Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Can acquiring status change a person behaviour & character in view of the presidential election??

David...not so easy primrose path to Istana lah..with the golden PAP Tony Tan (TT) on the 'killer' list...and do not bet on that limousine waiting for us to see Jee Say in Istana..

In my course of handling and grooming people...Human change like a chameleon....before having a status and after in the high echelons of society...

Look at the 3rd and 4th generations of some dud PAP ministers and and many MPs (ex- George Yeo and now DPM Teo Chee Hean -always act high and mighty to the ordinary people)...Do they all really empathise and mix with the people??.

Only do so in front of the camera and during propaganda PAP functions...Recently, TT..picking up a fallen boy with wife at a playground in full view of the camera rolling...I wonder is it a stage show?? And Straits Times gave full coverage and photo of him picking the boy up..whahahaha!

I have shook a few MPs and ministers' hands to tell you (Only Teo Ser Luck has a very warm handshake!!)...many never gave you a firm handsake ..just like soft cotton !!??...How can a person radiates warm when the basic courtesy of the first contact with the hand failed !!??

Do the ministers and MPs go for Image Consultancy training...I thought Ser Luck's sister Ser Lee (ex-Miss S'pore) with her IC agency should have groomed up the public image of the MPs and ministers...I only go for ordinary people to uplift their life...not ivory tower big shots...i am always a voice for the poor.....and happy helping the deprived and poor !! "Rubbing shoulders can cause abrasion"...but the world are full of shoulder-rubbers !!

So much of human failure in this world and many successes are fully staged... like a Shakespeakean play.

patrick lee song juan