Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is the Darken Road ending with a Cul-de-Sac ?

"A darken road has no bearing." To beat 'adieu' is a total lost even before one gets started. To stay and fight on with too many
uncertainties is like shooting a six-shooter at a Russian tank!

Nevertheless PAP is a 'wear and tear' Russian t...ank now with fatigue metal parts to be 'explored' at the right moment!!

JBJ was a classic example of a one-man crusade against the Russian tank and initially vanquished the PAP at Anson and made the first MP of the opposition. The rest was History until JBJ became a victim to be annihilated with all sort of lawsuits one after the other till he was spent and bankrupted. He lost his MP seat. He died a fighter.

May not be able to say much about RP party with son KJ at the helm now. We shall see the unfolding of a Shakespearean "Macbeth"

Subsequent years of 'political extermination' of good and strong individual opposition candidates saw a decline of the will of people and PAP has never looked back.

This coming election will be the 'grandmother' of all elections. My prediction is PAP will lose at least two GRCs and another 3 SMC (excluding PP and Hougang).

An awakening is in great exigency. We as citizens of S'pore are to brave for that change or we shall be forever under the totalitarian rule of the capitalist elites of a minority over the oppressed majority.

We 'fight' and cast our right VOTE for a quality of life for all in EQUALITY.

Let us exercise our WISDOM of choice NOW !!!

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A comment by Wilson Ho on what it takes to be a real Human Politician

Democracy is just a "word" a politician or party used as a mean to their end.

At the end of the day, it is the character of the person in office that interprets "democracy" in his/her persona. So in the true sense of the word... there's really no democracy.

Go back to a monarchy anytime, insofar we have a magnanimous human king.

Although this sound too cruel and pragmatic, the seat of the government should go to the person or party, who seeks to advance the interest of ALL and not just the majority.

In my views, one who believes strongly in consensualism would be the best person of the job, whereby even the minority's interest are not compromised or threaten.

Singapore cannot even to have a leader who is not pluralistic in views because we have simply too many different interest groups. Even among chinese, we are divided by dialects and ancestral "villages". Therefore the leader or party must be the cohesive and collective agent for all. In part PAP is successful in doing so but through elements of "divide and rule" creating unseen boundaries within the races. What I believe is in a blurred boundaries, whereby it overlaps each other, and only in that can the entire nation be woven and moved in one singular working block.

What communist, socialist, liberal, green, black, grey!

Any ideologies that do not ground its "theology" in human is useless.

Human, must be the centre of politics. Human, must be the moving factors for policies. Human must be the THEOCRACY of politic whichever brands it carries.

This is a comment posted by WILSON HO on one of my links on Facebook.
I copied and posted to my Blog. A good write.

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Health 'Ministar' Khaw Boon Wan and His $8/- Medical Bills

Health Minister Khaw only paid $8/- after his heart-bypass surgery due to medical insurance. He can say it with great ease! With his exorbitant pay, any kind of medical insurance with cover him. And he did not divulge or tell us he is entitled to A1 class in hospitals FREE as a government 'servant'.

He paid a token $8/- is so ironic. Mr minister, you cannot compare 'abalone with cockles' (you being the abalone of society). Talk is easy. Who cannot talk. My grand daughter at one and a half year old talks very well too though with limited vocab.

What the government should do is to really subsidise the poor to insure them for more on Health and Medical insurance. We all know that nowadays medical bills are a 'killer' in itself, not the sickness.

Liberate our Medisave for more use on outpatient consultation. Why hold our Medisave in our CPF only for severe illness. By then many of us will not see the living daylights!!!Those who are healthy and have surplus in their Medisave account with no major medical conditions that do not need surgery should be given an option to use their Medisave on outpatient payments on medicines in Polyclinics. Many old and destitute folks really find it tough to pay for the medicine and consultation charges in outpatient clinics.

Have a heart Khaw Boon Wan...though you had your heart-bypass. Your heart is still there! With your 'higher echelon' of life, (please do not compare 'abalone with cockle again. PM Lee Hsien Loong will like some cockles for his mee-siam, hahaha!) medical bills are never in your mind. But I sincerely wish you to live a healthy and empathetic life for the poor citizens of S'pore. I am a 'poor' man too. I am healthy but my Medisave account is locked for 'DEATH not FOR LIFE'...if you know what I mean...Give everyone of us a better deal on our own money of Medisave savings.

A good scenario is when a terminally-ill cancer patient dying and have only one month to live. His/her medisave account long depleted. He has a minimum sum savings there sitting waiting to be used when he reaches 65 years in monthly instalments...My God!...he is dying now and cannot use his so called minimum sum money to assist his predicament now! Where is the rationale ??

What the CPF and government will do is when he is dead...paper money will be burned as 'Hellnotes' to him to live a rich life in Hell. How sad? In life we cannot use our real money !? Do our government have a heart? And our Mr Khaw had just mended his heart for $8/-. LMAO !

I am a VWO volunteer and a Voice for the Poor. Regards.

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Work till Thy Kingdom Cometh

Today's 93.8 FM News (25.10.2010) on France passing a law to have citizens to retire at age 62 years officially. Official retirement age was 60 years since 1982. With this law passed...the country is in turmoil now...with strikes in many places. The citizens are not happy for the change.

In Singapore we have very 'well-mannered' and 'kwai-kwai' citizens that never give the government any problem. Our official retirement age will go up to 65 years! S'pore has become a First World country to really assist the citizens to work till 'thy Kingdom come'. No money, no or die....MM LeeKuanYew is still working hor! at 87....but he is the exception not the norm, LOL!

I want to work with my age ...but..the employer or HR department always ask..How old are you?...When I reveal my age...Sorry are not within our age range...Being courteous to say that...than throwing cold water into my face..."You are too old, man!"

Government and SEF (S'pore Employers Federation) are all 'Lip-Service
and (Chairman of the Council for the 3rd age) Lim Boon Heng has many 'lips' a chicken's...just open and close like a chicken's 'croaka'(backside)

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Good Quality of a Political Party.

Everyone can be a politician. There is no strict criteria or qualification into the uncertain world of politics. The only certainty is how you can manipulate yourself against your opponents to stay 'relevant' to your cause. Joining a credible political party is the first step to 'stardom' as in the candidates of PAP. Instant fame and fortune without lifting a feather !!

Another alternative is to form your own political party. And you are the instant chairman. secretary-general or whatever title and name you want to give to yourself. That is called self-imposed title power.

A political party is only as good as the voters vote you in. Hence PAP is that good for 50 years. It does matter what method or ways they used to hold on to power and indoctrinating the citizens to keep on voting for them. They must really have a stranglehold on all the other parties. As power is consolidated, other areas of strategic planning and mopping up is constantly evolving. And one of the most intrinsic process is succession by renewal. PAP is given top marks on that. Hence the hegemony of PAP dominance and perpetuation to this day after 50 years in power.

A sad look at Opposition political parties. 'Dissipated' membership, lacking in strategic planning, most have no succession plan. The 'chief' always hold fort till his last breath . SPP is one such party. After 25 years of ruling Potong Pasir, the one and only Chiam See Tong (CST) wedged sole power on his party members that no one is even worth a mention. Until all the skeleton started falling from the closet then CST's protege, ironically became 'famous' with the infamy of internal bickering and 'power relegation' and nepotic succession. In the end Desmond Lim became too famous to be retained and was ousted as ASG from SPP CEC. Now the fight is on to oust him from the SDA secretary-general's (SG) position. That is the politics of Opposition ''party of disunity and void of cohesion'. At a time when the true focus should be a cohesive effort to strategize the opposition platform on how to win a few seats in parliament.

In as much as Singapore need a change of government. It will take tremendous effort for all the opposition parties to come to terms towards unity and consolidation. PAP has never felt so threatened as they are now. The ground is much more level in terms of engaging PAP. The grouses and dissatisfaction of the citizens have never been that bold and vociferous. PAP knows too well what they are in from this coming election.

But, opposition parties are not really capitalizing on this aspect instead SDA is brought to the forefront of news through press release and counter-denial and accusation all in the name of Opposition dis-unity. So, is that called 'good qualities of a political party'.

PAP maintains their status quo and is considered having the good qualities of a political party. (without looking at their failings lately to the citizens of Singapore).

It will take many many years to build up a formidable good opposition party or parties to really vote PAP out into oblivion. WP and SDP is not even 50 percent of the strength of what PAP is. So, can we call our Opposition parties having the quality of 'good' or just 'looking good'??

"Fame, like water, bears up the lighter things, and lets the weighty sink." -Pedro C de la Barca (Spanish dramatist)

"The human factor brings out the wonders of life
and the touching moments of care and compassion."

Best Regards
patrick lee song juan

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Mothers of All Opposition Battles against the PAP

yes! that will be sad..But I have confidence in WP. Strategies are important and sincere heart-searching facts to strike into the heart-string of the majority of voters..The ground is really the best now and sentiments.

SDP may spring some surprises being quiet in their recruitment and direction. I know them quite well to say that. SDP is less confrontational now more on the essence of true change for citizens. The bread and butter issues..Free speech and liberal democracy can cast aside temporary till more voices in parliament.

NSP's GMS is rather erratic. Over exposure on Facebook is bad for him though.
The mantra is go the middle path and write with conviction and true delivery..Tam-penis GRC will be a hot contest GRC..I sincerely hope GMS can trounce the living daylights of 'mabok' tan..too long living in his PAP comfort zone.

And I forgot!..WP's Sylvia Lim will be doing well against Georgie boy Yeo ( Jack Neo's good friend and supporter aha!)..Hoping Aljunied GRC do not change much on the redrawing of the boundary. I am a resident of Aljunied GRC..all for WP's Sylvia Lim.

RP can be formidable if they can rally well during the 9 days. We need strong and captivating speakers to move the heart-strings of the disgusted voters seating on the fence to fill into the opposition ground.

i am conducting courses on Election Rally $300 to $500 (shy leh to advertise on FB, old man no job from govt. Don't want to eat rice and soya sauce everyday you know haha!).. per session of half hr to an hr for minimum class of 10 people. Can contact me through email at ( for discussion and areas of improvement on what the PAP is trying to the 'Minds and Hearts" of the people..Opposition can win ..not PAP now..too many blunders in this short last 5 years.

Yes! forgot about Chiam's SPP...he will be the one who found and ruin it...Potong Pasir will be sad if it goes to the opposition...Only sympathy votes will save Lina Chiam..a political greenhorn acting like the dowager of PP and SPP. Chiam is a had been! Sad, real sad.

So Chiam got to get his acts together and I can say SDA will just be a name with all this intra-fighting and bickering...PAP is quietly preparing for the greatest onslaught of PP with better promises and Woody Goh may this time bring XO for Seetho not nanny's nmilk when they lost again the last time. And mind you..the results was pretty close the last time. Potong Pasir will see the day of reckoning with Chiam's omnipotence! (sorry Bryan use your word again! vocab. limited lah..just can't think of another better word to describe chiam leh!).

Good Luck all Oppositions. Fight this real battle of your life. The MOTHER of all Opposition battles..We are so near yet so far !!


patrick lee song juan

FM 93.8 'Talkback Outdoor Live' on engaging PAP ministers on Facebook and Twitter

YOU SAID IT ALL my DD Wilson. I watched 'Saving Private Ryan' many years ago..I was so immersed by the show and really salute America for going all out by the commanders to save the last life blood of a
family..Tom Hanks acted in it and I think Matt Dillon acted as Ryan. It will be true in real life if an American citizen is in trouble. America loves their citizen. S'pore government loves the citizens' money !!

To this day..everyone can see what PAP is doing..just amassed all the money for themselves and their cronies and today's ST..increasing Temasek Holdings stake from 17.7 percent in Stanchart and subscribing to Stanchart's sale of raising 3.3 billion pounds.

Yes! who in high power places say they are not corrupted? In S'pore it is the system of "legalised corruption" that no one can dig the loophole.
All the Minister Mentor's men in who's who famous book.

Former Thailand's PM Thaksin, yes! he is also corrupted by as you said Wilson and all knows.. he helped the poor people tremendously. Loan them huge land parcels at practically no interest for their crops to grow and only pay back when the farmers make profit.

In S'pore, everything is our money to the PAP government..not the PAP governments money to us. Yes! a little handout here and there to us as 'beggars handout' and after that the perennial payback time to them.(PAP)

Let us question ourselves sincerely, can we really let this PAP government after 50 years to dictate every facet of our life, public or private???

This morning's talkback on FM93.8 (14th Oct 2010)...which I was invited to attend live on last Saturday 9th (11am to 2pm) and air this morning at 8.15 to 8.50 am..saw me on air questioning ministers' facebook account. All want to be their friends..George yeo, Vivian Balan, and Teo Ser Luck... only want to hear the good stuffs. When i wrote to George yeo in his twitter account about S'pore he has no courtesy to reply me.

The question at the live 'Talkback Outdoors' I asked was not edited to my surprise and they even informed me to tune in to listen this morning. What a great team in Talkback of Keith, Bharati and Vice President/Chief Editor 938LIVE and Radio News-Lee-Ng Foong Ming which I chatted with her at the Live show at Toby's Parkway Parade where the show was held.

I questioned the rational of the ministers' facebook account when they pick and choose 'yes' men to answer. It was aired this morning on 93.8 FM and was not edited . Only Ser Luck did answer me once in my private wall to him on FB. Since then I have deleted all these high and mighty 'ministars' account!!

This is the so called ministers who want to engage with netizens -pick and choose -always the good stuff to stuff into their mouth!......hahaaaa!!

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is Real Ruthless Politics ?

The saga goes on and on ...any comment from Reform Party's (RP) Kenneth jeyaretnam !?? Chiam being old is trying to ride on a new horse and the 'unicorn' takes this opportunity to consolidate his demand..'normal, normal' in all political 'self-serving agendas and counter-agendas'.

It is 'survival of the fitness' (and if you are not fit, you cling on) as in the animal kingdom...and now we have a legendary 'mythical' unicorn on the dis-united opposition scene.

Politics is a game of manipulation, manifestation, truth, untruth, is a search of one's mind power and the 'dared decision' to come by...but ultimately one has to bear with the consequences and live with his conscience as our MM Lee Kuan Yew (LKY). His 'systematic ruthlessness' was the order of his political dominance. He knows what it is to be soft in politics. And where will he be now if he did not eliminate all his political opponents !!??

'Cottons' are for the weaving industries !!

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chiam See Tong (CST) is Omnipotent !

Chiam See Tong did that years ago when he was SG of SDP, wanting veto powers but in the end was voted out by the very CEC members of SDP. And it was really unfortunate that Dr Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) appeared at that time of the fracas within SDP, so CSJ was ...implicated and CST got the audacity to release press statements that CSJ usurped his SG position in SDP then. Ultimately Chiam had to leave SDP and formed S"pore Peoples' Party (SPP)

CST is a power hungry man all along and to this day..for the reason that he is afraid of letting go his SG position in (SPP); has never recognized Desmond's contribution to SPP for 14 years and now even booted him out of S'pore Democratic Alliance's (SDA) SG.

How low can this 'ingrate' old man bend to?... in view of his stroke which is already a karmic effect. Now he is giving himself even more negative karma.

I just pity Desmond Lim (DL) who never listen to me to move on even 3 month's ago to resign from SPP when Lina Chiam came in the picture. I foresaw what will be happening and it may still not too late yet for DL just to officially resign from SPP and activate his S'pore Justice Party (SJP) and with PKMS and SL to form a 3-party new Alliance which will be much stronger than the present SDA. SDA will be a foregone conclusion of old Chiam's omnipotence. And Chiam's nemesis will be Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) of RP. Chiam will be squashed like a sunkist orange! No dictator will last a life time and with his medical condition...he may get a third stroke if he is not careful, I will be sorry for him.

At this threshold of his (Chiam) life, he still wants fame and greater recognition and maybe fortune but he forgot his time is in the twilight zone now!!!! Is not life the only great holy order of human's supreme existence in this world? Why would Chiam still want political fame at the expense of his only one life !!?? Maybe he has a cat's life of nine!!
God bless him and Heaven forbids. Regards.

patrick lee song juan

Monday, October 11, 2010

Singporeans' rights to Social Security and Public Housing

Political mechanism,such as democratic processes and monitoring and advocacy by independent actors also contribute to accountability”…… well said by Leong Sze Hian.

Our sovereign wealth fund are all tax-payers money.
Government Investment Corporation (GIC) and Temasek Holdings (TH) under the guise of investment managed by the daughter-in-law, Ho Ching lost over 40 Billions (maybe much more) in ventures but was never transparent and accountable.

What democratic processes and independent advocate and monitoring ??? All the PAP’s own manipulation of the funds.

Hence, our CPF indirectly are being held back due to the huge lost by TH. No one knows how our monies are 'squandered'.

So our rights to social security and public housing come with a heavy price to the benefit of the very government we voted in and we are left in the lurch.

PAP and their cronies enjoyed the success of 'failed investment' by not being transparent and S’poreans have to lick the wounds inflicted on by the very government.

Our CPF monies may be bankrupted by PAP one day. Just think, billions are being held back in the name of minimum sum for old age. There was never such rule when we started saving in CPF years before.

patrick lee song juan

My Love in Eternity.

Thank you Wilson...a nostalgic reminiscence of the sweet, embracing years of my love to my wife..Time is a merciless mechanism..the ravage of time leaves one's beauty as a past 'picture perfect' but the true love is where the heart belongs....

The physical aspect of aging of our anatomy belies the beauty gone by with the heart yearning for the 'perfect' silhouette. And my handsome self aged in tandem to my wife inner beauty......
But men are men...I kept watching the curvaceous beautiful singer not listening to the song...hahaahaa! The Hokkien sentimental song melts my heart lah!

patrick lee song juan

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We do not need Ah Lian as MP !!

We need more gutsy people like Dr Joseph Ong to bring out the ugly side of any story. I unreservedly support what Dr. Ong said about Lee Bee Wah on the Ping Pong (PP) saga....imagine just after winning a silver medal for S' proud we were for S'pore and here comes an unrefined MP not knowing anything about PP, gave press statement and care less of the damaged she would cause.

V Balan (minister of MCYS) should have sacked her as president of STTA. We do not need an 'ah lian' with loud mouth and sad! chosen by PAP and 'lagi' sad, entered by 'back-door' to become MP..And the best part is..she always been seen walking behind PM Lee in many occasion in public functions!! Boot-polishing!!

A democratic country should not sanction free speech and harass fact finding citizens who speak the truth. How can the government improve if no feedback is received??? no matter how critical but with true essence !!!

Dr Amy Khor , our petite feedback chairman of Reach will know what it is like to give honest 'no-barred' feedbacks..I used to be a fairly frequently contributor to Reach then. I attended their Forums but in one Forum I attended, when I questioned the young Manpower Director on foreigner workers' policy strongly (and asked to be put on record)...that was the last they invited me to any other Forums..hahaaa! That young chap just don't know what to do....imagine this kind of young Director of a Division in the Manpower Ministry..I can't recall his name! Anyone can become a director like him and anyone can be an 'ah lian' also...LOL!

patrick lee song juan

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Oppositions' Weakness in Unity

Bryan and Wilson..since as Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) said the ball is in our we can kick it around right and may not kick into their goal. POOR AIM LAH!

Wilson is a up and coming protege of yours Bryan. His views holds 'rainbow colours' of many truth......even me cannot hold a candle to this young 'ding dong' pussy.

In the interest of opposition certainty and unity and if numbers do in PAP's always fielding 84 members. To them it is so easy. WP or RP should try to field 84 candidates if they can but with discreet foreboding...because the trash bin has alot of discards. Due to the mentality of candidates to be preferring to ride on the 'dragon' may be a tall order to recruit even 40 candidates for each opposition party. The win-win scenario will be to pool resources of members and knowing the electoral boundaries later to allocate every constituency to be contested with candidates under an "understanding umbrella". Ideally, if any one party have 84 may be easier but than again you may not be able to avoid 3-corner fights which is a no-no. Just a reverie, the magic number of 84!

This coming election will be the best bet..and for Chiam See Tong (CST)..the last bet on KJ's 'prediction'...CST will have to fight his last battle and KJ is helping him to fight the odds on an 'even keel' but... Bryan may not agreed with me on that!

SDP, NSP,WP, RP will be a force to reckon..SDA is still in limbo and SPP is now in fact leaning more to RP than the other way round. CST knows too well his declining health needs a younger man to give him a strong shoulder.

Go for it in UNITY, ALL OPPOSITION PARTIES for the common purpose of 'SLOWLY BUT SURELY' voting PAP out of parliament in time to come. And this election is the best that can ever happen to begin with that important STEP !!

Trademark Patent: I am registering my trademark phrase "SLOWLY BUT SURELY" which I have used in many case Bryan disputes and steals it in his write-up. The 'MinWage'(minimum wage)....was the catalyst..hahahaa!

patrick lee song juan

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wilson Ho says no to Minimum Wage

@wilson..with regime changed... can we see the can be worst, you never know. The reason we all want a change of government is PAP is all Almighty now..greater than God (in their own image), not compassionate and not doing for the poor..HDB keeps on up and up and the guys in the morning waking up from bed "singing "Majulah Singapura"..I do, every morning at 5 am..see how patriotic I am and all the others!!!

So let us take a step at a time...SLOWLY BUT SURELY remove PAP from the government and work with whoever government it would be..maybe another 10 years time to form. Our present set of opposition, you tell me can they recruit enough true blue S'poreans to fight a good fight with PAP..many will want to just ride on the smooth wave on a comfortable surfboard of fame. Just human lah!

Within this ten years, we do not expect our poor citizens to suffer the indignity of being outcast and ostracized by our very government of 50 years with(the ministars) living their live of 'enormous nonchalance'...this is the 'death of our social and demographic decadence... upheaval due to the foreigners turned citizens and our citizens relegated to being 3rd class. Do the PAP cares? They only cares more can go into their coffers. And at the same time stop citizens from withdrawing our very own CPF with increasing greater minimum sum as compulsory retention...If this is not worst than a communist state than what is???

The poor will not want to draw a $1000/- a month salary after 10 years due to no MinWage, when the ministars keep on increasing their obscene pay beyond "OMG". and keep on taxing across the board the poor citizens on everything under the PAP sun.....Have a life man friend !!! see the real pix of desolation of life and suffering to come to many daily lives....then the CPI will really kill most of us with every daily necessities beyond one's reach and YES! we forgot about the people on social security....will be lucky if they can live on $360/- per month...Lily Neo would resign trying to knock into V.Balan's head to please increase their social allowance but VB will say.."do this poor guys want to eat 'bao yu' (abalone) and Lily Neo just stormed out crying from see the scenario wilson..can be true you know....with all those third generation invertebrates running the government. Gone were the old guards days !! A sad lamentation !!!

patrick lee song juan

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mother Teresa and Mdm Kwa Geok Choo (KGC)

Then Heaven will send our parents to Johore Bharu (JB) to Khaw Boon Wan (KBW) said. He is living in a 'make-belief world of his riches...what a hypothetical question to ask KBW ? if everyone were to be like Mrs Lee, tsk, tsk... and he wanted our parents to stay in JB !

What about Mother Teresa ? -she really brought heaven to the slums of India, Calcutta...Money in life is not everything.
Mr Khaw, are you trying to say that if everyone were like Mrs Lee...(in monetary terms) ??.....this planet will be heaven?

Mdm Kwa was a lady personified by her good character and her no-air attitude on others. She had contributed to the shaping of S'pore. I believe if without her LKY will not be that great. The success of many men was because of the women behind them, is true to the adage. In this instant of KGC and LKY... a perfect meeting of intelligent minds !

But when in true essence of comparison, Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize for Humanity to humanity. Each has their merits...there is no lacking in yardsticks..How would you qualify and quantify a whole life of dedication to the poor??..Regards.

patrick lee song juan

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

State Funeral and the Final Send-Off

State funeral or no state funeral is really not a big deal. In life we live for the sincerity and honesty of our contributions. From 'dust we come unto dust we go', as in 'come is void, go is void'. Does it make any difference whether a state funeral is accorded?

It is in the eyes of we human with all our 'make belief' idiosyncrasies that we propose this and do that to our whims and fancies. And if we really do not like a person, even if he/she is your next-of-kin, you may not care too hoots.

The greatness in an individual cannot be accentuated with pomposity.
The death would definitely never wish the living to waste so much resources on them if in all honesty may I ask, what real purpose does it show to the dead? Can he/she knows the extravagance accorded? Or just that the immediate family want a show of recognition of the passing which in no time will just fade into oblivion. Death is the end all. What power, fortune, recognition is but impermanence in death !?

We need to care more about the living. All will face death one day. It is the living that life is worth every penny for existence.

RIP, Mr Ong Teng Cheong...please do not arouse his serenity of eternity !

Mdm Kwa Geok Choo... RIP too ! Eternity in heavenly bliss.

patrick lee song juan

Monday, October 4, 2010

PAP's Political Game

@GMS..agree in certainty your assessment and analysis. PAP because of its head-start and financial resources will always be the forefront runner. But Meng Seng..your effort is tremendous...just that you have to be very careful when promoting racial issue.. in political jargon it is 'a time bomb' when you pull the wrong plug. Guess I need not elaborate on it.

As in anything...more so in politics, we must be seen to do things that come with tangible inclination rather than wishy washy disorientation.

If you read between the lines of my earlier comment, you would understand that greater caution should be exercised when come to any race issue. Saw what happened to Tan Liang Hong...he was labelled a 'chinese chauvinist' and forced out of S'pore. This should not happen to you. You know what tactics PAP will employ when dealing against good and dedicated oppositions. Francis Seow was another case in point.

Having said all a 'SUKI', I am rallying for you to be in parliament though the saddest thing is to wack the living daylights out of the shorty 'affordable' HDB 'big man' suki maboh Tan. Send him back to Kheng Kiu or Hainan Island.

patrick lee song juan


Elitism is a human fallacy of segregation. All Human are equal. It is the social and privilege stratagem that alienated the elitists into a world of self-fulfillment of their idealism. All capitalist pigs !!

Without the common mass of ordinary human they think they can call elitist ?..Look into the elitist camp of the three generation PAP MPs?

How many live up to the mark of human understanding of fellow human S'poreans. Raymond Lim, Vivian B, Gan Kim Yong and the number of 'back-door' entry MPs. We would prefer simple heart-searching folks to be our MPs with 'out-of-the box' intelligence than a bunch of high pay
invertebrates without a thought and heart !! LOL!


patrick lee song juan

Mdm Kwa Geok Choo (Mrs Lee Kuan Yew)

On 2nd October 2010 at 5.40 pm S'pore time, Mdm Kwa Geok Choo had her final rest in peace. After her second stroke in 2008, she was immobilized. And for two years,she was bedridden. She persisted on maybe because MM Lee without fail would be by her bedside every evening to read to her. She sensed his presence. In MM Lee's own word he said "My most difficult moments come at the end of each day, as I sit by her bedside." He added; "She understands when I talk to her, which I do every night, I tell her about my day's work, read her favourite poems."

That was the relationship between MM and his wife Geok Choo. The meaning of the marriage creed truthfully manifested itself. The undying love of a dear one.

The greatness of Kwa Geok Choo can be traced back to the early years of MM's political career. I think many of us dared say that without Geok Choo, there would be no Lee Kuan Yew(LKY) and there would be no PAP of today that shape the history of Singapore. LKY was and still is the leader of PAP to this day.

The turbulent years of politics in Singapore when LKY was trying to consolidate power under his grasp. LKY did nothing but fight his political opponents. And the epitome and pillar behind him was none other than Mdm Kwa Geok Choo. She has her law firm of Lee and Lee, managed by Geok Choo. Without that LKY would be financially in the doldrums to even have the money to further his political ambition. LKY by profession is also a qualified lawyer. But he spent all his time on the volatile political scene then.

When LKY was Prime Minister, Mdm Kwa did well not to be in the limelight but discreetly accompanied LKY on his official functions as the PM's wife. Her poise, unassuming and friendly nature went down well with the ordinary people and other countries' dignitaries. She performed her duty as a caring wife and when Lee Hsien Loong(LHL) married and had his children, as grandmother. She then acted as mother and grandmother when LHL's wife died.

Mdm Kwa Geok Choo lived a full, wholesome life. There will be no regrets that she left behind her legacy of a complete family. In life we treasure the living, in death we lament for the loss. Life impermanence brings forth the threshold of human existence. Everything is a passing, everything is transient.

Many of us would feel the loss of a mother of Singapore who quietly shaped and influence the future of Singapore in a man who believe in no one but his wife Kwa Geok Choo. We might well said LKY is 'uxoriously' devoted to his wife, and in her last two years of immobility, MM repaid back by constantly keeping her company at her bedside. The toil taxed on his general disposition and emotional wellness.

It might be a little ironic that Mdm Kwa chose to pass off when MM was hospitalised for a lung infection. Only daughter Wei Leng was with her when she died. WE all wish
her a next life of eternity if there is such a next life !?

Mdm Kwa did Singapore proud to be the wife of MM LKY.

Chua Mui Hoong (Deputy Review Editor) wrote an eulogy befitting Mrs Lee in the Sunday Times on 3rd of October 2010, devoting many pages to her. The fame, fortune
and greatness in a life of a person come to nought as death is a leveller of all things. (as said by late president Wee Kim Wee in his book "Glimpses and Reflections").

patrick lee song juan