Monday, May 23, 2011

The "Prodigal son' and the transformation of PAP or be transformed!

A coming home of a 'prodigal son' and PAP to transform or be transformed !!??
by Patrick Lee Song Juan on Monday, May 23, 2011 at 5:30pm

It is a good feeling coming home like a 'prodigal son' today from Barcelona!.....Nothing beats our motherland......DDP is so kind to pick me at the airport...He gave me a surprise.just like now..everyday a new surprise by PAP ...after MM and SM stepped his final step down...PM Lee is less stressed to implement his new sound transformation policies! Mostly on 'Damage Control Management mode!

Reading the news in ST before touch down...PAP is transforming and with no condescension, to the point of even reviewing the ministerial salary, when all the while turning a deaf ear to the people's dissent with absurd arrogance!....

What a transformation now...One episode after another....The lowest point in PAP's humility...

Such 'drastic measure' never happened and be heard off and transformed due to PAP's belief that only they are the supreme being to our 'lesser mortal' citizens (Charles Chong's derogatory remark on S'poreans!)...

Such a reaction betrays so much of the power of human who have lost touch with the common citizens. Now is the painstaking time for 'damage control management!' Where were the expert think-tanks of PAP??.. Sleeping on their own laurels with complacency all those while or nonchalantly disregard the citizens' plead !

But PM Lee made a great mistake by having Gerard Ee to head the committee on ministerial salary review....Gerard pales in comparison to his father Ee Peng Liang...Gerard Ee is a 'wayang' man to the system..Remember how PTC did to the transport fare under his recommendation...which caused Raymond Lim his ministerial post..LOL!..

Let PAP can wayang ...wayang.. wayang... with their trade-off and Lim Sia Suay(LSS)..selling his ' rojak..rojak..rojak'....Luckily LSS survived his rojak business till now...

Do not play play with PAP please...Phua Chu Kang would know better..!

The awakening of a 'proud peacock' to become a coo-ing dove!

patrick lee song juan