Friday, March 29, 2013

Religion, Faith and the Human Farce.


The religion of the world is a delicate belief of each and everyone that are inclined, or have faith in it..

Through the history of mankind, religion has never co-exist in perfect harmony as a race should be. We are all human yet human we are not.

The idiosyncratic mindset of each race, of each religion exhibits dire tolerance to the faith. Wars are fought due to religion. Murders and massacres undermine the actual good teaching of any good religion. Faith is lost.

The world will never be at peace with one another as long as religious belief is in conflict to personal belief of religious might.

The teachings of religious leaders have never been in conflict of violence or war but in truth, it is far from it when come to the mindset of many followers.

The world will never be in congruency with its spiritual undertaking, as long as the mindset of man stays immature to the cultural belief of others' religious faith.

In our S'pore context of multi-racialism and multi-religion, the level of tolerance is incredible to have each and every religion co-existing in harmonious setting, though sometimes not without certain strain and friction.

Religious understanding plays a great part in this area of achievement. And I must emphasize the govt has a strict law in place on religious tolerance and harmony.

In as far as human exist in this universe, the religious world will be in turmoil. It is a matter of time and many other factors..if only we can see the Middle East's conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis protracted for years...Yes! it is political, but is it not also of religion???

The death of Faith. Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge and faith herewith we fly to heaven.

The world has become a dangerous place to inhabit.

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, March 28, 2013

On Love and Sex

On LOVE...

Love is a many splendour thing..
Many a times lovers never think
One thing is certain they will think
Each want the others precious thing.

Love is not sex but sex is love
Before one knows a baby can be out fast
Unprotected sex is a danger orgasmic joy
 After the ecstasy, comes the misery.

AIDS comes a calling in
Love just turn inside out
Regret is too late to recall
Love is a suffering to some evermore.

True love is nurtured thru the times
Never think love is to have sex
Love is the binding of emotion
Where two hearts are in fusion.

Stay healthy and true to love
For you never find the same to come
Until you lose your love you neglect
Forever you will live a life of regret..

leesjuanpat (copyright)

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ah Huay, Lee Bee Wah has transformed the political landscape of PAP.

 LEE BEE WAH has transformed the political landscape of PAP !!

Lately, Lee Bee Wah must have taken some 'aphrodisiac' but more appropriately exilir of youth. She is so energetic in her engaging the residents of her ward in Nee Soon. Organizing events after events and meeting residents.

The best part is, she keeps on tagging her movements/posts to me like a 'spirit.' (I hope my wife is not aware of that, hahaa !!). And I just wonder did she change her Polo T-shirt (always wear the same Red 100-Plus T.)..Is she paid for advertising for 100-Plus.?

And lo and behold! really alters my perception on her, from an unreasonable president of the Table-Tennis Association who had that infamous quarrel with her coach and almost sued her to a friendly Ah Huay of the residents.

If Bee Wah's action is from her heart and no 'wayang' (acting),  kudos to her for her part in re-inventing the PAP high and mighty ways into a participating and down to basics of mingling as one with the heartlanders.

If all MPs and for that manner, opposition MPs who truly give off their times to the betterment  of the citizens welfare, then the politics of engagement will serve the residents well. It would surely revolutionize the political scene of modesty in a MP.

The days of false pretense when an MP's visiting the ward with the RC and CC are kept busy preparing for the 'Lords or Ladies' coming...It was so farcical and smacked of total indifference..And the awesomeness of disbelief of the cronies ingratiating to the PAP MPs.

Lee Bee Wah has come of age...So, is PAP re-inventing their strategies in engaging the public with more humility and less pomposity...??

Politics is not how powerful you are, nor how out of the world you may be. Politics is about the people who understand you and your simple kindness. Of the ability to meet the citizens needs and solve their bread and butter issues...Of formulating policies in tune to the realities of our lives not of a worst case scenario of 6.9 million population.

As it is of now...the pressing issues of hosing, healthcare, COL and crowded transport are the real issues affecting the citizens daily lives. Singaporeans definitely do not need a govt to add more misery and suffering to our lives..

Bee  Wah stood out of the blue and make red the faces of opposition , to double up their efforts of engagement and weekly visits to the residents of their intending ward to contest in 2016....I for one do not want to see the opposition losing ground to our Ah Huay Bee Wah or for that matter  to any other PAP MPs...

Let us bring in our trademark Ah Lian..and we have two, (Lee Li Lian & amp; Sylvia Lim Swee Lian) counter Ah Huay! and our Ah Huat (Png Eng Huat) to counter Lim Sia Suay....

The battle is never won when one stays too complacent.

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Facebook Joey Wu...the coquettish beauty!

Joey Wu, the sexy babe
We men do not know who
Every time she changes her profile

It automatically struck the guys.

Many a times she reveals
Her very endowment to the test
Many an angmoh just cannot rest
Posting to gain a passing fresh.

Her pix of many style and pose
knockout many a guy out of control
Some who try to be naughty
Many just want to be horny.

Joey is such a talent shrewd
No other women can fit in her shoe
Every now and then you'll find
A lustful man on the high

Joey just gives each a tease
The adrenaline keeps on increase
Joey just want some fun
Those guys just cannot run

Joey, Joey the natural beauty
With the world full of beast
Joey just sexcite once a while
With lust, the men will surely die!

(copyright: leesjuanpat)
patrick lee song juan

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mdm Pang and Peter Lim

Pang and Lim had an affair 
Every time they do it without a care
Is it so nice to suck lollipop
Yet the favour is so bland.

But Peter Lim reply with precision
Each time they had sexual union
Had not due to work ethics
Peter will be be enjoying all the relics.

Now Peter is sued in court
Pang had to expose the sexual tryst
With the female judge listening intensely
Who knows how the verdict may be.

Pang's oral must be superduper
Peter exposed his career to the devil
As long as sex is in the air
Peter and Pang just do not care.

(copyright: leesjuanpat)

patrick lee song juan

Legend: Mdm Pang is Pang Cho Mui 49..
               having an affair with Peter Lim, the Head of Civil Defence.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Political Culture of PAP is shifting ground.

The Political Culture of PAP is shifting ground...

Even an idiot would have noticed PAP is shifting ground in the way they are engaging the
people of S'pore now....

Why is that so?

The most pressing reason has to do with the Punggol East by-election lost and it was a big win by WP. From then on PAP was just stunned. There was no foresight but on hindsight. PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL)  regretted putting 'elite' political greenhorn  Koh Poh Koon to try to impress the electorate. The greatest mistake of LHL's political career as PM! to want KPK to check every citizens orifice....OMG!

Was the PM dead wrong in his approach.?..PAP was completely annihilated...Kok Poh Koon got to examine his own ass!! PAP nursing their defeat in disbelief...

It was a lesson learned but not for long. In came the Population White Paper (PWP). Instantaneously, PAP died another death..This time round, it was harder for them to recover the after-shock of rejection...tantamount to a lover discarding her love...

Plentiful of damaged control management afterwards and all kind of explanations by ministers after ministers but to no avail...They screwed themselves even a scenario of 6.9 million population..It was an ultimatum by the citizens and PAP caved in with re-inventing and re-organization...Suddenly PAP was awakened to their mistakes!

And when the Budget 2013 was introduced in parliament, PAP salvaged some lost pride but not that much lost credibility...

It is a bitter sweet Budget 2013 with one hand robbing Peter and the other hand to pay Paul...That much said!

Henceforth, PAP's strategy and culture commenced to shift ground...More participating as in Education minister's sugarcoated frisbee on preschool and Khaw Boon Wan's single can buy new 2-rm flats if they earn up to $5000 per month....It goes on...

The culture of political shift has to come at a time when PAP is suffering from self-induced affliction.

More reaching out on the ground level from the various ministries, notably Lee Bee Wah's incessant engagement of residents with hour to hour post announcement on Facebook of her activities, all tagging to me...I am baffled...Is LBW having a soft crunch for me?? Why was I tagged to her activities? I am not her father leh??

Nevertheless, the shifting culture and political humility is a good sign that PAP has discarded their arrogance, trying their utmost to redeem the lost ground and trust of the citizens.

Are we seeing a new brand PAP re-organizing their lost pride and re-inventing their strategies for a new resurgence ??

It may not be that easy for PAP to do that. Much damage had been done. The voters have had enough of PAP as the big brother...S'pore needs certain change at the top.

The announcement of Lau Goh Emeritus stepping down was a double edged sword...Older experienced PAP politicians giving way to younger blood. But many citizens are not ready to accept that especially newbie like Tan Chuan Jin...who started on a very poor footing without my elaboration.

The new transformation of PAP younger ministers and its political culture will take a while to sink in without more daft and mistakes..

But at the same time the opposition is not wanting to be left out of such opportunity of PAP's unpopularity. A new surge of opposition energy and synergy is unblockable too.

S'pore will see a new landscape and political roadmap of new resurgence of opposition political culture and PAP political culture.

The political ground is shifting into a new refinement and new awakening to the benefit of the citizens...

Politics should be moving in this direction long long ago...PAP is picking the pieces along the way. A lesson well learned.

And the more immediate question is...Is this a good sign or a bad sign for PAP and for the Opposition ?

patrick lee song juan

Monday, March 18, 2013

Is economic growth the only way for S'pore ?

"In his interview with Washington Post...PM Lee also spoke of slowing economic growth in S'pore due to a tightening of foreign workforce expansion"

Yes! PM has come to his senses. Why need 'over-strength' economic growth at the expense of social harmony and societal cohesion...Why do you need 10 mega projects when 5 will suffice??

In everything we do in life ...there is a cause and effect (as I will always emphasize this simple dictum)...but for PAP it is a trade-off..
PAP had at all cost undermine the qualities of life of its citizens with the surge of economic growth and GDP...

Let me put a question to PM LHL...Economic growth and GDP for the benefit of who in actual fact??...Is it not for the "PAP Incorporated S'pore" and PAP-linked companies but little is shared with its citizens...The bulk of it will be absorbed by Temasek holdings and GIC all govt owned..and at the end of the day to satisfy the exorbitant pays of the ministers and himself.

S'pore will move on even without strong economic growth as long as the govt knows what to do...In the process, the cost of living would even come down...the price of housing would be more level...!.

And in stopping the influx, local bosses have no choice but to look inwards for local workers and pay the right salary not cheap labour, employing foreigners..

It is a win-win solution for LHL to move on in this right direction...

S'pore will survive the odds not the fantasies of PAP's mindless policies of economic growth , GDP and incessant influx of many 'trashes'...We do welcome professionals who contribute to our economy...

Why did the PAP govt..did what they should not do??...It is the hordes of foreigners that had forever changed the demographic wellness of life in our tiny red dot...upsetting our infrastructure which the govt had never had a blueprint ready for it !

PM LHL's vision is just for his self-serving interest with the most sinister agenda of all... The questions of our CPF ...our National wealth, our sweat, blood and tears, how and why do we begin with it in a PAP govt of 52 years.?...How legal is 'legalized corruption'...??

The 45% foreigners in the long run will be the death of S'pore!

Are we looking forward to 6.9 million in 2030 ??

patrick lee song juan

Why is S'pore pushing for the sky ?


"Changi Airport mulling over need for fourth runway."

Before even the third runway is constructed, the govt is planning for a fourth runway....Is it any different to the govt policy of bringing in as many foreigners to jam-packed S'pore even before the necessary needs are arrested! How do you assess a over-crowded S'pore ??

As I have always say...everything is a cause and effect measures...."If your feet is not big enough, why wear a size ten shoe.."

Our govt and their "Incorporate S'pore organization" just never learn the bare facts of truth and the balance of yin and yang...

Get the house in order first, as in building the third runway....Yes! planning ahead is good but is S'pore already surpassed their strong idiosyncrasies to accept the reality of its strength than the ostentation of world recognition of every thing must be 'numero umo'

What is the point of a country with all things world class yet the quality of life of its very CORE citizens are suffering the demand and stress brought about by the elitist system of government..??

But the main loser will be the poor and senior citizens who will never enjoy the grandeur of its First World status but only the chosen rich and higher echelon of society.

Societal degradation is the curse of modern advancement at the expense of the poor and average citizens unable to savour the fruit of modernization...

Are we a nation of reality or a nation of pseudo pride of the govt to be always wanting to be first and treat the under-privileged citizens and retired penniless seniors last..??

We are betrayed by our very govt...We must let everyone know  to change the unjust system which is more like a socialist State now....

We must VOTE for a equal system of justice!! We must VOTE for at least a two party system of fair checks and balances of a true democratic govt for the people, with the people and by the people..

We do not need to have PAP to stay on for eternity...

Is there a better opposition around for unity of the opposition parties?? There will be no consolidation according to Low Thia Khiang of Workers Party...

patrick lee song juan

The greatest Medisave farce and fiasco !!


"Call for wider Medisave coverage"....
"Experts and patients want more for outpatient care and screening tests."

My Take....
Many of us have thousands in our Medisave and as retired seniors (especiaily above 65 years and not having an income.)...Using cash for our outpatient bills is a strain on our cash outlay which many may have none.. Most will have to depend on our children to pay cash..

It is inexplicable why the govt. would not allow these group of seniors to use their Medisave without restriction...How can the govt 'force kept' our own money and not allow us to use it...??

And seniors old and sick...and abandoned by the State and with Medisave but restricted tantamount to sending these elders like me to an early grave...

Nothing in life is more wanting than money especially in old age...And under what international law is there that our CPF money...even our Medisave are so restricted to use for our own health wellness. Man makes law and rules which many a times can be redundant..

The govt is indirectly forcing many old penniless senior to their death, even they have thousands of dollars in their Medisave account..Many without cash will shy away from consultation and medicines....Indirectly is the doing of the system of unjust imposition of Medisave restrictions!

Put on your thinking cap please - the decision makers of the govt...please do not play God...

Empathy and compassion is the key to an inclusive society of S'pore...The govt must open your ears to listen and do it right...!!!

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is PAP re-inventing itself ?

Good morning S'pore, today is 15.3.13 Friday....TGIF...

A Summary of why PAP is re-inventing their policy stand with Budget 2013...

Is it a good sign for citizens or a desperate sign to redeem their unpopularity??

After almost 10 days of parliamentary debate on the Budget 2013, one thing is clear....PAP is trying its hardest in their survival life to re-invent themselves. A good sign...

The greatest urgency is to be stringent to SMEs and companies that employed foreigners and disregard our PMET's just because they accepted lower pay and employers saved on CPF....This has been a grey area which MOM closed one-eye too long to remedy it...Nevertheless, it is never too late. Tan Chuan Jin is doubling his effort to redeem his image as a novice acting minister....

 Chan Chun Sing too has deviated his stands to become a more caring MCCY minister by his speech on on Thursday (14.2.13.)..

Citizens hope this is for real and not a moment of desperation to ingratiate citizens after so many wrongs done...

But the greatest mistake of PAP is the influx of tom, dick and harry without serious thought for S'poreans. How the ordinary citizens are suffering due to the over-loaded infrastructure of transport?...The discrimination of employing foreigners to locals...And PAP was so adamant and defiant to say all because of boosting the economy and GDP..!!!

LOOK AT OTHER FIRST WORLD Sweden, Norway..even New Zealand...big countries with small population...They do not need so many foreigners to jack up their GDP and economy..WHY? PAP should learn from them.

A red dot filled with overwhelming cross- and multi-cultured foreigners, have eroded the very S'pore CORE of our motherland. In so doing S'poreans' lives have been vastly affected in all facet of work, movement, space and societal identity of our kind. We lost the social mobility of our very privacy due to greater encroachment of space and other facilities...

S'poreans are not xenophobic....we are 'jam-nophobic' into a sardine tin by the very sickening of the govt's open door policy....which also affected on the high cost of living, property prices, especially HDB flats...

As the govt move on to redeem and re-invent themselves...the present 5.31 million population is already a deadlock! .....and to think of gradually increasing the crowd to 6.9 million in 2030...Even now, everyone feels the population already reached 6 million. No one is the wiser with the govt's hidden agenda and their bulldozing of policies all those years.

Do we see a change and transformation coming ?? S'porean do hope so, as to what the debate of the last few days portrayed.

PAP will make or break, is how they can re-vent themselves with truth rather than just comforting words and empty promises that they never keep...

Are S'poreans seeing a change in PAP's mindset to be more participating and engaging to citizens? ....

By the way. MP Lee Bee Wah's engaging netizens on FB incessantly and updating her activities was a real surprise... Normally MPs and minsters are heard and never seen..and the aloofness they projected to the citizens of their 'class difference.'

Year 2013 is seeing the best of PAP, a good sign...Old folks and handicaps are given higher priority...Healthcare is streaming but it is still one of the most expensive in the world .

My wish list is the public transport system be nationalized, not a money-making profit orientated vehicle for Temasek Holdings...the very "S'pore PAP Incorporation."

How well and promising will PAP come out unscathed?...will see the days ahead in their 'cotton-soft approach'...and the acceptance of the citizens..

It is a last reprieve of PAP to prevent their popularity falling further into the abyss of political demise.....

The citizens voice and on-line netizens catalyzed the combustion of atomic reaction of molecular diffusion, affecting the urgency of change in PAP...

We shall see the outcome come GE 2016.....Opposition please do not sit on your own laurels...PAP had done that for too long to wake up now...

 Opposition must capture more seats in parliament come GE 2016....a fair chance for hard work!

patrick lee song juan

Friday, March 8, 2013

Love is a perfect intercourse...

Please read it as an artistic expression than a lustful temptation!


Love is a perfect Intercourse!
Dedicated to Happy international Women's Day!


the beauty of the women's private parts
forever attack on the men's hearts
every moment's of lustful reverie
Is every man's coveted misery.

The sensuous pleasure of the vulva
only through coitus do men experience
the ecstasy of orgasmic divine
the ultimate of love consummation.

the tender flaps of the outer lip
opening into the inner part
penetration is such a delight
into the orifice with tender might.

two hearts interlocking with love
with the penis and the vagina
the final joy of intercourse
with orgasm into one's fold!

patrick lee song juan
(copyright: leesjuanpat)

My Wife, her 'bonus' Myeloma and Me.

Happy is to retire and plan a new beginning. No more waking up early and the drudgery of routine going to work.

Retirement, is always admired by many, envious of a more carefree life with no demand.

Never in my wife Judy's retirement dreams did she believe she would acquire another 'bonus!' She contacted Myeloma, a form of cancer of the bone marrow.  And it is a 'bonus' to her spinal cord. Her Myeloma attacks her spine's bone marrow.

I saw signs of my wife Judy's health deteriorating even before her retirement...She lost considerably on her weight which many of us noticed. That was in 2010. I was worried , so were both our daughter and son. We encouraged Judy to consult a GP why she kept on losing weight..but was referred to see a specialist when wife complained the symptoms of discomfort and pain in her back.

Many tests followed and finally the 'bad bonus' was confirmed and announced...wife Judy was and is suffering from Myeloma.. That was two years ago....

How our family took the news? How I took the news? Well, life's destiny is not for us to decide...Our children took it without much 'fun-fare'.  Acceptance is the beginning  of cure. My wife Judy took the news with foregoing though a little disbelief and sad. i was sadder though.

And did our lives change much with wife's sickness?...If it did, I did not notice it except that wife became more tense and a little short temper. Hence, apart from the medication and liquid chemo injection, especially the injection to the spine...(it was and is sheer agony.) I feel for her and have been trying my best to liken her sufferings with moral support.

For a start, she cannot do any heavy housework. How our lives changed with a wife who had been the 'housemaid' for us all along..Had we  not took things for granted? Now we know the difference of a wife who keeps the house clean...I try to do my best on the heavy chores like mopping. But was never too successful. We decided to employ a part time maid to come in once a week to clean and mop the home.

Life moves on for  worst or for better...Today as I am writing, wife Judy is already living with her Myeloma for 2 over years and with medication and injection, seems none the worst, rather surprising! But the catch is...this form of cancer, doctors gave her a seven year lifespan.No cure.

There is an alternative to prolong lifespan, that is stem cell transplant...but then according to the doctor, is still a 50:50 chance of success. Wife is still on medication and injection..And one injection caused about $1800 for nine cycles (wife had completed the cycle already)..Medication in the form of pills (about 8 kinds) is cheaper at $600/- per month.

Life moves on. Nothing seems amiss. I believe that acceptance of one's predicament and condition is how things can always look brighter in the darkness of one's life...Wife Judy is coping well with her sickness  and maintained a very positive attitude of what come may.

I was sad, I am sad, but I never question God why such things can befall on us, on my wife. There is no justice to question Providence. Disaster can strike anyone. It just happened that the 'bonus' is on us, on wife Judy. I love her more to face her illness without so much as to resign to her fate but she defiantly fought on with her positive disposition.  I believe, it is a battle won by her. I love and admire her strong courage.

Presently, wife Judy can go marketing alone, i used to accompanied her to Saturday's marketing. Now she refused my company to make a point that she is just like normal. I quietly sing a song for her!

Our life did not change much but the bonding of the spiritual well-being is that searching into our hearts. We feel at peace and harmony with the cosmic exuberance of our existence, of Judy's existence.

Life is as normal as no one can realize, until I decided to blog it for sharing.

I believe as long as we are able to come to terms with our life, of any misfortune..we can stay happy in the eyes of adversity.

Wife Judy is coping well. I am acting as a pillar of support with daughter and son and grand daughter. We live not by counting the days, we live by the moments of moments of love and togetherness, of strong family bond and cohesion. We would have lived a fulfilled and meaningful life even in death's claws.
Happiness knows no bound. Love makes the world goes round, kinship brings about the cohesiveness of a family in whatever predicament of fate.

Fate is dreadful. Destiny is without mercy. Human life of love and understanding the odds go beyond all that. And that is the reason my family is coping so well with my beloved wife's illness..We are not counting the days or years the doctor delivered that verdict of how long wife will live ..For doctors are not God. And I believe god is in our hearts to live the life the way we want to.

In as much as I was afflicted with glaucoma then and my predicaments that follow and how I came to terms with my glaucoma in my earlier blog too.  In comparison, it pales if looking at wife Judy's Myeloma sickness..I cannot even hold a candle to my beloved Judy...

We look upon Buddha for the blessings and we may live well and happy.

Life goes on for a miracle to come a knocking, but no miracle is stronger than a sincere happy good .heart.

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Tranquility of the mind -A poem

Morning breaks in two hours,
 The mellifluous mandarin song
Reverberating from the radio
Sharp and clear, soothing to the ear.

In another hour, my usual discipline begins
Meditating in harmony of the mind
Calmness pervades the sense
Mindful reflection of the void.

A moment of peace and serenity
Upholds the elements of nothingness
The mind ever so tranquil
The path towards Enlightenment.

leesjuanpat (copyright)...4.25 am.

(patrick lee song juan)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Can Singapore move on without PAP?

Can S'pore move on without PAP?

What will be a S'pore without PAP as the government?

Simple questions, nothing complex. And the answer is straightforward, life goes on even without PAP.

Can we imagine S'pore without PAP? Yes! we can.  No one is indispensable, so is PAP. After ruling us for 52 years, should PAP call it a day?...They will not without a 'fight' But can our opposition take PAP on now, seeing WP having seven MPs in parliament?

Much has to be done by the opposition to push for an inroad against the hegemony of PAP . There is no recorded history that any party of the world can rule in eternity.

WP cannot do it alone,  even Sylvia Lim, the Chairman of WP said that they are not prepared yet to form a government being a small party. and when then WP be able to form a government? Sad state of affair for opposition in S'pore. So, how can the opposition go about ousting PAP to be the govt with PAP becoming the opposition?

It is a tall order...this will not happen even in a decade. Hence PAP is much assured of their power of control still . As long as the opposition cannot come together with unity and consolidation, the political scene in S'pore will be PAP dominated.

Low Thia Khiang of WP had dropped a bombshell about opposition unity.  So, can any opposition able to build up its membership base to counter all PAP's 87 wards..Not possible in the near future. Immediate solution is unify the 3 big parties of WP, SDP and NSP; but it is wishful thinking. This will never happen!

And as PAP have ruled and consolidated themselves for 52 years as a govt in every facet and aspect of dominance, to the point of an Incorporated S'pore. It is a tough hurdle for the opposition to jump over. And the dismay showing of the opposition is more to do with PAP's political sleuthness.

S'pore without PAP is an unthinkable scenario as far as the world of politics is concerned. What will be the ramification to life and business if one day PAP is toppled and an opposition coalition take over?  How well will the opposition be able to perform or rule a PAP "mentality S'pore" in a true or 'worst' case scenario of toppling PAP to have a new govt?

My personal analysis is, as I said, no one is indispensable, when the occasion demands, the situation will command. There will always be smart and intelligent people to replace PAP. The world moves on.

Nonetheless, with 52 years of PAP dominance, many are resigned to the fate of their destiny, hence nonchalantly accepted what come may or what is already there...

Is it not time for change?

PAP is not a bad political party. We can see how Spore prospers to this day..The old Guards were better dedicated. Then new hordes of younger ministers under the weak PM Lee Hsien Loong upset all the past built. Now the bottom-line is all about dollars and cents.

Just look at the last 15 years of disgust. What has PAP done to S'pore now that so many of us are so emotionally charged up with strong sentiments of voting them out soonest. The just ended Punggol East by-election was an indication of the choice of the people. People will make a choice if people are cornered with little or no choice. PAP's  popularity index is dipping lower and lower. It  will come a time, S'pore needs to change to a new govt. And the time must present itself in all its entities.

S'pore will be the same without a PAP's govt. Life moves on, the Civil Services still will function..the infrastructure will be there, the hospitals, the people etc...

S'pore will move and progress without PAP..But sad to say it will take more than one decade to realize many citizens dreams of a new capable govt or a coalition govt of a two party system.

Can life be better without PAP.? I believe it can...S'pore will rise to the occasion with or without PAP.

PAP is not our messiah or god...S'poreans had been fcuked up too long for the last 20 years by all the dastardly policies of PAP just to make of live is eroded. A change is so welcomed and in urgency...

The toilet 'White Paper' has catalyzed for a dire need to change for a 'new roll'....

patrick lee song juan

Friday, March 1, 2013

Inclusive Society, Social Cohesion and Social Mobility.

Is S'pore an inclusive society by PAP's standard?...Yes! it is by their yardstick of their own cronies living in their ivory towers oblivious of the ground sentiments of sufferings of the majority of average citizens. And seeing old hagged grandmother picking cardboard for a living.. is that an inclusive society in First World S'pore???

When an inclusive society fails S'poreans, how can we achieve social cohesion? Social cohesion is how well a community bonds with each other regardless of status or race..We co-exist as one people one nation. But through the years of PAP hegemonic rule, S'pore not only becomes an 'obstrusive' society, it loses every aspect of the cohesiveness of our societal fabric.

How can S'pore be an intrusive society when all the govt wanted is the influx of new citizens of foreigner to blend their life into our already stressful living...Cultural difference is a cultural shock to many who try to integrate into our society. Habit is second nature. It takes time to nurture change in behavior , in mindset in adaptability to a new environment. cohesion and mobility is not that easy..Talking is!

Social cohesion is easier with our own takes more effort for others...The govt has failed its citizens trying to have citizens imbibe such value to everyone of them overnight and vice versa...Are they not rushing for the impossible?

Hence where is the social mobility of the masses of new PR and citizens..Induct them into the govt vehicle of RC and CC to expedite integration of sort? to improve social mobility and social cohesion for an intrusive society? Very optimistic undertakings..Saying  is one thing, immersion is is social integration.

Even in his speech on Budget 2013..Finance minister Tharman expounded the importance of an inclusive society...Who would not want that?..It is not by the words of a botak minster that an inclusive society is born overnight, and of social cohesion leading us to social mobility...S'pore is far from near.

An inclusive society has to be nurtured, balancing the high and low of societal needs and wants. Lacking such basic needs of a decent living , where is the inclusive society, the social cohesion? Without the two, how can we achieve social mobility when every facet of space is such an encroachment!

So, is the govt sincere to make S'pore an inclusive society?  yet want to balance the dastard open-gate policy of more foreigners to further upset the social mobility of living.

An inclusive society with social cohesion and social mobility is a White Paper farce of the PAP govt, only accentuating on the economic and population replacement. In so doing, they overlook the long term repercussion and ramification of a 'homogenous' S'pore of true blue S'poreans.

We welcome foreigners, we are not xenophobic, but habit,characteristic and culture are new traits to  integration of any society, not to speak of 45% foreigners by 2030 in a 'worst case scenario by National development minister Khaw Boon Wan (how daft!)......Yes!  we  can say we are xenophobic to the govt idiotic population on the White Paper. Any rational citizen will feel threaten !

S'pore needs a sustainable population to stay inclusive as a nation. With it, we can achieve social cohesion and social mobility in the long run, not a short dash. We do need replacement...we need more babies not 'Replacement Killers' (a film starring Chow Weng Fatt).

Hence , it is a responsible govt to assist its citizens not otherwise.

patrick lee song juan