'.

With Christmas hovering in the air and soon it will be gone like a flash. We begin to usher in New Year 2010 with a new hope, new understanding and new direction in life. We ask ourselves what resolutions are we making for year 2010 to stay in tune with our emotional and spiritual well-being, focusing more on the harmony of existence and inter-relationship of our peers but most important our very own cohesive family that can never be replaced with the largest gem in the world.

Let us look forward to the jingling of the Christmas bells and welcome the New Year 2010 on a postive disposition. For everyday is a new learning and experience.

We pick up our pieces of zig-saw and complete the puzzle.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year 2010 to all.

patrick lee song juan
(first written for the Silverhairs)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Dear Mother's 94th Birthday.

A tribute to my dear mother on her 94th birthday.

Yesterday, 13th November 2009, we celebrated my mother's birthday at our 8th younger sister's home. Our's is a big family of eleven members. Six females and three males.
My grand old dame's actual birthday falls on the 2nd of the Lunar Eleven month. (i.e. 17th of November ). We normally celebrate our mother's birthday slightly earlier or later, to fall on a Sunday for everyone to be present.

We are a lucky family of sort. Big cohesive family before the policy of PAP to stop at two. My late father the 'Production Manager' had given us the joy of life where we know what is filial piety. We all love our dear mother. Not many in this present context of Singapore can live till a ripe old age of 94. We count our blessings. My mother is a happy lady with a maid to look after her and staying at my younger sister's home. Alert but weak in her legs. She enjoys the warm and love of each family members, up to so many great grand children. Personally, I have lost count of the numbers. So is my mother.

Remembering my Dad who singlehandedly brought up all nine siblings with Mom as the homemaker. We always treasure him in our hearts. Without Dad and Mom, we are nobody.
Humbly, our family hierarchy, produces one scholar who is now the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police and many graduates.

Every year my Mom's birthday is a big affair. It turns into a battalion. With commander-in-chief and all the divisional generals holding fort and fostering a united, cohesive family nucleus.
Our present society of small families brought about by the policy of the system, forever eroded away the joy of such big family (like ours). The next generation will lose the warm of a very close-knit family.

With globalisation, the dissipation and emigration will further thin the already small family. We will live to lament the loneliness and solitude of old age staying alone.

Looking in perspective, Singapore has many old folks and are not as lucky as my mother. Many
live a lonely life when the other half passed away and with no savings and little help from their already hard-pressed children, are whiling away their life in misery. Looking at a bent old man or woman picking trashes and cardboards in first world Singapore is beyond our imaginations.

Our government boasted the best in everything but unable to care for the poor and destitute,
leave much to be desired. Is there no compassion in the highest paid PAP ministers of S'pore and the relevant ministry to put all these destitutes into a home to enjoy their twilight years of decent joy. Certain state welfare is worth considering. The ball is in the government's court.

Notwithstanding all that, my own small family of six now, (including my son-in-law and my 7th month old grand daughter) really enjoy the celebration of my great old dear mother's 94th birthday with many immediate family members congregating under one roof for the bondage of the precious moment.

And I wish my Mom a long life and to look forward into her century.

Patrick Lee S Juan

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Tribute to MP Chiam See Tong

25 years is not a short time. PAP has ruled Singapore for 50 years. But at a little corner of S'pore in Potong Pasir (PP) MP Chiam See Tong is seen but not 'heard'. MP Chiam is the nemesis of PAP in his unostentatious way and survived the odds to stay defiant and true to his MP status to serve the residents under the authoritarian and despotic rules of PAP. He still drives his old Volkswagen.

25 years of achievement to the residents of Potong Pasir. People come and go in our life. Mr Chiam holds on to his integrity and sincerely serve the residents of Potong Pasir, under such bullying tactics and inconvenience from the government, (i.e. synonymous with PAP). Since 1984 we seen one after another cronies of PAP coming in to stake their claim on Potong Pasir but to no avail. They appeared with great aplomb, with great promises and threats to the true blue residents of PP that under PAP, the residents can see a better life and better Potong Pasir. The truth is laid to us citizens, are we better in all the PAP's ward as compared to the 2 opposition wards. No, We are not!! I take my hat off to MP Chiam and on another level to MP Low Thia Khiang for his Hougang ward.

Mah Bow Tan, Heng Chee How, Sitoh (did I left anyone out?) were all losers in Potong Pasir. But due to the system of PAP's GRC, two losers becomes 'winners'. 'Maboh' tan is now the National Development minister, Heng CH. with NTUC and a Mayor. Only Sitoh is still left in the wilderness, appearing on and off to gain credit when Potong Pasir was about to do the Lifting Upgrading Programme. We can be our own judge, especially the residents of Potong Pasir. Many of us citizens are silently proud of you guys of PP and Hougang. We salute you all who dared make a difference to vote against the despotic PAP.

Yesterday, MP Chiam celebrated his 25 years of great achievements to the residents of Potong Pasir.
A man of simple origin, 'bashed' by the PAP, just because he is in the opposition. He stood his ground with bravery, and against all odds to carry on his legacy of a true MP for the people.

How many in the present context of PAP MPs can hold a candle to Mr. Chiam? They entered politics through the back door of GRC and jumped on the band wagon to ride the strong wave of the system and many present day MPs are a sight of shame. Only Teo Ser Luck and Lily Neo, both stood out from the sore thumbs.

25 years on in Potong Pasir against a backdrop of 50 years nation building of one and only party under PAP. The rich becomes richer. The poor becomes poorer. The middle class is sandwiched in between. The only care the government give to the senior old folks is a 'parting shot' from Khaw Boon Wan. " You old and destitute folks with no money can go to Johore Baru Old Folks Home and stay, it is cheaper." And Khaw was not magnanimous enough to say whether the PAP government will pay for the penniless folks' accommodation. We be our own judge !!

Singaporeans!! Mr Chiam is a shinning example of a one man against the system of oppression.
Is 50 years not enough for many to open our eyes to decide an urgent change to our very lives,
encroached by the insane influx of so many foreigners and the draconian sweeping policies of
PAP with even a one man assembly is against the law? A one man assembly!! Can the law please define what is the meaning of 'assembly'. Can a lone person be an assembly??

We will have to decide our lives and the future of Singapore before it goes to the dogs and fat cats !!

Last but no least, my great tribute to Mr Chiam for his unfaltering dignity against all odds to stay connected with the residents of Potong Pasir and to the 33 percent Singaporeans at large who voted against the PAP. I have never met MP Chiam but you earned my respect. Great men are a rare breed in a world of rampant corruption, dishonesty and personal motives and greed.

In his simple words in today's Sunday Times (13.12.2009), Mr Chiam said and I quote " The candidate must, however, look after his constituency, do his parliamentary work and possess traits like professionalism, honesty and integrity."

How many people in this world can live up to his simple dictum !!??

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Social Ramifications of Problem Gambling.

Compulsive gambling is a vice. Addiction to gambling causes undue stress to the gamblers as well as their immediate families. Gambling problems exist and prevail all the while. Ironically, only now the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) is highlighting the social ills associated with it. And the government is building two Integrated Resorts to promote gambling. How ironic!!

Suddenly, it became front page news.Is there such thing as responsible gambling ? Where do we draw a line as to say how and what is responsible gambling.? The ramifications of compulsive gambling is far and wide. It is easy said than done. It will be a gigantic task for NCPG to contain its resultant effect.

We take clubs that have licence to operate slot machines. NTUC club is the champion in this respect. The amount of money people slot into the jackpot machines is staggering. And majority of clubs are maintained largely by the revenue from the slot machines though the tax on it is high - over 40%.

Many jackpot players are so hooked to the machine that they can spend five hours and above just to slot in coin after coin, hoping the next pull or rather the next press will give them a jackpot claim. A human weakness of false hope and the reluctance to let go of the machine, afraid that the next player will strike when they let go.

The amount of money collected monthly comes to millions by all the clubs combined together and NTUC has a better slice of the cake which runs 200 machines as stated in the Straits Times of July 6, 2007. The sad truth of jackpot addiction.

Feedback and hearsay from diehard players who lost and just cannot come clean of the game is heartbreaking. People losing their CPF money, their cars and even their 3-rm flats playing jackpot. Many a sad but true happennings of such cases abound if you stay in the jackpot room to listen to their woes and stories.

Personally, I was intrigued by the fact that I visited the jackpot rooms in clubs to observe and gather information. And I did play for a while. And know what! I have never won. I was and am still at a loss why people knowing that out of ten times, they will lose nine and a half times, yet they keep on going back to play the jackpot.

So, this is where NCPG has a big row to play. The various counselling agency on gambling must step in to help. Many gamblers will never admit they have a problem. The sad truth is that many a problem associated to compulsive gambling is discovered too late. And many families will be affected by this social ills of irresponsible gambling. A responsible gambling will become irresponsible.

Our human weakness can never resist the next and yet another next try to recoup the losses. A gambler's fantasy. We will always deceive ourselves. So bring in the experts for help. But why go to such extent when "Prevention is better than Cure."

Gambling is a serious evil business.

Patrick lee song juan
(First written to the S.Times Forum and
published on the online letters, 11th July 2007)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is the Government serious with our feedbacks?

Many of us would certainly like to give feedbacks and offer our views on issues that strike our heart and the life of Singaporeans.

But as the statistics show, many a feedback falls on death ears. Instance like the transport increased feedback to the PTA, was a whitewash. They increased the fare even with huge profit.

Politics has a hand in every facet of our life. The ruling party being monopolitic exerts the greater say in policies. And many a times, it is just a routine and nothing is in the offing. Policies
just bulldoozed through regardless.

And in areas of free speech, how free and democratic can we get. The Speakers Corner for example. In London's Hyde Park anyone can just go there and speak up. Here we need to apply for a day licence and what not. As long as we speak with responsibitiy and within the framework of the nation, we should be given a freer hand to do so. So, Speaker's corner die a slow death. Why lay obstacles in this process. What freedom do we have in free speech.

Another area of great concern. The Ministers high salary. Greater even than the President of the United States. In fact, in every circle of Singapore, we voiced our concern on this issue but then it sailed through with flying colours. MM Lee has the greater say. And so the young ministers and ministers-of-state jump on the bandwagon to be with the government. Good pay, diplomatic immunity and great recognition. Why not?

I remember during one of the dialogue session with the audiences sometime ago, a reporter by the name of Ken Kwek asked a certain question to MM Lee, he was shot down in no time and embarrassed on the spot.

We need to really open up for true dialogue and feedback. The authority cannot just acknowledge and take no action. We too want a gracious Singapore to live in. But as it is; the cost of living do not favour the poor and man in the street with so many increases every now and then. More consultative approach should be the norm, not just lip-service.

We the citizens of S'pore charted this course to vote in the government for so many years. We do not want to be short-changed. We want impartiality in the implementation of our feedback. Too many disapointments and little is done to help elevate the citizens' hardship. So, why waste time.

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Power of Sex

Well, well, a topic taboo to our parents and grandparents, is an open secret to many but only some have the audacity to invite controversy of open discussion.

Terence, did not leave any bones unturned. Candid to the point of divulging the power of tongkat ali, with Shirley talking about beetle-juice.

Sex is always in the air throughout the world. When a young couple married, sex is the predominant excitement of marital bliss and ecstasy. Many orgasm is attained.

Asian culture of yonder days, viewed Sex as a concomitant factor of married life, not the paramount factor.Western civilization’s emphasis of sex life in married as the deciding factor of family’s cohesion. Hence the high rate of divorces abound. To them, Sex come before love. Hollywood is an icon for sexual divorces. Elizabeth Taylor still holds the record for the highest number of divorce (seven, in her journey to marriage and sex.) Nothing to be ashamed off in an open Western society, taking sex as the yardstick to seemingly happy marriage life. No sex, no life.

With many of our cohorts well-educated and informed, Sex has revolutionised society into delinquency. Free sex, pre-marital sex, sex orgy, promiscuous sex, gay and lesbian sex. You name it and it can happen. Society has degenerated into a free for all. Illicit sex, adulterous sex.
The decadence of social norms and liberal sex underpin the seriousness of sex without a cause.
Families paid a price for not upholding the moral dignity of a one man one woman sex life of devotion. We begin to wonder, has sexual freedom totally transformed the world or are we to be blamed for the liberty of sexual desires into the abyss.

Sex is a doubled-edged sword. Do it clean and good with our wife or husband, is the ultimate in sexual orgasm and everlasting faithfulness. Illicit sex life of fling is a no no, but human weakness, be it men or women, unable to resist the sexual temptations, will betray our very morals to enjoy the wildest sex of our life.

Copulation with a legal partner is different from fornication with anyone we have a fancy.
Everyone loves sex. Sex makes the world go round. Sex can round the world into a square. Haha! Sex for all and all for sex… really keeps the juices flowing….as Geraldine puts it … but alas….. (to complete Geraldine’s sentence), sex welcomes the world of HIV, the deadliest now; with Vietnam Rose once upon a time sent a chill down the spine.

Who does not love sex. Stay alive for faithful sex, never let sex outstays you.

I love sex in the comfort of home not “Sex in the City”.

Patrick Lee S Juan
(First written for SHC website, paste to my Blog)

LOVE (poem)

Since love is in the air in SHC (Silverhairs Club), my inspiration to compose a poem for the lovebirds is getting the better of me. I am no poet but I try: The title is: LOVE

Love strikes with a bolt of lightning
The force is nature’s binding
It blinds everything in a flash
Lovers interlock in tight embrace
Due to the thunderous roar from above.

Two hearts diffuse as one
The world unfolds without a care
My love for you will always be there
To eternity we shall part.

Never before the love so strong
Is it fate that brought us together
Love’s power vanquished the impossible
Forever we will stay faithful to each other.

An inspiration by Patrick Lee Song Juan

To Feel and Look Good

What is your secret of looking good and feeling good? Looking good and feeling good are two different things altogether.

Looking good as to personality and attire are concerned can enhance the physical aspects of a character. Taking me as an example, born to look good due to my genes which is a blessing. Haha! Dress code is important for anyone wants to look good. Proper attire on the right occasion will make you look good and presentable. No amount of personal grooming will suffice if a personality is a mismatch with his/her clothings. That is the number one sutra for a looking good person.

The poise, the posture, the maturity you convey yourself to others in a conversation defines the polished culture of an individual. Ah Beng can never look good in the company of a casanova, nor do Ah Lian be compared with ‘my fair lady’ (aka the late Audrey Hepburn). That visualised the difference of looking good.

Feeling good encompasses a greater pre-requisite of the inner self in relation to the outward appearance. Feeling good as the word implies, is the feel. How can one feel good?
Taking myself in context. An extrovert, positive inclination, conversant, and the ability to empathise my feelings with others, is a good feeling.A happy family, cohesive and engaging, understanding the perimeter of each other’s space of privacy, be it wife, children, is a disposition of feeling good. Feeling good comes from the heart. No amount of success or material abundance can give you the good feeling if one lacks the very basic of life humility. A show of wealth, self-centreness is only a feeling to yourself. But in a world of engaging reality, the feeling good angst, radiates without pretension.

Feeling good has to do with achievements of career and many positive attributes. Different yardstick for different individual. Feeling good depends on one’s satisfaction of wants. No amount of feeling good will be there, if the pursuit of the good feeling is infinite.
Doing volunteer work by helping others is a good feeling. True to one’s heart and a compassion to our less fortunate peers is a real good feeling. My personal experience can attest to joyous feel.

When morning dawns, looking into the mirror and SMILE to begin the day, is a good feeling. The simple pleasure of life can be a good feeling. The impermanence of life makes it not worthwhile not to feel good.

In a nutshell, the feeling is in our heart to activate our own feeling of goodness to ourselves, to others and to the world at large. HAVE A NICE DAY.

(I wrote it and posted on the SilverhairsClub website,
transferred to my Blog.)

Patrick Lee S Juan

Monday, November 16, 2009

An Authoritative Rule

I am retired (or put it that way too old that employers do not want to consider me for employment,) volunteer for the poor, and doing freelance writing on moral subjects and comments of current situations facing poor Singaporeans.

The ageing population, the rising cost of living and the great divide between the rich and poor Singaporeans. The monopolistic rule of the PAP. Policies become high-handed and sweeping. We need more oppositions of good calibre to raise stronger voice in parliament. The absurd high salary of the Ministers of $100,000 per month and more, whereas the poor destitute S'poreans subsist on a mere handout of $340 if on the dole and average working class are lucky to have a salary of $2500 per mth.

Singaporeans have come of age. We cannot let PAP rule Singapore forever. A balance of power is a good alternative. Absolute power degrades itself into great arrogance and insensitivity of people's suffering. How do the rich scholars who jump on the bandwagon and in the comfort zones of PAP, know what is poverty and many enter through the backdoor of GRC.

Sometime ago when Vivian Balakrishnan, the MCYS minister's sweeping statement to the Straits Times, saying that no Singaporeans will go hungry, I wrote to REACH to ask him to be more responsible for what he said. Mere lip service !! Can the government feed all Singaporeans? They cannot even help the poor and destitute. Talk is easy. Anyone can talk, what more a minister.

The public housing started well for the average citizens of Singapore, escalating into speculative disaster with the HDB opening up to the free market force. Though the building cost of public housing is cheap, the government (HDB) with no transparency, refused to moderate and control the wild upsurge of HDB flats. And new flats are priced too high for many average citizens to afford, especially young couples without any CPF savings. Just last week, a 4-rm 963 sq. ft. HDB resale flat at Queenstown was sold at $653,000/-. Sheer madness!! The actual cost for construction and other factors included, may not be S$150,000/-.

The government only knows how to squeeze the citizens to enrich their world highest salaries with increases, GST, ERP, COL etc. Then comes small sweetenings to Singaporeans especially during elections. The Government legally robbed you and give you little back. The modern day 'Robin Hood' but with hidden agenda.

The Malaysians voted the right way in the last election. Nothing is permanent in life. We need stronger opposition voices to contain the authoritative voice of the PAP.


Patrick Lee S J

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Simple Life is a Good Life

How many of us can say that they have lived a fulfilled life? Guess not many dared raise their hands. A simple life can be a good and fulfilled life. Sounds that simple. Everyone of us is able to live a life of simple happiness and contentment. But the reality of our existence cut short many sweet dreams into nothing. Why is this happenning? Is it so difficult to pursue our lifestyle to our wishes, and live a simple life.

Nothing is impossible. But many wishes of a good life may not be realised. Human existence through the ages has fought for survival. Each stage of our life, we qualify ourselves and our family for the best in living.

Humans are never satified with a simple life. As we move up the ladder of success, our lifestyles move up in tandem. There is no safety marker to what is a good life. You may feel good but you want it to be better because the neighbours car is a Mercedes, whereas yours is only a Hyundai sonata ( in E minor). So due to peer pressure and face-value to level up or excel, a simple good life becomes a living unreality. Huge loans on housing, big cars, greater ostentation of lifestyle, eventually transformed a simple good life into a life of total debts. The stress factor sets in. The sad truth of living beyond one’s means.

Everyday is a comparison. The yardstick never ends. The frivolity of life’s wanting for the impossible dream and unrealistic pursuit of extravagant nothingless, created a hollow to live a simple good life.

The temptations of life luxuries, the materialistic pursuit of unnecessary needs, brings about the truth in human weakness of what is the actual essence of simple good living. We lose ourselves in the wilderness of pseudo-achievements by great showmanship in living a stressful debt-ridden existence. We lose our rational judgement to recover our senses and plough deep into greater financial chaos and catastrophe.

The unreality of high living and life, leave much to be desired. And desire it is, in the wrong gear of over-drive. Nevertheless, as humans we are exposed to the elements of wanting all the best in life, better than others and maintaining a status quo of great success and achievement all in the name of fabulous living.

In consequence, many a simple living and life devastated by its own hurricane of destruction, goes beyond the rationale of homo sapiens that choose to self-destruct.
We begin to ask: how can a simple good life becomes an agony of living beyond ourselves.
The source lies in one’s unrealistic dream of despair.


(originally written for the Silverhairsclub, re-posted into my Blog)

Patrick Lee S Juan

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Wise Awakening

A wise awakening. This thought is my little contribution to selected friends
and kind people.

In retrospect and reflection, I find myself too involved in the nitty-gritty of
happenings. With it, brings untold sadness to my disposition.

All these years of meditation though gave me a wise awakening but the human
in me succumbed much to my inability to refrain my actions.

Most of us are not comfortable to be defamed . Most will defend our
rights to the extend of lawsuits or to a worst scenario, seek unlawful revenge to uphold
one's honour. The olden days of the Mafias and Godfathers, reflected how ruthless man
can be to defend one's honour.

As we matured in life, we are supposed to be wiser and more forgiving but in many
instance, it is not so. We tend to be even narrower in out thoughts and stronger in our Egos.
Our fallen pride needed resurrection to the glorious days. We lose our insight to the
real meaning of life. We failed in our mission of self-harmony and detachment. We would have fallen miserably. We are unable to let go.

A wise awakening. This reflection of thoughts is a self-lesson in humility.
I have acquired BHAVANA (wisdom) through my years of meditation.
Hopefully the focus of my journey is in the right direction.

Do enlighten and comment on it. Thank you.

patricklee SJ

'True exists; only lies are invented' - Georges Braque

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Power of Love (poem)

The power of Love
The tenderness of care
The truth of understanding
The fallacy of delusion
Towards a living of despair.

Life has a meaning on earth
But do everyone of us care
Till the last teardrops fall
And our very life trickles away.

And we asked ourselves
Why do good words not spoken
Till the evening shadow tinges our brow
And we regret our lost horizon of Love.

Patricklee SJ

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wisdom of old Age (poem)

The wisdom of old age
A gem of remembrance.
Nature has its recall
Those yonder days behold.
A treasured experience of life
More solid than a nugget of gold.

Regret the passing of time
Never can relive the wonders of youth.
Beyond our lives of wholesomeness
Many a dreams unfold.
The happiness of letting go
To eternity we reach our goal.

Patrick Lee S J

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Power of Meditation

Hello Hua Kin

Thanks for the articles. All this years of meditation, has taught me to differentiate the true compassion of human beings.

Meditation characterises a person into deeper thoughts and mindful of other's sufferings as what the article you sent me propounded.

Putting into perspective, and a case in point, the Ren Ci case. Ven. Ming Yi has lost a certain respect in his inabilitiy to draw a line between right and wrong. He has failed in his mindfulness of judgement due to his folly. He lost the insight of wisdom.

Money , through the ages, has been the root of all evils. Making use of public money for individual gain and have no moral courage to admit such conflict of interests, is a sad truth of human's imperfection. Only Buddha who denounced his earthly comfort of life and vast wealth as a prince to seek the noble truth , is the Enlightened One.

The world is full of charlatans, we have to beware.

Meditation can lead us to
transcendental tranquility. Human character will always have failings.
The true strength of each individual lies in the inner realms of total
understanding of oneself.

The purity of life can never be accentuated with false pretence and ulterior motive or maybe a moment of weakness.

It only shows that meditation has not reached the level of true and bare awareness of
the mind.

We will lose the insight of life.

patrick lee

Senior Citizens are liabilities

Singapore has always regarded Senior Citizens as liabilities to the State.It was a very unfair practice set by the Ntuc to reduce the salary of workers when they reached 60 years and later 62 years old. Now they are talking about restoring it to a performance base entity. What nonsense is the government doing?
Ntuc is govt. Govt. is Ntuc. Yes! there is no free lunch everywhere. But are senior citizens given a fair deal in our search for gainful employment? Has the employers' mindset changed to accommodate older workers into the workforce.

Talk is cheap. Lim Swee Say was talking about working cheaper, faster and better. Yes! all these can be done by the foreign workers who worked long hours, less pay and without CPF. So, where do we stand as a S'porean and for that matter an older S'porean? Is the government's policy of admitting so many FWs to help S'poreans or to help themselves laughing to the bank? Now Ntuc is coming with a new gimmick of performance base appraisal for senior citizens not to cut their pay. Is this feasible? Will the employers change their mindset to welcome old workers or take in more FWs for cheap, better, faster work and the government reaped levies on all FW imports into the State coffer. And ultimately into the high salary of the Ministers.

What have our country and society turned into after 50 years of rule by the PAP? Have we lost the compassion of humankind to even look into the basic needs of the Senior Citizens, whom had played a part in moulding the Singapore of today. The sad truth of our Senior Citizens is, many of them who do not have an nest-egg to live a quality life, are been marginalised into miserable living in a first world S'pore.

The abyss created by the government in all aspect of living, be it housing, food, medical, are all escalating day by day. Do our government really care for its citizens or care more for its number one status in the eye of the world? Everything looks good from the outside but nothing is good from the inside for many citizens. The government prospers day after day. The citizens, many living a life hanging in the balance. Do we want this to happen to our children and children's children?

Patrick Lee S J (leesjuanpat)
Senior Citizen
Health is wealth. Knowledge is wisdom.

Retirement (poem)

The bliss of retirement.
The boredom of time
The loneliness of self
Counting the seconds to pass.

The minutes forever there
Come the hour is a nightmare.
Without forward planning of life
Each day passed with little fare.

Retirement is a sad affair
With little or no money to spare
Singapore is a country without a care
Senior citizens are left to stare.

You may be discarded to JB to stay
As your worth is a liability
You are left at your own mercy
To pass the days with indignity.

Patrick Lee S Juan

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In reference to your article on CSJ (Chee Soon Juan) on Sat 7th June, I totally agreed on your perspectives and comments. A sad letdown to himself and the voters of Singapore. A morbid truth of a human who cannot grasp with himself. He lost the very dignity of himself, albeit much learned. The years teach much which the days never known. CSJ is more subdued now. After so many lawsuits by LKY and son, he is more prepared and wiser to be prudent with the despotic old dictator.

Singapore's political scenerio has come to a stage of no nonsense from any opposition party. Either you toll the line, or be prepared to face the consequences of the Government. In this respect, Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang did well to survive the odds. CSJ was a little arrogant. The incident with Goh Chok Tong at one hawker centre put him in a bad light then.

With due respect, MM Lee's tendency to sue many political opponents do not go down well with many citizens too. Absolute power is merciless. As a monopolistic government with autocratic powers, MM Lee should show magnanimity to what others said. "Real gold are not afraid of ravaging fires. "MM Lee has lost some credibilty of his image as a 'great' man.

Nevertheless, as human, we are never perfect. But as a leader, MM Lee should show greater compassion to fellow opponents, (not as CSJ put it and I quote from your passage "My Christian faith guides me, and it is a faith that compels me to fight for justice and to treat my fellow men and women with compassion"). CSJ has used the word "compassion" in the wrong context. It has nothing to do with Christian faith. Compassion is universal to all human beings regardless of religion.

His, is a 'quandered potential' that will go into infamy and coffee shop talk.

patrick lee song juan
A simple good thought is wisdom.

A Fair Judgement.

To be fair with SBS transit, our bus system is one of the best in S.E.Asia. If you travel around the region, you will know what I mean. I have.

And our MRT is punctual and one of the newest and more reliable mode of transport. Morning rush hours happen everywhere and nothing much can be done apart from adding more buses on the road. But traffic road is not like MRT track where there is no traffic congestion.

As our economy and personal income rises, many people will want to own cars as a reliable and convenient personal transport but this will add to the chaotic traffic conditions if car curb is not stringently implemented. The present system of issuing COE has given rise to more cars on the road.

SBS transit is lauded for introducing lately some express service to commuters rushing to work in the morning peak hours. We must thank SBS transit for constantly improving services to the general public and make taking public transport to another level.

It is interesting to hear on air one caller asking for SBS transit to provide return trip. Let us face it, evening hours, not everyone will be heading home at the same time, hence SBS did not implement the return journey, which is right for commercial sense of business. Whereas work starts at 9am for most office in the CBD. So it make sense to only have one way.

Our Singapore society has never lacked behind, be it transport system, public housing, structured hospitals, civil services etc. So, we need to view everything in a wider perspective of achievements in comparison to some shortfalls of society which inevitably will always suffice. Everything in life adds to a balance.

Well done SBS transit and SMRT. BUT CAN YOU DO AWAY WITH THE CONCESSIONS ONLY FOR SENIOR CITIZENS AFTER 9 A.M. ? It will be seen as a compassionate approach to understand the plight of many poor old senior citizens who need to work and take the bus or train before 9 am.

SBS Transit and SMRT are making profit every year!! Show your magnanimity please.

Patrick Lee S Juan

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Beauty of Impermanence

Dear Nancy

An eye opener !! All the hollywood beauties had a place in my heart.
A lovely presentation of all my famous stars. It is so NOSTALGIC !
The beauties of yesteryear faded with merciless time and nothing
will bring back the gorgeous elegance of youth.

In as much as time is age's nemesis, the invaluable experiences of
life is so much enriched. Be it joy or sorrow, extravagance or thrift, the old age
elegance of many belies their glamorous encounter of the life happenings.
Each had a story to tell.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Inner beauty is in tandem with the heart.
It will live on forever. Beauty is impermanent

The superficial beauty of life is the sad truth of human ( women's) ostentation.

And as the evening halo tinged the last shadow of beauty, we will leave behind
the silhouette of our fragile self.

The impermanence of life and its fading beauty.

Alas! we all hope to leave behind a beautiful and gorgeous reminiscence
of the impossible youth.

A simple and fulfilled life is a good life.
A simple good thought is wisdom.

Patrick Lee Song Juan

Lighten your Luggage

True to what is written. This luggage is totally different from the luggage we tagged along on those vacations.

This will be a moral luggage. As long as we are living in this decadent world,
there will be influences - good and bad. This is where the power of the mind comes into action. Doubtless, as you said about the fish market .

After numerous visits to the fish market, our sense of smell will be in-tuned to the obnoxious air and may not feel nausea. But we are tainted !

In the same vein, wholesome influence is a joy. Unwholesome ones like, the propagating of porno emails to 'sexcite' one's adrenaline, especially for a meditator, can in the long run subject to the fish in the grass. We will smell
even holding the grass.

Men are men. Nothing 'sexcite' the manhood more than the voluptuous nude body
with the 'chee ham' in full view. Like you said my friend, even the Arahat got tempted.

But as I told you my encounter in April this year. In reflection, I cannot believe even till today I could resist the advances in a setting so conducive to such physical ecstasy. So invitingly irresistable. I surpassed the fetter of sensual pleasure.

My new luggage to meditation is to bring the moral, compassion , benevolence and empathy qualities of life into my fold. Nothing beats the determination to try harder.

Last but not least, I quote two verses from Dhammapada 233 and 234 :

"Let a man guard himself against irritability in thought;
let him be controlled in mind. Abandoning mental misconduct,
let him practise good conduct in thought." --D. 233

"The wise are controlled in bodily action, controlled in speech
and controlled in thought. They are truly well-controlled. --D 234

Thank you.

patrick lee s juan

Self Development to Awareness

There is no such thing as a perfect life, nor is there a perfect match.
God is perfect, is an under-statement. With God's creation of humans, the consequence of sufferings bestowed upon fellow humans by the very human in us, incapacitates God's greatness.

Self-development of character, inner practice of calmness and transcendental tranquility, give
us the true discipline of training. Focusing greatly on one's mind. Our behaviour, our actions, are in our mind's training. Having trained the mind in meditation for many years, the perspective of view in any occurence, any happening, are only a daily concomitance of passage. Mundane.

Mindfulness and awareness of self, in relation to the society at large, entails greater harmony and congenial co-existence of each other. Devoid of the struggle for power, for fame and focus on the mind's training of pure emptiness, is to enter into another realm of realism in serenity.

The mind in profound meditation. All forces are subdued to nothingness.

The road to enlightenment.

Patrick Lee S J

Your Own Faith

In today's world, religion is a cosmopolitan entity. Children are exposed to the internet at a young age. A parent's religious belief and practice may not be the belief of the child as he/she grows up and gain insight and knowledge of other religions.

Depending on the severity of influence and indoctrination of a religion, the choice
is left to the child to decide its inclination.

Christian's emphasize its religion with greater earnest. A weaker mortal will be
taken in with little effort.

Buddhist is more a participating religion of practicality. A daily view of
perspective to the happenings of living. Buddhism is simplicity of words
and actions such as observing the five precepts as in Sila. The Dana part is
quite characteristic to many kind-hearted mortals who have a generous
disposition to help others.

Buddhism on its superficial scale may not appeal much to a young
adult as compared to Christianty who manifests strong
psychological indoctrination of the weak mind.

At the end of the day, it is an affinity of destiny one choose the right faith
and practise it in full serenity of its beliefs and calling.

Put myself in perspective, I was from a Catholic school.
But Buddhism is my calling.

With Metta (Love)
patrick lee s juan

Saturday, October 31, 2009

An age of wisdom

An age of wisdom where money cannot buy. A vivid reflection and retrospection. Old age is looked upon as the pinnacles of life. Resourceful and more down-to-earth. A time of value added experience accumulated through the vibrant years of youth. But the sad truth of human pride, even in old age, revealed the very weakness of human. The moment of revelation is the ostentation of sort. Human selfishness is a characteristic inborn. We inflate our ego to keep in tune with our emotional wanting of recognition. We bragged about the bygone days of our achievements. We want to stand out to be seen as who we were and what we are now. We want to live in a comparative world. We totally forget that being humble is a virtue of character. We begin to lose the spiritual and emotional virtue of a being. We grasp tightly the egoistic abyss of impermanence. We compromise our very existence.

How happy one can be in an old age of wisdom if we live simply and able to empathize with the under-privileged, destitute and poor by uplifting their lives? We would have uplifted our moral dispositon. We ask nothing in return but with a true conscience of heart. We stay humble in a true old age of wisdom. Experiencing the greater warm of human interaction.We would have lived a meaningful and fulfilled life. The greatest accolade of human humility.
Not many of us can achieve.

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A Beauty in Distress (poem)

Dear friends,

A tribute to the once irresistible beauty of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe.
After viewing her slides, I was inspired to give her an
eulogy of remembrance.



patrick lee s j.

A Gentle World To Live In

A world of individualism. What can an individual do to bring about world peace? Yes! Nancy, it is a mammoth task. Even the president of the world’s most powerful country cannot do it.
The degeneration of the world. Though technological advancement and IT brought the world closer to each other,the moral decadence of society at large is a perennial happening.
The human weakness and greed played a great part in our susceptibility to encourage such deceit and ponzi scams on a big scale. Human are never satisfied with what they have.Consequently, it breeds charlatans who prey on the most vulnerable.
As individuals we are our own failure to encourage people to cheat on us with all dishonesty. Because we are fallible.
Individuals will never bring about a peaceful world. The entities are far more complex than one can handle.
Terrorism, murder, fradulence, deception are all prevalent in a world of innate human nature. They are here to stay.
Extraordinary individual character emerged in history to bring about a sense of comfort and love to this world. People like Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa were the peoples’ saviour. Our very own Teresa Wu, who at 101 years is still active doing charity for the poor and destitute of S’pore.
Nevertheless,the world at large is too overwhelming for any individual to change it. So is the life of humankind.
Last but not least, “Life is a test and this world a place of trial. Always the problems - or it may be the same problem - will be presented to every generation in different forms” - as said by Sir Winston Churchill.

How true till time immemorial !!

(Originally written on SHC post, pasted into my Blog)

Patrick lee SJ

Friday, October 30, 2009

Anger in Daily Life

Everyday we meet with certain kind of anger, be it in workplace, on the street, in conversation, you named it.

Anger excites your adrenaline and causes uncontrollable outburst of harsh words and actions not conducive to a real human being.

Hence, anger management is important to forge a peaceful co-existence among friends, among nations and families.

Many of us are easily agitated and irritated by others actions just because we feel that we should be treated as how we treat others. Be nice and courteous. But the world is a complex place with so many different characters of mind and thoughts and definitely unreasonable actions. We should take anger that comes our way with greater understanding of the other party. Why is he/she so angry in the first place? What have I done wrong that he is so angry with me? Sometimes, you may not be able to find the answers. So, like the 'garbage truck' episode, just smile and do not take heart. Most situation will be diffused.

Living in the world is never easy. Whatever we do, we will be criticised or commented upon.
If we are easily angry just by what people says, we will have lost our battle to manage our anger.

Meditation will help greatly in this aspect of life. Meditation encompasses a serene disposition of sort and through constant practice will enhance our ability to contain our anger and look at happenings in a different light and thus become more analytical of the situation and less angry in unpleasant moments. We practise self-control. We will achieve calmness at all times. My years of meditation helps me alot. I used to be a very temperamental impatient youth in my younger days. The years teach much which the days never known. I am more tolerant to others outburst and anger now.

Venerable Thubten Chodron in her book, "Working with Anger" said and I quote a paragraph from her book : "In one way, we can say it's others' nature to criticise, find fault and blame. They're sentient beings caught in the prison of cyclic existence, so naturally their minds are obscured by ignorance, anger and attachment. Our minds are too. If that is the situation, then why expect ourselves or others to be free of misconceptions and negative emotions? There's no reason to be angry at them because they harm, just like there's no reason to be angry at fire because it burns. that's just the way it is". - unquote.

In short, we are all human, with emotions. As seeing ignorance is the curse of God. Knowledge (to diffuse and contain ANGER), the wing wherewith we fly to Nibbana.

patrick lee s j


Dear Friends

Through the beginning of time Men (i.e.) husbands are the dominant figure in the household - most so in olden times of subservience and due to cultural and religious inclinations.

The modern world has seen Women power and equality of sexes. As women are now more exposed to the working world, their perceptions of thought change and their mindset adopts a stronger view of life and its happennings. No more is the wife a weak housemaker and playmate to the husband.

Many husbands are to be blamed for their flamboyance and unable to be satisfied with only one wife and family unhappiness and divorces abound.

In our modern world of lust and power, temptation is the weakest link in most men. We succumb to the pseudo beauties in young and proportionate women and lose our soul in exchange for moments of folly and satisfaction. We men then lose our morality and betray our conscience and sinned. The good wives suffer.

On the flip side, wives may not be angels too. In this instance, if the men goes astray due to no fault of theirs but the wives inability to care and treasure the husbands and satisfy their needs - God bless the wives !!

Not all Men are unfaithful. We have the rare breed of good men ! The day will come to such good Men to acquire good karma.

Most seemingly happy facade of marriage, hid behind the dark days of struggle and unjustification. It may take enormous sacrifice to stay on course of an everlasting marriage. The greatest sacrifice is, most of the time, on the women, to close two eyes to the decadent world of men- the strongest of the sexes but the weakest link in morality .

Men and women (husbands and wife) must journey thru life observing SILA,
the moral aspects of living. The question I beg to ask is: How many Men in this
universe can steer on course ?

The power of great men is scary when come to wrong doing. We see it
unfolding now and then everywhere. Lesser men will do likewise.

Bill Clinton stood up like a sore thumb and was forgiven by Hillary.

Take good care.

The Neglected People

A very relevant topic for airing. Senior citizens were the pillars of society. SMRT should have humane compassion and abolish the
restriction on the morning travel before 9am for senior citizens.
Many travel to work on the morning shift. Make it concession fare the whole day.

Government is encouraging senior citizens (SC) to work even there reached 62 years. Most of them are forced by choice to work because they do not have a nest-egg to live on. And with the prevailing small families in Spore, the two children are unable to support the parents especially if they themselves have a family.

I am the lucky some, who at 64 is so forward looking and engaging.
I have an annuity to live on comfortably. No organisation will employ an old man like me being over-qualified they said.

The council for third age is a mere lip service to look good.

Only some tourist attractions are giving concession to SC. In fact all
tourist attractions should do that. I know of some food outlets and restaurant giving special discount to SC on off peak dinning. So here it goes again "only off-peak period". How sad !

Are we SC the 'had been' of society at an age of vast experience to be discarded as trash in the rubbish bin.

The government is not doing enough to assist in this area.

We hope to live a graceful life in our golden years of mellifluous
reminiscences of our 'psychedelic' life experience.

A sad reflection of life in Spore's context.

Patrick Lee Song Juan
(Retired SC at 64 years)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Bitter Sweet Life in Singapore

Singapore has come a long way. The government did a creditable job to bring about a change of
lives for the average S'poreans. A dynamic change at that. The first 20 years. But not to this day.

Property prices soars, COL keeps going up, average salaries do not rise in proportion to our
daily life. Transport fare increased even the company is making a profit. Lost count the absurdities.

The last few years saw the unexplained influx of foreign labours to totally change the demography
of life in Singapore. The little 'red dot' is being squeezed to accommodate the new population to
a tune of 1.3 million on a population of 5 million. (26% of the population). Sheer madness !

The government in the meantime enriched themselves with 60% payrise after 2006 elections and
increase GST to 7% from 5%. Such is the draconian change we encountered, not the first 20 years
of nation building which the government did well.

The sweeping transformation in the last 10 years, put pressure on the otherwise 'sedate' life of
the average citizens. Nothing is within easy reached. Public housing, a noble move in the early
years for the poor is now pegged to the open market property movements . The government reaps
huge profit on new flats and the so-called BTO designed flats. Everyone cried foul inside and has no
tears to shed.

50 years saw a social divide as wide as the pacific ocean. The abyss cannot be fathomed.
Where are we heading from here? Are we not waiting for a new government to emerge?
Not with the strategic foundation of the present government. Every sectors of organisation
are the government's men. We are been curtailed by the very government we voted in.

Is there a deliverance?

patrick lee s j

Health is wealth. Knowledge is wisdom.

Our Public Transport

Hello Bharati and Keith (Talkback 93.8 FM )

Singapore's public transport is one of the world's most efficient. And it come with a price. With it it has always become one of the most expensive transport system compared to other parts of the world. It makes good profit each year, and keep on increasing its fare. Credit goes to our SMRT and SBS Transit.

Most human are born with an innate nature to be ostentatious. Many owned a car not out of
necessity but a kind of status symbol. In this modern context, a cheap status. With the hire purchase tuned to the consumer with zero downpayment and 7 to 10 years instalment of maybe as low as $500/- per month. Any Tom, Dick and 'Mary' can own a car. The unrealistic world of consumerism.

The government failed in this aspect to curb the increase of the car population, by not restricting the issue of COE to the minimum. The only reason is the government reaped millions in COE collections. And also the road tax on car's capacity, one of the highest in the world. So, is there a reason for the government to reduce the car population? They can if they wanted to. There are always choices in life. It is a matter of making the right conscientious choice. Is the government doing it?

Singapore has become a seemingly first world country, but the mentality of the ruling elites regressing to care more about the facade than the substance of truth.

patrick lee s juan

Health is wealth. Knowledge is wisdom.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Death Penalty

Today I attended the world day against the death penalty forum organised by a group of activist
against the Death Penalty.

Though 139 states around the world had abolished Death Penalty, Singapore is not. Drug trafficking to a minimum gms is a death penalty. Through the years many mules and drug traffickers were caught in Singapore. They were all hanged. The mandatory death sentence for
drug trafficking is death above the minimum amount.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand being the crossroad to the Golden Triangle where most of the drugs are produced cannot afford to do away with the death penalty for drug trafficking. It acts as a deterrent to would-be drug traffickers to face the consequent of death if they do. It also acts as a psychological factor of sort.

Even with the mandatory death sentence, many people still try their luck to traffic drugs as
a transit point to other countries. Some landed here. What about those who were not caught and brisked through the customs?

The forum was an emotionally charged, appeal for the abolition of the death penalty. One speaker that stood out was Alex Hu, articulated and at times injected some humour into the otherwise sombre proceedings. A social worker also spoke up against the death penalty and appealed to the President to commute the death penalty on Yong Vui Kong, facing the gallows to life imprisonment. The last appeal to the President S R Nathan for clemency.

A young man, Yong Vui Kong, age 21, first offender, is facing death. His family is in Malaysia.
The social stigma and the agony of death facing the young man and his family is heart-shattering. His elder brother Yong Yun Leong spoke and also appealed to the people of Singapore and the President for clemency.

Life is only lived once. When a second chance is not given to a wrongdoing, especially a death penalty, there is no way to ascertain how remorseful a people is because he is already dead.
As it is Yong Vui Kong, is "thoroughly enlightened and abstained from fish and meat and chanted Buddhist scriptures. He is now completely different from the naive and ignorant person" as spoken by his brother Yong Yun Leong. No one knows Yong Vui Kong better than his brother, especially now facing the tragic moment of death anytime.

Buddhism is a compassionate and benevolent practising religion. One of the precepts of Buddhism is to abstain from killing any living beings. Cultivate morality in the process.

I sincerely appeal to the President as a citizen of Singapore, on behalf of YongVui Kong to commute his death sentence to life imprisonment. He is a young man of only 21 year old, full of life, remorseful and if given a second chance will do society well with a dead man walking alive
because a SECOND CHANCE is given for him to live again a life of true meaning.

Nothing is of significance if you are dead. His traumatic death experience may also bring life to others.

Please let Yong Vui Kong live.

patrick lee s juan

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A catastrophic world.

The global downturn brings yet another disaster. The swine flu.The rapid industrialisation and dumping of toxic waste in many parts of the world

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I am a first time grandfather

Yesterday 2-4-2009, Thursday, I was and am a happiest man on earth. the joy of a granddaughter coming into this world. My daughter gave birth to a bubbly tiny little baby girl at
1508 hrs at Mt Alvernia Hospital.
Nothing can express my joy when I visited my daughter in the ward and saw my granddaughter the first time. I quickly captured a snapshot into my mobile phone and post it as the wallpaper.
I just cannot take my eyes away from the sweet innocence of a baby sleeping peacefully in a world of her own, with everyone surrounding her with excitement and the world in economic turmoil.

No doubt my son-in-law Simon is very excited to be first time father, as I was 33 years ago, when I had my first daughter Endra. And now , with the ravages of time, my daughter has become a mother in her own rights. My son is 27 years. Graduated too and working.

Human procreation is a perennial process of the own universe, but alas! due to lifestyle and modernisation, many couples are not reproducing as they should, not like the past days of our parents where the family numbered into a dozen or so siblings and the joyous gatherings of celebration was an event of a family in itself.

We lamented the the demographic change in life of a small family. Children are brought up with higher education but lesser values of life and family cohesion and togetherness. We blame the passing of an era. We feel the sadness of isolation when our kids married and moved away on their own. We lose the warm of family unity and long for a return of the life we lost in just one generation. And the generation gap is drawn wider and deeper for each other's understanding.

We hope to relive the bygone era of greater family joy and cohesiveness. Human life must not regress but progress into a new century of greater harmony and unity of the family.

I am so delighted to have a bubbly sweet granddaughter. I am a grandfather now. Thank God.

posted on 3-4-2009
Patrick Lee S J

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just started blog today 31.3.2009

Welcome to my blog world.
Gradually I will fill my blog with thoughts and experience
of life. the daily encounters of events and happenings.
The society at large and the implications of living a decent
life in first world Singapore where the exorbitant ridiculous
high salary of the Ministers, highest in the world.
Citizens of Singapore, many are living below the poverty line.
With 50 years of PAP rule, escalating costs of living, no human
rights freedom, demonstration even alone needs a licence from
the police department. A totalitarian, autocratic nepotic republic
rule by the one and only MM Lee Kuan Yew.