Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love and Career - A balance of the element.

After my two weeks meditation retreat in Penang which may deem not so 'successful'. Different yardstick measures success differently. I was invaded with tons of email
which I did not have access for two weeks. And I love the Slice of Life - Love and Career.

Love is now just a four letter word and career is the pursuit of one's success to the meaningless end.
And along the way, the true essence of living is sadly neglected. We lose our basic rationality to say a kind word to our spouse, to hug our children, to even have time to communicate. As such, the gradual erosion of family values and understanding is so wanting. Career comes first. The rest can wait. The greatest mistake of our life.
Never wait to love and treasure your family. A balance of the element.

We live in a modern world of greater pride, ego and seeking materialistic comfort to the true spiritual understanding of family warm and forgot the mantra that 'home is best and sweet'.
We may give our best to our spouse and children in material abundance but we neglected and hold back emotional and spiritual sharing of love and care.

Life is not live by the brand of luxury car or the million dollar property you possessed. And by that, many are in debt to pay for their whole life. Joyous living is curtailed by the balance of the element. Debt brings about the reality of living life way beyond our means. (Singapore's million dollar paid ministers will not face a debt problem. It is hard to rationalise).

Life is lived by the heart of tender care and love without reserved to your spouse and children. And ideally, balancing a delicate concomitant existence of family awareness and unfaltering love. Love and career in tandem harmony.
Never take love and family for granted. A gentle kiss, a warm hug, many kind words, uplift the spirit of A SLICE OF LIFE. And it is the very life we must take good care and endear.

A simple good life with the right formulae may be a good and fulfilling family life.

I love my wife and my two grown up children. But my jewel must be my grand daughter Claire.

Life can be 'selfish' to a good cause.

patrick lee s juan