Thursday, December 24, 2009

Higher HDB prices "good" for Average Singaporeans.

Higher HDB prices good for Singaporeans. Every citizen can afford to buy HDB. No one will be left out. We will give subsidies to purchase HDB. Good economy, higher HDB prices. BTO HDB flats for class living but come with a price. All PAP’s slogans!!

Easy talk and say by PAP ministers, LKY etc, etc. Yes! all the millionaire ministers and cronies can purchase many units of HDB without a blink of an eyelid.

We are talking about the poor folks of S’pore. the young couples, all with little or no CPF to assist them to make the first purchase. And many who had purchased, find it difficult to service the
mortgage and even to pay the conservancy charges.

Why don’t the HDB publish a comprehensive lists of people who are in arrears and those whose HDB flats are being re-possessed by the Banks.

PAP to these days, is always painting a rosy picture of life in S’pore. Many of us are no fools to buy what you say now. Lay your cards on the table and be transparent about all the profits that HDB has been making all these years and why are HDB flats supposed to be for the poor and average working class escalated to such high price.

Stop all the BULLSHITS about market force. PAP and HDB can regulate the 80 percent public housing movement but they choose not to and let it be a free fall and ultimately HDB reaped great profit from it. Why build BTO at such high price and build it at all? Why HDB don’t build more 3 and 4 rm flats and smaller flats for the poorer citizens? Salary for the ordinary citizens all this years has not increased in tandem to the COL, etc. And Lim Swee Say is asking Singaporeans to work 'faster, cheaper and better' whereas the ministers of PAP are self-paid salary masters! They are never perturbed by any increases of prices. They are the super rich.

The average salary of S’poreans is nothing to crow about whereas the ministers and civil servants in high position are being paid like ‘hell notes’ to the millions.

Where do we citizens draw a line to say enough is enough with this despotic rule of PAP where every facet of our lives is being curtailed and we are totally stigmatised and confined to a life of PAY AND PAY under the PAP.

In general, every citizens, apart from PAP’s cronies, running dogs and bootlickers, are being squeezed to our last drop of blood. Do we want Vampires in our midst?

WE HAVE TO DECIDE BY THE NEXT BALLOT to rid the solipsism of the PAP.

patrick lee s juan
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Loving a Schizophrenic

leesjuanpat on December 25th, 2009 6.32 am

Kudos to you Raymond A. F. for your untiring effort to higlight the difficulties faced by patients and caregivers. And i must really take off my hat to you for the dedication, care and love bestowed on your wife, Doris.

The cold-faced society of ours has much to do with the octracism. The social stigma as you said, attached to it, is another heart-shattering reality.

A country like Singapore, with a high cost of living, can be even more stressful, to the sufferers and the care-givers given that minimum support is available. Our government may not be doing much in this area to alleviate their lives.

Public awareness of mental illness and schizophrenia is least understood. And superstition also plays a part in the illiterates, to view this illness as a possession by some sort of evil.
Greater empathy and compassion must be shown and social acceptance is the first step to integrate these sufferers back into society. It has to begin with employers lifting the barrier, to accept employment for them.

In the early years of my childhood, we were brought up by grandmother’s tales of not going near a ‘mad’ person because they are dangerous. Those were the days of absolute ignorance. In today’s world with medical science and cure, sufferers can lead a normal life with the right medicines. Society should change the mindset on these people.

The cosmic vastness of creation brings forth lives into this world where many treasure it as a gift of God.

We are living in an era of the extremes in this modern world. Many a life seems worthless, with daily death and terrorists suicide attacks. Many innocent lives perished.
And many who want to live a decent life are not given a fair chance. Sufferers of mental illness are not criminals and for all fairness, they are as human as we are, they have a right to be among us.

Raymond, loving a schizophrenic is not a crime and for that matter your wife of 35 years from day one and before. I salute your greatness of mind and spirit. Love her through eternity.

“We love the human race, it is the human that betrays many a human”. ---leesjuan

patrick lee s juan
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Spirit of Christmas

"Christmas waves a magic wand over the world and behold everything is softer and more beautiful." - by Norman Vincent Peale.

Yes! the Spirit of Christmas is of joy and beauty. But in our present world, nothing is really softer or beautiful anymore. The world is heading into catastrophe of natural disasters and men-made atrocities with global warming threatening the very survival of the human race. The melting of the artic and antarctic icebergs upsetting the ecology of many species. Nothing is constant. We live in an impermanent world.

Year 2009 is ending and is seen as a difficult year for many. Due to the mismanagement of the American economy, the repercussions are felt worldwide. On the local scene many of us lost money on the minibonds and Lehman Bros debacle, etc. We move on and learn that life is never a primrose path to eternal sunshine.

We compromise our own shortcomings and examine our weakness and failings in relation to the society at large. We weigh our misgivings and reconcile our life with greater optimism and accept that every dissent and criticism will stir us to improve ourselves to become a better person. We are at peace with our elements.

The positive joy and happiness reflected on many, show how contagious the spirit of christmas will bring. Many will be spending like there is no tomorrow and let tomorrow fret over its own needs. Prudence is most wanting in this aspect. We balance our needs and try to give a thought to the many poor and destitutes of society, who will never see the light of day, every day, much less the Yuletide season. To these people everyday is no different. The only difference that will uplift their lives will be one or two meals a day. Many dared not even think of the luxury of three meals. Charity and love will begin at home and spread far and wide to the very heart of the poor in society , in the world. Love can conquer the evil of 'midnight'.

With Christmas hovering in the air and soon it will be gone like a flash. We begin to usher in New Year 2010 with a new hope, new understanding and new direction in life. We ask ourselves what resolutions are we making for year 2010 to stay in tune with our emotional and spiritual well-being, focusing more on the harmony of existence and inter-relationship of our peers but most important our very own cohesive family that can never be replaced with the largest gem in the world.

Let us look forward to the jingling of the Christmas bells and welcome the New Year 2010 on a postive disposition. For everyday is a new learning and experience.

We pick up our pieces of zig-saw and complete the puzzle.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year 2010 to all.

patrick lee song juan
(first written for the Silverhairs)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Dear Mother's 94th Birthday.

A tribute to my dear mother on her 94th birthday.

Yesterday, 13th November 2009, we celebrated my mother's birthday at our 8th younger sister's home. Our's is a big family of eleven members. Six females and three males.
My grand old dame's actual birthday falls on the 2nd of the Lunar Eleven month. (i.e. 17th of November ). We normally celebrate our mother's birthday slightly earlier or later, to fall on a Sunday for everyone to be present.

We are a lucky family of sort. Big cohesive family before the policy of PAP to stop at two. My late father the 'Production Manager' had given us the joy of life where we know what is filial piety. We all love our dear mother. Not many in this present context of Singapore can live till a ripe old age of 94. We count our blessings. My mother is a happy lady with a maid to look after her and staying at my younger sister's home. Alert but weak in her legs. She enjoys the warm and love of each family members, up to so many great grand children. Personally, I have lost count of the numbers. So is my mother.

Remembering my Dad who singlehandedly brought up all nine siblings with Mom as the homemaker. We always treasure him in our hearts. Without Dad and Mom, we are nobody.
Humbly, our family hierarchy, produces one scholar who is now the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police and many graduates.

Every year my Mom's birthday is a big affair. It turns into a battalion. With commander-in-chief and all the divisional generals holding fort and fostering a united, cohesive family nucleus.
Our present society of small families brought about by the policy of the system, forever eroded away the joy of such big family (like ours). The next generation will lose the warm of a very close-knit family.

With globalisation, the dissipation and emigration will further thin the already small family. We will live to lament the loneliness and solitude of old age staying alone.

Looking in perspective, Singapore has many old folks and are not as lucky as my mother. Many
live a lonely life when the other half passed away and with no savings and little help from their already hard-pressed children, are whiling away their life in misery. Looking at a bent old man or woman picking trashes and cardboards in first world Singapore is beyond our imaginations.

Our government boasted the best in everything but unable to care for the poor and destitute,
leave much to be desired. Is there no compassion in the highest paid PAP ministers of S'pore and the relevant ministry to put all these destitutes into a home to enjoy their twilight years of decent joy. Certain state welfare is worth considering. The ball is in the government's court.

Notwithstanding all that, my own small family of six now, (including my son-in-law and my 7th month old grand daughter) really enjoy the celebration of my great old dear mother's 94th birthday with many immediate family members congregating under one roof for the bondage of the precious moment.

And I wish my Mom a long life and to look forward into her century.

Patrick Lee S Juan

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Tribute to MP Chiam See Tong

25 years is not a short time. PAP has ruled Singapore for 50 years. But at a little corner of S'pore in Potong Pasir (PP) MP Chiam See Tong is seen but not 'heard'. MP Chiam is the nemesis of PAP in his unostentatious way and survived the odds to stay defiant and true to his MP status to serve the residents under the authoritarian and despotic rules of PAP. He still drives his old Volkswagen.

25 years of achievement to the residents of Potong Pasir. People come and go in our life. Mr Chiam holds on to his integrity and sincerely serve the residents of Potong Pasir, under such bullying tactics and inconvenience from the government, (i.e. synonymous with PAP). Since 1984 we seen one after another cronies of PAP coming in to stake their claim on Potong Pasir but to no avail. They appeared with great aplomb, with great promises and threats to the true blue residents of PP that under PAP, the residents can see a better life and better Potong Pasir. The truth is laid to us citizens, are we better in all the PAP's ward as compared to the 2 opposition wards. No, We are not!! I take my hat off to MP Chiam and on another level to MP Low Thia Khiang for his Hougang ward.

Mah Bow Tan, Heng Chee How, Sitoh (did I left anyone out?) were all losers in Potong Pasir. But due to the system of PAP's GRC, two losers becomes 'winners'. 'Maboh' tan is now the National Development minister, Heng CH. with NTUC and a Mayor. Only Sitoh is still left in the wilderness, appearing on and off to gain credit when Potong Pasir was about to do the Lifting Upgrading Programme. We can be our own judge, especially the residents of Potong Pasir. Many of us citizens are silently proud of you guys of PP and Hougang. We salute you all who dared make a difference to vote against the despotic PAP.

Yesterday, MP Chiam celebrated his 25 years of great achievements to the residents of Potong Pasir.
A man of simple origin, 'bashed' by the PAP, just because he is in the opposition. He stood his ground with bravery, and against all odds to carry on his legacy of a true MP for the people.

How many in the present context of PAP MPs can hold a candle to Mr. Chiam? They entered politics through the back door of GRC and jumped on the band wagon to ride the strong wave of the system and many present day MPs are a sight of shame. Only Teo Ser Luck and Lily Neo, both stood out from the sore thumbs.

25 years on in Potong Pasir against a backdrop of 50 years nation building of one and only party under PAP. The rich becomes richer. The poor becomes poorer. The middle class is sandwiched in between. The only care the government give to the senior old folks is a 'parting shot' from Khaw Boon Wan. " You old and destitute folks with no money can go to Johore Baru Old Folks Home and stay, it is cheaper." And Khaw was not magnanimous enough to say whether the PAP government will pay for the penniless folks' accommodation. We be our own judge !!

Singaporeans!! Mr Chiam is a shinning example of a one man against the system of oppression.
Is 50 years not enough for many to open our eyes to decide an urgent change to our very lives,
encroached by the insane influx of so many foreigners and the draconian sweeping policies of
PAP with even a one man assembly is against the law? A one man assembly!! Can the law please define what is the meaning of 'assembly'. Can a lone person be an assembly??

We will have to decide our lives and the future of Singapore before it goes to the dogs and fat cats !!

Last but no least, my great tribute to Mr Chiam for his unfaltering dignity against all odds to stay connected with the residents of Potong Pasir and to the 33 percent Singaporeans at large who voted against the PAP. I have never met MP Chiam but you earned my respect. Great men are a rare breed in a world of rampant corruption, dishonesty and personal motives and greed.

In his simple words in today's Sunday Times (13.12.2009), Mr Chiam said and I quote " The candidate must, however, look after his constituency, do his parliamentary work and possess traits like professionalism, honesty and integrity."

How many people in this world can live up to his simple dictum !!??

Patrick Lee Song Juan