Saturday, July 30, 2011

Political and Life connection

Political and Life connection is all you need to perpetuate your dream come true..!!
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 12:11pm

Political and Life connection comes in every forms--it is a universal norm with a simple English word of 'nepotism' and 'favoritism' of its own kind...

If not, S'pore Peoples Party's Chiam See Tong (SPP's CST) would be wiser to choose a better candidate in Benjamin Pwee for single seat Potong Pasir after Desmond Lim was kicked out by CST...And SPP has lost big time !!??

The S'pore Connection has come to a head in the book on "Who's Who" of S'pores' elite, ministers, the top echelons and top civil servants of S'pore..all intertwined and interlinked.....Blood will always be thicker than water.....whosoever is in power....There never will be a difference in succession and nepotism !!...U look at North Korea...Libya...Syria..and many more countries.....and our S'PORE !!

We just got to live with it and use our power of VOTES wisely....but the cycle will repeat it will always be....

POWER TALKS AND CONTROLS ALL......and ABSOLUTE POWER NOT ONLY CORRUPTS...if not checked, will perpetuate on and PAP for 52 years...LOL !

Now we have a little inroad in Workers' Party (WP)..making a little headway forward with the capturing of Aljunied GRC...We shall see how they perform in the next five years and whether they will set a benchmark of new awakening !??

Many believed George Yeo (GY) will not lose but my prediction in one of my earlier notes came true. WP knocked them off until the living daylights (seeing stars even in the day)...The only nice guy in GY's team is Zainal Abidin Rasheed which is a humble friend of mine..He is really the 'ground's man' for the team..definitely not GY. PAP never in an iota... that that day will occur..and the party scrambled for fresh oxygen to breath..Too complacent ...too long...too arrogant to deaf ears....sad..sad..real sad !

In the long run it is the citizens that will be suffering and the 'Almighty" keep on laughing to the bank...I never forget what Lim Swee Say (LSS) said when he told everyone in one of his NTUC functions..."when I received my CPF statement..with so much money, i am so happy...'

LSS can say that over and over again and all the ministers...but the poor citizens are dying to see their little CPF money..which will never see the light of day...Many may just die never smell their own CPF ordinary, medisave , retirement account....Many live to die a pauper. Heaven forbids !!

CPF LIFE ANNUITY is only as good as if you have a comfortable ordinary account (OA) activate your CPF LIFE....Many do not even have $20,000 in their what LIFE is the government talking about for the deprived poor people of S'pore??..And now after the GE....the real 'transformation' after saying SORRY! {Is it a joke?} Another impending increase in the public transport fare..

And Ah Tuck (Lui Tuck Yew) who just took over the Transport ministry (Raymond Lim was booted out after the GE), believes the government, SMRT and SBS Transit {with a aftertax profit of roughly..$200 million} adamant to go ahead with the increase...And PTC under Gerard Ee is harping the same tune.

We are all looking forward to 2016.....Why are the 60% VOTERS so daft..!!!???

patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)

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