Monday, December 26, 2011

The gaffe of MP Seng Han Thong

MP Seng Han Thong composed a sad tune, now facing the symphony of his rhapsody !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Saturday, December 24, 2011 at 10:06pm

I supposed the saga of Seng Han Thong should have been concluded. But FM 93.8 Live now and again repeating Ah Seng's apologies and trying to explain more "complexities'

I believe as an MP and politician, it is idiotic if he really brings racial issue to the already great disappointment of the SMRT breakdown, where peoples' adrenaline are towards boiling point.

Ah Seng's off-the -cuff delivery of words may have been an honest mistake but when race issue is brought to the fore and under such tense moment of anger and disconsolation of the SMRT system collapse, many of us would have been quick to 'gun' Ah Seng down....Initially, I was greatly displeased too !! How can a veteran MP speaks like that, without thinking !

So the moral of a politician's story is...Speak less if you can, silence may be the best answer at times...In Chinese saying ..we always say "Think thrice before you speak".

And it seems more new young PAP politicians, MPs, even minister of states and acting minister thinks they have the lawful right or aloofness to say what they wish..They forgot the "emotional charge" they are unnecessary transmitting to the general public..Please be discerning !!

Personally , I think since Ah Seng sincerely apologised not only once but twice and even Shanmugam spoke up for him (which is not necessary, why should he be kaypoh and seemingly defending Ah Seng ?)...Ah Seng must be a man to face the music he composed!

More words spoken , more complication. Simple plain explanation of why it was spoken and sincere, wholehearted apology may touch many but not all.

Never forget, we are dealing with human beings of diverse mindset, each forming their own ideas of a situation or happening and many a times from a Richter scale of 3, it shot to 8, and a political explosion may be on the agenda.