Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do PAP 3rd and 4th generation MPs and Ministers have that Grey Matter -the Cerebrum and Cerebellum (C&C)..?

The mind (brain) is a mass of grey matter. It consists of the cerebrum {C} and the cerebellum {C}..The worlds' events are shaped as well as ruined by it, in its entirety.....for better or for worst....

Singaporeans suffered the hardship of our lives with 3rd generation Ministers that lacked their cerebrum in ratio to their cerebellum...It is total out of balance The 'emotional renaissance and dilemma' faced by Singaporeans the last 5 to 6 years .

Now we are seeing even 4th generation MPs on board. I wonder how much 'C & C' our young Ting Pei Ling has to see her through her first term ??? And for that matter other 4th generation high and mighty ministers and MPs..And one just walk in through the back door to be Acting Minister for MCYS.....

Ministers that were the 'emotional dilemma' (george yeo's famous headliner) of citizens pain and suffering without transparency were booted out for good.

Prominently, the three stooges..of 'toilet escapage' ((Steve McQueen paled in comparison of the Great Escape))...HDB affordable, affordable and die die affordable (citizens many cannot breathe)...Transport disaster of the weak-limb, no empathy to the weak old senior citizens (old folks crippled also must change transport).... All three lacked both C & C lah!...Alas! many citizens are happy for the transformation of PM Lee...too long.. too late to come to the awakening of the grey matter (C & C)...

No long lasting iron bowl for long secured million dollar salary ministers as far as this awakening of events with this revolutionary Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) transformation. It really shook and awakened the arrogance of the fool-proof system of overtly high IQ 'goondus' who does not possess the very EQ at all.

Bright minds control and rule the world of conformists...Only when the arrogant mind lost its vision of perception to understand the emotional fear and anger of the non-conformists, would be the day of awakening to "thy kingdom cometh." Come it may and with no permanence of foregoing.....resulting in the lost of a GRC...Doomsday it seems to PAP !!

It is the weakening of the cerebrum and cerebellum by the forces of emotional power of change..And alas! PAP did not see it coming till the upteem moment's of mental 'drowsiness.' The transformation of PM LHL...Can citizens see better days with the balance and mindfulness of the rational awakening of the cerebrum and cerebellum.....?

"Majullah yang hidup semua!" Let us all live graciously! (correct me if I am wrong. My bahasa is 'tolok'(bad) lah!).... Regards.

patrick lee song juan

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