Thursday, December 24, 2009

Higher HDB prices "good" for Average Singaporeans.

Higher HDB prices good for Singaporeans. Every citizen can afford to buy HDB. No one will be left out. We will give subsidies to purchase HDB. Good economy, higher HDB prices. BTO HDB flats for class living but come with a price. All PAP’s slogans!!

Easy talk and say by PAP ministers, LKY etc, etc. Yes! all the millionaire ministers and cronies can purchase many units of HDB without a blink of an eyelid.

We are talking about the poor folks of S’pore. the young couples, all with little or no CPF to assist them to make the first purchase. And many who had purchased, find it difficult to service the
mortgage and even to pay the conservancy charges.

Why don’t the HDB publish a comprehensive lists of people who are in arrears and those whose HDB flats are being re-possessed by the Banks.

PAP to these days, is always painting a rosy picture of life in S’pore. Many of us are no fools to buy what you say now. Lay your cards on the table and be transparent about all the profits that HDB has been making all these years and why are HDB flats supposed to be for the poor and average working class escalated to such high price.

Stop all the BULLSHITS about market force. PAP and HDB can regulate the 80 percent public housing movement but they choose not to and let it be a free fall and ultimately HDB reaped great profit from it. Why build BTO at such high price and build it at all? Why HDB don’t build more 3 and 4 rm flats and smaller flats for the poorer citizens? Salary for the ordinary citizens all this years has not increased in tandem to the COL, etc. And Lim Swee Say is asking Singaporeans to work 'faster, cheaper and better' whereas the ministers of PAP are self-paid salary masters! They are never perturbed by any increases of prices. They are the super rich.

The average salary of S’poreans is nothing to crow about whereas the ministers and civil servants in high position are being paid like ‘hell notes’ to the millions.

Where do we citizens draw a line to say enough is enough with this despotic rule of PAP where every facet of our lives is being curtailed and we are totally stigmatised and confined to a life of PAY AND PAY under the PAP.

In general, every citizens, apart from PAP’s cronies, running dogs and bootlickers, are being squeezed to our last drop of blood. Do we want Vampires in our midst?

WE HAVE TO DECIDE BY THE NEXT BALLOT to rid the solipsism of the PAP.

patrick lee s juan
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