Thursday, December 23, 2010

My comment to FB netizens on how the government can help the Poor?

Sorry Guys..just back since mid-day from SAGE-volunteers X'mas gathering and with me around..they really enjoyed the fun, laughter and togetherness. I was emcee for them again !!

A wealth of knowledge for me. In fact this was my comment to Julie Sim on (Facebook ) John Yam's thread on X'mas which I copied to my Blog.

Notably, Andy is impressive with his research on the UK job and retirement scenario..whereby hopefully our government can pick up a point or two from them..focusing on the basis of our local context.

Many poor and destitute of S'pore are helped by the private VWOs like Food for the Heart started many years ago by an expatriate lady who roped in a few like-minded individuals to delivery 'un-saled' bread to poor households. And the greatest thing was...they did it with their own time and money and transport in the beginning..Now, i am glad, they set up a proper organisation and granted IPC status.

Christine Laimer is one hell of a lady with a compassionate heart for the deprived poor and penniless who started Food for the Heart. I salute her...not the high and mighty charity houses who on the pseudo-facade of charity..siphoned millions away for self and the government got the dexterity to give them only light sentences...LOL!

This is what we call real help without any ostentation and 11,000 beneficiaries. I guess Andy is doing a great job in charity too...Keep up you good work Andy. S'pore need many many people like your kind!! 'Action speaks louder the motto of life.'

Yes! Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) is gracious to admit his party is a novice on the scene..and as far as what is happening on his front...he is doing just fine....Especially with his 'high power lady lawyers' probing up the tell me..who in the PAP dared to sue KJ..even MM LKY has to think twice...But KJ...we move on in this political arena of diversed opinions...favourable and unfavourable..we gather and analyse the substances to the frivolity...but we do not have to banned people..Tan Kuan Han (FB) is a brilliant young chap I met and conversed with him a month or so before...Do you know I do gain from his youthful wisdom, when he chatted with me...

KJ..keep up your positive work and in true honesty...your party with good and 'open credibility', will do well in this coming election...not because of your beauties in it nor the high qualifications!! is the essence of people and I will never forget Irene Ho..(haha!..really missed her), her drive, her write-ups and her 'fire' as a lady...just tell me how many can hold a candle to her..except Siok Chin of SDP..but unfortunate, she is a victim of her circumstances...another strong, powerful lady with that fiery drive..OMG!..

The other is WP's Sylvia Lim..articulate and her law background gave her the added advantage to tread cautiousness against PAP...And the only other lady I admire is Dr Lily Neo..the petite sweet lady MP borne into a different era of PAP dynasty. She was held up for promotion again just recently....But her heart is still with the poor people, all these years..shows great compassion and understanding of the human milk of kindness...Can our male opposition candidates measure up to them?? Or even the young third generation Male Chauvinist Pig (MCP) PAP MPs and ministers ??

I have nothing to say about the high and mighty women-in-white ministers and MPs who just harp the master tune and ride the 'smooth boat home safely.' Lim Hwee Hua is a clear cut case.

David..thanks for the many of the other articles written were just below the belt lah!...hahaaha! Your rationality and your sensible questioning and engaging with the ding dong pussy of mine really a totally different person..So..Philipine charms and beauties there had something to do to your change of self be so..loving ...You must have taken many love-portion No. 9 in Philipines..Mabohay !!

DDP Wilson is still a 'minion'...hahaaha! And if I left anyone out due to my old age..please blame me on my stamina and 'dementia'...I can never compare with David the 'Barbeque' and Wilson the Sumo Wrestler...You both really do not interest me the least...I am just looking forward to meeting Irene Down-under and my 007 spy agency had located her hideout!!....

Thanks gentlemen and ladies for the learning process. Never know an 'inconspicuous article' can ignite so much fire.....if only it is fired from Irene lah!

patrick lee song juan

Is the government doing enough for the Poor AND how are our opposition able to help?

In any government..a progressive package of participating in the daily activities of seniors are important..Only those that are really handicapped or physically incapable of any light work that 'handout' should be given...Remember... as LKY said.."Nothing is for free"

In any society..the class difference will prevail...but in First World S'pore..if ministers can be paid obscene salary..I have yet to see any minister step forward to create a fund said 5% of their salary to the welfare of the deprived, hardship citizens in all category. Yes! CDC and the various government department. are doing it...but the criteria is too cumbersome and stringent that the outreach only goes to limited people associated more to CC and RC. The illiterate poor are the ones ostracized.

As a private charity volunteer and is these organisations that are way ahead of government 'red tape'- if you do not believe can question Vivivian Bala-lan of MCYS...just private wall me..i will give his personal email to you!

We live to see our humankind not to suffer the indignity that is sometimes more debased than a household pet dog..who is fed chicken drumsticks...Do not we human more qualify to live a decent life than the animals??..And we have plenty of 'animals' in our the ruling government and the cronies and bootlickers of every social stratagem.

The opposition can talk till the 'rabbit' arrived next year (rabbit year),
We are not fighting the PAP for the sake of just wanting to put more voices in parliament?? We want to put 'essence' in parliament where the interest of the heart is not for self fame or glory or power but..but.. for the very reason that PAP have outlived their arrogance and are not sympathetic to the cry of our society..the cry of not letting too many foreigners into S'pore ! The cry of 'affordable' HDB

Yes PM LHL (Lee Hsien Loong) is trying hard..but not hard enough...the damaged had been done...The affordable HDB..which supposed to be the citizens home it is the citizens nightmare for life-long mortgage. And Maboh (katek) Tan (MBT) is living beyond the reality of his own cushy bosom of his ivory tower ...still harping ..affordable ..affordable him and his ministers (million dollar pay what!!) I guess, not to the citizens whose average income only 2500 to 4000 dollars a month. And the lower income citizens (30%) earning less than $1500 per month. MBT is qualified to his own elitist world of nonchalance......

"The drift of reality is in their(PAP)Utopia but the poor citizens' Purgatory." -leesjuan (copyright). Regards.

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My comment on Desmond Lim (SDA's secretary -general) doing charity for the Poor

Well done. The world is a balance entity of good and evil. Good will always overcome! Charity is the hallmark of the milk of human kindness.

In as much as selfishness and self-serving so called 'great' people with farcical facade of justice but doing otherwise, are the society's invertebrates! Well done DL!


DL......Desmond Lim -(SDA's SG)
SDA.....Singpaore Democratic Alliance
SG...... Secretary-General

patrick lee song juan.

US is heading into Depression

‎Year 2011 will be an 'awakening' in the wrong sense of the word for many countries...Iran would be going forward with their nuclear programme in full force..., Israel will feel the threat..North Korea too have the bargaining chip..

On the local... scene, PAP will call for election by MAY 2011 and behold...

PAP is in for a little beating...losing 2 GRCs and 5 SMCs and two old veterans may die of heart due to third stroke after losing Potong Pasir to PAP after 26 years (his own kamma)..The other due to old age excitement...cannot accept opposition can capture that many seats....forgetting that nothing is impossible and nothing is permanent !!

US is falling into the abyss of the cesspool and the glory of a super power shows gradual but drastic dislocation. Middle
east steps up pressure upon Israel and the protacted war dragged the verge of a nuclear war.

China will emerge the strongest in terms of economic power and decent military might which is mainly for defence purposes.

Oil will be increasing... as Gold too, today trading at US $1387 per oz will hit about US$1900 in the middle of next in gold is the best bet..

Life will be tougher everywhere...S'pore is no exception...PAP will hold on and blessed our SWF is strong...guess we will still be in good hands ...come what may....

US will be smelling of shit everywhere and the rest of the world got the tail wind and the repercussion will be far and Gerald Celente said it may be worst than the 1929 Depression till it top the summit in 2012...

Death is a certainty but life goes on...brought about by the atrocities and the US fiasco having printed their 600 billion greenback to further plunge them into deeper shit. Having already a gigantic deficit of US$ 39 trillion!

The legend lives on ...and humankind suffers the greatest indignity of self-inflicted catastrophe and endless wars !! The terror of humankind! The death of decency !! The collapse of the great America !!

China and India become the rising power of the world economy!!

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A gunman on a killing spree!

SAD!..the curse of society...another madcap...Luckily no one was killed except him..A pity he got to end up like this. The social pressure of life to any individual who is unable to make the basic necessity of his or her living needs can be a tremendous stress factor, culminated by family and other problems !

Death is not the end all, but it is always a last resort. Some will do it for the attention of doing 'something big' because they believe society has failed them, but never have the rationality to think they may have failed society. The idiosyncrasies of living in a fast changing world...How many will fall off the by-line...

An alarm bell ringing for help loud and clear....the human mind needs greater training as in meditation...which I am doing for 15 odd years..It opens up one's mind let be more aware and to live a simple and happy volunteering life of joy for others...and we see joy ricochet back to us....

Christmas brings a true meaning of love and kindness to the world...but sadly..our world is heading more towards decadence..!

patrick lee song juan

Monday, December 13, 2010

My comment on an interesting rebuttal on Minimum Wage!

Interesting rebuttal from all parties. My DDP wilson always have the amber that ignites in his sumo belly into a raging conflagration. But at least now I saw more intellectual deliberation of thoughts and definite answers and... opinion to put forth in a ding dong fashion. I am here not to debate...the young pillars of society are the future leaders..We are 'had beens'...enjoying every knowledge that goes by!

David Torbarsky seems to mature so much with his gentleman retort that leave Wilson gasping for his breath...I think in a discussion portal as such David's direct question should be answer with direct as not to drag the debate beyond the horizon.

At the end of the day, it is this kind of healthy ding dong affairs (not triangle love-affairs) that brings the excitement of our daily living. No name calling or harsh words ramped down one's throat. As long as civilization and education help us to rationalize any ramification of daily life affecting the majority of S'poreans, the subject matters of any debate is worth the open door approach!

We never shut ourselves to progress...we progress to shut and tighten the bolts and nuts of an old noisy machine..If we need to do the complete overhaul...we will find the cheapest and possible cost-cutting way to initiate the job to the right source and see to it's ideal completion. All the more on minimum wage or no minimum wage...

Thanks all gentlemen for the mind-inspiring writes on 'Yes/No' on minimum wage...My take is' sometimes in life if the going gets tough, let the tough gets going. On the other hand, I believe the beauty of nature has a hand to provide us with the wonder of existence of survival and wellness in life. We may let nature takes it course if so be it!!

PAP had done well, PAP did not do so very well NOW...PAP may have past their time with their (as Black Templar said) what 'moral authority' for them to give themselves so high pay when as the guardiian and government of S'pore..they are the selected lot that took the office to service not so much to benchmark their pay to the top CEOs of the private sector...but for the country, for the nation!!

Comparison breeds contempt of self,..disenchantment of others and
what is 'privilege' becomes a desire of greed-entitlement. That is what is happening to the PAP government NOW!

CAN THE CITIZENS VOTE PAP OUT SLOWLY BUT SURELY and with intelligence..intelligence...intelligence !!

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Five Decades of PAP Rule and the Disconcerting Opposition.

A brief History in Time...not Stephen Hawkings book but the time of our life under PAP government. History was forever changed when a group of Men-in-White (MIW) stormed into the political scene and formed the first government in 1959.

Singapore was a real slum. When the British withdrew their naval presence in our former Naval Base..Singapore was all on their own. What happened next, was never a bookmaker's dream of winning the odds. S'pore with the old guards slogged their hearts out to transform S'pore to our present Cosmopolitan.

The political storm and controversy of power struggle saw many casualties of political fallout. The final winner emerged as PAP party till this day. Barisan Socialis discredited themselves by walking out of parliament all 11 members (correct me if I am wrong) . The ''omen presented itself that PAP will rule S'pore as one-party till 1984 when Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ) won the Anson by-election. S'pore for the first time after 1962, experienced a 'tiny' voice in parliament. It was never a voice but a 'loudspeaker'. And PAP MPs and LKY could never had more peace than they wanted. In the end..through the various law suits and intrigue manipulation and 'victimisation' JBJ was 'robbed' of his MP seat when he was convicted on a charged of misappropriation of party fund. JBJ lost his MP seat.

PAP slept more peaceful with all the yes voices without another opposing voice again! Heaven cries out for help. But help was never so near !

The PAP wayang went on until SDP was credible enough with Chiam See Tong (CST) voted in with two more SDP MPs and Worker's Party (WP) Low Thia Khiang into parliament!

(The Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) : 'From Third World to First' and 'The Singapore Story'...These two books are highly recommended to read to understand the struggle of S'pore to this day. And you can form your own opinion!!)

So..after some years of barren opposition in parliament (JBJ was out 'high and dry'), all of a sudden, parliament have 4 MPs. Definitely was not enough...but better than nothing. But it only took one parliament term when two under-performed MP Cheo and Ling were kicked out for good. (meaning, were never voted into parliament the second term) And till this day S'pore Peoples Party (SPP) and Worker's Party (WP) have booked themselves as the two life members of parliament.

SDP lost more than they bargained for under Chee Soon Juan No representation. CST was a breakaway from SDP and CST formed SPP and even on a new party ticket; got his seat in parliament to this day. SDP had never redeemed their lost and credibility. Subsequently, they practised 'confrontational politics' and became 'jail-birds' of 'Changi Palace' as their long-termed second home....Sad..other SDP members enjoyed the stay too. How can you fight PAP on that scale of (10 to 1) are always (1)..I been repeating this message to SDP. Hope they get the meaning of the implication!!

The awakening of the citizens comes only this last 5 to 6 years of PAP 'atrocities' and absolute rule. The country has become a corporation not a people's country. And the last straw was the obscene influx of foreigners without hold. Floodgate 1.5 million foreigner on a population of 5 million...ho!..ho!...ho! Christmas is coming...

Housing escalation choked many breaths to suffocation. Rich foreigners kept on snapping resale flats and PRs to buy up many new flats. Supply was wanting , demand pressing. Emotions when high whe cash-over-value (COV) hit 40 thousand cash upfront or more. Young couples crying for help unable to buy re-sales flats. And record sales in Queenstown for a 5-rm flat at over 900,000 dollars was really absurd. And not too long another ..5-rm flat at Bishan goes for 1.1 million dollars. Bought by dirt rich foreigners. It was and is total madness!! And to add insult to injury Maboh Tan our National Development minister kept on harping ..'affordable'..'affordable'...and living in 'affordable' S'pore is a real struggle for the 20% of low income people..But the PAP government are still nonchalant to their plight ..PAP only see dollars and cents not sense.

Transport re-organization on distant-based travel, transfer buses or MRT rather than single fare travel for seniors. Seniors with weak limbs to risk accident, transfer up and down the buses or MRT. Is there any justification? Due to central data base computer mainframe control of seniors travel..when they computed the statistics of single-price fare..the percentage of long travel by senior made LTA to decide to switch to distant-transfer fare system to their gain..How commercialized is our country and SBS Transit and SMRT are part-owned by Temasek Holdings and the general public shareholders...Must answer to shareholders, you know! The ramifications of transport change and do away with concession on seniors saw many a suffering old poor fighting for survival. Raymond Lim will pay more and two-third will benefit. He spoke through his ORIFICE...Lily Neo and Sylvia Lim questioned the rationale of such change..Raymond held on to his belief it is good for all. (In fact, I heard the debate in parliament on this issue during that specific parliament sitting..i just want to throw my smelling leather shoes, like the Iranian did on George Bush) but I could not..the public gallery is secured with floor to the ceiling thick glass panel....Lucky Raymond or lucky me??

That is the PAP of today..High , mighty, no compassion for old folks, for poor and insensitive to the peoples hardship.

Many a drastic policy change bulldozed into your throat like an army got to relent..if not can we citizens do anything to change the system..definitely no...all our wings are clipped..We are all sitting decoy ducks!!

Yes! we only can by one legitimate means..through our VOTE this coming election to send a message to PAP we had enough, we need to live as citizens not 'zombie' aliens of our own motherland. The foreigners are taking every inch of our space, our seats on buses , on MRT and we citizens are resigned to be screwed by PAP forever and ever if we do not wise up and VOTE rightly for more opposition, for more voices in parliament.

We will all be dead 'Peking Duck' for the roasting. Do it right for S'pore!..Do we dare to dream the right dream! Nothing is impossible and PAP made it so impregnable we are singing... PAP is making everything impossible and impossible. How, how to make it possible for opposition to get a stronghold of the hegemony of PAP dominance..

Another 20 years maybe ...many will be dead by then (me too maybe at 85 then but my Mom is still living at 94..maybe got chance hor.)..MM Lee Kuan Yew (surely died already lah! cannot live to 107 years right! bless him if he does!) He will be laughing in his urn..and muttering..Singaporeans so stupid! so stupid!..PAP even without me..still rules on and on.....

(Foreign Imports, Housing, and Transport will form the main issues of this coming election with other grouses in between)....

How lost can the opposition be to this day....the disenchanted and disconcerted Opposition.. One Christmas after another we had gone by 50 Christmas now!!

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle PAP!... PAP, PAP makes everyone's life misery....

"REALITY IS A SLIDING DOOR" - (Ralph W Emerson).

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Inequality of the Human Race.

Ethnic and race issues have through time immemorial the bane of human civilization. If the human race can live under one huge umbrella of homogeneity, the world will be heaven on earth!!

In a country of ethnic majority, the onerous task is for them to claim superiority and privileges and perks as their 'God-given' rights! The minority races will be greatly disadvantaged and dis-engaged. This happened to many parts of the world throughout history to our present modern lives.

It will be the nemesis of the very human race that will annihilate and exterminate its very own human, just because the very human deemed them less 'human' :(

The most infamous extermination of the human race in war world one was when Hitler (or is it world war two?) claimed the Nazi as the superior race and caused the 'holocaust' of the Jewish community of millions.

History will repeat itself, if we as human cannot co-exist in greater harmony of our racial difference and claim our rights of no rights !!?

All human are sons and daughters of this universe, nothing more nothing less, we have a right to be the cosmic world is unfolding with exuberance..... We must live and die with peace and harmony as we are ONE and only ONE human race.

The Martians will be another race altogether !!!

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Opposition Participation and the coming Election.

How well the Opposition and the SGs will perform in this coming election?

I do not know why or how I propel myself into the unenvious task to monitor the political situation in Singapore. Maybe, partly due to the draconian and authoritarian rule of PAP for 50 years. And the last 6 years was the greatest transformation into all facet of lives and living, affecting every citizens. More so..the poorer citizens and senior poor destitute old folks.

On that note alone, the ground is stirring for silent cyclonic 'Reform'.

And the playing field has never been so inviting to the opposition than now. Even the illiterate uncles and aunties in hawker centres and void decks were discussing how difficult life is now with everything becoming more expensive. Even the ordinary folks are saying PAP is hoodwinking them.

What are the chances of opposition party making it good this time round to field better candidates and capture more seats in parliament?

This coming election will be the best bet to win on the sentiments of the voters dissent of government policies and insensitive bulldozing unpopular policies down our throat. The most controversial one that stood out is the vast influx of foreigners and the escalation of HDB property prices with demand not meeting up with supply.

On this should be 'all well that ends well' for the opposition camp to capitalise on their strategy on how to engage PAP and win the hearts of the voters.

But beyond the call of change to bash the PAP and capture more seats, the opposition camp captured the citizens attention by inter-party and intra-party power struggle, accusations and traducement. These all have to do with the leaders in charge of the individual party.

I will commence with SPP and its SG. CST, having been an MP for twenty-five years and leader of SPP, he is a legend in his own right. But subsequent development of events within the party caused Chiam See Tong (CST) his crediblity and questions asked: How could a SG for 25 years cannot even steer his party forward but instead holding on to his last lifeline and not able to let go. The rest many that follow the fiasco and debacle of SPP will know that SPP is digging its own grave.

Preview of chances in this coming election: Lina chiam will lose Potong Pasir to PAP. Old CST will exit without much funfare and a sad 'adieu' to a once respectable MP of PP. Only now , his graciousness was revealed as a facade of his 'true' mean irrational character. CST has failed miserably as a SG of SPP.

Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) of SDP, the maverick political 'jail-bird' who loves 'Changi Palace so much that he has made that placed his second home and in the process introduced it to his party members to stay as guest for free. All on tax-payers money! The government is just too happy to accommodate SDP to stop them littering 'profanity on the public ground'. Changi Palace is the only place to shut them up even temporary. In true honesty..CSJ is driving PAP 'nuts', with their never say die 'vehemence'. There goes the high profile SG of SDP. And a party based more on the ideology of western democracy ! Another failure of sort.

Workers Party with Low Thia Khiang (LTK) at its helm, is as mysterious as the head of Medussa. Those who have an opportunity to meet him will be turned into stone with his aloofness and lack of utterance. Hence in the public eyes, he is seen to be unapproachable. Sylvia Lim fares reasonably well as chairman and more articulate. Her speeches in parliament is seen as really engaging the PAP on their unpopular policies. But one swallow cannot make a summer.

Overall, WP will be the best bet to have their candidates voted into the next parliament. LTK will sail through his calm territory and trashed Eric Low into a pulp again. This time if his (Eric) skin can withstand an Mk 47 bullet, he will die die come back another 4 years later to announce his intention to fight his losing battle. I admire Eric's 'determination of doom'. Do it wrong again man, Eric !

And on that note ..if nothing changed much on the boundary of Aljunied GRC...the incumbent Sylvia Lim leading her team should capture the the grandest fashion! Someone may collapse with a heart-attack. God bless!

CST would have had his third stroke when wife Lina loses to Sitoh “Sitting Bull” Yin Pin.

Goh Meng Seng of NSP....never die attitude and always 'loud mouth' will see a slight change in his strategy of his political platform. With Steve Chia a veteran NCMP...NSP will need all the expertise of Steve's experience to contest Tampines GRC and hopefully whack the living daylight of Maboh Tan and his team. Rumours abound Mah may not helm Tampines GRC. Well, your guess is as good as mine!

Reform Party (RP) with KJ at its helm, seemingly looks a well-rounded party with the most belles and notably high profile qualifications. Leading the pack is KJ with double first in economics. And those mighty lady 'warriors' of law. I mus t take off my hat to the party for organising a Gala (Gela) Night of Food, Movie and Auction of all things....RP's bevy of all 'shape and size' female members to the audience for dinner or other pursuits. There were member dentist and KJ were offered for bidding too.

The highest bid on Nicole Seah at $500/-went to Russell Teo to have dinner with her. What a rascal..hahaah! I attended the party to see Irene but she flew herself Down-under. Wow! I must be a terror for her to do that !? Joking..Joking...

In perspective..a precedent had been set for opposition parties to raise funds through this innovative way of auction bid...What will RP think of next!! A visit to the oldest profession house for a fling...LOL!

On that scale..RP if 'lucky' and with sound strategy may win one GRC or a SMC..It depends...depends....

SDA at the time of my still in limbo..with Desmond Lim (DL) subjecting to disciplinary committee's inquiry convened by non other than CST of SPP. Alrready DL was removed as ASG of SPP . So the WWF wrestling is into its final showdown match. And DL has already consulted a senior counsel for his defense.

Socialist Front (SL) kid of the block, looking for the right opportunity, maybe forming an alliance with PKMS and consolidate any little power they have.

PKMS and SJP are buffer parties in their own usefulness or inactivity

So, in its final analysis of the opposition parties now contesting the coming election, one thing is clear...PAP will still be the ruling party.

Which opposition party can secure one or two or more seats in parliament will be based solely on the nine days of rally to bring to the hearts of the voters. What they can do as additional voices in parliament. Not just to warm the comfy leather broad seat and like the PAP MPs and Ministers caught napping!!

patrick lee song juan


NSP --- National Solidarity Party
WP --- Workers Party
RP --- Reform Party
SPP --- S'pore People's Party
KJ --- Kenneth Jeyaretnam
CSJ --- Chee Soon Juan
CST --- Chiam See Tong

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are we more accepting of Consructive Criticism and Why banned netizens when their comment is not pleasing to your ears?

Interesting intellectual retorts by some strong minds and some "fly by nights"...GMS...The good friend Wilson mention is me..and I do not deny it....Do you know why many people always treat me as their good friend..And sure in a world of differing views, others called me 'names' too...hahaah! Even people like LPY Bryan Ti take me a friend though faceless on him not me..hehee!

A lesson on the finer points of engagement will cost you GMS some money that is my forte.-- Image Consultation is my profession!

Show magnanimity ! as we are all mature personas....The true mantra in life is under whatever circumstances you even love your enemy..when they hated a real human! Graciousness!...removed the 'ban' and engage constructively in the Cyber world of foregoing....For we got no chance to be featured in main stream media (MSM)..That is only for the master's voice. We blessed the day internet was invented !!

On that note..DDP wilson..your rationality still prevails by the present writing input. Hence, we always give people a second chance. You are doing it great man!
And I sincerely hope my 'lau peng you' (LPY) Bryan and Wilson can open their minds perspective and see that there is certainly some good in KJ of RP to want to give PAP a run for their money...Many problems will self-mature when the time comes in opportune.

Never forget, RP is still a new kid of the block...give them time to blossom into mellifluous flagrant roses and carnations..(due to the contingent of belles in RP...guess KJ must have some hidden oomphs and definitely a ladies' man...I am tempted to join his party lah..That is the reason Roger Tan the 'A.H'..without thought plunged into RP's soft many of them..hahaah!) !! Seeing so many lady politicians congregating on KJ... But a note of caution!...many are lady lawyers..Roger, can be sued till your pant dropped hor!! keep you pair of hands still please!!...May I ask you KJ..what brand of Eau de Cologne you used..(Giorgio Armani??) to attract those sexy 'fairies'....haha! Joking...joking...

Let us stay magnanimous and engagingly understanding! Remove any 'ban' and drink to the toast of a 'no-ban' on Facebook. If the FB Administator never banned you...why must you knock you hard skull against the wall. Regards

Legend: GMS --Goh Meng Seng (secretary-general of
National Solidarity Party (NSP)
KJ --Kenneth Jeyaretnam (secretary-general
of Reform Party (RP)

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Dedicate a poem on NCMP and NMP..
(NCMP - Non-Constituency Member of Parliament)
(NMP - Nominated Member of Parliament)

NCMP..NMP all these are just prata, egg with roti.
...What so grand about these..
A show of PAP's ideology..
To be seen as having magnanimity...

PAP thinks we do not know how to play 'go-lee' (marble)
Opposition always kena kar-chee (marble knocks marble)..
When can S'pore be free from PAP
Can opposition brings us all out of misery...

Majulah Singapura!
Maybe many will mati
Due to having no money !!
That is S'pore under lau lee, under lau lee !
How come he still never 'cow teng kee'! -(surrender to Providence)

-leesjuan-pat(copyright reserved)

patrick lee song juan

JBJ, the Tough Fighter Politican, NCMPs and NMPs

JBJ had always been a fighter till his last breath... I remember many years ago when I was having lunch with a friend at the Civil Service Club at Demspey road..of Samy's nasi bryani (not nasi 'bryan ti' for sure, our Facebook political analyst) and fish head curry, I spotted JBJ sitting at a table alone having lunch.

I was feeling funny...why a man known to many was eating alone? Where were his friends in need? I went up to him and said hello and sat down for a few minutes chat,while waiting for my lunch to be served at my friend's table.

JBJ's indomitable spirit became the target of PAP and many MPs in parliament. How he fought his lone battle without much support from other opposition parties. In truth, the oppositions were there, but where were the voices outside parliament, only two meek ones in !!

JBJ would, with Lim Teck Siong, his trusted lieutenant, stationed themselves at Centrepoint to sell his books. On those two occasions I bought his two books separately with his signature and date "Make it Right for S'pore" and "The Hatchet Man of S'pore". (one on 3rd Sept 2000, the other 22nd Dec 2005..both which he personally signed on the spot. It is my treasure till this day!).

Our modern day politicians are a far cry as compared to JBJ. No one to this day can hold a candle to him.....I guess just a tiny toothpick !! How do we rate KJ !??

JBJ's court case which was brought about by the very PAP...ultimately would strain all his resources till he was made a bankrupt...The most draconic court case was when JBJ appealed to the Privy council, was acquitted...S'pore abolished any appeal subsequently to the Privy Council. And when then senior magistrate Michael Khoo (correct me if I am wrong) acquitted JBJ on one of the charges brought about by PAP....(Michael Khoo was re-assigned to the Attorney Chambers...that was the judiciary system then of S' is there any different now?? Higher executive power !!

And the legacy is now passed to Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ), the 'maverick' politician who lived in London for 45 odd years (am I right?)
Has he carried on the legacy of honour his father who died fighting the totalitarian rules of the PAP ??

KJ should not speak too soon, too unmindful. NCMP..though seen by all as the mechanism of PAP's tell the voters..well you need not vote for opposition ...we will give them a place in as 'winner of the loser.' How magnanimous is the PAP government !?..My foot! We all know the reason behind the is just like a toothless tiger...can roar but cannot bite!!

This coming election will increase more NCMP seats.... Not only KJ but I think Goh Meng Seng (GMS) secretary-general of NSP also did say that if he scores a high percentage...he will not take it up too..

Personally, I never like the idea of NCMPs or NMPs...but after the performance of JBJ and Steve Chia and now Sylvia really was and may be a 'pain in the ass' to PAP and those MPs who got the brunt of each NCMP's questions. JBJ and later Steve Chia put up a credible performance! At present , Sylvia Lim is not doing too badly...meaning she did well enough!

But this time round...the election will be totally different. I strongly believe that more opposition MPs will be voted in in grander manner then shooed in as NCMPs.

I have no comments on NMP, only many are cronies picked by PAP to 'wayang' their way into not making the PAP MPs look too stupid without 'oppositions to engage them for engaging sake! One very obvious 'chorus' (yes lady!) came from Paulin Straughan (wrong spelling maybe..don't even bother to know her name). Only NMP Viswa showed he has the direction of his own!

Our two legitimate MPs are too mild but enjoyed sitting in the luxurious leather sofa of parliament, with Chiam See Tong (CST) enjoying 25 years of MP-ship with his party stagnant for membership renewal and succession and his final showdown with Desmond Lim !! The impasse is still not solved yet.

We sincerely hope that KJ and GMS will be voted in in a grand fashion so as not to be in agony to decide on what they had said and at the same time harboring wishes to stay in as NCMP if not voted into parliament by "the front door but by the back door."...It will be tough swallowing your own 'principled words!' LOL!

Low Thia Khiang is still digesting his 'solid words' when he said his party WP will not take up the NCMP position in 2006
but he relented and put Sylvia Lim as NCMP into parliament through the back door when WP amassed the highest percentage of approx.44% vote in Aljunied GRC !!

Let us "MAKE IT RIGHT FOR SINGAPORE."(how apt the title of JBJ's first book) a grand tribute to JBJ..this coming election to vote more oppositions into parliament through the FRONT door rather than the BACK door.

PAP are so artistic to bring many of their MPs through the back door and yet did not want to legalize Section 377A !!...if legalized, then there will be alot of 'legal screwing', LOL !!

patrick lee song juan


JBJ.....Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam
NCMP....Non constituency Member of Parliament
NMP.....Nominated Member of Parliament
NSP.....National Solidarity Party

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Equalization and Normalization in the Internet Age.

Let us not write off James Gomez (JG) with the heading title. He may be our potential MP in the making. SDP for once showed right judgment to include JG in their fold. And sincerely hope he does not be infected by the 'jail-bird' virus !!

BT's paraphrasing is concise...equalisation, normalisation theories and the S'pore context.

Yes! New media has surely revolutionized the playing field of S'pore politics. But only to a minuscule scale of maybe 15% net savvy people. Hence, the impact has yet to cause any alarm for the ruling party. The only advantage is, you are your credibility in disseminating truth or even untruth on the net. As MSM is pro-system, new media is the only source but with limited coverage !

In whatever venture, when you have a will dominate the scene better. SDP's website is commendable !! PAP with their financial resource, nothing is insurmountable in the aspect.

The truth of political engagement and 'propaganda' (if I would say that in all political 'warfare. At the end of the well your personal touch is on the ground level. Your 'personality-warm' that can melt the voters' hearts. With your sincerity and promises that once you are voted in, it is carried out hot air balloons!!

In S'pore's context of participating politics, opposition will always play second fiddle to the ruling PAP..their systems are entrenched in concrete infrastructural well-planned settings.

PAP's think-tank are a bunch of back-room boys molding policies, even on a trial and error basic (are way ahead of the oppositions) to test the reflexes of the masses. At times they failed miserable but many a times, PAP succeeded. With their logistics and operational advantages..PAP will always be ahead of the opposition in many areas of endeavour..the only consolation to in the disenchantment and displeasure of the voters to give the opposition a better chance to squeeze a couple of candidates into parliament. This coming election will be the all mother of election. It is the run of the mill!

All the theoretical writes on any possibilities of opposition even coming close to smell the tail-winds of PAP's 'movements' and emulating (LHL's 'mee-siam with hum...' is a new dish 'idea' to be original). As originality breeds excitement of innovation and implementation.

GRC is PAP's brainchild..and to this the nemesis of the opposition especially..underlying the racial undertone (minority race) of compulsion.

Pragmatism with realism not disunity is the road for opposition to see a little ray at the end of the tunnel. The drilling is most excruciating with a 'steel vault' at the PAP's tunnel end.

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meng Yi, the Maverick Monk (MM)

The modern monk, the modern cheat. After Meng Yi was released from jail for misappropriation and misused of charity funds, he lives it up again. This time to celebrate his release from prison with a lavish gala dinner on 21st Nov (2010) at Pan Pacific Hotel. As a monk who should have followed the 8 precepts, he has transgressed on that to be seen in high places. Not to mention he had failed in his other few precepts of lying and false speech, taking what is not his. And to top it all. Splashed $200,000 for a dinner with his so-called devotees in a grand dinner "sheng zuo dian li" (rise to power). Where does the money come from???

Sad, real sad. Has religion and for that matter Buddhism as propagated by Meng Yi in his context become avaricious.

It is the right time for the Buddhist fraternity to stand up to discipline such a wayward monk. Yes! a disciplinary committee of revered Monks should be convened to let Meng Yi show cause why he should not be defrocked. I am all for it.

Let us uphold the integrity of our society of charlatans and bring back the decency of what the Sangha order should be.

We do not want an individual to tarnish the nobility of Buddhism as professed by Buddha " to walk the middle path". Many of us are walking beyond the middle path into perdition and have no moral courage to stand up for scrutiny.

Self-mortification is the strongest penalty. Has anyone possess that moral courage to do so? Meng Yi please stand out to be scrutinized. As one nun said in the ST today and I quote "He's climbed too far up, and now he has a long way to fall.

Buddha has never rested in peace since he achieved Enlightenment. The modern world is a different entity all together.

Karuna, Mudita, Upekkha and Panna (Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, Equanimity and Wisdom respectively:) are all noble Pali words of Buddha...The modern world of human brings new reversed meaning to it in tandem to the decadent of our society. The sad truth of human delusion, craving, desire and greed.

The Noble Eightfold Path is a discourse to follow with diligence. Mind purification is a tall order. Will meditation help Meng Yi ?? Alas!

patrick lee song juan

Wikileaks bring the world closer to Third World War !

MM Lee Kuan Yew's classified conversation with US Deputy Secretary James B. Steinberg was leaked out by WikiLeaks. Nothing is secret anymore. The world is closer into great controversy and conflict!!

Sure it was an accident...which can be of serious consequences. North Korea might aim a nuclear warhead on our 'little red dot' and ho! that is it...joking lah..there is no such long range rocket to fire it.(patriot is a mid range rocket).

Yes! United States did not betray Singapore directly but should have undertaken greater security to prevent the 'leakage'. If MM Lee had commented on the Muslim world..I guess the repercussion will be more serious. Not forgetting the caricature of Prophet Mohamed and the 'Denmark Connection'.

As of now, world leaders are expressingly worried and are less 'gungho' to be so candid and courageous after this WikiLeaks fiasco.
Only our MM Lee is an exception...always telling other nations how to 'cook a half-boiled' egg...

United States Government (USG) has always acted as the messiah of other nations but the true fact is US hides agendas of greater sinister than the battling nations. Look into the Middle East's protracted conflict of Palestine with Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran is on 'a tight noose' to disarm their nuclear programme. Pakistan, with terrorist stronghold, United States Government (USG) is closing one eye on the Pakistanis government !!

To this day USG had never learned their lesson of the long 11 years of protracted war in Vietnam and the US had killed more people during the Vietnam with chemical Orange and untold atrocities of war. In the end US had to withdraw and battered into humility.

The world will be a more peaceful place if USG do not try to 'armlock' other nations and stand up for 'free democracy' of world peace. In true essence..USG have propagated many unnecessary wars and caused many innocent death.

An eye for an eye...brings humanity into the forefront of 'revenge is sweet' and death is an action of a cause...that has forever escalated death in suicide bombers and terrorist attacks. 9/11 is the icing on the cake!!

When will peace be among the 'brotherhood' of Nations but instead tearing each other apart. Only when USG can just mind their own business !! Regards.

patrick lee song juan