Friday, August 24, 2012



Human greed rules the world. Political greed is one form of human greed! Political greed of the ruling party can be displayed in the power of monopoly to govern S'pore with the highest salary paid for their very own interest...It is a 'legal greed' of the government....

Lately, two infamous human greed came to the forefront. Can that be term as' illegal greed' of human for self-enrichment at the expense of others.

Notably, we have the famous surgeon who over-charged the Brunei royalty to the tune of $25 million for her professional service. With subsequent complaint to the relevant authorities..the fee was reduced to $10 m....Is that not shocking enough for a professional surgeon to be so blinded by the greed of money to jeopardize her well-being as a surgeon...

People will argue till the cows come home..that rich people (patient) have attitude, demanding, more so the Brunei royalty...but they (victim) are not that idiotic and moronic to be hustled by such human greed...

The disheartening truth of professional INTEGRITY!

Money will always be our nemesis when we love it in a greedy and dishonest way!

In this context, how do we compromise the mishandling of the donation money of City Harvest Church pastor and senior members ?? Is that not HUMAN GREED than what can it be. ??

Greed comes in many modes...manipulation of the people's weakness, expounding the power of the so-called god in a religion, to the fearing and lost soul of the congregation!

In the history of humankind..all weak minds will be the servant of the strong!

Human greed can never be eradicated from the face of earth 'until thy kingdom cometh!'

The quality and attribute of a wholesome person is one who can overcome all such delusion of craving, desire, lust, etc which are all the GREED of human, with the GREED of MONEY, the foremost failure of mankind...

In this respect, I must take my hat off to the PAP government....who for the last 20 years had enriched their coffers and turn S'pore into a Corporation with their 'legal greed'...with the consequence of a great divide of the poor !!!

patrick lee song juan