Sunday, October 23, 2011

IR..ERP..DBSS....give S'poreans all the misery.....

IR..ERP..DBSS....give S'poreans all the misery..How can our Ministers be so SILLY !!

by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 9:35am

$100 casino levy to discourage gambling

But collection of millions in every month's spree

Ministers high pay to prevent corruption.

But 'legally corrupted' in many aspect of our life.

ERP to smoothen traffic woes...never work

But enriched their coffers laughing to the bank

Motorist robbed of money in every turn

To their whims and fancies of increase.

Govt land for tender to the highest pte developer

To wash their hand of obscene public housing price

Into an uncontrollable public outcry

Only then did Khaw Boon Wan talk about review

Of the DBSS fiasco and frivolity of policy

To the tune of suspending land sales to pte entity

And in the end ..made a mockery of their own ministry

And HDB will be the public's last legacy.

With Khaw Boon Wan (KBW) seeking for everyone's reprieved

Sorry..sorry....I screwed up my own destiny

Only five days in National Development ministry

Where Maboh Tan was a foregone misery.

Under the boots of Hsien Loong Lee


Nonchalantly, I now enjoying concert of Coco Lee

To put behind all the stupidities of the ruling high and mighty

Unable to feel the common ground,

Of all true blue citizens' sincerity.


When will PAP see...when will PAP see...!!!

(wrote in July on Facebook, copied here to my Blog)