Thursday, August 16, 2012

PAP is gasping their last breath to stay in power

In a nutshell to refresh citizens and FB friends memory........

Let us begin with how PAP performed after GE 2011 when they lost a GRC though gained a single seat in Potong Pasir.

Before I even begin about the decline of PAP, I cannot help but to feel sad that due to Chiam See Tong's (CST) myopic sight, he lost his fortress Potong Pasir to the PAP. It maybe a mammoth

task to wrestle it back the next GE...For all we not know...political gerry-mangering will have Potong Pasir drawn into a PAP GRC...We may see the last of Potong Pasir as a single ward.

The 'reform' of PAP came swift though expected..three ministers were removed...(Wong Kan Seng, Maboh Tan &; Raymond Lim) Two senior ministers and MM title were abolished and the taxpayer saved about 20 million per year to pay to their title.

Heaven had will the fall of PAP govt slowly but surely after the draconic rule of the later 20 years...It is sort of retribution...

We have the DBSS fiasco of high price and Khaw Boon Wan said he could not do anything. It was a private developers project. Sooner than said, the next day price dropped by $100,000. Citizens were flabbergasted by such change..It is the failing of the National Development ministry and Khaw Boon Wan (KBW.)...And to top it all KBW latest under-performance (though he try to defend himself) and make a U-turn about the NParks purchased of the $2,200 bicycles...(22 in all) ....

Khaw Boon Wan caved-in after the netizens online hoo-haa.The matter was referred by him to CPIB with the assistant director suspended..Is that what we want in a high paid minister's performance???

The breakdown of the MRT system and the sacking of Saw Phaik Hwa.... Minster Lui was jettisoned to undertake the investigation....And after spending millions on the COI... the transport ministry for the first time admitted they, LTA and SMRT were all at fault..

Least said..I admire Lui Tuck Yew's courage to right a great wrong this respect...minister Lui can be said to perform above par...compared to KBW.

And we had the heads of Civil Defence and CNB's lustful pursuit which reflected poorly on the system's weakening control of their kind!

We have the Woffles Wu case brought up in parliament on Monday and minister Shan-mutu-curry..(Shanmugam) trying to defend a lost cause in the eyes of the mass public...He forgot it is not how he defends the system is the emotional sentiments of the people that matters most....

PAP forgot how they lost Aljunied GRC and desperately went into 'damage control management'. But as they move on the saying goes : a leopard will not shed its spots....PAP's performance index slide lower and lower...And it really irks many S'poreans which will transform into negative votes for them.

It will be the beginning of their imminent fall after 52 years...We will welcome a two-party system of government in the near future of maybe another two elections...with GE 2016 seeing at least two more GRCs falling into opposition hands...

We may still not be able to have a minority of a third parliamentary constitutional rights to block any of PAP policies...Hence the opposition needs to be extra vigilant and consolidate their resource to counter the might of PAP hegemony.

A change must come to liberate S'pore before it becomes an 'alien' nation !!! We have one million foreign workers in Singapore!!!

patrick lee song juan