Monday, June 3, 2013

NEA and AHPETC's boxing match !

NEA and AHPETC in a boxing match.. It is disgraceful that facts are not gathered but accusation and insinuation followed blow by blow..

Have it ever occur to citizens why at this juncture when WP secured two SMCs and GRC, the AIM saga and the cleaning issue of the hawker centres surfaced to the forefront...Is there a sinister agenda on ?!

So..PAP TCs are so pristinely efficient and so well managed to have no fault at all but supposedly WP's TCs are so problematic.

It all boils down to manipulation of the human mechanism to create unrest and falsehood...And many human just have no ding dongs in between the legs to be so easily manipulated. Meaning got no balls..and just do stupid things under instruction!

Let us wait till the meeting of AHPETC with NEA on 6th June to get a clear picture rather than conjecturing here and there...

NEA will defend their mistakes if any and just exit like nothing had happened...The system's servant has to show unfaltering loyalty to his master the  PAP!

In the world of humankind...where do we find moral courage in that many true person...We are dealing with the very human in our midst...

Many faithful canines have better animal sense...Are human worst than dogs???

patrick lee song juan