Friday, July 13, 2012


INTEGRITY is a strong by-word OF a HUMAN character. It means one can uphold oneself to others beyond an iota of doubt to ones honesty, morality, steadfastness and have the moral dignity to admit a wrong and repent one's wrong-doing.....

So is there another meaning to the very person who many revered him as the man-god of of a church.

By the very donation of the congregation, he lives lavishly on the actual hard earned INTEGRITY of others' donations to a true church but run by a man of DIS-'INTEGRITY', professed to be the true servant of god.

The greatest fiasco of a person....with that INTEGRITY... is pending repentance...but blatantly believed in his righteousness !!

JESUS CHRIST in his wildest dreams as supposedly son of god, never would see in man, how sinister the mind of human can be in the word and action of his own 'INTEGRITY.

IF 'INTEGRITY' is not a word but a will be befitting to feed it to a dog.......and DOG spelt the other way is GOD! How ironic!!

Justice will prevail....The law can never fail man with 'INTEGRITY!!'

patrick lee song juan