Sunday, July 3, 2011

Live a life of no regrets....!

Yes! Ling..each and everyone of us has a story to tell...but my conviction in life will surpass those years..and i thank god for the wisdom i acquired through my years of meditation...and these 5 years went on retreats to deepen my sense of awareness and mindful aceptance of life's idiosyncrasies and unlucky happenings...I retired 5 years do the best I can do for the socially deprived and destitute only a poor man can understand another..(not the ivory tower ministers) !!!

But when we come to terms with our own being and the uncovering of the society around us...we feel our unfortunate encounter is minuscule..We thank God for the blessing..(I pay homage to the Buddha for his compassion to the world of misdeeds and sufferings..)

I have lived a full two graduate children (one daughter, one son)..hold their own in independence.My elder daughter is married well and I got a grand-daughter sweet and smart..she always melt my heart when she embrace and hug me.(the Kong kong..not King Kong har..hahaa!)..

They have seen the world with us from as young as 4 years onwards and we are 'travel-maniacs' even drove from London to Edinburgh..with my family friends...And we are so crazy about Downunder...our family had visited it to the tune of 18 times (madness..but true.., many times we self-drove-it was so easy lah!which I returned for my second honeymoon with my wife to Sydney again in 2003..we married and had our honeymoon in Sydney in 1975)

So living a life is not how much you live but how well we live in tune with the cosmic exuberance of the universe in congruent with your spiritual awakening... Of "letting go" the fetters of our own obstruction of..craving ..lust.. greed..etc...

We would have lived a meaningful, fulfilled life...In retrospect, I never regret my journey of life to this day...

Can I do better??...yes! I or we can ..if there is a reincarnation of our soul?? (for we had already had our last life's experience!) Or is there ???

When we have let go..there is no self, no ego, all is void...From dust we come ...unto dust we go.....

Beyond that, the elements of joy lies in the very portal of our own veins...We just let the adrenaline flowed in harmony with nature..we would have lived a life of no regrets...!!

As Christians would say .."Blessed be the good souls on earth...the kingdom of Heaven is open to you..."

As for me...I am walking my middle path into the realms and wisdom of in-depth meditation and i know i have LET GO myself long time ago....

Living is a balance of YIN and YANG of nature in its most glorifying existence..!! We should never live our life with regrets!! Regards...

parick lee song juan
(copy and paste from my Facebook write-up)