Monday, August 15, 2011

Self-searching for the truth..,Not all truth were from written books!

FC...Discernment and analytical awareness of self is important..All olden books were human written...And men have a mind to do what they like without your approval(what was written was only one's instill into other's believe ...

So if one blindly follows any book and still live in the world of conformist without analysing the truth to the will be a world of too many sheep under the will of the 'shepherd' (it can be a face-off).
I can understand your sentiments...many would share the same..

The distortion of the human will and mind into the depth of an 'unfathomable void' (a never answered mystery -you just believe and everything will be safe)..

It needs one with a trained mind's awareness and the mindfulness of another to question any absolute doubt , the authenticity of religious input....Failing which the so-called 'god-fearing ' will succumb to the mercy of charlatan perpetrators in the name of religion. Regards.

patrick lee song juan