Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A life of false pretense, a living of unreality.....

This morning I woke up a little earlier at 4am..Usually, I wake up at 5 am to have my routine meditation of one hour. I been doing it for a year over. Strict daily discipline!

But I have been meditating for many years as far back as when I was seconded to Jakarta for my work with a British Ink manufacturing company called Coates Brothers Pte Ltd....I was the technical man who looked after the operation of the factory in Cileduk , Kebayoran Lama in 1973 . I was only 28 years old...But due to work pressure and the mentality and work attitude of the locals, i began to understand that in life, it is not who you are, it is how you associate and treat human as human then you are a man of the man..

I learned as I managed the factory under my general Manager who was British. It was a good experience of early life in a totally different setting and culture...We have to lower our expectation to understanding the mindset of the  workers in Indonesia compared to workers in S'pore. And that was 1973. I thank my Managing Director who gave me that opportunity to prove my worth..He is Peter Coates, the nephew of John Coates, the big boss of Coates (England) Ltd.

My career path moved on when I finished my stint in Jakarta and I joined Inter-chem Toyo (SEA) 1979, And subsequently was in charge of export Marketing to the region of South East Asia..dealing also in printing inks (as was in Coates) and heavy printing machinery.. My job gave me the opportunity to meet different background of people travelling out-station...I learned and picked up life that was and is not a false pretense and I always believe one should not live in a world of self-fulfillment and surrealism.

My recent foray into politics and became a candidate for Pasir Ris Punggol GRC is really accidental...MY reluctance because politics is dirt..You have to be, as i learned sometimes like LKY..ruthless to hold on to the power he built up. But the reality of happening and impermanence of everything, goes beyond PAP's belief that they could lose one GRC, Their brainchild of gerrymandering the political boundary of every GE..And they lost big and seriously hurting...George Yeo..on one the better 3rd generation MPs who was Foreign Minister was booted out.

And PAP and people just could not let the dust settle...Over-accentuating the indispensability of George what a waste to lose GY..And again Vivian Bala has his said too. Zainal Abidin Rasheed also was axed with two crying big baby girl, one woman Minister in PMO's office Lim hwee Hwa and Cynthia phua an MP. It is like the world collapsed on PAP...But I must give accolades to PM LHL who was quick to transform the impasse and awkwardness of seemingly disgrace of PAP. (Honestly, I do not see it a big deal losing one GRC).

They felt it because all those years of hegemony and authoritarian and absolute rule made it unbelievable to PAP to even lost a reinforced fortress in GRC and of all GRC..with 'people-worshi'p GY as almost an unacceptable losing concern..That is life of unrealism and many a false pretense of individual importance! All propagated by the very people in our own very kind...Yes! GY is capable...But is S'pore that bad that we cannot find another replacement..Let us do not have that 'cult' mentality of false pretense. No one is truly greater than himself.

That bring me to the fracas and idiotic crosss-word with my protege - an intelligent arsehole Wilson ho, who though intelligent and in the words of one FB comment writer got no brain. FB personnel had banned or deleted him.I still saw a ray of hope in him until his false pretense and unreserved rattling of his stupidity on FB and professed that he is never wrong. Many times he attacked people and opposition party..Many tolerated him...But the last straw broke the camel's back...I had to do justice to divulge his intention and high and mighty attacked on others..the full detail on my comment in the other note . And Roger, a once buddy of him too was sanctioned and attacked by him.

He totally opened his belly to reveal all the shit in him and I felt sad that I was even his mentor and he sucked up to me then...I wish him well in his future endeavour in life and quickly find a job (been jobless for sometime)...and stay humble. He has learned his own lesson in Facebook...But I will definitely not unbanned him the third time..I had given him the 2nd chance and now he got to show to himself his worth of his character...

A mindset change is all he needed to be congenial with people without attacking his opinion on other, without any reservation.

And on that note...the 2nd chance thing reminded me of Yong Vui Kong on death row...And I sincerely hope our PM can do something with the cabinet to advise the President to commute his death to life sentence..A life is sacred..Never terminate a life and a young life in YVK....A compassionate action brings good kamma. You will be remembered for the deed you do!

Faith is hope, prayer is power...but false pretense and a living in unreality is the saddest of humankind's existence...because one is living in a cyberworld (as in wilson ho) of one's own idiosyncrasies of that sick pretense and disillusion, trying to follow the shadow of PAP...

May the true and clear light be with him....Take good care !!!!

patrick lee song juan.... (first written for Facebook)