Sunday, June 12, 2011

the Aftermath of the General Election of 7th May 2011

A true character can weather the ravage of time...In five years time WP will be a party to reckon...

NSP..needs many old birds sitting and warming the CEC succession plan, GMS should do something about it!!..What SPP failed miserably...hope with Benjamin Pwee..on the rein now..(provided CST can give up his egoistic control of a one man one party failure..that also caused his wife lost on a narrow = margin..Sad..sad..sad..!!!

RP is a shadow of his father who founded it..This GE..showed the strength and weakness of each individual SGs of their relating party...

SF..come and go in oblivion.....SDA..when CST..dropped the final bombshell and pulled out of become a had been - another empty shell...

My involvement in SDA..has no particular reason but of not wanting Teo Chee Hean and his cronies to walkover...As a true blue citizen...and many citizens had not voted I came and out I will go with dignity of doing what my 'hard truth' told me..Thank god we did not lose our deposit !
SDA are the replacement killers of sort and the weakestlink when SPP screwed Desmond Lim off......six of us as novice did well to garnered 35.2 percent votes...

Hahahaaha!..Teo Chee Hean of PAP got his feel about my 'handshake of warm' which he felt annoyed...

SDP field a couple of good candidates but the culture of dominance of PAP is quite deep-rooted..that SDP cannot uproot the GRC of holland -Bukit timah GRC..who comprised many rich elites of the system..more comfortable with the ruling Party..
a blank but quite good inroad showing...

as the political awakening of the electorates and citizens gained credulence..and more good candidates are unfolded and fielded in the next GE..three corner fights will be inevitable..Why cry father ..cry mother about it....and lose your emotional dignity...

the biggest loser in this just concluded GE..without my saying..everyone knows....Let us try and try our best to understand him as George yeo told us to understand Jack Neo...and Georgie Yeo wants to be President of S'pore to understand more of Jack Neo kind. So can we still understand George Yeo as our President candidate??...LMFAO..!

george yeo for president..!!!????..with many understanding years to come...!!! Can we try to understand the ramifications of a 'set system'of PAP hegemony ?

I will go for tony tan ..tan chin bock and tan kin lian to fight it out...Good luck Singapore .....about $5 million salary as president you know..which most of us cannot even smell the scent in 3 generations !!

patrick lee song juan


WP.......Workers Party
NSP......National Solidarity Party
RP.......Reform Party
SDP......Singapore Democratic Party
SL.......Socialist Front
SDA......Singapore Democratic Alliance
SPP......Singapore Peoples' Party
SJP......Singapore Justice Party

GMS......Goh Meng Seng
CST......Chiam See Tong
CSJ......Chee Soon Juan