Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Self-serving agendas of many a Politician.

Where human exists, in any setting be it corporate, politics, charities, sports, even religions, there will be traces of dubious characters all out to self-serve their own agenda. Nothing surprising in the violatile world of POLITICS. And do not forget that politics is the dirtiest and merciless of a profession (can I say it as a profession?)

That is how LKY has come to this day, to be worshipped as a demi-god and enjoy the 'indignity' as the most power person in S'pore and secretly thinking to himself as the world, having the highest salary in the world and everything world number one.

Where and how will all this fame, fortune, backstabbing, scheming, etc end....., there will be no end. ...for human can bestow the best as well as the worst to fellow humans. Everything will end in the passing..... for nothing is permanent.
The only permanence in life, is the legacy of one's compassion, benevolence and personal sacrifice to the betterment of humankind. And no one in this modern world did better without a trace of personal agenda and benefit as ST.MOTHER TERESA, who sacrifice her whole life to the HOLY ORDER and served her days to alleviate the life of the miserably poor of Calcutta, India. .... CAN ANYONE STAND UP TO HER MAGNANIMITY.....SORRY NO!.......not even Lee Kuan Yew.

Many want to hold the candle for themselves only........

patrick lee song juan
(Written on facebook,
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