What ramification is Workers Party (WP) facing ?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 1:45am ·

Enter the dragon after May 2011, before even the dragon ushered into the Lunar New Year of 2012, when WP slayed two full-fetched ministers of PAP into oblivion in Aljunied GRC. The road to stardom is a primrose path..Everyone sees it with hope that after 52 years..a salvation is within reach. We had enough of PAP's arrogance and insensitivity!

Eight or so months passed with euphoria of joy and political transformation in bits and pieces by the PAP camp. All knew it came about with WP winning a GRC and retaining Hougang..And a young apromising politician trained by Low Thia Khiang (LTK) emerged the confident successor for Hougang SMC..We all did not even bother the mistakes of CST. And many predicted, SPP will be history.And it did!

The joy and jubilation was short-lived to only roughly eight months. And the ramifications of a party member falling out of grace, is all too shocking for all who voted for that man. How can we discount the fact of the matter?...Is it true or untrue?..Why the complete silence? Why the resignation as from CEC? Too many whys, but too little answers, or no answer at all!

And when Tan Kin Lian, the president un-hopeful wrote to the Forum of ST, to suggest that WP stand of no comments was the right thing to do, it was a faux pas, to say the least. And the mystery deepened without even a statement from WP's SG LTK.

Life goes on in the surface , maybe hiding behind a facade of nonchalance! How far and wide the ramifications of a WP MPs episode which was nationalised in the News and online media, only WP will fathom. But in keeping quiet , as though the MP is not answerable to the voters who voted him in, at best is short-changed, and at worst, it is a long-shot! It is not, nothing to do with one's private life and public image. It has a hell of enormous doing, because it encompasses the moral issue of a MP and can a morally weak MP be a good adviser to its electorate ?


Each of us would have varied answers and opinions. But at the end of a day, if I am a counsellor, can I counsel others when I cannot even counsel myself properly???It may or may not be the straw that broke the camel's back, in the days and years to come to 2016. Can there be a 'Saving of Ryan', like in the movie? Can WP re-invent itself better after this yet proven nor wanting to see the true light of that 'happening' conundrum!


As long as it is not made clear and the cards are not laid on the table..doubts will be there..And doubts will form unwholesome ideas. Opposition as it is now, for a greater breakthrough of PAP's stranglehold, cannot afford to let voters have unwholesome ideas about things.

It can be a straight road or a crooked back alley! We maybe wiser, but are we??

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      I first wrote on the WP's faux pas and ramification it is facing, yet they choose to remain silent..which is not an opinion!!
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