Friday, June 14, 2013

What bachelors, divorced men and separated men do in their spare time!

What bachelors, divorced men or separated men do in their spare time?

by Patrick Lee Song Juan (Notes) on Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 11:08am

What bachelors, divorced men or separated men do in their spare time ?

In a society like S'pore, it has its share of bachelors, divorcees (men) and separated men (but never divorced)...Many reasons for such men to stay that way and enjoy the carefree of life.

Bachelors nite is a nite to paint the town red..Bachelors do not care a damn on their lifestyle because they do not answer to anyone except their conscience of action...Life after work is booze for many....pretty women and illicit sex on the loose..I have many bachelor friend to give me their first hand experience of life on the fast lane.

But the sad truth is ..sometimes some bachelors got hooked to a pretty coquettish money-faced 'hooker' (can be from anywhere) and in the end with starry-loved eyes love-that-never-can-be, lost everything to the woman's most potent advance ( her orifice)..Woe to such bachelors!

Divorced men fair a little better because of their experience as a family man before and the maintenance he got to provide this ex-wife and children, cannot be too all out to philander...But solitude is a divorced man's nemesis..hence drinks and women are the best choice to 'sexcite' a void self....Many will pay for sex and screw the hell out of their life...having failed in a married life!

Separate men are in limbo...still legally married but never had the warm of family life anymore ..nor do the wife gives him sex...Many this kind of man will try their best to look for a good sexual tryst to keep up their inflated ego of failure and loneliness of no sex Men just cannot go without sex, nor do women...Sad truth and hard truths! though women may have a better control of their sexual urge.

Love is sex and sex is love...Hollywood stars fcuked till the living daylights and take divorce as drinking a daily cup of fruit juice..

In our conservative Asian culture ...we may stay discreet but underneath the yearning and frustration of a void life of sex...many affairs can commence with joy or with sorrow!

Human entanglement in love and sex is the very mechanism of happiness as well as disaster...We live to love yet many cannot love to live.

As human moves on into the realms of sexual bliss and disappointment...human, be it men or is how we accept our destiny of living that will bring us to a more happy and conducive world and society...

Ninety-nine percent of men (me included) may have illicit sex in their life yet goes to heaven on earth..but the sad goodie one percent will live in hell of a family man and never taste the blossom of 'wild flower'.   Morally right...sexually wrong !!

Sex is an experience of the ultimate orgasmic thrill be it one . two  or multiple  orgasm in a woman..And it is the man who will be the master of it. How a man performs is important, be it oral sex or 69 sex or coitus sex..So man may need more women in his life...And the Woman Charter needs to be abolished!! Men must marry more wife to procreate in our present context of S'pore's baby deficit !

We moderate our life to the principle of our need and once we over-indulged our is not for others to judge but for self to examine the moral aspect of our existence..

Sex is not sin..but we sin in sex...This is a living world of decadence!

patrick lee song juan