Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Tribute to MP Chiam See Tong

25 years is not a short time. PAP has ruled Singapore for 50 years. But at a little corner of S'pore in Potong Pasir (PP) MP Chiam See Tong is seen but not 'heard'. MP Chiam is the nemesis of PAP in his unostentatious way and survived the odds to stay defiant and true to his MP status to serve the residents under the authoritarian and despotic rules of PAP. He still drives his old Volkswagen.

25 years of achievement to the residents of Potong Pasir. People come and go in our life. Mr Chiam holds on to his integrity and sincerely serve the residents of Potong Pasir, under such bullying tactics and inconvenience from the government, (i.e. synonymous with PAP). Since 1984 we seen one after another cronies of PAP coming in to stake their claim on Potong Pasir but to no avail. They appeared with great aplomb, with great promises and threats to the true blue residents of PP that under PAP, the residents can see a better life and better Potong Pasir. The truth is laid to us citizens, are we better in all the PAP's ward as compared to the 2 opposition wards. No, We are not!! I take my hat off to MP Chiam and on another level to MP Low Thia Khiang for his Hougang ward.

Mah Bow Tan, Heng Chee How, Sitoh (did I left anyone out?) were all losers in Potong Pasir. But due to the system of PAP's GRC, two losers becomes 'winners'. 'Maboh' tan is now the National Development minister, Heng CH. with NTUC and a Mayor. Only Sitoh is still left in the wilderness, appearing on and off to gain credit when Potong Pasir was about to do the Lifting Upgrading Programme. We can be our own judge, especially the residents of Potong Pasir. Many of us citizens are silently proud of you guys of PP and Hougang. We salute you all who dared make a difference to vote against the despotic PAP.

Yesterday, MP Chiam celebrated his 25 years of great achievements to the residents of Potong Pasir.
A man of simple origin, 'bashed' by the PAP, just because he is in the opposition. He stood his ground with bravery, and against all odds to carry on his legacy of a true MP for the people.

How many in the present context of PAP MPs can hold a candle to Mr. Chiam? They entered politics through the back door of GRC and jumped on the band wagon to ride the strong wave of the system and many present day MPs are a sight of shame. Only Teo Ser Luck and Lily Neo, both stood out from the sore thumbs.

25 years on in Potong Pasir against a backdrop of 50 years nation building of one and only party under PAP. The rich becomes richer. The poor becomes poorer. The middle class is sandwiched in between. The only care the government give to the senior old folks is a 'parting shot' from Khaw Boon Wan. " You old and destitute folks with no money can go to Johore Baru Old Folks Home and stay, it is cheaper." And Khaw was not magnanimous enough to say whether the PAP government will pay for the penniless folks' accommodation. We be our own judge !!

Singaporeans!! Mr Chiam is a shinning example of a one man against the system of oppression.
Is 50 years not enough for many to open our eyes to decide an urgent change to our very lives,
encroached by the insane influx of so many foreigners and the draconian sweeping policies of
PAP with even a one man assembly is against the law? A one man assembly!! Can the law please define what is the meaning of 'assembly'. Can a lone person be an assembly??

We will have to decide our lives and the future of Singapore before it goes to the dogs and fat cats !!

Last but no least, my great tribute to Mr Chiam for his unfaltering dignity against all odds to stay connected with the residents of Potong Pasir and to the 33 percent Singaporeans at large who voted against the PAP. I have never met MP Chiam but you earned my respect. Great men are a rare breed in a world of rampant corruption, dishonesty and personal motives and greed.

In his simple words in today's Sunday Times (13.12.2009), Mr Chiam said and I quote " The candidate must, however, look after his constituency, do his parliamentary work and possess traits like professionalism, honesty and integrity."

How many people in this world can live up to his simple dictum !!??

Patrick Lee Song Juan