Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dedicated to the family of the two demise young boys.

Dedicated to the Family of the two boys (cyclists)....
that was killed in an accident.

A life is a treasure
Two lives are gems
The joy of cycling together
Growing up in a carefree sojourn.

The sudden appearance of a truck
The reckless driving of the driver
Cut short the innocent life of two
The sadness the family encountered.

With two lives perished forever
Why is the world so merciless
Cutting short the existence of joy
Bringing with it a family's immense sorrow.

To Heaven the two innocent young lives go
Eternally, rest in peace for ever more
My heart aches with such a tragedy
My condolence for the bereaved family.

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On Meditation

Group meditation can never achieve one's individual aim..because of the different character of meditators in the Group. Many are novice and can never sit still with too much distractions of thought and physical constraint of quiet sitting in a lotus or half-lotus position...

Nowadays I meditate early in the morning in the privacy of my own room...devoid of disturbances as in Group meditation..

To achieve the "Jhana' state..forest cave meditation is the most ideal....far apart in the cave with complete noble silence...a true reflection of mindfulness...

One place which is close id in Batu Pahat...Bhaddekaratta Hermitage Centre which I did a stint for 8 days in 2010...inside the forest of palm plantation and other trees. No electricity..but fresh water in the valley....

The conducive atmosphere of quietness enhances one's disposition and endorses our mindfulness into noble silence......with the mind's concentration on the nature of the heavenly environment....The road to what we called a real insightful meditation for meditators. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Blind Masseurs and Blind Massage.

Blind Masseurs and blind Massage...dedicated to
Wee Sin, a blind masseur and FB friend.

Being blind is a 'rare gift' of God
Life destiny is not us to ask
A blind person has more to last
Learning to face the darken world.

Knowing life is a long struggle
Learning a skill one will not suffer
A blind man's only contact is his feel
Picking massage is a good skill.

Self-sufficient with one's pride
Earning a living with all his/her might
Without a reliance on a handout
A masseur's hand is his asset.

Giving a good massage for an hour's job
The wonders of the masseur's hand
Pressing your anatomy with tender might
Revitalizing one's fatigue delight.

The encounter of a masseur life
Can be  noble without deny
Everyday is a challenge on the go
Eventually the masseurs reach their goal.

patrick lee song juan - copyright.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

the Aftermath of Punggol East By-Election (PE BE)

The aftermath of PE BE...

All things come to an end
PE BE ended with a big bang
PAP lost big and never repent
Kind words and magnanimity to our gain.

DL was a total KO
KJ almost fainted with that score
One got 168 and the other 353
Even the monkeys scrambled up the tree.

The result was pathetic to see
PAP has to say many sorry
Li Lian is happy full of glee
With KPK nowhere to be seen.

LHL was shy to meet the press
Big Nose had to take his place
We will follow the programme through
Many residents are happy too
It is buy one and get two.....

patrick lee song juan

Dedicated for the love of PAP's lost.

DL.......Desmond Lim
KJ........Kenneth Jeyaretnam
KPK.....Koh Poh Koon
LHL......Lee Hsien Loong
Big Nose...Teo Chee Hean

My Prose dedicated to PAP's lost of Punggol East.

My inspirational prose dedicated to PAP's lost of Punggol East...

Michael and Laura were lovers ..
They met in Punggol East
Cause LHL to call for a by-election
With the ground sentiments not certain
The AIM debacle was a clear corruption.

In come KPK to his professionalism 

Subsequently tone down to a Punggol kid
PAP always think of their elites
Never understand the citizens need.

With emotions running high
WP's win will not be denied
The result was the final blow
Dented Big nose with such a big hole.

LHL needs to reflect on the lost
That Michael took an AIM at Laura's cause
Regrets are plenty to remorse
Never in the history of two race course !

patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)

What is Political Awareness?

What is political awareness ? It is not political obstinacy for sure!

RP and SDA lost big with only 353 and 168 votes respectively..And SDA is forever unable to regain that lost dignity of 1386 votes from GE 2011 to 168 votes in Punggol East By-Election..The devastation is heart-shattering...And DL said he will be back..Back from where?? Sheer obstinacy with the least of political awareness of one's weakness with a political culture for 20 years!

If a politician has no political awareness of the ground happenings and the feedback from the net and Ah-peks' coffee-shop gossips and aunties cursing at markets that there are two clowns playing in the Punggol East 'circus', that is not mindfulness.

From day one when SDA announced it wanted to contest, I been feeding it with negative and pessimistic connotations but a deaf ear was turned towards me...I meant well. The result said it all.

RP...has far more awareness of his father's legacy than his ability. Stubbornness has no place in politics of awareness. The result said it all too. JBJ legacy is forever curtailed in the hands of KJ. Has he that mindfulness of retreat, he would have saved it to fight for another day..He did not heed my article calling him not to contest.

SDP, by far has that political awareness knowing it was not to their benefit to be in a five corner fight , withdrew with dignity..They lived to fight another day..Though criticism was aplenty when they stepped away from the fray...from on-line to MSM..all negative reports on SDP.

With political mindfulness SDP sailed through and it was a blessing in disguise. Now SDP is hailed as the hero who knows how to manipulate itself in the arena of dirty politics.

Another chapter is written in the history of S'pore politics whereby two SGs of two parties lost their deposit in one outing and one even did it simultaneously twice in a roll. A poll of 353 votes and 168 votes is a record worthy of the Guinness Book of Records..

Where do we acquire political awareness when one is not mindful of one's strength and weakness.

Ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge with awareness is where one flies to heaven. The wound may heal but the scar is a sad reminder.

patrick lee song juan

DL......Desmond Lim

SDA....S'pore Democratic Alliance
KJ.......Kenneth Jeyaretnam
JBJ......Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam
RP.......Reform Party
SG.......Secretary General
SDP.....S'pore Democratic Party

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The light and serious side of Political Rallies !!

Before I even proceed...PAP's Koh Poh Koon will lose Punggol East SMC by-election on 26/1/2013.

Cooling day is not that cool...The media propagated the PAP with added vigor..When the 'master' asked Straits Times to bark..they bark like a faithful lost dog..

In a nutshell, the nine days of campaigning and rallies revealed the lighter side of dirty politics. No more character assassination but plentiful of rebuttals and counter-rebuttals.

RP should be voted as the most comical of rally performers...that is the lighter side of happenings...Watching and listening to speakers of RP, is like one is in a rock concert...Every pitch and tone is high metal decibels to resonate a deaf ear. Some of their speeches are in periphrasis with the mentioning of JBJ more than 25 times in the first night rally..Does the mention of JBJ really assist them in garnering votes? I just wonder is the son KJ and the rest disturbing JBJ's eternal slumber!!

And we have a gentleman politician whose tagline is "I have been in politics for 20 years!" But in politics, if you want to act like a gentleman but with hidden agenda, you should know how
unprincipled your politics can be!!

But the most entertaining of rallies was from WP..serious on local and national issues yet lightly soothing to the ear! Watch live from home internet video is a first too. Sylvia Lim captivates my attention most by the charisma and sweet 'Swee Lian' smile when she delivers a point across and the crowd went hilarious wild. Sylvia has her ways to attract the crowd's attention. She only need to smile and many would melt (ahem!)

Lee Li Lian (LLL) had improved tremendously after the first rally in her rendition in English. She strikes the heart-cord of the average residents and citizens as the girl-next door underdog...She will win the by-election and excel further.

We have our lay-back speaker SG Low Thia Khiang (LTK), whose every words in the rally is a message to the residents and a caution that PAP is becoming the Lord of the Jungle.....meaning it is only their laws an policies against the citizens will.

PAP's rally I viewed live on the net last night...They coerced ordinary residents to go on stage to speak and one was saying KPK even in his hunger state offered her his lunch pack..Is that what we term compassionate, in the moment of one's motive.??.

PM LHL is saying his takes on cohesion and construction politics and not divisive politics..even just because opposition presence needed for checks and balances of PAP shady deals in a PAP Incorporated S'pore.

So checks and balances is called divisive politics by Our PM....then what is 'legalized corrupt politics???

So VOTERS of for a voice who can, for sure, have your interest in parliament, not the cronies of PAP....

Your vote will decide your life, your children's life, your children children's life in a more participating and compassionate S'pore of the ordinary citizens not of the ELITISTS PAP !

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The forgotten citizens of Singapore!

Seniors 65 and above in S'pore are all discarded as had beens..Past their economic value to the country...That is what PAP government's mentality..a economic liability to the nation..Sigh!

To this day, PAP rolled out goodies and frisbees for young citizens, to be married couple ( the just announcement of the parental package and and extra aids for kids with major illnesses.)

Today,(24.1.13) the PAP laid another gold platter for parents leaving children in Childcare Centres..Is it a sinister co-incidence of the Punggol East By -Election (PE BE) ? Another sugar-coating of bitterness..coming under the agenda of political manipulation at the expense of innocent citizens. PAP should never use political tools to achieve their selfish means!! the eyes of PAP are a liability to the State..hence there is no empathy and compassion for the ruling PAP to assist seniors..but to let us rot with sickness...and suffer the indignity of abandonment by our govt.

To the govt of PAP ..if your vested interest to the country is not economically sustainable ...why would the govt help you?..You are no more contributing to the country.

Hence Seniors of S'pore are the most sad lot of citizens compared to many in countries of the world!!
And S'pore is claimed to be a First World country by PAP!!
patrick lee song juan

Why Low Thia Khiang bared all and stripped during the Punggol East By-Election rally?

Goh Meng Seng: "Opposition politics will never be the same again after Mr Low Thia Khiang’s rally speech tonight. (22.1.13). I believe that it is basically a public confirmation of distinct departure of WP from the rest of the opposition parties.

Maybe Mr. Low feels that with 8 MPs in parliament, it is an opportune time for WP to take flight and establish itself as in the same league as PAP….on the same boat as PAP. But one thing Mr Low must realize, the only thing could stay constant, is impermanence and this knife will cut both ways." - UNQUOTE

This article is written in response to Goh Meng Seng's relevation when he was in WP and his take on why Low Thia Khiang is not privy to opposition unity and solidarity....

I empathise with GMS sentiments, but let me put it to any political party, (WP included). It is natural and a prerogative that any one party that has a potential of growth and dominance in opposition politics will not want any merger or unity of sort. Furthermore WP have 6 MPs and 2 NCMPs in parliament. With that, it is unofficially the leader of opposition. And one more will be voted in this Saturday 26th Jan. 2013. Hence, WP goes its own way. Any other opposition party will do the same. Why should it benefit others when it have the strength to go it alone. So, let us reflect on such scenario.

The only disagreement I have with Low Thia Khiang (LTK) is, when facing with the obvious, it is better left unsaid than said. WP had all along gone its own way and direction in politics..All would have felt that and have eyes to see. Need not to be a politician to realize that. But in argument, we would question is it the right place and time to announce it in a by-election rally??

Having it announced in a rally, it makes PAP's day. In all probability PAP has always look down on opposition parties, unable to stand on 'even grounds' with them. Now with LTK's confirmation of such, it put a smile on PAP, but created ripples in the opposition arena.

Opposition politics have come a long way since the watershed GE 2011, breaking the invincible GRC of PAP's..And it was not an ordinary GRC..Three cabinet ministers fell in one scoop..PAP was never prepared for such embarrassment of defeat and to them it was a big lost..The rest is history!

In-so-far as the political culture in S'pore is under the prolong and protracted dominance of PAP, with no opposition parties able to stage a strong upheaval, only WP is that far to do it, not instantly, but with the march of time...And time is of essence!!

And on that note, why should WP waste their time thinking and discussing unity with any other parties when each party will always harbour certain agendas in a merger. The infamous RP merging into SDA before GE 2011 and RP KJ's 11 points of merger showed the darker sides of an otherwise good intention. The rest all knew the outcome.

Let opposition politics build its own potential with that ability to attract creditable and better qualified candidates to expand their member base and in the process counter PAP on fair terms of political supremacy.

WP has secretly done that. Introducing their new members to speak at their rally.
So, it is the party and the SG of a party that will make or break a party.

Chiam See Tong and Kenneth Jeyaretnam had definitely dissipated their own party into a pathetic state of selfish power control and mass exodus of members...A sad and sorry foregoing.

Nevertheless, WP is making headway and inroad and to a lesser degree SDP, with NSP cautiously behind.  The other parties have a long way to surface from the deep blue ocean.

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Judgement day on Saturday 26th Jan 2013- Polling Day.

Its been a week gone by after campaigning and political rallies. So far PAP only held one rally with a reasonable turnout of crowd. WP already held two rallies and one more coming up tonight (23.1.13)
RP held one  rally with dismal attendance of crowd.

As usual WP's rallies are crowd pullers. This Punggol East BE is no different. The only different is the intense interest of residents to know and understand WP and  the crowd size is also indication of real support of WP.

S'porean have lived too long under the despotic rule of PAP..and policies are tuned to their own economic excellence. In so doing, citizens are feeling the regret that they should have voted more opposition candidates into parliament for a stronger representation of their interests.

PAP has interest too but all for their own elitist wanting..Imagine Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew without much ado, after the bus drivers fiacso, intended to increase transport fare for no apparent reason than the bottom-line of profit..

The AIM debacle is a smack on PAP and Mayor Teo Ho Pin.. Downright 'legalised corrupt' on their dealings and all. Need no elaboration. As WP Sylvia Lim had said it clearly in her last night's rally (22.1.13)..And the hoo-ha on the on-line media.

PAP has gone from bad to worst. Citizens are not 3-year olds..The time has come when citizens can clearly reason why PAP should not be ruling S'pore.

With 4-corner is actually only two horse running. Too bad we have two sick mares wasting their time, unable to see the reality of politic truth..I must admire their optimism in believing that they can. But the bare truth is they really cannot make it...RP's rally was attended by a mere 200 people (maybe  blamed on the rain). more innovative or knowing the attendance part, decided on on-line rallying.

I have to salute Desmond  Lim for his dared-to-die attitude of a political first on on-line  rally..This is his credit. But when viewing his 'sermon', it was more like teaching primary school kids than a political rally on-line speech. I really feel for him and that is the reason I got goose-pimples watching it.

PAP...due to the netizens and citizens sentiments of anger and disconsolation and dismay, postings and coffeeshop ah peks feedback,  is more gracious this time round, albeit still showed their arrogance especially the colorectal surgeon Koh Poh Koon. The more he spoke, the more we smell the elitist DNA in him though only a week or so as members of the PAP..catapulted as a ministerial 'commodity' by LHL..PM always uses this ruse but he always failed miserably..LHL is getting denser in his 'intellectual judgement' of circumstances.

The judgement day is  three days away and Lee Li Lian will be the one and only one voted into parliament. A victory to WP, is sending the strongest message to PAP of their inclining demise and decline.

patrick lee song juan

Friday, January 18, 2013

My satirical dig at Desmond Lim (DL) and Kenneth Jeyaretnam(KJ)..

A satirical dig at DL and KJ for a lost cause !

DL and KJ can be the Wang Sa and Ya Fong of S'pore
One wasted his 20 years in political circle
The other the prodigal son of a legacy
But nothing lives up to the reality.

DL is adamant to be a fighter
Without the consideration of his 'foes'
Politics is a manipulative fare
Which for twenty years he is unaware.

KJ came back like a storm
Removed Teck Siong out of his way
That made his father turned in his grave
A double first but triple last
Always in the line of netizens' lambast.

S'pore politics sinking in the swamp
With SGs that cannot swim
The likes of DL and KJ are the oppositions' nemesis
Foolhardly with their ego and pride
Believe in their false delight!

The poll will be the test
statistic can never be played
for outcome will put both to rest
in unreality of their stupid fray
Both to lose their deposit there !

patrick lee song juan

DL....Desmond Lim of  SDA
KJ.....Kenneth jeyaretnam of RP

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Poem dedicated to WP Lee Li Lian and PAP Koh Poh Koon

My poem dedicated to Lee Li Lian and Koh Poh Koon

Li Lian and Poh Koon go to the poll
Each one claims it is their stronghold.
Lilian has her upper torso to show
But Poh Koon is good at digging asshole!

Many an event will unfold
With Lilian pounding PAP's stronghold
Accompanied by WP's Sylvia and all
But Poh Koon is his own boss.

Indirectly tell Chee Hean to cover his hole
Instead of jeopardizing my campaign all
Whereas Li Lian pushes on for more
Even an Indian Mama embraced her so.

The contest is a 4 corner fight
Before the bout, all know the result
DL Fatboy is going to be punched
KJ Pinochio too will be trounced.

Between Lilian and Poh Koon
It is a tough decision call
PAP Poh Koon thinks he can do it all
But WP Lilian stands and never fall.

The winner is LiLian after all
Poh Koon will cry his ass out so
Desmond and Kenneth lost their souls
And Punggol East becomes WP stronghold !

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For a Better Life, VOTE for Lee Li Lian (LLL)

Vote for our sweet girl-next door Lee Li Lian (alias Lee Ah Lian..the well-endowed swee chabo).

Lee Li Lian of WP and candidate for Punggol East BE is a simple Ah Lian (her name) girl-next-door. When I first met her many months ago when I walked past Pritam Singh's Meet the People Session (MPS)..It was held only two blocks from my abode.

Li Lian was assisting Pritam and saw me and came forward to acknowledge, calling me. She projected to me a simple Ah Lian but without pretension and snob. We chatted for a while and I took my leave home. Pritam was busy with his MPS with residents.

Li Lian is synonymous with anyone of us. No high-air and unassuming, also friendly. She will make a good MP for the people if voted into parliament.

A far cry is Koh Poh Koon,(KPK) appeared with aplomb as the elitist kind but got to tone down to become a Punggol boy !!

The next 9 days will be tough work to walk the ground and engage residents from all walks of life...Be yourself and act natural and emit the true warm not pseudo pretentious acting..(KPK as I observed is a facade of his arrogant self when he almost blew up when reporters suggested he brought out his 'pathetic' past to win sympathy votes..... We begin to see a 'real' character in KPK)..

The voters have a choice of a better life not a life under the despotic PAP..where the lives of citizens are deeply stressed and affected by their draconian policies..
Li Lian can assist the residents on many local issues and sincerely will help to solve it.

VOTE for WP's girl-next-door LEE LI LIAN. Vote for a simple sincere sweet Ah Lian not a arrogant coat-hanger pretentious and high-air smiling tiger PAP's Koh Poh Koon.

Optimistically...Lee Li Lian should win by a close call, if any vote swing is not too drastic towards KJ and DL

patrick lee song juan


WP.....Workers Party
DL...... Desmond Lim
KJ....... Kenneth Jeyaretnam

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Politics of Democratic Participation.


The withdrawal of SDP from Punggol East BE marks a turning point in the direction of SDP's understanding of the sentiments of citizens and netizens. Their Achilles heel of 'joint campaign' accelerated their decision to back out.

A wise move doubtlessly. and by that rational gesture, many view the action as befitting a creditable party whose mindset on feedback is open and listening.

Nevertheless, the time will come especially during GE 2016 when more credible opposition candidates will join the opposition parties and more participating in each constituency, 3 or 4 corner fight will be inevitable.

In a true democracy, this scenario should be the norm but due to the hegemony and dominance of PAP for so long and lacking the manpower opposition partaking, S'pore's political setting as a democratic state is questionable..

Many GE's ago ...opposition just could not have candidates to field in the PAP created GRC and thus PAP's GRC was their political triumph card to castrate opposition contest.

Many people had no chance to vote up to 2011. Many constituencies were walkovers (due to demarcation into GRCs)...This is not democracy but oppressive authoritarian rule, worst than communism.

The awakening wave of tsunami came in 2011...when the 'emotional dilemma' of citizens' upsurge of wrath and emotional anger gave way to almost full contest of every ward except Tanjong Pagar due to a technicality.

True democracy is not the power of a government...It is how a govt. can uplift citizens life under their 'liberal' control. But the rule of PAP had become draconic, despotic, dictatorial and elitist.

When Khaw Boon Wan said about housing which he said offering a Lexus at Corolla price, he is deluding his mighty position, unable to see or do not want to see the true substance of hardship of citizens to his ivory tower living..He talks easy and utter craps, tantamount to talk cock sing song in a karaoke lounge but he said that in parliament !

He forgot many citizens cannot even buy a Corolla....This is his blindness of his autocratic attitude...Is meritocracy still alive in S'pore? Only for the PAP.

Hence PAP cannot be ruling S'pore any much longer after their monopoly of 52 years..Robbing all poor citizens of their dignity and eroding the very mandane lives of many citizens with the multitude of foreigners influx. Life today in S'pore is a sardine can.

Singapore is no more a motherland for S'poreans. It is the foreigners making our Republic a stepping stone for a better life in the likes of Li Jia Wei (the ping pong girl) who after making $1.27 million dollars as a imported citizen, retired prematurely and went back to China to live happily ever after.

Our PAP government had betrayed us citizens outright and sold our motherland to the dogs ~ Our infrastructures and core businesses are all foreign own !!

And the system owns the great and mighty GIC with Temasek Holdings their money-making machinery and the PM's wife at the helm.

Singapore is a country rule by nepotism and political connectivity..and a totally legalized corrupt republic of the famiLEE !!

Let me ask this heartfelt question: Is Singapore a true democracy? You all know too well what is the answer. Our sub-consciousness is crying into our conscience, lamenting our children's children life in years to come.

PAP must be voted out !

patrick lee song juan

Political credibility or Incredibility.

Credible or incredible is all in the politics of manipulation...But as long as you have the ability to know your strength and can live to fight another day...Politics is not about pseudo ego and pride..oblivious of mass criticism of you...

Let me ask this question...who can really understand the simple word politics in the real world of political dominance and authoritarian rule..Political stubbornness is a sure way to die a quicker death..

A good politician is one who can weigh others feedback, brickbats and examine their position...not head on confrontation and knowing the sentiments are not yours to garner....But still want to fight on a lost credibility!

On that note we give accolades to any party who can weigh their strength and weakness and never be ashamed to cave in (admit) when they know their mistakes...

PAP is falling apart gradually because they would not listen but just impose their sole power over the citizens strong emotions...Hence PAP is going on the decline as most S'poreans are tired of their rhetoric and false sweetness.

SDP has come a long way since their abode in Changi palace ...they are wiser now and are more participating in the citizens interest of sort....Their withdrawal is not due to their pre-matured plan B, but SDP had steered off-course, and the people screwing them for that failed 'joint campaign' with WP.

That make us "equally important to listen" said by Chee Soon Juan SDP's SG. Hence they withdraw from the Punggol East By-Election...A creditable choice and decision !

patrick lee song juan

Monday, January 14, 2013

Miss Lee Li Lian (WP) vs Dr koh Poh Koon (PAP).

PAP PROFESSIONALS and ARMY GENERAL MINISTERS AS PROVEN HAVE LESS EMPATHY AND COMPASSION TO AVERAGE CITIZENS, because they had never really tasted what is poverty with the poor folks of S'pore !! Some ministers after the elevation just cannot remember their source of lives....

After introducing the so-called Punggol boy's elite and strong professional title...PAP find it more appropriate to tone down to mention Koh Poh Koon's (KPK) father was a bus driver and he tasted hardship when he was garner sympathy votes.

PAP has lost the reality of themselves to create their own elitists world and everyone of their members must be high professionals...Have a life man PAP !! Ordinary folks are true to their hearts and minds...

Doctor title (can make some people 'awestruck') started on the wrong note..too high key!!

Look at Lee Li Lian, a simple girl-next-door, understanding the heartlanders lives better because Li Lian herself truly had lived through it.

So, who is the better anal doctor or a simple girl-next-door!

Vote for the one who can care for the citizens feelings and woe of PAP's draconic policies..

In this respect KPK will be a faithful dog to harp the master voice of their policies' right even he sincerely knows it will cause hardship to S'poreans...Because Koh Poh  Koon will be lacking the moral courage in a government of cronies and 'kah kee lang' (teochew lingo: own gang or people)..

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Kenneth Jeyaretnam should not contest in this coming Punggol East By-Election (PE BE).

WHY Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) should not contest in this PE By-Election .

News has it that KJ of RP is 90% contesting and 10% 'withdrawing'...Let me treat Kenneth as a friend in view of my respect and brief association with his late father JBJ. I still treasure and keep his two books,
'Make it right for Singapore' and 'The Hatchet man of Singapore.'

Do not let your Dad's legacy dies..It is not losing face if you withdraw completely from PE BE now. It will be when you partake and lose pitifully and also your deposit. Whatever JBJ had built up all those years will become nothingness.

You can live to fight in the bigger GE 2016 and by then I hope your credibility would surge higher and people will join your party. If you were to lose this PE BE, whatever little credibility you have left will be completely washed into the deep ocean. The final result will be your own nemesis.

Think of your Dad...think of how you want RP to flourish into a strong party...rather than the pride and ego of face-saving...For you have not lose your countenance yet.....

Even before polling day...the outcome is as sure as the sun rises..SDA will be 'humtum' till thy kingdom come and lose the contest with only 3% vote. SDA will vanish into oblivion as an egoistic loser the second time with deposit..And I sincerely hope Desmond Lim will retire from politics to look after his young family and good wife Jolene.

SDP..due to their blunder of "joint campaign" is nursing a bad bruise. SDP is sure to lose too...They may be lucky to garner 12.5% votes to retain their deposit..

STATISTICS can never bluff...The contest is only between WP and PAP..It will be a close call because of SDP and SDA in the fray of 4 corner contest....or  5. Anything can happen just yet!

Stay with discretion of life's possibility...and live to fight the bigger GE of 2016...You will still be the son of the man and you will make the father of man proud of you..

I never forsake people as friends as a mindful meditator but many  so called friends forsake me due to my harsh reality of frank words from my heart..It hurts!

Ego and Pride has no place in a human world..but it is always here to stay.  How sad...!!

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Litmus test of Oppositons.

The litmus test....of oppositions !

Being an optimistic guy, it may not be that bad for PE BE to have a 4 corner contest.... The dilution of votes to all the parties may see PAP or WP emerged as winner. The margin of win will be only one or two percent point! Thanks to opposition disunity, but that is what politics is all about..Fame and recognition at all costs, even in losing but no fortune for the lost !

At this juncture, I can say politics is not only unscrupulous, it is a blind propaganda search too by other parties trying to put themselves to the litmus test, knowing too acidic it can be.

SDA's acidity was a revenge of sort...since you (WP) did that to me in GE2011 by coming in as the third party and caused my disgrace of only 4.1% vote and lost of deposit, I am NOT going to let you win this time round...Will be glad PAP retains the ward again...So much for opposition unity...each has its agenda...Corrosively acidic !

SDP's entering into the fray is short-circuited by its own "marriage of inconvenience" It is like after I impregnated my wife, you please bring up my baby.  So, it is do or die now, no backing off...Over-concentrated acidity.

RP is unlikely to contest if Kenneth is still sound in his mind, He gonna turn his famous dad JBJ in his grave...His litmus test is over alkaline..

Benjamin Pwee is a remote outsider without a party base. He will corrode under his own acidity...

The two pierrots is not worth mentioning and I will not even want to mention their names....neither acidity or alkalinity only by unsoundness...(madcaps)

PAP needs no litmus test. Koh Poh Koon knows the 'neutrality' of the anal orifice with a pH of 7....

patrick lee song juan

Friday, January 11, 2013

PAP will lose this By-Election (BE)!


Politics is all propaganda, the truth is more incredible than friction. We have to accept at least a 4 corner fight where idiotic SDA will be trounced again (politically dense).....This time only 3 percent vote for their futile effort..

PAP is on the decline with their latest gaffs and happenings Their demise is accelerated by Pinky PM and Tan Chuan-Jin's suing of opposition Vincent Weysingha and a blogger...and the AIM debacle, the frequent MRT breakdown, the high COE and impending transport increase....and more to come...

Many citizens are questioning the transparency and pseudo clean image of PAP....We cannot accept the bluffs now..It will also be the emotional swing of residents votes to assist WP to a win...Enough is enough !

Citizens and residents of Punggol East cannot just turn a blind eye to the atrocities of PAP and the abusive power of sole control...People are living in such stressful circumstances brought about by PAP....Citizens are smart to decide their lives now !!

RESIDENTS OF PUNGGOL EAST, DO CAST YOUR VOTES not be taken by PROFESSIONAL TITLES of PAP...A simple candidate can be a compassionate and sincere candidate !!

PAP had failed in the likes of Lui Tuck Yew, Tan Chuan Jin, Teo Ho Pin etc...Think seriously, do these dude scholars have the citizens at heart when they high-handledly want to increase transport fares and send the PRC drivers home and and term a protest an 'illegal strike...and sue a poor duress man in court
If this is not abusive power rules..then what is it??? And Teo Ho Pin's shady deals of AIM..totally lacked the transparency and accountability..And it forced the debilitated Lee Hsien Loong to call for a review of Town Councils when the hoo-haa was blown out of proportion !

PAP PROFESSIONALS AS PROVEN HAVE LESS EMPATHY AND COMPASSION TO AVERAGE CITIZENS, because they had never really tasted what is poverty with the poor folks of S'pore !!



patrick lee song juan

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The contest of Punggol East (PE) is between WP, SDP and PAP

The race at Punggol East by-election (PE BE) is between WP, SDP and PAP by default of "The Illicit race of Palmergate Derby"

Let us forget about those other parties, SDA and RP who want to contest in PE BE...but focus on WP and SDP...these two parties that will really stand a chance to beat PAP to the finishing line..

In this 100 metre dash...WP surely has a good head-start in view of their past GE 2011 results and experience with the residents of Punggol East ..

But then..the nine days of campaigning, anything can happen...Whoever can 'brainwash' the residents (I mean convince) their truth, sincerity and credibility as their to be elected MP in parliament, will stand a better chance..And the contents of the rally speech is of utmost importance...Hit on the issues affecting all sectors of S'poreans' lives..not below the belt..

PAP is good in introducing high profile professionals. But is title important or the ability to feel for the citizens and have empathy for their real problems the people faced...Anyone can talk and provide lip-service. No different from Koh  Poh Koon a political greenhorn. Just because he was with the RC will not qualify him to understand others well. It needs more from a person, truly come from the sincere heart not the smiling countenance only...Words can hide the minds intention, truth or otherwise of any agenda than integrity of a pure character..

And with Big Nose Teo Chee Hean with the (anal) colorector doctor Koh Poh will be the doctor's nemesis...Many citizens just cannot relate to Big Nose snobbishness and high-air...And this anal doctor would have plenty of flatulence in his arse...Already said he is a Punggol boy..What is this guy trying to say...? Lived in Punggol when he was only a baby of 3 years and claimed to be a Punggol boy...
It is rather incredible for Koh to say that!! This is where word delivered is difficult to retract !!

Opposition candidates always gain my respect in their moral courage to  withstand the insurmountable
obstacles of PAP dominance, yet brave enough to face the incumbent..In life it is always easier to sail with the help of a smooth tail wind....In this respect... PAP's new candidate Dr.Koh is left wanting !

WP and SDP...the tuft is yours to ride your horses to the finish line....but WP's mare is stronger than SDP's stallion by a length.....

Good luck to the two opposition candidates of WP and SDP whoever may be.

PAP is the incumbent and it is the party not the fresh from the oven face !!!...

Latest (12/1/13)...

 SDP has shot themselves in the foot with their 'joint campaign' proposal to WP..

(15/1/21)......SDP withdrew from the Punggol East by-election contest in a  turn of event!

patrick lee song juan


WP......Workers Party
SDP.....S'pore Democratic Party
PAP.....Peoples Action Party
SDA....S'pore Democratic Alliance
RP........Reform Party

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why is Mdm Halimah Yacob chosen as Parliamentary Speaker

Let me analyse why Pinky PM Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) choose Mdm Halimah Yacob to be House speaker.
Since our first president Yusof Ishak, a Malay leader was way overdue. (even a Malay president)

To appease the poor and deprived Malay community whom the government too neglected, just as the govt. neglected S'pore's poor on the whole.
So, Mdm Halimah is chosen as a way to win those Malay voters' heart, whom many had deviated into the opposition for a welcoming change.

Aljunied GRC lost to WP was the results of many Malay votes going to WP in GE 2011. Zainal Abidin Rahsheed would have been the House Speaker if PAP won Ajunied GRC. Even before polling day Pinky announced so but Pinky's ruse did not work because many Malay citizens are beginning to lose faith in the way PAP runs the country..affecting everyone's life...

So ..let the Malay community not psychologically be hoodwinked by LHL and the PAP..Give the opposition a chance to have a third minority in parliament, then with greater constitutional rights, the opposition can do more for the Malay citizens (and all S'poreans) to rightfully block any drastic policies affecting S'poreans life..more so the poor and deprived.

The awakening of change will be in GE 2016.....PAP is slowly and surely on the decline.....This coming Punggol East by-election on 26th  January  2013 will be another bad surprise for PAP!!

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Elitism is a human fallacy of segregation. All Human are equal. It is the social and privilege stratagem that alienated the elitists into a world of self-fulfillment of their idealism. All capitalist pigs !!

Without the common class of ordinary human they think they can call elitist ?..Look into the elitist camp of the three generation PAP MPs?

How many live up to the mark of human understanding of fellow  S'poreans in ex-Transport minister Raymond Lim, Vivian Balakrisnan ( the eat at hawker centre, foodcourt or restaurant when he was MCYS minister),  Gan Kim Yong (single-handledly open the floodgate when he was minister of Manpower ), Tan Chuan Jin,  Lui Tuck Yew,  Lim Sia Suay and the number of 'back-door' entry MPs.

We would prefer simple heart-searching folks to be our MPs with 'out-of-the box' intelligence than a bunch of highly paid invertebrates without a thought and heart ! Most harping on the master's voice against their own sense of self-judgment..WHY? safeguard their legalised corrupt of their exorbitant paycheck !!

The promise of serving the people is just to serve their self-conceited and deceit interest! PAP has failed  miserably to the plead of S'poreans...It is a elitist world of the PAP !


patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is PAP indispensable ?

Is PAP indispensable ??? Many questions to be answered......

In retrospect, year 2012, just ended, was the worst year for Pinky's PAP and his bunch of crony ministers...

Is that a premonition of an impending decline of PAP who has ruled S'pore with a system of democratic socialism (worst than communism), than a true open democracy?

How can citizens re-invent ourselves for a more compassionate S'pore without PAP in the near future? Is it cowardice that many of us dared not initiate a change to our oppressed life..?

Where are S'poreans heading if PAP is not voted down to hold minimal power than monopolised every facet of our life..??.

  Is there no awakening and deliverance of a change? Will we see the last remnants of PAP power when the patriarch is no more around, resulting in a total collapse of the hegemony and nepotic rule of PAP...??

For the son is a weak indecisive Prime minister who only care for money, money, money as their cardinal right to acquire by any means from the citizens !! COE, ERP, GST, HDB, SMRT, all are money making
machinery of the government to justify their exorbitant ministers' paycheck.

Many citizens are hoping for a miracle of change but can S'pore's opposition parties have that quality, capability and credibility to live up to such when the moment arrives ??

patrick lee song juan