Monday, October 10, 2011

Sex and the modern men and women.

Sex and the modern Men and Women.

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 6:11pm

Today's ST reported on ORAL SEX can cause throat cancer...The fact that smoking caused throat cancer is less frightening.

And it are more prone to throat cancer due to oral sex than women who did the 'deep throat' or in this modern context ..'singing karaoke' or 'enjoy a lollipop'....Well, many thinks that oral sex is the safest to prevent unwanted pregnancy... it is not safe anymore !

No wonder S'poreans are not producing enough babies.
There is more to the meet the eye, not only the high cost of living in S'pore!

Sex to many is not to build a is for lust and desire. Illicit sex is rampant in all fabric of society.

Adultery is another form of sexual enjoyment which should not happen but it is ON every minute of the day and night! And to top it all ..a one night stand is the ultimate where either party parted without knowing who really screwed the other during the tryst...but feeling happy with no string attached!

And the world moves on and evolves with SEX everywhere and in a tiny French-Canadian island (Ile aux Coudres) as reported also in ST today,.....Human race is stilling evolving ....''Women were inheriting the tendency and ability to have children younger - with the forces of evolution likely coming from the advantages of having bigger families among the new population." stated by the newspaper!
Hence, the procreation of the human species all depend on us, how we go about in relation to our culture, religion and our moral responsible to perpetuate the human race.

Our failure is more due to circumstances of want or not wanting and a modern world of changing values and other forms of sexual exploitation. It maybe solely for the love of sexual lust and fanciful orgies rather than the responsibility of a cohesive family nucleus and the understanding of the evolution of the human species !!

Human the world over SCREWED-UP their lives one way or another. And that is what we called the evolution of the homo sapiens..We may not be better than the planet of Apes! It will be the degeneration and decadence of the human race!!!


    • Eunita De Beer Very interesting read - you sometimes blow me away!! Thanks Patrick, hope the last paragraph will proof not to be true.

      Wednesday at 6:23pm ·