Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Death of a famous beauty Song Ji-sun (Korean News Anchorwoman)

To me all humankind are born equal...the difference lies in a society of segregation, class elevation and elite who? by our very self...then again, it is a vast universe we are living in with extreme diversity of thought, action, way of life, social status, individual self-importance, named it..!!

A world can be peaceful and contented only if we rid ourselves of that egoistic importance of...I am..I will be..or I must be...

For when one achieved greatness and fame, without the balance of emotional adequacy, facing with 'emotional dilemma' of one's standing and importance..the inner void of such great people usually cry loud for attention yet encapsulated in a solitary confinement of sad abandonment...A danger sign ..yet never want to divulge...emotionally to ignite and explode into self-destruction....

And that is Song Ji-sun's predicament of self-confession of love goes awry and inward struggle with her love that was never requited...!!

How sad can sadness be in the final moment of solitary anguish and death to end it all by the very self who brought her the fame of her life?...There is so much to live for....

The mind is all that matters in the final analysis of human stability of though, action and deed....only if Song Ji-sun has a meditative mind she could be myself in retrospect of my years of meditation and retreat...on the Four Noble Truth and Eightfold Noble Way....God bless Song Ji-sun and may she RIP.

patrick lee song juan