Saturday, February 19, 2011

Reflection on Relationships

Human relationship, be it open or secret is life's most intriguing piece of master-art. Whereas in this world, can we see loving each other, hating each other and causing harm to each other, an art or a masterpiece?

Relationship falls into two mainframes, serious or superficial. But secret relationship is only known between two people, harboring the inner truth of self-betrayal by that secret liaison !

Marriage is a serious relationship. Superficial relationships are mere acquaintances. We all know what is a Secret Relationship. Hence, I will not prick our conscience to dwell on it! We are our own destiny of how we should be.

A friendly relationship develops and through time and along the way, we will grasp the character, the sincerity, the honesty of such relationship by our very observation and judgment. Likewise, we are scrutinized the same....The bond builds up into lasting eternity of endearment..... In couples,
looking for life-long relationship, it too builds from such a beginning.

Why do some relationships fell short, whereas others perpetuated into lasting warm? MM Lee Kuan Yew's (LKY) relationship with one of his old schoolmate was such sincere, long honest relationship even when LKY has become the Prime Minister and his schoolmate (forgot his name -featured in the Straits Times not long ago). This is the true heartwarming relationship without encumbrances even social status had changed. It surpassed all barriers.

Relationship in love and finally towards holy matrimony is a more 'complex' one. You think you know your spouse after courtship...promising a life of blissful union but the lasting effect of staying together manifested itself when we human would change, as we move on into different 'cyclic existence' of our whims and fancies.

Acceptance of the marriage creed comes easy when the young couple, full of live and radiance. The life ahead has yet to be tested. Only in close association and 'bickering', a 'trial and tribulation' then life and relationship begin in the marriage paradigm. But the paradox of human relationship holds truth the idiosyncrasies of ourselves, our understanding of others, our non-judgment of situation, our willingness to accept things that cannot change and change things we can accommodate and accept.

Life and relationships begin only if we do not see ourselves as the protagonists (main actor).
Lasting relationships are built not by chance but by the equation of all the 'simple' and 'perplex'
characteristics of human. For no living human personae are identical.

Secret relationships never last long enough to be 'no secret anymore' and the resultant revelation can be shattering....causing hurt to others not in the known until the 'vapour' escaped.

Buddha propounded his Dhamma on the dogma of humanity in all sentient beings. The Great Sage's vision can never be juxtaposed and we are all in awe to his supreme foresight of human relationship....and the world of constant happenings in all human!?

patrick lee song juan