Saturday, July 30, 2011

Political and Life connection

Political and Life connection is all you need to perpetuate your dream come true..!!
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 12:11pm

Political and Life connection comes in every forms--it is a universal norm with a simple English word of 'nepotism' and 'favoritism' of its own kind...

If not, S'pore Peoples Party's Chiam See Tong (SPP's CST) would be wiser to choose a better candidate in Benjamin Pwee for single seat Potong Pasir after Desmond Lim was kicked out by CST...And SPP has lost big time !!??

The S'pore Connection has come to a head in the book on "Who's Who" of S'pores' elite, ministers, the top echelons and top civil servants of S'pore..all intertwined and interlinked.....Blood will always be thicker than water.....whosoever is in power....There never will be a difference in succession and nepotism !!...U look at North Korea...Libya...Syria..and many more countries.....and our S'PORE !!

We just got to live with it and use our power of VOTES wisely....but the cycle will repeat it will always be....

POWER TALKS AND CONTROLS ALL......and ABSOLUTE POWER NOT ONLY CORRUPTS...if not checked, will perpetuate on and PAP for 52 years...LOL !

Now we have a little inroad in Workers' Party (WP)..making a little headway forward with the capturing of Aljunied GRC...We shall see how they perform in the next five years and whether they will set a benchmark of new awakening !??

Many believed George Yeo (GY) will not lose but my prediction in one of my earlier notes came true. WP knocked them off until the living daylights (seeing stars even in the day)...The only nice guy in GY's team is Zainal Abidin Rasheed which is a humble friend of mine..He is really the 'ground's man' for the team..definitely not GY. PAP never in an iota... that that day will occur..and the party scrambled for fresh oxygen to breath..Too complacent ...too long...too arrogant to deaf ears....sad..sad..real sad !

In the long run it is the citizens that will be suffering and the 'Almighty" keep on laughing to the bank...I never forget what Lim Swee Say (LSS) said when he told everyone in one of his NTUC functions..."when I received my CPF statement..with so much money, i am so happy...'

LSS can say that over and over again and all the ministers...but the poor citizens are dying to see their little CPF money..which will never see the light of day...Many may just die never smell their own CPF ordinary, medisave , retirement account....Many live to die a pauper. Heaven forbids !!

CPF LIFE ANNUITY is only as good as if you have a comfortable ordinary account (OA) activate your CPF LIFE....Many do not even have $20,000 in their what LIFE is the government talking about for the deprived poor people of S'pore??..And now after the GE....the real 'transformation' after saying SORRY! {Is it a joke?} Another impending increase in the public transport fare..

And Ah Tuck (Lui Tuck Yew) who just took over the Transport ministry (Raymond Lim was booted out after the GE), believes the government, SMRT and SBS Transit {with a aftertax profit of roughly..$200 million} adamant to go ahead with the increase...And PTC under Gerard Ee is harping the same tune.

We are all looking forward to 2016.....Why are the 60% VOTERS so daft..!!!???

patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The mighty waterfall

The serenity of perpetual flow
is nature's wonder from high to low..
the wearing of it source with the water's might.
As human evolves in millions of years,
Is there a true source of human understanding?

Even we propound the various dogma of every religion,
The shallowness of humankind makes the difference.
As I had seen the vast torrent of the Niagara Fall,
to these day the soil that the water destroyed...

Is nothing when human annihilated its own kind,
Towards a world of spiritual might...
Where religion dissipated from each other,
To claim their own God of delight !

patrick lee song juan.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The mind is your window of awareness.

Lian mei...and that is me and my mind!...Nothing in this world can unsettle me ..which you and Curry knows enough of me to understand why the mind is the window to your happiness or stress or struggle in life....

When you can let go of everything ...the void is infinite. So is there a void to worry if you have reached the perimeter of that void???

For as the mind gained the highest perspective focus of there anything that can influence its awareness..???

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexual union may not be Love !

Oh! sad you type in my sexy name wrongly...hahaa!

But I still love your painting...and your brilliance!

We embrace our existence on earth with the understanding that we are only a minuscule digit in the vast universe...
We live in harmony with our emotional disposition of loving ourselves if we think we qualify to love others....

Human relationship strongly accentuated on sexual desire is only a physical lust which is not wholesome love of the very soul ...In today's modern world of chasing a 'void in nothing' but pursuing a dream of unreality, leave many chasing their own imagination of illusion.

If Love is the greatest joy of humankind, sexual union is the ultimate in loving fantasy...But the world is ever so cruel...we can have eternal love? Is there a term eternal sexual gratification..??

We live to understand the balance of Love, Sex and Life...and where do we find that balance in human idiosyncrasy...??

patrick lee song juan
(my comment on Victoria Ling's
painting of sexual love-making on FB)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kee Chiu is part of the problem not solution -Silence, many a times can solve real problems!

Choosing to be part of the solution - pg.A28 on Kee Chiu---???
.by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Friday, July 8, 2011 at 9:40am.
A political agenda is in the air to promote kee chiu -aka Chan Chun Sing (CCS) to the forefront..Todays Straits Times (ST) featured him om page A

When a newbie keeps doing his rhetorics of TCSS...All the insinuation of news media that he is related to PM Lee was never substantiated...only he himself denied in the press....What is the bigger picture for his political journey ..??

A major general at 42 from the army..(a scholar)...a smart aleck so to say.....PAP did a very wrong dis-service to him by catapulting him to prominence, hanging him on the coat-tailed of MM LKY's Tanjong Pagar GRC..(And when TP GRC was walkover through some technicality....CCS just walk in like a grand lord...CCS should have been in a SMC to be voted in to give him some form of 'pseudo' fighting alone without godfather(PAP) shouldering behind.

Young at 42, full of drive and a leader in his own rights as MG in army...Many like him...many may not....No one human has identical opinion of another....And I quote what CCS said in ST today..."The larger issue is sense of ownership. People don't belong to their country because the country gives them things. They belong to the country also because they do things for the country." -unquote -..Lo and behold!!!...

Does he know what he is talking about?...Citizens sense of identity and belonging to a country??... with heavy influx of foreigners taking on every facit of the citizens lives and jobs and well-being.???..CCS is talking COCK again! Are we citizens not doing anything for our beloved motherland Singapore.....What has the governmet really gave us...but high cost of living, high price HDB..idiotic DBSS fiasco...cock and bull excuse .and retraction of mistakes but never really say sorry!...Yep!.forgot PM LHL did say sory during his rally GE speech..hahahaa!

That is all the generosity of the government!!....So now we the citizens are repaying this GOOD government to vote in more opposition into parliament to help enlighten their 'flood in 50 years'...!!

Ministers can go bonkers!!...'high pay pressure' work what!...You guys think so easy go be ministers lah!!....In fact it is a blessing in disguise for WKS, Maboh Tan and Raymond Lim to be booted out..Now dirt rich and still can sit on Directorship of "father' owned company as directors and given a high post as long as you still 'kuai kuai'..lick the system's juicy bum...Alamak..die laughing again....wrong spelling lah...juicy 'bun'.not juicy ' bum'...??

At the end of the day and in our twilight years and days..what did the government really do to help the poor old folks of 'neglect' which in many ways had contributed to S'pore's glory???..(yes! under became world 'numero uno')...but a country without loyal citizens, may I ask can a country become today with only LKY and his team of older (better, more humane old guards)....???

As it is now...the evolution of time and modern scholastic exellence of new intakes of 3rd to 4th generation PAP novices and newbies..(holding 'awe-struck' high post in govenment-link companies, army, etc, co-opted into PAP party to ride the high waves of comfort...So. kee chiu (CCS) is one hell of a 'Ah Beng" in his countenance to be on the circuit to go around in 'Lamborghini'..(figuratively speaking), yakkaty yak his inexperience political pieces.

I never forget his utterance when during his political rally..harping LKY's tune of real Ah Beng Hokkien...."Chenho kong boey hor poh hiam..boey chenho poh hiam..poh hiam ..poh hiam !!" ...>...((translation: the government said must buy a safe insurance in the PAP government))... {{he was trying to tell the crowd not to believe in what opposition said about a safe insurance is to vote for opposition.}}..I just giggle at his Ah Beng expression and laughed non-stop..!!

The question WE beg to ask is...why is PAP government so eager to push him forward to the forefront with unprecedented press when Tony Tan (TT) announced his presidency...CCS was the first to open his big mouth to endorse TT..Who does he think he is in the hierarchy of PAP ministership??...only acting in MCYS and believe me ...he is real ACTING..lah!

In dealing with public, especially when you are coming on by not your own merits but by riding on the band-wagon of should be more discerning and stay humble because the world does not belong to people who never make a name by himself but by the 'meritocracy' of the the selected some..LOL!

But ..then if you had decided with greater courage ..(living example: Chen Show Mao) and made it good on an opposition ticket.....You can TCSS for all you want...then even so..if you did that...remember what you can do and be, only.. only TIME will tell whether you have the essense and cut...So maybe you can take a leaf or two from opposition MP Chen Show Mao....Regards...He is such a lovely smiling quiet man leh....You see.....!!

Need I say more??.....old man me, tired you know...writing but without any cause..just a true opinion of my heart...

patrick lee song juan

(copy and paste from my Facebook Notes...)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Live a life of no regrets....!

Yes! Ling..each and everyone of us has a story to tell...but my conviction in life will surpass those years..and i thank god for the wisdom i acquired through my years of meditation...and these 5 years went on retreats to deepen my sense of awareness and mindful aceptance of life's idiosyncrasies and unlucky happenings...I retired 5 years do the best I can do for the socially deprived and destitute only a poor man can understand another..(not the ivory tower ministers) !!!

But when we come to terms with our own being and the uncovering of the society around us...we feel our unfortunate encounter is minuscule..We thank God for the blessing..(I pay homage to the Buddha for his compassion to the world of misdeeds and sufferings..)

I have lived a full two graduate children (one daughter, one son)..hold their own in independence.My elder daughter is married well and I got a grand-daughter sweet and smart..she always melt my heart when she embrace and hug me.(the Kong kong..not King Kong har..hahaa!)..

They have seen the world with us from as young as 4 years onwards and we are 'travel-maniacs' even drove from London to Edinburgh..with my family friends...And we are so crazy about Downunder...our family had visited it to the tune of 18 times (madness..but true.., many times we self-drove-it was so easy lah!which I returned for my second honeymoon with my wife to Sydney again in 2003..we married and had our honeymoon in Sydney in 1975)

So living a life is not how much you live but how well we live in tune with the cosmic exuberance of the universe in congruent with your spiritual awakening... Of "letting go" the fetters of our own obstruction of..craving ..lust.. greed..etc...

We would have lived a meaningful, fulfilled life...In retrospect, I never regret my journey of life to this day...

Can I do better??...yes! I or we can ..if there is a reincarnation of our soul?? (for we had already had our last life's experience!) Or is there ???

When we have let go..there is no self, no ego, all is void...From dust we come ...unto dust we go.....

Beyond that, the elements of joy lies in the very portal of our own veins...We just let the adrenaline flowed in harmony with nature..we would have lived a life of no regrets...!!

As Christians would say .."Blessed be the good souls on earth...the kingdom of Heaven is open to you..."

As for me...I am walking my middle path into the realms and wisdom of in-depth meditation and i know i have LET GO myself long time ago....

Living is a balance of YIN and YANG of nature in its most glorifying existence..!! We should never live our life with regrets!! Regards...

parick lee song juan
(copy and paste from my Facebook write-up)