Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Spirit of Christmas

"Christmas waves a magic wand over the world and behold everything is softer and more beautiful." - by Norman Vincent Peale.

Yes! the Spirit of Christmas is of joy and beauty. But in our present world, nothing is really softer or beautiful anymore. The world is heading into catastrophe of natural disasters and men-made atrocities with global warming threatening the very survival of the human race. The melting of the artic and antarctic icebergs upsetting the ecology of many species. Nothing is constant. We live in an impermanent world.

Year 2009 is ending and is seen as a difficult year for many. Due to the mismanagement of the American economy, the repercussions are felt worldwide. On the local scene many of us lost money on the minibonds and Lehman Bros debacle, etc. We move on and learn that life is never a primrose path to eternal sunshine.

We compromise our own shortcomings and examine our weakness and failings in relation to the society at large. We weigh our misgivings and reconcile our life with greater optimism and accept that every dissent and criticism will stir us to improve ourselves to become a better person. We are at peace with our elements.

The positive joy and happiness reflected on many, show how contagious the spirit of christmas will bring. Many will be spending like there is no tomorrow and let tomorrow fret over its own needs. Prudence is most wanting in this aspect. We balance our needs and try to give a thought to the many poor and destitutes of society, who will never see the light of day, every day, much less the Yuletide season. To these people everyday is no different. The only difference that will uplift their lives will be one or two meals a day. Many dared not even think of the luxury of three meals. Charity and love will begin at home and spread far and wide to the very heart of the poor in society , in the world. Love can conquer the evil of 'midnight'.

With Christmas hovering in the air and soon it will be gone like a flash. We begin to usher in New Year 2010 with a new hope, new understanding and new direction in life. We ask ourselves what resolutions are we making for year 2010 to stay in tune with our emotional and spiritual well-being, focusing more on the harmony of existence and inter-relationship of our peers but most important our very own cohesive family that can never be replaced with the largest gem in the world.

Let us look forward to the jingling of the Christmas bells and welcome the New Year 2010 on a postive disposition. For everyday is a new learning and experience.

We pick up our pieces of zig-saw and complete the puzzle.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year 2010 to all.

patrick lee song juan
(first written for the Silverhairs)