Monday, December 26, 2011

The Fall of Mankind and Libya !

The fall of Mankind and Libya !

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 12:34pm

The world is a stage for manipulation...People would never forget Iraq... Under Saddam Hussein when the Western world accused him of his sins, but the country was moving on..What happened after the fall of Iraq....Daily innocent death and lives for the people were never the same anymore...

The pullout of US troops and others is a sad testimony of a world who just cannot let others live their own lives and embrace their own destiny...How would one quantify the amount of evil and good before and after Iraq's fall?...We need to form our own mind's perspective !! the outside world and with western media propaganda painted it as a dreadful country of suppression ...but a leader like Col. Gaddafi...if he can rule Libya for 42 years....can't the world see the country's development and progress for their very citizens???

The human mind is the most sinister weapon to create dissent and disconsolation to gigantic scale....The agenda of world power, the dissatisfaction of humankind, the envy of some, the poverty of many are all catalyst for cause of uprising with quantum force of deadly consequences.

Human bestow upon human the sin and terror of the world..There will never be an ending as long as humankind delude themselves with power, corruption, fame, fortune and political hegemony...

Let the world reflect on their own mindset and what had NATO done to humankind...Is there a greater death to humankind than just a mere takeover of Libya and the many lives lost??....Many questions would never be answered.

On our local front, S'pore is in transition after 52 years and PAP is under the baptism of fire....Let it not spread into a conflagration please!!

The true power of a person is one who knows when and how to LET GO....For no power will perpetuate till eternity..Is fame, fortune and power that important when there is no life to live for it???

Col.Gaddafi is now dead !! Libya has to 're-invent' itself again.....