Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sexual union may not be Love !

Oh! sad you type in my sexy name wrongly...hahaa!

But I still love your painting...and your brilliance!

We embrace our existence on earth with the understanding that we are only a minuscule digit in the vast universe...
We live in harmony with our emotional disposition of loving ourselves if we think we qualify to love others....

Human relationship strongly accentuated on sexual desire is only a physical lust which is not wholesome love of the very soul ...In today's modern world of chasing a 'void in nothing' but pursuing a dream of unreality, leave many chasing their own imagination of illusion.

If Love is the greatest joy of humankind, sexual union is the ultimate in loving fantasy...But the world is ever so cruel...we can have eternal love? Is there a term eternal sexual gratification..??

We live to understand the balance of Love, Sex and Life...and where do we find that balance in human idiosyncrasy...??

patrick lee song juan
(my comment on Victoria Ling's
painting of sexual love-making on FB)