Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gerald Giam and Lawrence Wong in Parliament.

I have never heard of Lawrence Wong but I have met Gerald Giam even before he was in the May 7th GE. We did have a good conversation that lasted about 2 hrs at a Burger king outlet. A positive soft-spoken young man, having that fiery passion to fight for the rights and better livelihood of S'poreans. A true blue morally courageous man.

I did not attend parliament at the public gallery yesterday but based on ST's report on the proceedings, people with EQ or EI (emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence) can form their own judgment between Gerald Giam and Lawrence Wong.

Lawrencee wong hangs on the coat-tailed of PAP and sailed into the junior elite of PAP to become minister-of-state for Defence and Education.. He knows too well, he would be a nobody if he did not move on the 'PAP MRT'.

So, the rebuttal began in parliament with Gerald delivering a superb maiden speech on the last ten years of policy indocrination and bulldozing and how lives for the ordinary folks had suffered.

Yet of all the person who try to impress as a wallaby, this new MP Lawrence Wong, giving a 'thesis' of his rhertorics on government's success to the nation, (at all cost !!.)..He has that decency even to make these kind of maiden speech. (the details all can read in the newspapers or on the net). And behold PAP cronies gave him loud applause short of a standing ovation....LMFAO!

I am too tired as an old (oh la la!) man to go into the details of his "government seized chances for growth' thingie! We S'poreans do want growth and economic stability..and we all know the trade-off. But the trade-off was incredibly beyond all S'poreans comprehension !!

Over-influx, over-crowded, housing over-priced and who are the benefactors...the big boys, the big copporations, with the government the biggest of corporate gain!!

Let me put it to Lawrence wong, we S'poreans are not idiots, numskulls or pierrots and just by the way you try to impress in parliament, it does not mean anything at all..You failed miserably.

I just wonder how PM LHL can appoint him to be minister-of-state. There are so many MPs in PAP's camp to pick and sad to say PM had picked a wrong guy just to suck up to you..,Sorry Lawrence you are really not up to the mark still. Gan Thiam Poh may be a better person in your place.

My parting shot...I am really impressed by Lina Chiam in he maiden speech as NCMP....This is what that comes from the heart...not from a young poppycock impressionist !

"Ageing is a refinement, youth is still a learning lesson" -leesjuanpat.

Do control your adrenaline Lawrence, 'speak only if you can perfect on your silence'. Regards!

patrick lee song juan