Friday, May 27, 2011

the difference between Sex and Golf.

Weekend is a time to relax and release...whatever way you like. And with the population not replacing well and government trying all ways and means to entice producing more babies, men should stop playing too much golf but have sex in the comfort of one's home!

With that in mind, my weekend inspiration focus directly between Sex and Golf as a comparison...In a light-hearted prose written with a a wee-bit cheekiness !

Only for the 'clean' mind and strong heart....

Here it goes :

Sex is an act, golf is a game.
Sex is enjoy with one hole but at times,
Unnatural sex is enjoyed with another hole..a no-no !
Golf ends with nine, eighteen or even thirty-six holes.

Sex culminates with only one,
Pinpoint entry and final orgasm!
Sex has a hole in one every time..It is a direct entry..
A hole in one in golf is as remote as the green over the other side.

Men who play golf too often are suspected to be below 'par' when come to sex
But not Tiger Wood for sure, he went beyond the eighteen hole of variety!
Men who indulge in clean faithful sex is par excellence.
It is this simple reason why I never played so much golf..

The reason for sex is crystal clear,
So, let us stay on the safe side of morality and enjoy the best sex of our life
With no other bimbo but your wife...
Tiger Wood is a bad example of the difference between sex and golf.

Copyright - patrick lee song juan (leesjuanpat)